40 Elegant Updos for Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, you are aware that the greatest hairstyles for curly hair are updos. When done correctly, curls can be breathtaking, but frequently, a straightforward morning routine can require too much time and care. That’s where effortless, quick updos come into play. 

You can try these 40 looks on frizzy or unruly second-day hair, which frequently gives you a lot of stress.

Together, we can determine what is best for your hair type.

1. Grecian Goddess Updo

This Grecian Goddess updo is a timeless take on one of the most popular curly hairstyles ever! A ponytail worn at a mid-level is created from long hair. A few spirals are left out for detail, but all of the curls are wrapped and tucked. You are the history when you add a metal olive branch!


2. Loose Curly Hairstyle

An elegant, classic curly updo. The idea is to create a cascade of curls that come together to create a carefree yet slightly unkempt appearance. To start, you can gather a large quantity of bobby pins. Begin by taking small sections, securing them with pins after tucking the ends in. More pins are preferable!


3. Simple Updo with Ringlets

Do you want curly updo hairstyles that are a little simpler? This updo will always be associated with Rembrandt. The top is defined with a floral headband and styled with a bouffant. The front pieces are twisted and tucked back. The small ringlets fall around the neck and ears. For the greatest accent, use fresh flowers.


4. Quick and Easy Bun

The bride, bridesmaids, and guests who are attending a wedding are advised to wear this sophisticated bun. It’s among the simplest styles ever. Just loosely gather your hair into a possible ponytail; don’t go all the way with it. To finish the look, leave it in a bun and wrap the ends around the elastic.

Source: Belle And Chic

5. Braided Messy Updo

In addition to looking slightly more put together in your yoga pants, this loose updo is a great way to keep your hair in control. You can wear a fleece hoodie and be ready! In theory. With half of your hair, create two side French braids and gather the remaining hair into a loose bun underneath.


6. Twisted Sisters Low Buns

These low buns are a fantastic way to twist your curly locks into a manageable knotted look and a playful spin on pin curls. Starting with a section of hair, twist it and then loop it into a loose bun. All you need to do is leave a few front pieces for the top detail!


7. Half Updo with Flat Twists

One of our favorite hairstyles from a new wave of stylish, contemporary looks is this one! It has a peaked crown, twisted rows of hair on the sides, and thick curls. It has attitude, volume, and height!

Source: @mzbiancarenee

8. Updo for Curly Hair with a Side Braid

This is our best evening wear option! Above the ears, create two horizontal French braids. Pin and tuck all of the loose ends to create a smooth, gathered mass of curls at the base of the neck. There you have it—ultimate perfection!


9. Low Tuck Updo

Look at this exquisitely carved work of art! When faced with uncooperative hair, save this elegant style for when you have little time. It’s ideal for days when you have to rush to work and don’t have time to wash your hair before leaving.

Source: Delightfully Tacky

10. Formal Updo for Curly Hair

Both naturally straight hair and hair that has been curled with a curling iron work well for this updo. To create loose curls before styling, use a curling iron on people with pin-straight hair or lifeless waves. Sort your curls into three groups. Loosely braid the middle section, then gather the braid into a bun. Roll the side pieces into braids and encircle the middle bun. You’ll create an exquisitely intricate updo suitable for any event!

Source: Yet Another Beauty Site

11. Blonde Updo with Sparkling Headband

Do you instantly think of some horrible 80s perm or a redhead orphan named Annie when you see curled up hairstyles? Not us. This elegant coif is the definition of sophistication, complete with a soft crystal halo crown that will make you appear truly royal.

Source: @hairandmakeupbysteph

12. Romantic Updo for Balayage Hair

It’s obvious that @rachelharris_hairmakeupbeauty has mastered the art of creating stunning curly updos based on this delicate, highlighted style. Using a flat iron, curl your hair first, and then carefully twist the curled sections toward the nape and pin. A few front pieces should be left hanging to frame the face.

Source: @rachaelharris_hairmakeupbeauty

13. Spiral Curl Updo with Flower Adornment

Curly hairstyles work best with adorable, striking accessories, like this pale orange rose that contrasts beautifully with the dark brown hair. Bringing the hair back and loosely creating a chignon-like shape. Add a hairpiece as a highlight, and done!

