30 Gorgeous Passion Twist Hairstyles

Passion twists have been around for a few years and have grown extremely popular. Passion twists are an excellent protective styling alternative with a natural texture and a bohemian vibe. They also provide a wide range of styling options. Continue reading to learn more about passion twists, and possibly find your next haircut.

Kailyn Rogers, a Miami-based hairstylist, introduced passion twists in 2018. Rogers want a style that was both sophisticated and attractive, while also appearing natural and easy to manage. This resulted in the formation of passion twists.

Passion twists are distinctive due to the Freetress water wave hair used to create them. Water wave braiding hair is what gives passion twists its curly texture and smooth feel. This is what distinguishes passion twist types from false locks. Passion twists are likewise less uniform than Senegalese twists, and they are frequently portrayed as a hybrid of the two.

Here are some examples of passion twists and the various styles that can be used with them.

1. Black Shoulder Length Passion Twists

Wearing passion twists at shoulder length results in a very natural protective hairstyle. We adore the effortless feel of passion twist hairstyles and the healthy luster of the hair.

Source: @dadouhair

2. Black and Brown Ombre Passion Twists

Black and brown ombre is a popular and appealing combination for darker complexion tones. The ombre hair extensions provide a little of color without being overly dramatic.

Source: @hairvarieties

3. Chunky Passion Twists

These chunky short passion twists are incredibly plump and delicious. The cinnamon brown tint makes the two buns stand out and is an excellent style option for emphasizing color and highlights.

Source: @stacysbraids

4. Short Passion Twists

Short passion twist styles seem very natural, especially when done with hair extensions in a natural hue. Short passion twists feature excellent movement and bounce and are quite easy to install. In addition to reducing time during installation, using less braiding hair will save you money. There are several compelling reasons to attempt brief passion twists.

Source: @emani.marie

5. Passion Twists with Accessories

Choosing whether or not to decorate your passion twists is a personal option that you can make every day. Whether you prefer beads, shells, or cuffs, passion twists allow you to wear one or more of these embellishments, which are commonly used to give personality and pizzazz to braided hairstyles. This passion twist updo hairstyle incorporates hair cuffs to give color and luster to the hair while framing the face.

Source: @dadouhair

6. Short Passion Twists with Curly Ends

Passion twists hairstyles can look to be simple two-strand twists done on your own hair, which is unrivaled among protective styles. This is particularly true when the passion twists are kept brief. The curls at the ends of these short passion twists contribute to the authentic, natural hair style.

Source: @mandy_jacobz

7. Criss Crossed Passion Twists

Crisscrossing the upper half of your passion twists is an excellent method to highlight your parting and facial shape. You can select to crisscross the first two rows or go as far back as you want. The subtle use of color in these passion twists is a terrific way to include color into your styles.

Source: @shushancity

8. Criss Crossed Twists with Accessories

We adore this style on medium length passion twist. When you want to keep hair away from your face, crisscrossing the twists at the front is a terrific option to wearing half up, half down styles. The golden accents and little cornrow are also excellent embellishments to this design.

Source: @laurayabraidsdealer

9. Half Up Half Down on Long Passion Twists

The classic half up, half down hairdo with long passion twists is a guaranteed slay. Occasional burgundy tones are also a terrific way to add color and break up the all-black look.

Source: @dadouhair

10. Half Up Half Down on Chunky Passion Twists

Many people are familiar with half-up, half-down styles, so it’s no wonder that this is one of the most popular passion twist hairstyles. It’s effortless, neal, and ostentatious all at once.

Source: @anicolec_

11. Burgundy Passion Twists

Burgundy is one of the most popular hues for extensions worn with twists and braids, and passion twists are no exception. It is bold but delicate, and these long twists demonstrate why burgundy passion twists are a must-try.

Source: @arielfitz.patrick

12. Black and Blonde Passion Twists

Black and blonde extensions are another popular and effective combination for generating protective styles. Whether it’s box braids, fake locs, or twists, this color combination is both fun and attractive. It’s especially appealing with the sheen that comes with water wave hair.

