40 Stylish French Twist Updos

Everybody adores a French twist updo, particularly in formal or professional settings. Not many hairstyles pair so well with heels and a sheath dress. Try out a hairstyle from this list of forty for your next little black dress occasion.

Everyone can twist something, but how can you make it unique and engaging? Buns, bouffants, messy texture, braided accents, and other styling techniques can help you add variety to your casual twist updo.

1. Elegant Twist with a Bouffant

This French twist updo strikes the ideal mix between elegant and casual. The look has a tight back twist, giving the messy look—which has become a modern favorite—a little leeway up top.

Source: @marisavonsheere

2. Short-Haired Twist

Even the shortest hair can pull off this simple low hanging twist. The style effortlessly tucks even the most stubborn locks, giving off an air of comfort and effortlessness.


3. Low-Hanging Twist

You’re going to love the result of this look, which has many layers to play with and features loose strands framing the face, an effortlessly poofed bouffant, and a tight, twisted bun hanging low in the back.

Source: @ramsaymarstonhair

4. Polished Peek-a-Boo Twist

A simple variation of the twist updo is the peek-a-boo twist. It omits a section that is typically concealed inside the twist. Its sleek, glossy finish and tiny bump on top make this style the pinnacle of formal hairstyles.

Source: @sabrinafetterkindhair

5. Classic Twist with an Accent

This is about as traditional as it gets. Another inventive take on the French twist-updo showcases an unkempt, twisted bun at the back with ample space for your customized touches. If you tuck a flower or sprigs into one side of the twist, you’ll have an exquisite look that will make them gasp.

Source: @tonyastylist

6. Low-Hanging Swirl Twist

Finally, for a messier finish, the twist sits much lower here, just like in the previous updo, and leaves out a few wisps of hair. In addition, the updo has a swirled look that flows into the low twist, giving the whole look a distinctive touch.


7. French Twist Updo for Holidays

The main goal of New Year’s is to get off to a good start. Should you fail to start the next year with a look that truly appeals to you, you’ll be preparing yourself for an abundance of uninteresting fashions. Make it your goal to try out new hairstyles more frequently. Start by using this amazing French twist to greet the new year.

Source: Jasmine Chang

8. Sleek Updo with Curls

For those who enjoy sophisticated, hair-to-hair hairstyles, here’s a polished updo. You’ll have a stunning profile thanks to the curls on one side of your hair, which will also make your gorgeous coloring pop.


9. Brigitte Bardot Beehive Updo

Check it out—this is an additional French twist that was motivated by a famous beauty. This Brigitte Bardot-inspired look is a wonderful complement to the French Twist collection. The ideal harmony of volume and texture in an updo is achieved through the use of beehive shaping.

Source:  Missy Sue

10. Messy Casual French Twist

This twist on none other than first-day hair has perfect texture. As your natural oils start to seep through to the ends on the second day, as everyone knows, the texture usually doesn’t feel quite right. Try the Textur Texturizing Iron to achieve this textured updo. It gives thin or freshly washed hair body and texture.

Source: Twist Me Pretty

11. Braided French Twist with Dazzling Accent

This elegantly unique French twist braid updo is enhanced by the romantic glittering headpiece, which adds a dash of glamor and an alluring vintage beauty. The low sitting roll draws attention to the thin neck. This is an elegant and timeless style that is perfect for brides who have a romantic side and appreciate simplicity.

Source: @styles_by_reneemarie

12. Chignon with Flower Accent

This French twist is ideal for long, thick hair because it is partially braided to give it a lovely shape. The low bun, which is threatening to fall down the neck, is finished with the delicate flower accessory. This hairdo would look amazing for any special event!

Source: @wedding_stylist_spb

13. Sophisticated and Elegant Updo

Brides’ dreams come true with this updo! It’s among the trendiest wedding hairstyles you can imagine. Curls and swoopy texture are pulled back from sexy, sleek hair that is styled like a giant skein of the finest silk. The look is carefree but sophisticated and purposeful. In addition to its amazing shape and beautiful balayage color, the hair is expertly and beautifully pulled away from the face into a neat roll.

