24 Wavy Wolf Cut Looks to Unleash Your Inner Wild

We have something unique for you if you’re dying to embrace a look that combines laid-back charm with wild animal attraction. The effortless glamor of Kaia Gerber, the ever-evolving style of Zendaya, and the playful charm of Jenna Ortega and Miley Cyrus—all of these women’s wavy wolf cut looks urge you to unleash your inner wild kid.

1. Short Wavy Wolf Cut with Full Bangs

Achieve a sleek look with full bangs on a short wavy wolf cut by using a round brush and blow-drying. For a relaxed, beachy vibe, let them air dry naturally.

Source: @lacourparclement

2. Wolf Cut for Thick Wavy Hair

Maintain the fierceness of your wolf cut by trimming it every 6-8 weeks, ensuring the shape, thickness, and waves stay fantastic.

Source: @victoria.hairart

3. Subtle Wolf Hairstyle

Customize your wolf hairstyle to your preference by dialing down the layers for a less shaggy texture while preserving its wild essence.

Source: @brianaguilarhair

4. Short Blonde Wolf Cut

Keep your short blonde wolf cut fresh and edgy with color-safe shampoo, lightweight conditioner, and texturizing products for a carefree allure.

Source: @hlbutton

5. Wolf Cut with Flippy Layers

Modesta Kremeryte describes the wolf cut as a blend of the mullet and the shag, featuring flippy layers on top and wispy, wavy ends for a trendy and edgy style.

Source: @mother_kremer

6. Voluminous Wolf Cut for Long Hair

Maintain volume in a long wavy wolf cut by teasing the roots gently and using volumizing spray for extra lift and fullness.

Source: @ernestomeneses

7. Dramatic Wolf Cut for Black Hair

HIRO OCHI’s dramatic wolf cut for black hair features dark, luscious locks enhanced by shaggy layers, exuding fierceness and boldness.

Source: @hirohair

8. Shaggy Wolf Cut for Red Hair

Ethan King adds a modern twist to the classic tale with a shaggy wolf cut for red hair, blending Little Red Riding Hood’s innocence with the Big Bad Wolf’s edginess.

Source: @slickback_buttahtoast

9. Large Curl Wolf Haircut

Christos ensures harmonious layers in this wolf hairstyle, creating an effortlessly chic and wild look with flowing curls.

Source: @viktor_leske_berlin

10. Long Wolf Cut on Wavy Hair

Add texture, movement, and charm to long wavy hair with a wolf cut, making locks even more luscious and untamed.

Source: @coiffeurstory

11. Fluffy Wavy Hair with Lots of Volume

Amp up volume and fluffiness in your wolf cut with styling powder at the roots, tousling gently for fierce and fabulous results.

Source: @victoria.hairart

12. Short Wolf Cut for Wavy Hair

Ernesto Meneses styles this adorable wolfy shag with balm and jelly for shaping layers and adding texture and hold to damp hair.

Source: @ernestomeneses

13. Baby Wolf Haircut

Embrace your natural texture for a genuine and effortlessly beautiful style, letting your true beauty shine through.

Source: @__k_vu__

14. Wavy Wolf Cut with Short Bangs

Margeaux believes a wolf cut with bangs grows out beautifully, blending seamlessly into layers for a fresh and low-maintenance look.

Source: @margeauxagogo

15. Wolf Cut with Shaggy Layers

This wavy wolf hairstyle with shaggy layers offers a carefree rock ‘n’ roll vibe, blending wildness with style for an edgy aura.

Source: @hollygirldoeshair

16. Short Fluffy Wolf Cut

Jem from Haco Hair Salon combines layers and flair for a playful and unique wolf-meets-mullet hairstyle, exuding charm and edginess.

Source: @mulletbabyy

17. Enigmatic Wolf Cut with Messy Curls

Blend messy curls and organic layers for an intriguing and charismatic style, adding depth, texture, and mystery to your look.

Source: @coiffeurstory

18. Blonde Wolf Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

Create a sunny, carefree look with warm blonde shades and seamless layers, enhanced by longer curtain bangs for a cohesive appearance.

Source: @victoria.hairart

19. Soft Wolf Cut for Thin Wavy Hair

Add body and oomph to long thin hair with volumizing mousse and texturizing spray, maintaining a natural and breezy look.

Source: @itsnotfairhair

20. Beachy Wet Hair

Get a beachy wet finish by applying sea salt spray to damp hair, scrunching gently, and letting it air dry for effortless seaside charm.

Source: @giovanni_bissoli

21. Wolf Cut with Bottleneck Bangs

Blow-dry bottleneck bangs with a round brush for a curved shape, allowing layers to flow naturally for a chic finish.

Source: @larin_hair

22. Scrumptious Chocolate Brown Wolf Cut

Dark, natural shades add depth and warmth to wavy hair, creating a stunning contrast with loose, S-shaped curls for a delicious look.

Source: @taniahlobo

23. Strawberry Blonde Wolf Cut

Opt for a sweet and sassy style with a wolf cut featuring wispy layers in a delectable shade of strawberry blonde, radiating whimsical charm.

Source: @michellecaohairartist

24. Classic Wolf Hairstyle for Brunettes

Enjoy a classic layered hairstyle with a touch of shagginess, creating a wild yet stylish wolf cut for brunettes, as crafted by The Loft salon.

Source: @theloftbb7
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