30 Strikingly Beautiful Shaggy Mullet Hairstyles

In today’s society, the shag haircut is making a major comeback as a popular hairstyle that gives different hair types a modern touch and versatility. Because of its layered and textured design, it can be worn with a variety of hair types and lengths, enabling people to embrace a stylish and current style.

Feel free to utilize any of these ideas as inspiration for your new shullet hairdo; we covered the 30 most fashionable and flattering shaggy mullets in this post to suit all tastes.

1. Cute Blonde Textured Mullet

Achieve a sun-kissed radiance with blonde highlights and waves in this natural and vibrant hairstyle. The classic mullet shape, expertly crafted by Joel Torres, adds volume and texture, with longer layers at the back and shorter layers at the front and crown.

Source: @joeltorresstyle

2. Neck-Length Shag for Curly Hair

Yannick & Gabby from Coiffeur Story salon blend elements of pixie and mullet cuts in this 60s MOD-inspired hairstyle. The curly pixie shag beautifully frames the face, highlighting your best features and softening any angles.

Source: @coiffeurstory

3. Trendy Mullet Haircut

Embrace boldness and versatility with the shaggy mullet, offering ample styling options for those with thick wavy locks. The textured layers in this haircut by Woolf Kings X provide dimension and personality to your hair.

Source: @lulurichardss

4. Icy Blonde Semi Mullet

Refresh your look with this “shaggy mullet refresh” by Holly Vatter, perfect for boosting the attractiveness of thinner hair. This fashionable haircut suits various face shapes, adding flair and fashion to anyone sporting this trendy shullet hairstyle.

Source: @hollygirldoeshair

5. Messy Shaggy Cut for Wavy Hair

Effortlessly chic, this laid-back hairstyle by Sal Salsedo features tousled waves for a statement look without sacrificing comfort. From messy to sleek, its adaptability lets you style it according to your mood and occasion.

Source: @salsalhair

6. Medium Shaggy Mullet Hairstyle

Brian Aguilar’s creation at Kenneth Brown Salons showcases the versatility of the modern shag, tailored to suit different face shapes. Ideal for oval-faced women, this haircut balances features with shaggy layers and layered bangs, perfect for thin hair.

Source: @brianaguilarhair

7. Fluffy Curly Shag

Enhance your dynamic and textured look with scrunched curls throughout your long shag. Shorter bangs add charm and uniqueness to this carefree and rebellious style, as demonstrated by @satojeni.

Source: @satojeni

8. Long Shaggy Layers and Wispy Bangs

Feryn Fischer from Propaganda The Salon elongates a round face with longer layers and feathered bangs, offering a flattering and stylish option for a shaggy mullet haircut.

Source: @feryn.fischer.hair

9. Short Blonde Shaggy Mullet

Trust your stylist and embrace change with this “POWER CUT,” giving a nod to 60s MOD glory. Holly Vatter’s expertise ensures a bold and fashionable statement for anyone sporting this edgy short mullet shag.

Source: @coiffeurstory

10. Curly Shullet with Thick Bangs

Enjoy a low-maintenance yet fabulous look with YUKI’s curly mullet shag featuring thick bangs, ideal for balancing face shapes and enhancing your natural curls.

Source: @yukistylist

11. Soft Mullet with Shaved Sides

Combine volume and movement with short temples and curtain bangs for a stylish and punk vibe, accentuating your dreamy appearance as styled by @ichi_ishiguri.

Source: @ichi_ishiguri

12. Textured Wolf Cut Mullet

Effortlessly exude confidence and style with shaggy layers adding volume and dimension to your locks. This versatile shullet hairstyle by @hollygirldoeshair enhances your overall look with its dynamic appeal.

Source: @hollygirldoeshair

13. Choppy Shullet with Messy Waves

Reza Hair Berlin’s dynamic hairstyle exudes controlled chaos with textured layers, perfect for those with a rebellious spirit seeking to stand out.

Source: @christian_cartano_hair

14. Curly Shaglet for Older Women

Joshua Congreve from Togninis Hair offers a fresh and updated look with a timeless yet contemporary shag haircut. Stay trendy and stylish at any age with this flattering curly shullet.

Source: @josh_congreve

15. Mohawk Mullet with Curls

Experience the stunning combination of a bowl cut and long shag with Kat Lee’s favorite curly shullet. Shaved sides add boldness to this eye-catching hairstyle.

Source: @kat_leehair

16. Shoulder-Length Shag Mullet

Elvis Pesqueira from Tesler Salon creates a playful yet sophisticated style with a short messy shag and thick fringe, offering versatility for various occasions.

Source: @hairbyelvisp

17. Mullet Shag with Arched Bangs

Turn heads with Kenneth Brown Salons’ scorching semi-mullet hairstyle, complete with arched bangs and highlights for a striking and enhanced look.

Source: @brianaguilarhair

18. Flattering Shag for Curly Hair

Loveyohair’s curly shag haircut offers a flattering and dynamic appearance, perfect for embracing your natural curls with confidence and style.

Source: @loveyohair

19. Voluminous Curly Shullet

Tatum Shane from Curl Craft Salon brings effortless charm with a sweet shag mullet haircut, offering a delightful option for a fresh and stylish look.

Source: @tatumshanehair

20. Wavy Mullet Shag with Baby Bangs

COBIA salon+store’s combination of a long shag with micro bangs exudes cool and rebellious charm, sure to make you the center of attention wherever you go.

Source: @lcs.hairdesign

21. Razor Shullet for Square Faces

Accentuate your natural features with a soft, textured shullet haircut, framing your square face beautifully while requiring minimal maintenance.

Source: @bad__gal__mal

22. Mid-Length Shag for Thick Hair

Natália Rok from Cubo Cubo Cubo creates movement and softness with curls in this romantic and enchanting shag haircut, complemented by micro bangs.

Source: @nataliarok

23. Charming Rose Gold Bob Mullet

Love Salon Pdx’s partial mullet hairstyle brings a stylish and alluring vibe with shaggy layers and golden rose tones, perfect for a long-ish mixie look.

Source: @emilyppt

24. Red Wine Shaggy Wolf

Alchemy Hair Salon’s shaggy wolf cut adds volume and edginess to your style, while the foxy hue brings vibrancy and confidence for a bold and adventurous look.

Source: @alchemysalon.co

25. Low-Maintenance Layered Cut

Raydeux Hair Salon’s midi shag with bangs offers versatility and sophistication, seamlessly transitioning from professional to edgy with ease.

Source: @raydeux_hairsalon

26. Classy Shag Mullet for Long Hair

Dolly Hairstylist’s shag mullet adds texture and whimsy to your straight hair, ensuring an effortlessly chic and stylish look for any occasion.

Source: @dolly.hairstylist

27. Shaggy Pixie Mullet for Blondes

Susan Ford from Asha Salon plays with varying lengths to create a dynamic and textured look, adding volume and movement with shorter layers on top.

Source: @susanfordhair

28. Modern Mullet with Color Accents

Bishops Charlotte Midtown’s shaggy mullet with color pops and highlights takes boldness to the next level, enhancing layers and creating a visually striking style.

Source: @bishops.charlottemidtown

29. Pixie Mullet Partial Quick Weave

NC Class Beauty Artistry’s daring hairstyle offers a stress-free option for black women wanting to experiment with bleached, relaxed styles, ensuring a mesmerizing and unique look.

Source: @nclassbeautyartistry

30. Pretty Shaggy Cut for Short Hair

Axiom Salon’s pixie shag with curtain bangs delivers enviable volume and style, adding body and movement with layered and textured elements for a soft and flattering appearance.

Source: @kaithowardhair
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