Source: @christinagunnell

14. Graceful Swoopy Updo

Searching for a standout updo? This asymmetrical roll is elegant yet wavy and tousled, sharp yet soft. The artistically created twisted bun for the gorgeously highlighted hair makes the finished look anything but boring. You will stand out when you arrive at the party thanks to the updo’s tousled, airy texture, which adds volume and elegance. This look’s delightful asymmetry and dimensional details set it apart as a fantastic way to make an impact.

Source: @tonyastylist

15. Sleek and Sexy French Twist

Accent it with a diamond! An exquisite twist to complete the ideal wedding hairstyle, complete with pins holding the enigmatic whirled bun and some teasing underneath. The dramatic and stunning French twist updo is enhanced even more by the shimmering, dangling headpiece (or is it an earring?).

Source: @elstilespb

16. Teased and Textured Chunky Twist

The front of the hair is adorned with wispy pieces that fall out of the updo around the face, while the hair is teased, pulled back, and gathered into a messy chunky twist that exudes motion and romance. The already stunning updo gets an extra stylish touch from the dirty blonde foundation of the hair.

Source: @rachaelharris_hairmakeupbeauty

17. Disheveled Casual Updo

Royal mess. An absurd take on a French bun. Above all, despite its tangled, unkempt beauty, it is actually simpler to make than it looks. Hair is styled up by twisting it at the back while allowing a few straggling, rebellious strands to hang out on either side. Quite the wild, gypsy appearance.

Source: @sunkissedandmadeup

18. Warrior Princess Updo

What is the French Twist? Pulling all of your hair back into a low ponytail is a good idea. Then, twist it once, tuck the loose ends under the twist to create a roll, then pin it in place. With the French roll updos, you can really let your imagination run wild. Turn and twist, fasten with pins and ties. Some strands stay straight, some are wild, and some are left looped. Having fun and expressing yourself are key. Your imagination has no bounds or restrictions!

Source: @salonxvi

19. Large French Twist for Long Hair

A traditional French twist involves starting at the nape of the neck and twisting your hair low. This variation on the style suggests a reverse twist that is finished with a loose side bun. It’s a beautiful long hair updo idea.

Source: @elstilespb

20. Voluminous Low-Hanging Bun

Although this full-volume low bun appears straightforward, it creates a striking, loose French twist that elevates it above a simple, uninteresting updo. Try it for a special occasion or pair it with a flowered dress for a laid-back look. Being carefree is highly fashionable and suitable for any situation.

Source: @salonpaisley

21. Romantic Textured Bun with Bouffant

There’s nothing more quaint and romantic than a traditional French roll, but it’s trendy these days to add your own personal touch to traditional items. If your hair is long and fine, try adding extra volume, wispy texture, or even a bouffant to give the appearance of natural flow. Typically, it has French twists and is flattering.

Source: @tonyastylist

22. Tight Diagonal French Twist

This gorgeous roll is entirely distinct from the traditional twist-updo that comes to mind. Its asymmetrical placement and tight yet supple texture really set the look apart. The light brown hair’s fine blonde highlights draw attention to the exquisite look’s exquisite shape and movement.

Source: @ivy_upstyles

23. Stylish Updo with Accent

The hair is put up in an attractive low updo that is effortless and sleek. A set of hair accessories, dimensional color, and a distinctive texture for the bouffant and bun modernize the retro shape. This gorgeous bun is made all the more charming by a few loose, curly pieces that give it a little less perfection—a major plus for modern updos.

Source: @annette_updo_artist

24. Wavy Hair Twist

Even in a disheveled state, blonde hair exudes glamor! A casual French twist hairstyle transforms into a sensual, alluring statement when twisted and swirled. The light-blonde hair with curls has an added dimension and luminosity.

Source: @jenniekaybeauty

25. Funky Vintage Updo with Curled Ends

Alright, this isn’t just any bun. You will undoubtedly remember this conical updo more than any other hairstyle you have ever worn. This roll is magically transformed into an exotic peacock by strands of multicolored hair that alternate between pink, blue, green, and purple colors. Choose your own colors and have fun with them!