Source: @nicoledrege

14. Funky Blush Pink Updo with Dark Roots

@liz.colors gives a sultry, contemporary twist to the traditional messy, curly hair updos by combining funky blush pink lengths that are loosely pinned on top of the head and dark, natural roots. The secret to this updo, though, is to perfect your look quickly in the morning and let the strands fall in the direction that they naturally prefer.

Source: @liz.colors

15. Royal Updo with Tiara

One of the cutest updos for curly hair you can wear is this princess-inspired style with an upside-down tiara, so call your fairy godmother. Perfect for a wedding, birthday celebration, or other special occasion, we advise going neutral with your makeup and attire to let your headpiece steal the show.

Source: @tatumraewetzel

16. Enchanted Updo with Sweet Tendrils and Flowers

Not enough money for Austin City Limits or Coachella tickets this year? No need to worry—we’ve got you covered. With delicate flowers and stems that will make you look like a true fairy princess, this incredibly imaginative and ethereal look will take you straight to any hippie music festival.

Source: @prettyonarrival

17. Curly French Twist Updo

What’s the best thing about wearing your curly hair up? the element of low maintenance. Using bobby pins, volumizing mousse or spray, and a curling iron, you can quickly and easily achieve this look.

Source: @dustin.ki

18. Messy Rainbow Updo

Curly bun updos don’t always have to make you look like you’re going to prom, despite what your grandmother may have told you when you were a young girl. As demonstrated by the whimsical unicorn coloring and carefree styling, buns can be fun, edgy, and wild while maintaining the appropriate level of sophistication.

Source: @leysahairandmakeup

19. Naturally Stunning Cinnamon Brown Style

The majority of the time, hair is styled in tight spiral curls. This isn’t the case for thick, long hair, as seen by the gorgeous look from @beautyandtheblush, which combines elegant pinned styling with gentle, sweeping curls.

Source: @beautyandtheblush

20. Elegant Evening Top-Bun

It is imperative to wear a sweet, loose top bun if you are going out for the evening. This style works particularly well on longer, thicker hair, but it can also be worn on medium-length, finer strands. To achieve the required height, tease your hair at the roots. Gather your curls loosely on the crown and secure with pins and hairspray.

Source: @elstile

21. Half-Up, Half-Down Princess Hairdo

Check out this half-up, half-down princess hairstyle by @joyahairdesign for adorable curly hairstyles that are neither totally up nor quite down. With its messy texture, loose curls, fanned-out braid, and flirty bangs, this hairstyle is ideal for a special occasion like prom or a slightly messy bridal look.

Source: @joyahairdesign

22. Naturally Curly Coif with Braids

Not every adorable curly hairstyle is appropriate for attending a bridal shower or other special occasion. As demonstrated by this low-key look from @hair_by_pelorossi, curly hair can be worn on any day of the week. For added cuteness, incorporate some playful braids using bantu knots.

Source: @hair_by_pelerossi

23. Off-Center Messy Updo with Loose Tendrils

While curly hair lends itself more easily to longer strands, medium-length hair can also look great in these styles. For mid-length hair, this updo with fluffy curls and flyaways seems like the ideal bedhead style.

Source: @melanie_hochairslayer

24. Pony-Buns with Stunning Braid Design

Use tight ponytails and braids to control your curly hair if you don’t like how unruly it is. Curly hairstyles like this one allow you to enjoy the benefits of having curly texture without sacrificing that precious carefree and playful touch. Using the same carefree updo, transition from daytime beach lounging to evening rock concerts.

Source: @naomi_camille_

25. Whimsical Low Bun with Floral Pin

Looking for simple updos? Look no farther than @hair_by_pelerossi’s charmingly styled, naturally looking large bun. Simply secure your hair in a low bun and accessorize it with colorful clips or flowers, regardless of whether you naturally have curly hair or need to use an iron to get curls.

