40 Cute Updos for Natural Hair

When the temperature rises and heat styling becomes the daily dreaded moment, natural hair updos can seem like a dream come true. All year long, the majority of us have been eagerly anticipating summertime, but humidity and strong sunlight can harm your hair health and style. And what is a girl to do? Try one of these easy updos for natural hair in the morning to save time and put away the heat tools.

In addition to being useful, natural hair updos can be quite artistic and simple to execute. There are updos on this list to suit every taste and degree of hairstyling proficiency.

1. Curly Updo with a Crown Braid

Here’s an updo to highlight the beauty of your naturally textured hair for those of you with exceptional curls. You’ll need to find a new way to wear big, natural curls during the humid months because they can get hot and frizzy. Try this: your natural curls pinned up in a voluptuous delight atop a braided crown that encircles your head.

Source: KinkyCurlyBeauty

2. Rolled and Pinned Updo for Natural Hair

Have you ever wanted your hair to have an artistic appearance? If so, then this is your look! You will definitely draw attention in the best possible way with this rolled updo. If you plan to try it, make sure you have an ample supply of bobby pins on hand because intricate styles like this one require constant hold.

Source: Kyss My Hair

3. Half Braided Half Curly Updo with Cornrows

Visit our gallery of updo styles to see another example of a wild top with cornrows that resembles a Mohawk. This elegant style is very untraditional and perfect for short natural hair. If you hire an expert to do it for you, it’s adorable and reasonably simple to finish.

Source: @offbeatbeautyspot

4. Sculptured French Braid with a Front Roll

When it comes to formal events, this amazing hairstyle with a twist is ideal for looking your best. Because it needs a lot of fixing products, it is not very practical for everyday use. This is a good choice for your next special occasion if your naturally black hair is longer than a medium length and you don’t mind combing it out.


5. Cute Contrasting Top Afro Updo

For black women who want to try something new for once, this elegant pinned-up updo is the perfect sophisticated look. The style calls for a simple side twist and your typical afro puff, which can be pushed up toward the forehead as seen in the picture. It’s optional to add some color.


6. Twist’n’Bun Updo for Natural Hair

Isn’t this hairstyle perfect? It’s always fun to take inspiration from the past, especially when it comes to a decade as stylish as the 1960s. Consider attempting this hairstyle to get on the retro beauty bandwagon. Finish the look with a Mad Men-inspired dress and classic red lips to go with your new hairstyle.

Source: Tiffany Nichols Design

7. Rope Twist Halo Braid

Are you sick of crown braids? Try this rope twist halo updo for a fresh spin on a timeless look. Rope twist around the top of your head, adding more strands to your twist as you go, to imitate this hairstyle. You’ll look—pardon the pun—like an angel when it’s done!

Source: ImShineStruck

8. French Braided Updo

If you have hair that is at least medium length, this is one of the most beautiful natural hair updos you can achieve. You can ask your stylist to create an invisible bobby pin-secured braid that wraps around your head, but it’s a little difficult to accomplish on your own. Whether you’re the bride or a bridesmaid, this adorable look is a great way to wear your wedding hair naturally. It’s also a cute illustration of an updo that suits African American women’s naturally curly hair.


9. Twisted Side Updo

There are alternative ways to get ready for the ball without sacrificing your natural hair. Preparing for a formal event can sometimes involve spending hours in front of the mirror with a blow dryer in your face and a straightening iron heating up next to you. The next time you have a little black dress occasion, try this flat twist updo.

Source: Millicent Swift

10. Naturally Curly Tie-Up

This quick updo is a cute hairstyle idea for women with short or medium-length hair. It involves tying your hair up on top of your head, near your forehead. Next, wear your pinned-up hair draping your forehead in a gorgeous bunch of long bangs.


11. Flat Twists Updo

This is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated braided updos for natural hair that we have seen thus far. It is a beautiful, sophisticated, and intricate style. This gorgeous updo has a sophisticated touch thanks to the combination of thin and chunky twists, which you can easily recreate with long hair, or at least medium-length hair. Cornrows can be used in place of the twists.