Source: @hairbymisskellyo

26. Unkempt Knot for Short Hair

Unrestrained and sensual hair with a rebellious attitude. Gorgeous short hair with the hue of a midsummer day is loosely twisted. Wavy strands are released on the sides for a joyful and playful look.

Source: @stevenmathew

27. Side Rolled Ponytail Updo

With long hair, this French roll hairstyle is quite simple to achieve and looks incredibly gorgeous and carefree. Dressing down is a great idea because it looks great with a laid-back, casual ensemble. A carefree attitude is conveyed by the messy, asymmetrical roll of hair that has the ends sticking out.

Source: @headstudio

28. Lilac French Twist Beehive

This stunning voluminous updo exudes radiant elegance and soft hair sophistication. The ends are subtly tucked in after the strands are teased for maximum volume and pulled into a twist. The hair has a lot of shine and is sleek and well-managed.

Source: @kailawardhair

29. Low Hanging Twist with a Swirled Top

This sophisticated updo will turn heads because it is sculpted like a beautiful piece of art and has a caramel blonde shine! Among the thousands of photos featuring a bun updo, this one truly sticks out for its brilliant idea and flawless execution.

Source: @brieshi

30. Relaxed Bedhead Updo

Even though this disheveled twist updo seems difficult, it’s quite simple to achieve with shorter, untidy hair. Tease the hair backwards and at the roots first. Gently twist and pin the lower neck region. After removing a few curly ends here and there, you’re done!

Source: @styles_by_reneemarie

31. Messy Mohawk Updo

In addition to having a sophisticated appearance that is ideal for any formal occasion, this contemporary French twist updo also has a messy, big-haired touch that makes it stand out. Your hair should be twisted and tousled before being pinned into the stylish finished look, according to the updo.


32. Unique Woven Twist

You’ve found the ultimate showstopper if that’s what you’re searching for. With its stunning back bun and single strands that appear to be woven through one another, this style is a terrific and very different interpretation of the more conventional twist.


33. Low Twisted Ponytail

This French twist updo will work perfectly if you want a much more carefree long-haired style that still feels classic and appropriate for any special occasion. The ends of the hair are loosely twisted into a ponytail for a more laid-back style, rather than being hidden inside like in the traditional twist updo. The hair is pulled tightly in a twist at the back of the head.


34. Messy Short-Haired Twist

You’re going to adore it because it’s messy, wispy, and ideal for short hair. With hair twisted low at the back of the head and a few loose strands framing the face, the quick and simple updo looks great. It is a simple, hassle-free style.

Source: @ramsaymarstonhair

35. Three-Layered Twist

The next style triples the classic twist updo by incorporating three layered twists at the back of the head, stacked one on top of the other. This hairstyle is ideal for long hair that has a decent thickness.


36. Braided Twist Updo

Braids are so versatile, and this French twist updo with braids is a great way to modernize your go-to classic twist look. Just feed a side section of hair into your twist after pre-braiding it.

Source: @goldplaited_

37. Chunky Twist with Bangs

Due to its multiple dimensions, this updo is unique. With a neat, put together middle part, the disheveled appearance of the back twist and the loose hair framing the face are balanced. The outcome is a sophisticated, lovely hairstyle.


38. Asymmetrical Twist

The asymmetrical twist highlights those features and gives the traditional twist updo a distinctive twist. Everything comes together at the back, creating a striking style descriptor for the look and providing the wearer with an amazing profile.

Source: @beautyandtheblush

39. All-Around Twist

This twist, which is one of the more unusual styles on this list, completely encircles the wearer’s head, giving them a faultless appearance that is stunning from every angle. Long hair looks fantastic in this style because every piece is pulled taut, preventing flyaways.


40. Relaxed Twist with Curls

Many women desire a bustier appearance, something to glam up their wardrobe. Furthermore, there isn’t a better look available for women with monochromatic hair color to add that extra depth. Bangs and a few loose strands curling around the face are paired with an untidy updo that is pulled back into a twist in the back.

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