30 Elegant Short Permed Hair Ideas

Want to give your short hair more volume and texture without using heat styling every day? Perhaps a modern perm can help! You’re able to keep this style on for a long time with the right perm treatment. Not to mention the adorable and fun nature of short permed haircuts!

Examine some of the newest styles of short hair perms and select the one that best suits your own permanent curls!

1. Undercut Pixie with Curly Perm

Though there is much space for creativity, we especially want you to consider short perm hairstyles. For thick and rebellious hair, this permed pixie with thick coils in a vibrant copper color will undoubtedly be a great option.

Source: @brunodantte

2. Thick Curly Mullet with Wavy Perm

Short hair perms can look amazing when worn in a mullet or pixie cut. The bangs will make this hairstyle much nicer, and the perm rods will lift the locks and add the required volume at the crown!

Source: @stephaniegracehair_og

3. Curly Hair Perm

Did you know that you may enhance the definition of your natural curl pattern or achieve those tight spiral curls with curly hair by perming it? A short permed hairstyle with adorable curls creates a distinctive and lovely look that will definitely draw attention to your lovely facial features. You should think about splitting your hair to the side, like in the picture, to get the most volume out of your permed hair.

Source: @ateshairdesign

4. Short and Shaggy Perm Bob

This specific design is well-balanced and attractive since it features shorter layers on top and longer pieces around the face. You can lessen the puffiness and bulkiness that come with short curly hair by adding lots of layers.

Source: @dogancammm

5. Modern Wavy Perm for Fine Hair

A-line haircuts make a fantastic foundation for short hair perms. However, there is a method to improve this hairdo even further. Change the coils’ sizes to highlight the texture’s distinctive wave pattern and produce a more balanced appearance.

Source: @alexpaixao.educ

6. Beach Wave Perm on Short Bob

The classic permed look that lasts for a year is not going to be beach wave perm. But it can also give your hair a fresh texture, giving you the dreamy soft and flirtatious beach waves you’ve always wanted!

Source: @steven_mey_tokyo

7. Wavy Undercut Pixie with Curly Bangs

It’s crucial to give your fringe serious thought when obtaining a perm for short hair with bangs. We advise you to choose loose curls or longer bangs because micro bangs might seem ungainly when styled with a tiny rod. Before receiving a perm, let your fringe grow out to a suitable length if it is currently short.

Source: @malloryonhair

8. Cute Short Bob with Loose Curls

If you’re not a huge fan of permed hair that is too short, consider this stylish tousled bob with voluminous layers. And curly hair will look amazing with a wavy fringe, so don’t let a perm stop you from sporting some bangs!

Source: @christinemacarthur_

9. Iconic Spiral Perms for Short Hair

Any length or texture of hair can benefit greatly from permed hairstyles! A curly perm is your one-stop shop for a more defined and bouncy natural curl pattern that will give your hair a more voluminous and textured appearance.

Source: @dogancammm

10. Delicate Perm for Straight Hair

If your hair is difficult to style, a digital perm can be a great solution. It can make your hair appear thicker and more voluminous while also helping you produce a natural-looking wave or curl pattern.

Source: @susanleestylist

11. Afro Perm Style for Natural Hair

If you want to highlight the lovely texture in your coily hair and bring out the shape of your cut, think about getting this short hair perm. We promise that everyone will ogle your magnificent afro style!

Source: @sugaryawd

12. Permed Bob with Bouncy Curls

Springy curls and a short hair perm can create a dramatic effect. To create a lighthearted and entertaining look that will definitely draw attention, think about adding gorgeous golden blonde highlights!

Source: @y2peluqueriayestetica

13. Shoulder-Length Perm Hair

This person may have naturally thin hair, based on the texture of their medium-length perm. However, layering and loose waves provide the impression of longer, fuller hair, highlighting the lob haircut’s structure.

Source: @upwardstyles

14. Curly Mohawk Permed Style

This is a great illustration of a noticeable permed hairstyle that will draw attention to you. Consider getting this voluminous curly mohawk with an undercut if you enjoy dramatic styles.