Source: @laurayabraidsdealer

13. Crochet Passion Twists

Using the crochet method to implant passion twists is extremely useful for folks who have difficulty attaching braid extensions to their hair. This technique of installation can also considerably shorten the time required to add passion twists, particularly if the extensions are pre-twisted.

Source: @curlzofglory

14. Bob Length Passion Twist Style

When worn down, these medium-length passion twists give off a beautiful bob impression. Nonetheless, they are long enough to be adaptable and give a wide range of style possibilities.

Source: @moneekstyles

15. Passion Twist Bangs and Shaved Sides

If you have shaved sides or a comparable tapered haircut, there’s no reason you can’t wear some passion twists. These passion twist bangs are a great way to experiment with different lengths and colors.

Source: @jsblessinghair1

16. Passion Twists with Curly Ends

If you desire your extensions to be perfectly curled with little to no frizz, this is the hairstyle for you. Choose multi-tone passion twists to make a statement.

Source: @marykbella

17. Cornrows and Passion Twists

Braiding your own natural hair, with or without extensions, and then adding passion twists is one method for adding length and color to a protective style. The color contrast between cornrows and passion twists adds to the style’s uniqueness and intrigue.

Source: @cultivatedtresses

18. Fluffy Fashion Twists

These lengthy passion twists stand out because to the two-tone effect given by the wearer’s original hair color and the color of the extensions applied. It’s a simple way to achieve the two-toned effect without needing to buy multiple color extensions.

Source: @londonsbeautii

19. High Ponytail on Passion Twists

High ponytails are always enjoyable. Wrapping a couple of your passion twists around your hair and using them to make a ponytail holder is also a nice touch that allows you to get the look even if you don’t have a ponytail holder or hair elastic on hand.

Source: @_herstylist

20. Middle Parted Knotless Passion Twists

A middle part hairstyle allows you to wear your hair on either side of the center. A wonderful solution for folks who seek a versatile protective design.

Source: @queens.hairstyle

21. Mid Back Fluffy Passion Twists

The silkiness and sheen of water wave extensions are on full display in these long, mid-back black passion twists, which are extremely touchable and lustrous.

Source: @tydidmyhair

22. Long Ombre Passion Twists

If you enjoy wearing long box braids or Senegalese twists but find them too heavy, long passion twists are a great alternative because they are the lightest of the three forms.

Source: @braidedbygilly

23. Passion Twist Updo

This updo is ideal for the office, a wedding, or another formal occasion. Don’t hesitate to make this your next hairstyle for any forthcoming gatherings that require an extra dose of glitter and elegance.

Source: @londonsbeautii

24. Red Passion Twists in a Bun

If red is your color, this is a must-try. The high bun, while full, is not too enormous to appear natural, and the overall look is suitable for everyday wear.

Source: @euphoricstylez

25. Red Brown Passion Braids Hairstyle

Here’s another fantastic method to add color to your protective hairstyle. Rich mahogany brown looks fantastic when matched with a relaxed, not tight, and regular braided haircut.

Source: @officialsaucedbyshae

26. Large Passion Twist Bun

Try this lovely bun the next time you need a basic yet elegant haircut. If you want to try a passion twists hairstyle, this is it. Perfect for medium-to-long twists!

Source: @_herstylist

27. Passion Twists with Butterfly Accessories

You don’t need to be Mariah Carey to enjoy butterflies. These butterfly hair clips are adorable and a fashionable way to accessorize passion twist hairstyles.

Source: @braidedbygilly

28. Long Black Passion Twists

You can’t go wrong with long, black hair extensions, regardless of style. This is the ideal passion twist hairstyle for long hair lovers that does not feel too heavy on the scalp.

Source: @alexianna_styles

29. White Blonde Passion Twists

One of the benefits of extensions is that they let you to experiment with various hair lengths, hues, and textures. If you enjoy sticking out, these blonde passion twists should be on your hairstyle bucket list.

Source: @thereal_imanid

30. Medium Length Crochet Passion Twists

These wonderful medium-length passion twists were inserted using the crochet method, with the front installed separately. This guarantees that the hairline seems natural, and the hair may be pulled back to form a stunning top bun if desired. It may also be softer on the scalp.

Source: @tydidmyhair
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