30 Awesome Examples of Braids with Curls

The fact that you prefer the comfort of packaging your coily hair into protective box braids or cornrows does not exclude you from wearing a curly hairdo. Braids and curls can work so nicely together that you may find it difficult to quit once you start.

Curls can bring femininity and character to your braided hairstyle, so stick with us. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest braided and curly hairstyles to inspire your next makeover.

1. Braids & Curls on Long Bob

This gorgeous hairdo combines box braids with curly ends and occasional curly strands. Kiss curls are an excellent finishing touch, adding drama to this long braided bob. So, if you want to add a new twist to your typical mid-length box braids, look no further!

Source: @pearlthestylist_

2. Long Knotless Braids with Curls

If you want to embrace the boho look, try lengthy box braids with curls, keeping the latter abundant. Such a haircut looks stunning on brown or caramel blonde hair, emphasizing darker skin tones.

Source: @marlyshairbraiding

3. Goddess Braids, Curls & High Bun

Ladies looking for a dramatic approach to wear their long natural hair might attempt this hairdo. While goddess braids piled into a half-up high bun make a statement on their own, stray curls add interest to the style.

Source: @dadouhair

4. Ombre Braids with Curly Ends

With all of the fantastic opportunities available today, turning heads has never been easier. Thousands of different appearances can be created using hair extensions and a wide range of coloring treatments. Eye-catching ombre braids with curled ends are just one example that you should try. Steal this style from Fancy Claws, a South African luxury spa salon, and conquer the world!

Source: @fancy_claws

5. Patterned Crown

Without a question, cornrows are the most effective approach to manage unruly natural hair. If you love your cornrows but want to try something new, here’s an excellent idea. Ask your hairdresser for a patterned crown and loose curls that begin just below the chin. You’ll get a completely different style without sacrificing the low-maintenance appeal of cornrows!

Source: @infinity_beautylounge

6. Half Braided Hairstyle

With this stunning haircut, you’ll have everyone’s attention! It features tight cornrows on top and beautiful curls beneath the ear level. Statement kiss curls give this hairdo a distinct diva attitude, making it suitable for any special occasion.

Source: @neyhairs_

7. Cornrows & Tight Curls

Consider this haircut if you have a tight curl pattern and don’t mind showing off your curls but want to tone down the volume. It will allow you to show off your amazing curls while also producing a nice front view with cornrows. We also enjoy how they open the face and highlight facial characteristics.

Source: @criouloshair

8. Thin Knotless Braids with Curls

Thin long braids with free curls give this hairdo a distinct Hollywood vibe, making it an ideal choice for attractive girls. Of course, the color makes all the difference. When selecting a shade from the blonde range, ensure that it complements your skin tone.

Source: @braidsby_veronica

9. Braids, Curls & High Ponytail

Jumbo braids are a great alternative to traditional box braids. Furthermore, they work particularly effectively with curls. You can wear your gigantic box braids loose, experiment with different partings, or arrange them into a high ponytail, as shown in this image.

Source: @tshanibraids

10. Burgundy Red Locs with Curls

Locs have never gone out of style among black women, but what about pairing them with romantic curls? Beautiful, isn’t it? You may even take it a step further and add a pop of color, like this classic burgundy red.

Source: @steph_theextras

11. Curly Bob with Cornrows

Curly bobs have won millions of hearts due to their cuteness and ease of styling. To give your bob a completely new look, add a pair of cornrows to the center of your head. This manner, you’ll have a unique haircut that’s ideal for hot summer days.

Source: @trancascaroline

12. Goddess Braids with Waves

Long goddess braids are lovely and eye-catching, but what about mixing them with defined waves? The whole outfit looks wonderful on jet-black hair, giving you that goddess vibe you’re looking for.

Source: @laviniatrancista

13. Box Braids with Caramel Extensions

Many ladies prefer to improve their box braid hairstyles with extensions, and they could not be more correct. Extensions can help you attain the right length or add new hues or texture to your hair. The caramel tint in the shot looks great with natural hair.

Source: @spritzhairstudio

14. Chocolate Brown Braids with Curls

Braids with curls are a stylish look that will get you noticed. Furthermore, box braids combined with curls are more adaptable than you might expect. A high ponytail is one of the most popular braided hairstyles to try. If you want a famous look, let braided tendrils frame your face.

