30 Ageless Shag Hairstyles for Mature Women

Is there ever a point in life when you can’t look amazing in a stylish haircut? The response is a firm no! As time goes on, some haircuts actually seem to get better; the shag haircut is one such ageless classic. 

Prepare to learn how to embrace your inner beauty and show it off with style, from classic cuts to contemporary interpretations!

1. Shattered Pixie Mullet

Melody Larissa’s style combines edgy and chic elements, featuring a textured pixie cut in the front and mullet-inspired layers at the back. It adds a playful, carefree vibe to your overall look.

Source: @ml_methods

2. Shoulder-Length Shag for Thinning Hair

Lynn Felix uses the Carving Comb to add texture, creating the illusion of thicker hair. Additionally, she recommends a scalp serum to promote hair growth and strength.

Source: @felix.lynn

3. Short Hairstyle with Shaggy Bangs

Shaggy bangs not only add volume to fine hair but also bring a flirty bounce that accentuates your face shape.

Source: @bruna.alvesa

4. Short Shag Makeover

Transitioning from a bob to a short shag with bangs adds texture and playfulness to your style, boosting volume and infusing it with a fresh, sassy vibe.

Source: @joecharltonhair

5. Blonde Shaggy Pixie Bob

Short shag hairstyles offer older women a youthful, low-maintenance look, boasting volume, texture, and effortless gray coverage with a carefree charm.

Source: @we_professional

6. Shoulder-Length Shag with Graphic Fringe

Taryn Sneed’s shag combines choppy layers with a bold fringe, framing your face with creative flair for an edgy yet friendly style.

Source: @by_tarynj

7. Platinum Blonde Layered Bob

Maud’s layered bob adds texture, movement, and volume, offering a fresh, lightweight look perfect for embracing your carefree, radiant self.

Source: @georgethesalon

8. Soft Feathery Shag

Point-cutting and slide-cutting techniques create delicate, wispy layers, giving the hair a light and effortlessly chic appearance.

Source: @__k_vu__

9. Medium-Length Shag with Balayage

Complement your medium-length shag with hand-painted highlights for a sun-kissed, low-maintenance charm, enhancing texture and movement with natural appeal.

Source: @atelier_vernackt

10. Razor-Cut Silver Shag

A razor cut on a shag brings soft, feathered ends, enhancing movement and adding a slightly edgy character for easy maintenance and styling.

Source: @andy_doesyourhair

11. Medium Shag for Wavy Hair

Savanna Ford’s medium shag brightens the face with bangs and a face frame, accentuating beautiful wavy texture.

Source: @savvyheartshair

12. Short Razor-Cut Shag for Curly Hair

Sara Cottrell shapes curls with a razor, then diffuses for separation and volume, achieving the perfect balance of definition and bounce.

Source: @sara.cottrell.hairstylist

13. Shaggy Bob Haircut

This low-maintenance choice offers effortless texture and versatility, complementing the active lifestyles of mature ladies.

Source: @hair_ritualist

14. Disconnected Shag for Straight Hair

Choppy layers create a slightly messy, lived-in look, reflecting the vibrant energy of city life with casual allure.

Source: @we_professional

15. Soft Shaggy French Bob

Rae Steele adds movement with feathery layers and texturizing, creating an effortlessly chic look with laidback appeal.

Source: @raenikole

16. Sassy Textured Pixie for Silver Hair

With playful layers and spikes, this pixie celebrates natural silver hue with charm and chic sophistication.

Source: @roshan_hairlove

17. Fluffy Short Brunette Shag

This soft brunette shag adds volume and texture, harmonizing with silver strands and showcasing initial hints of wisdom and grace.

Source: @brianhickman1

18. Long Shaggy Pixie

Audrey Ligon’s elegant cut combines texture and volume for a soft, chic look that’s just the right length.

Source: @audreyhairwhispererkc

19. Wolf Cut for Wavy Hair

Margo Jane’s style enhances natural waves with a relaxed, shaggy charm, offering an effortless look to showcase wavy locks.

Source: @margostyles.mpls

20. Wispy Silver Shag

Scott’s wispy layers highlight the beauty of silver tresses, creating texture and dimension for a stylish, low-maintenance look.

Source: @propagandathesalon

21. Shag with Highlights for Wavy Hair

Paige McNeil emphasizes natural waves with highlighted locks, adding texture and dimension to this shaggy hairstyle.

Source: @pinkdagger

22. Charming Long Shag with Bardot Bangs

Sal Salcedo’s cascading layers and bangs frame the face with a boho dream, offering an effortlessly chic look with free-spirited beauty.

Source: @salsalhair

23. Shaggy Mullet for Fine Hair

Feathered layers and texturizing products add volume and depth to fine hair, creating the illusion of thicker strands.

Source: @richardnicholas_h_s

24. Salt-and-Pepper Short Textured Shag

This sassy yet low-maintenance style features crisp, textured layers and a distinctive mix of silver and dark hues for character and charm.

Source: @__k_vu__

25. Long Curly Shag

Stephanie Carrillo accentuates big, beautiful curls with cascading layers, creating an effortlessly chic style that embraces natural texture.

Source: @modestspotcarrillo

26. Medium Shag with Pointy Micro Bangs

Leah Billingsby’s bold style combines versatile layers with short-cropped bangs for a daring look that reflects unique personality.

Source: @leahbillingsby.hair

27. Contemporary Shag for Straight Hair

Clean, precise layers add structure and depth to this contemporary shag, maintaining a sleek yet relaxed appearance.

Source: @andy_doesyourhair

28. Silver Medium Shag with Arched Bangs

Arched bangs add a touch of chic sophistication to this silver shag, framing the face with a soft curve for a polished, modern flair.

Source: @nancyfancygreer

29. Blonde Shag with Shadow Roots

Sergio Augusto’s shadow roots add depth and contrast to blonde locks, creating a dynamic and trendy look with dimension.

Source: @se_augusto

30. Long Shag Mullet

Curly hair pairs beautifully with a shag mullet cut, adding a playful, carefree texture and lively look full of personality.

Source: @hair_by_kelseybenns
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