12. Twisted Curly Mohawk

If you want to protect your short natural hair and achieve a lovely style fit for medium-length hair, try this adorable natural updo inspired by a braided Mohawk. You are free to experiment with your Mohawk’s texture and color. Here, as can be seen, the twists provide a beautiful boucle texture.


13. Pompadour Updo for Natural Hair

Not all updos involve elegant gowns and lavish parties. Sometimes all that matters on a scorching summer day is keeping cool. This sophisticated updo is a favorite for carefree outdoor events. Consider going to the beach, going for a stroll through a park, or even setting up a picnic in your backyard.

Source:  Kyss My Hair

14. Knots and Twists Combination

Not every natural hair updo needs to be rigid and structured. This adorable medium-length hairstyle demonstrates beautifully how you can plait your hair in any way you choose and then tie it up at random on top of your head, and it will still look elegant and beautiful. It’s simple to create and style, requires little stylist assistance, and works well for both formal and informal settings.

Source: @offbeatbeautyspot

15. Braided Humidity Proof Updos

The plain old bun is politely asked to make way for these three looks! Embrace the humidity that ruins hair by arranging your hair into one of these three eye-catching braided updos. Buns are outdated; try something new by making a replica of one of the aforementioned styles.

Source:  missT1806

16. Beehive Romantic Hairstyle

This updo’s volume would make anyone jealous! It might not be necessary, even though your wedding day is your opportunity to shine like a diva. This look is perfect for anyone who wants to say, “I do!” while showcasing their inherent beauty.The perfect volume can be created primarily by folding and pinning, so it’s not even that difficult to accomplish.

Source: Oncewed

17. Flat Twists and Caramel Coils

If you enjoy a wild touch to your appearance, this is a great look that is also simple to maintain once it is completed. To keep the Mohawk-like bunch of short natural hair pinned up neatly on top, braid a few side cornrows or flat twists and pile your curls on top of your head.


18. French Braided Bun Updo

It’s hard to stay fashionable at work with all those restrictive dress codes. No wild makeup, no big hair, and no open-toed shoes. It seems as though they are attempting to refine every facet of your character! Rest assured, there are still stylish ways to adhere to the dress code. Try this amazing example of an updo.

Source: TheChicNatural

19. Massive Loopped Updo

For natural black hair, this is a pretty easy hairstyle that calls for deft hands and a distinct parting. The way the loops and twists are combined is really striking. For an incredibly tidy appearance, the secret to this updo is to smooth out the edges and hide the ends.


20. Braided Crown Updo

Natural hair that is either short, medium, or long can look great in this style. Use the extensions, just like the model did, if you’re short. This elegant braided updo can be worn to a formal event, such as a wedding.


21. Cute Braided Bun with Full Bangs

It’s evident from this adorable plaited bun that natural hairstyles can be sophisticated and glam. If you don’t mind wearing extensions, this idea will look great on shorter hair. Plus, how gorgeous is an attached bun?

Source: @rubyreddcheeks

22. Elegant Twisted Updo

The full, voluminous twisted updo is a fantastic look that offers afro hair a fresh perspective. Change the size and degree of tightness of the twists stacked above your forehead to create a variety of textures. Additionally, you can create a basic French twist by wrapping and pinning the back portion of your hair.

Source: @dionnesmithhair

23. Easy Curly Bun with Side Braids

If you don’t want to bleach or dye your hair a different color, this large curly bun with braided details is incredibly flattering for your natural black hair and incredibly simple to accomplish on your own. Part your hair horizontally a few centimeters above your hairline to achieve this style, and then create a headband braid. At the nape, loosely drape your curls and wrap them in a big twist.


24. High and Sleek Pony Bun

Updos that are distinctive and eccentric don’t have to be complicated, but getting that amazing sleekness at the salon will require some time. Although loose silk-pressed hair looks stunning, you can also try an easy-to-achieve yet striking updo like this one.

Source: @tamelalemieux

25. Big Bun for Medium Length Hair

Although it can also work on African-American hair that is completely naturally curly, this style is best suited for stretched hair. Simply plait your hair into a large bun atop your head, and when you wrap it around your head on the underside, try to use a twist. Stretching your hair will make this adorable twist stand out more.