Source: @hair_by_pelerossi

26. Sweet Braid-to-Bun Style

This curly bun is actually fairly easy to make, even though it looks quite complicated. Create a messy twist underneath the two crown braids you just made. To add to the adorable disheveled updo’s messy vibe, pin everything in place and remove a few stray strands.

Source: @kellgrace

27. Ethereal Low Bun with French Braid

We suggest this messy updo with fluffy curls and a headband braid from @hairbyhollyrenee if you’re looking for dramatic yet simple hairstyles for curly hair. While it’s best to use your own hair for styles like these, it’s perfectly acceptable to use extensions to increase the volume of your hair even further.

Source: @hairbyhollyrenee

28. High Sporty Pony-Bun

This braid-to-pony is the height of sporty chic and is ideal for going from a daytime yoga practice to a night on the town. Even if you can’t brag of having some decent styling skills, this is an easy style to do yourself if you love your afro puff but want something a little different for a change.

Source: @modelesque_nic

29. Half Curled, Half Braided Updo

Adorable curly hairstyles can easily become cliched and monotonous. This dramatic hairstyle, on the other hand, offers tight side braids tied into buns at the back and wild twist-out curls in the front that almost resemble bangs. To counterbalance this elaborate but well-composed look, wear large earrings.

Source: @sashabasha2

30. Flowing Low Updo with Gentle Curls

A curly updo like this is your best friend whether you’re looking to switch up your everyday look, are going on a first date, or are just looking to impress. With flirtatious tendrils framing your face, rock it like the princess you are.

Source: @beautybylela

31. Elegant Updo with Finger Waves

Searching for an elegant, one-of-a-kind look for your wedding? To create a sculpted mass of curls that cascades forward, pull all of the hair up to the top of the head for this highlighted updo. The back’s rivers of strands will stay in place thanks to hair glue. The ideal fusion of contemporary and vintage!


32. Spring Blossom Twisted Crown

It can be challenging to find light and airy updos for curly hair, especially when the curls have a tendency to frizz. However, this style effectively combats frizz in a refined manner. A delicate floral headband is used to accentuate the twisted and pinned sections that are thinner and thicker.


33. Low Sock Bun

If you want something sleek and pulled back, formal updos for curly hair can be difficult to pull off, but most curls can be controlled with a serum. A tube sock’s toe end is cut off, it is rolled up, a ponytail is threaded through, and the strands are pinned back down over the sock to create this bun.


34. Curly Mohawk Updo

Naturally curly hair looks great in this style because it brings attention to the curls and lets them rest off the neck. On darker hair, golden highlights stand out. Keep the top open and smooth the sides up. Set yourself apart by placing the curls down in front of you.

Source: BiancaReneeToday

35. A Little Spring in Her Step Updo

Although this style of curled updo requires a little more work, the springtime effect is really cute and seductive! The spirals are tight enough to control the frizz, but the all-over curl gives you a little leeway to let them be free!


36. Messy Braid with Bun and Crown

Wavy hairstyles, such as this one, can be worn both formally and casually because of their extreme versatility. In this style, the crown is covered in an untidy braid that is tucked into a loose bun at the nape of the neck. It feels airy because a few strands are soaring free.


37. High Curled Bun with Wisps

This is a simple yet stylish style that is achieved by tying the ends of a high ponytail in a certain way. The face is framed by loose strands, and the front features attractive pompadour bangs that draw attention to the height of the top curls. All set to go!


38. Natural Ponytail with Side Bangs

This tall stack of tiny spirals is one of the most creative updos for curly hair that we’ve seen here. A few accentuated curls add a lot of visual texture and brightness to the overall effect. Stack all of your curls high to achieve the height of your dreams!


39. Simple Twist Updo

Although it appears complicated, this is actually fairly easy. Starting with the top, twist the sections along the sides until you have short ends, then pin the top. To achieve this flirtatious and fun look that can easily transition from jeans to a dress, repeat on the other side!


40. Large Curly Faux Hawk

This is a very manageable short hairstyle. Sections from each side should be taken up, twisted, and fastened with bobby pins. Make your way down vertically, and don’t be afraid of flaws. Your fauxhawk updo’s natural appearance will only add style points to it.

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