30 Trendy Ideas of Wolf Cut for Curly Hair

A contemporary take on the shag, the curly wolf cut is defined by lengthier, wispy layers at the sides and back and an abundance of jagged, textured layers up top. Your natural curls will look great and be enhanced with this style, which gives them volume and structure while embracing their distinctive texture.

Find the ideal haircut to bring out the best in your curls by exploring the 30 most attractive wolf cuts for curly hair.

1. Curly Long Wolf Cut

Wolf cuts can help you bring out and accentuate the natural beauty of curly hair, which is lovely and distinctive. A curly wolf cut’s wavy bangs and face-framing layers are fantastic features since they give the whole style a hint of tenderness and gentleness.

Source: @hollygirldoeshair

2. Curled Wolf Cut for Long Hair

Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, choosing a longer version of the wolf cut can provide you more styling options and flowing locks and half-up hairstyles to ponytails and even updos. Talk with your stylist about how to customize this haircut to fit your unique facial shape, curl type, and personal style.

Source: @exotismos

3. Wolf Shag Haircut with Curly Bangs

The talented hairstylists at Coiffeurstory state, “This curl power look is giving us everything we love: big hair, mullet, shag, wolf, and ready-to-rave aesthetics.” The bangs’ length makes it simple to merge them in with the rest of the curly hair, giving the look a smooth, unified appearance.

Source: @coiffeurstory

4. Fiery Red Curls

The title of the thrilling film seems to be “Little Red Riding Hood meets the Big Bad Wolf Cut,” don’t you think? Nevertheless, here’s how Ethan King of Ron King Austin Hair Salon explains this stunning redhead’s intriguing haircut. Take notice of how skillfully the stylist added bottleneck bangs to this hairstyle.

Source: @slickback_buttahtoast

5. Shaggy Wolf Cut with Baby Bangs

Are you looking for hair inspiration for a curly wolf cut before your next salon appointment? What about this alluring shaggy wolf with short bangs? Curly or wavy hair may give your shaggy layers more volume and dimension, which makes this hairstyle a great option for women with fine or thin hair.

Source: @victoria.hairart

6. Wolf Cut for Thick Curly Hair

It’s difficult to find the right words to describe this cut, but Holly Vatter thinks her client is getting some “serious Stevie Nicks vibes” from the shag makeover. The stylist points out that this wolf haircut has naturally curly hair and a natural color. If your hair is straight, you may get this amazing look by having your hair permed or curled with a wand.

Source: @hollygirldoeshair

7. Captivating Short Shaggy Hairstyle

“I adore the curved form and the vibrancy and vitality that a shag haircut infuses into the curls!”This look was created by Tom Smith, a creative hairstylist from Billi Currie. These short, choppy layers are a great way to avoid curly hair from looking heavy or unstyled—a vital function of a haircut!

Source: @tomsmithhd

8. Wolf Haircut with Defined Curls

Your curls will look more defined and structured with the proper cut, which helps to manage and improve their natural shape. Teddy Baker’s voluminous wolf cut with short layers on the crown is a great example of a haircut that can work well for people with curly, unmanageable hair.

Source: @teddy.baker.beauty

9. Shaggy Wolf Cut for Curly Hair

Brazilian stylist Yoná Cunha’s wolf shag cut helps to divide the weight of the hair, making the curls look less overwhelming or heavy. This improves the overall aesthetics of the hairdo by giving the appearance more proportionate and balanced.

Source: @exotismos

10. Wolf Haircut for Naturally Curly Hair

Because the somewhat ruffled texture of the curls makes them more appropriate for a relaxed and carefree style, scruffy curly hair has the advantage of not requiring precision or precise uniformity. Furthermore, the wolf cut will continue to look fashionable and alluring as it grows out.

Source: @craphairclub

11. Stunning Waterfall Wolf Cut

The natural movement of the curls is accentuated in this waterfall layered haircut, giving it a disheveled, worn-in look. Because the style is messier, it requires less effort to maintain, allowing for a more carefree and laid-back attitude.

Source: @victoria.hairart

12. Two-Tone Choppy Wolf Cut

Choppy layers and sloppy, loose waves can give the appearance of greater volume and liveliness to short, fine hair that lacks body and volume. This will give the impression of a thicker, fuller wolf’s mane. The bangs’ block hue adds a hint of edge.

Source: @anti.dote_studio

13. Sassy Feathered Wolf Mullet

A fantastic example of a style that strikes a mix between ease of styling and a stylish, textured look is this short, choppy wolf mullet. The face-framing layers provide visual pop and a dynamic, edgy vibe to this pixie mullet.

Source: @stanleyman001

14. Long Wolf Cut for Natural Waves

The stylist of this inspired hairstyle, Jennifer Ball from Laundry for Hair, emphasizes how simple it is to style and maintain: “This is a beautifully diffused shag with no touchy and a bit of conditioner.” For people who want low-maintenance haircuts without sacrificing style and appeal, this hairstyle is a fantastic choice.