26. Ruby Red French Braid and Bun

A great hair color can make cute updos even cuter. This ruby red style combines a loosely braided top knot with a taut, upside-down french braid at the back. To create an enormous bun, use an extension.

Source: @hairstylist_lady_dy

27. Braided High Volume Updo

More complex braided looks, such as this chic updo, call for longer hair than medium length or the use of extensions. One of the nicest natural hair updos that is suitable for any formal occasion is this one. Your hair will look the most glamorous if it is stretched out and given a high shine serum treatment.


28. Quirky Afro Mohawk Updo

Why not pair a sophisticated updo with a stylish mohawk? The hawk’s perfectly smooth sides contrast beautifully with its puffiness. The twisted puffs are so tempting to touch! That’s a gorgeous updo, appropriate for a bride.

Source: @hairbysleame

29. Afro Puff with Cornrows

Try this if you love to sport an afro but detest having hair in your face! With neatly combed hair in front and tightly braided cornrows at the back, you can keep your hair in check. Next, add a cute afro puff on top to showcase your texture.

Source: @kinkycurlybeauty

30. Sleek and Shiny Braided Bun

Among our favorite natural hair updos, this one is unquestionably the neatest. Although a braided bun is a popular style, you can always make it unique by adding a raised braided V section and a high shine finish.

Source: @hairprincessss

31. Headband Braid with a Bun Updo

Natural hair that is cut shorter makes an amazing foundation for stunning braided updos like this one. It’s a tidy and lovely look you’ll love to wear for a while—a thick braid made of extensions that wraps cozy at the nape of your neck and runs the length of your hairline.

Source: @touchofheavensalon

32. Classic French Roll

Natural black hair looks great in the French roll. You can even experiment with textures and create a voluptuous roll with ease. The hair inside the roll should remain textured after you blow dry and stretch the side section covering it. It’s ideal if you have color as well.

Source: @n_baduism

33. Mohawk Braid with a Bun

Natural hairstyles can also be tidy and well-coiffed. The sides’ perfect smoothness contrasts with the top braid’s maximum height, creating a dramatic effect. A fluffy bun was added to finish off the stunning updo for a special occasion, as if that weren’t enough.

Source: @divineimagesbyshannon

34. Pinned Up Pigtails

All young girls adore wearing pigtails. The freely hanging braid ends can be pinned in place around the back of the head to update the style when she gets older. It’s much simpler than a crown braid, though.

Source: @touchofheavensalon

35. Gorgeous Twisted Updo

Numerous braid types can be used to create gorgeous multi-braided updos. Four vertical twisted braids are used in this style, and they are carefully looped around one another at the nape of the neck. The secret is to twist the hair slightly loosely rather than tightly.

Source: @themariaantoinette

36. Amazing Natural Mohawk with Cornrows

When you are growing out your natural hair and want to get through this awkward phase looking put together and feeling like a queen, a natural hair updo with extensions is a good option. This Mohawk is stylish but functional.

Source: @rubyreddcheeks

37. Eye-Catching Twisted Updo

A tall, dramatic updo is a fantastic way to highlight gorgeous African American hair. Broad twisted braids are used in this asymmetrical style to create a truly distinctive look. This easy yet eye-catching style will appeal to women who prefer hairstyles with lots of volume at the crown of their heads.

Source: @n_baduism

38. Stylish Updo with Side Twists

Naturally blow-out hair maintains its distinct texture and is manageable, all while boasting an impressive density and volume. Try this stunning layered updo, where you can play with the height at the top to make you feel and look even more significant. The side flat twists highlight your lovely bone structure.

Source: @dionnesmithhair

39. Thick and Thin Twists Updo

Natural updo hairstyles are the best because they protect your hair, highlight its texture, and have an exquisite, adaptable appearance. Combining various textures, like braids and twists, voluminous and sleek sections, or thicker and thinner twists like in this example, results in the most imaginative looks.

Source: @tasalahq

40. Snaky Twists Updo

A fresh approach to experimenting with hairstyles braided near the scalp is the snaky flat twist. Compared to conventional flat twists and cornrows, they have a novel and distinctive appearance. Complete the look with a lustrous twisted bun, and prepare to receive compliments and hear “wow!”

Source: @keena360
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