Source: @femmedoesmyhair_ke

15. Half Cornrows, Half Curls

This hairstyle effortlessly handles a difficult task: it allows natural curls to run wild while keeping them neatly away from the face. Cuffs and other accessories can give a dazzling touch and make you feel like an exotic princess.

Source: @trancascaroline

16. Intricate Braiding

If you don’t mind wearing a full head of curly hair throughout the warmest summer months, but want to add some intrigue, here’s an option. This eye-catching curly hairstyle for black women includes a couple of box braids framing the face, which begin with cornrows organized in a quirky manner.

Source: @neyhairs_

17. Jet Black Braids with Curls

At Spritz, the company that produced this stunning haircut, they feel that cornrows will always be popular, and we couldn’t agree more. While cornrows are one of the most popular protective styles, gorgeous curls make them appear even hotter.

Source: @spritzhairstudio

18. Super Long Braids with Curls

If you want very long braids and don’t mind extensions, you could like this hairdo. It blends contemporary giant braids with long curly strands to create a super cute style.

Source: @_camilatrancista

19. Pick and Drop Braids

These exquisite pick-and-drop braids are a very eye-catching choice. This procedure includes connecting synthetic braids to the roots and braiding them for only a few centimeters.

Source: @gladzbraidhouse

20. Luscious Curls

While you can choose to show off your bouncy and shiny natural curls to their full potential, a few of box braids on one side will make your hair look much more intriguing. If you prefer hair accessories, try a few basic cuffs for an overall elegant look.

Source: @drenya_trancista

21. High Ponytail Braids into Curls

The high braided ponytail is a genuinely global choice. This haircut is perfect for both a gala occasion and a gym workout. Speaking of this style, curls play an important role in making the overall look more feminine and romantic.

Source: @spritzhairstudio

22. Medium Length Braids with Curls

If you want a sophisticated, office-appropriate braided style, this is it! The medium length, classy brown tone, and occasional spirals let these box braids to shine without being overly flamboyant. Furthermore, you may quickly change the look of your hair by playing with different partings and accessories.

Source: @laviniatrancista

23. Bohemian Box Braids

For a rock diva look, ask your hairdresser for long, L-shaped braids with full-length bouncy spirals. This length allows you to be more creative with your mane; you can assemble your braids in a high or low ponytail, or create an updo for a sleeker look.

Source: @slayedbynims

24. Box Braid Hairstyle with Deep Side Parting

Shayla Gunn, a Texas-based hairdresser, invented this adorable technique to wear box braids with curls. It highlights the girl’s excellent curl pattern while reducing excessive volume with a few box braids on top.

Source: @iamshaylanash

25. Long Knotless Braids with Curls

This gorgeous knotless braided hairdo has captured our attention. This contemporary combination of patterned cornrows, long box braids, deep black color, and soft curls can be a great choice for women wishing to add elegance and style to their look.

Source: @braidsbytiti

26. Jumbo Braid Hairstyle

If you want to make a statement, consider wearing exceptionally large braids with curls. Aside from appearing bold and eye-catching, huge braids are easy to install, so keep this in mind the next time you decide which braid size to go with.

Source: @braidsbynellyy

27. Caramel Brown Braids with Curls

This stunning celebrity look is definitely worth imitating. If you want to turn heads wherever you go, pair beautifully patterned cornrows with lush curls in a rich caramel color.

Source: @bestbyjessica_salon

28. French Curl Braids

If you want a beautiful but low-maintenance summer look, very long braids with French curls are the way to go. To spice things up, try a complex cornrow pattern and different extension colors.

Source: @slayedinbraids

29. Curly Ponytail with Cornrows

This stunning haircut is all about elegance and simplicity. Furthermore, it’s one of those universal selections that you’ll feel comfortable wearing at a party or the gym. The smooth top and voluminous curly bun provide the perfect contrast to highlight face features.

Source: @melsxbeautyhair

30. Tribal Braids

Combining braids and curls can result in a daring appearance. For example, you might go for this curly bun with braids and an exquisite cornrow pattern, which would make you feel like an exotic princess.

Source: @tinny_hairdresser
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