Source: @craphairclub

15. Dimensional Curly Wolf Haircut

As stated by Angel S.R. We don’t dispute that this is “another of the most trending cuts of this year,” according to Toni&Guy Spain! When deciding on this alluring wolf cut for curly hair, Angel says, “I wanted to keep the length, but give it volume in general, so we disconnected the front from the back to be able to create that effect.” She also notes that you should take your hair type and length into consideration.

Source: @angel_sr._

16. Curly Shag Mullet for Thick Hair

This shaggy wolf haircut is an excellent choice if your locks feel overly bulky. Shag can help ease some of the weight and provide a lighter appearance when applied to thick hair. It will maintain your strands full and voluminous while giving them a layered, textured look akin to a style done at The Hair Robot.

Source: @thehairrobot

17. Wolf Cut with Curly Bangs

Josha Fernández’s tidy version of the shag with longer curls has a sophisticated appearance. The haircut gains movement and dimension from the exquisite layering. Lighter highlights accentuate the curls’ structure and pattern even more.

Source: @espacio.josha

18. Blonde Layered Wolf Cut

While short, harsh bangs work well for wolf hairstyles, a longer, wispy fringe blends in more seamlessly with the curly layers up front. The dark roots showing through the blonde hair can also offer depth and character if your hair lacks volume.

Source: @oliviaraecutme

19. Korean Wolf Cut

On naturally wavy hair, Imoko from JISU, a well-known hair salon in Melbourne, developed this short layered wolf cut, which gives the strands structure, shape, and dimension. The strategically positioned layers enable the curls to gently embrace the face, resulting in a face-framing look and a pleasing elongation at the base.

Source: @jisusalon

20. Cute Wolf Cut with Soft Layers

Regarding the hairdo he designed for this gorgeous woman with curly hair, Constantine from Twig Hair Salon says, “We love her soft curly bangs and we think they compliment her smile perfectly.” Warm highlights in the hair’s color scheme accentuate the base color and produce a lovely play of light and shadow in the curls.

Source: @twighairsalon

21. Wolf Cut with Tight Curls

Deisy Alfaro from Pixie Glam Studio produced a curly wolf cut with tight and bouncy ringlets that showcase a stunning and distinct curl pattern. Another example of how curly shag can convert into a feminine and striking appearance is that it’s an envied style.

Source: @deisy.glams

22. Tousled Wolf Cut for Thin Hair

It’s important to speak with a hairstylist who can evaluate your hair type, texture, and desired style before deciding on a shag haircut with highlights, like Daniel Jianing Liu from USFIN ATELIER did here. You should show your stylist this picture if you want to opt for a look that is breezy and perfect for summer that will appeal to all.

Source: @danieljianing

23. Short Wolf Cut for Curly Locks

This wolf hairdo blends the greatest aspects of two worlds, being both adorable and sassy. While the flyaways provide complexity and liveliness to the short curly haircut, the caramel highlights give brown hair color a gentle, sophisticated touch.

Source: @ferdilourenco

24. Medium Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

The versatility of curtain bangs to complement various facial shapes and hair textures is what makes them so attractive. They will mix in well with the natural curls if you wear them with a curly wolf cut, giving you a smooth, harmonious style similar to what was done at Cult and Bloom Salon.

Source: @zohebjethahair

25. Edgy Wolf for Heart-Shaped Face

When considering your facial shape, adding volume to your wolf cut can help produce a more proportionate and balanced look. For instance, curls and bangs can make you look more attractive if you have a heart-shaped face. Here’s what Miller’s Salon’s Kevin Miller accomplished for one of his clients.

Source: @kevinpaulmiller

26. White Shaggy Wolf for Short Hair

One of the lowest-maintenance choices for ladies with curls is the wolf cut, because of its featherweight effect, which frequently enables longer intervals between maintenance cuts. The fact that Yoná Cunha’s style becomes better as it matures adds to its allure and is another intriguing feature!

Source: @exotismos

27. Curly Wolf Cut with Middle Parting

The curly wolf cut, fluff, and highlights for curly hair can produce a youthful, energetic look for your hair that is ideal for summer. “Painted highlights, curl by curl” provide a sun-kissed appearance that goes well with the airy, light overall appearance.

Source: @toriwiget

28. Loose Curls with a Wet Look

A wolf cut can be an especially attractive choice for people with thinner or finer hair. Your hair appears larger and more voluminous when your loose curls gently fall down the sides of your face. To get your hair to look like damp hair, use a mousse or hair gel.

Source: @shahar___malka

29. Classic Wolf Cut

This traditional shaggy wolf with curtain bangs is a great option if you’re searching for an attractive, current style. They can produce a lovely framing effect that gives your look a romantic, bohemian feel.

Source: @sabrayna_

30. Messy Wolf Cut Curly Hair

This untidy take on the traditional wolf haircut promotes an easygoing, carefree feeling while giving off a more casual appearance. This haircut could be just the thing to liven up your appearance if you want to add some fun to it.

Source: @le52_beaubelle
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