Source: @bewitchedbarber

15. Stunning Spiral Perm Hairstyle

Because getting a perm doubles the chance of breaking down your healthy hair structure, hair experts generally advise against getting one for color-treated hair. However, you may achieve both brilliant hair color and gorgeous curls with the appropriate strategy and a skilled modern perm treatment!

Source: @y2peluqueriayestetica

16. Wavy Perm for Older Women with Short Hair

As you age, your hair may grow thinner, therefore you may need a good way to give your mane more volume. That’s where beach wave perm comes in! For ladies over 50 who want to have a great curly hairdo, this short curly hairstyle is a fun concept.

Source: @hair_by_rhondalafaye

17. Short Permed Hair with Caramel Highlights

Adding color to a short hair perm style can easily and quickly turn an ordinary appearance into something spectacular with little work. Natural highlights or lowlights give the hairdo vibrancy and excitement while also adding color.

Source: @katlovescurls

18. Asymmetrical Pixie with Permed Curls

I adore this curly pixie so much! The voluminous short perm ensures that your hair always has dimension and structure. Expert advice: regular hair conditioning will prolong the life of the perm and maintain the health of your hair.

Source: @muratkumaruhairartist

19. Rounded Bob with Natural-Looking Curls

When choosing a hairstyle, especially when it comes to perming hair, face form is quite important. We advise wearing layered haircuts and wispy see-through bangs for women with round faces. An excellent method for styling short hair!

Source: @sezer.yesilkayapro

20. Body Wave Perm for Shoulder-Length Hair

A body wave perm is a good choice for people who have a medium-length bob. To avoid the hair looking overly choppy, it’s crucial to make sure the curls aren’t overly tight. A more natural look can be accomplished with a loose wave perm.

Source: @dalejamesandco

21. Permed Pixie Mullet

The damp hair impression that permed hairstyles may achieve adds elegance and attention to any haircut. Put on a striking pixie mullet cut to go with your perms to highlight your new look even more!

Source: @danieljianing

22. Root Perm for Short Thin Hair

If you want to add volume at the roots to your thin curls to enhance their texture and dimension, a root perm is a great option. A lengthy face shape can be beautifully styled with the rounded pixie bob hairstyle and spiral perm texture.

Source: @y2peluqueriayestetica

23. Chic Gray Hair Perm

When paired with short gray hair, a modern perm can help you seem stylish in your 60s. Adding side bangs and a curly perm to a long pixie cut would definitely give thin hair a great volume boost.

Source: @pompandproper

24. Tight Curls and Curly Bangs

For today’s ladies, short hairstyles with adorable curls are almost essential. They don’t need to be visited to the salon frequently and are bright and bouncy. But be warned, they will force you to change your hair regimen and adopt the Curly Girl lifestyle. Additionally, keep in mind that hair with tighter curls may appear shorter.

Source: @andpeace_itk_715

25. Charming Permed Bob

There are many different styles and sizes of short hair perms available, such as this wedge cut with frizzy curls that suits those with long and oval faces. Many textures give the style a whimsical, endearing appearance.

Source: @ateshairdesign

26. Gorgeous Blonde Perm Style

These delicate, natural-looking permed curls are amazing. Because of the additional heat element, current perms are kinder on hair than conventional procedures while still producing defined waves or curls.

Source: @curlcult

27. Thin and Tight Perm Curls in Short Hair

For women who lead hectic lives and like stylish yet carefree haircuts, we suggest this short perm. Remember that your hair will become shorter following the perm, so if you want a look similar to this neck-length bob, avoid cutting your strands too short.

Source: @leco_koba

28. Loose Waves on Relaxed Natural Hair

Even if you decide against getting a straight perm, you should still experiment with your hair. Your hair will look great with a curl or roller set as you explore new looks and styles every day.

Source: @oliviadavis.hair

29. Short Staked Bob with Spiral Curls

Choose this contemporary wavy perm for your short hair if you want to add some enticing texture to your bob haircut. Perms look amazing on short hair. This haircut, which is straightforward but appealing, makes you seem gorgeous without requiring a lengthy daily hair routine.

Source: @muratkumaruhairartist

30. Playful Curly Shag on Medium Hair

A curly shag produced with a volumizing perm can be a great option if you want a hairstyle with more volume. A hair perm can give your locks bounce and a gorgeous figure.

Source: @sezer.yesilkayapro
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