30 Amazing Dreadlock Styles for Girls and Women

Do you want a creative way to embrace a distinctive hairstyle and express yourself? Women all over the world have incorporated dreadlock styles into their contemporary expressions of individuality and style, and we adore each of these fresh looks!

Although dreadlocks are more casual in nature, beautiful bridal hairstyles featuring dreadlocks are becoming more common. Everything is determined by your desired appearance and impression. This is your gallery of inspiration for the subject.

1. Coral Reef Updo

See this myth busted if you believe that dreads are too basic with only a few styling options. A luxurious asymmetrical hairstyle like the one in this photo will elevate your look and make you feel happier.

Source: @locsbylokelo

2. Messy Lattice Crown

Over time, dreadlock hairstyles have changed. This method looks very intricate and is a great way to control the frizzies at the nape of your neck while building a high, messy blonde bun out of a lattice of long dreadlocks. Wear it anywhere, but especially to turn things up!

Source: @seienstyle_dreadstuff

3. Not Your Grandma’s Locks

Red dreads are tucked in and smoothed, making room for those vibrant flowers. You don’t have to look disheveled just because you detest your hair! You can actually look really classy! This updo is styled with dreads, much like a Gibson tuck. Moreover, it is linked to the sleek, nape-of-the-neck curls seen in the pinned-up hairstyles of Japanese geishas.

Source: @elena_chibi_nikora

4. Elegant Dreadlock Bun Updo

This is a very basic style that is made more stylish by the accessories; it’s one of the most adaptable dreadlock hairstyles available. You can add flowers or other hair clips from your collection to accentuate your bun as long as the scarf loops around the base a few times. Beads provide the ideal finishing touch.

Source: @kriswud

5. Thick Twist Dreadhawk Sculpture

This Mohawk hairstyle is truly an artistic and incredibly unique piece of work! While dreadlock hairstyles for black girls are usually quite daring, this one really wins! A look to remember is created by weaving a number of twisted dreads together.

Source: @locsbylokelo

6. Pretty Dreads with Loose Ends

The ends of these slender dreads are unfinished. It’s a fantastic way to highlight the various shades in your hair and add a variety of textures. Style your gorgeous dreadlocks into half-updos and accessorize with feathers, beads, colorful elastics, and anything else that strikes your fancy!

Source: @spiralocks

7. Dreadlock Updo with Extensions

When it comes to fearsome hairstyles, most people don’t immediately think of updos, but they really ought to! Most fears are easily shaped into visually striking forms. All you need for this spiky updo are a few hair pins and some well-placed twists.

Source: @seienstyle_dreadstuff

8. Candyfloss Pink Woven Dreadlocks

Introducing a charming woven style that can be wrapped around your head and appears just as intricate as a maze! Although it’s one of the trickier styles to learn, the effort is well worth it.

Source: @howtohairgirl

9. Fake Twisted Dreadlocks

These little dreads have a sleek black mane with vivid highlights thanks to tightly twisted synthetic hair. Fake dreads are a great way to get tons of hair for women with thin strands. All you need is the assistance of a skilled hair extension specialist!

Source: @afrostylshop

10. Dreadlocks with Wraps, Beads and Braids

Calling all fearful women who struggle to choose a single look! Use different colored dread wraps and beads to give each dreadlock a unique personality. Next, braid a few strands of hair from the top to enhance the look of your dreadlocks.

Source: @justapeach__

11. Faded Blue to Purple Dreads

Electric blue roots are washed to pink lengths that are nearly colorless at the ends of this vibrant dreadlocked style. Synthetic dreadlocks come in a variety of colors and are an excellent way to experiment with bold hues.

Source: @namaslayhair

12. Twisted Dreadlocks Bun and Undercut

If an exquisite dreadlock bun wasn’t eye-catching enough, incorporate an undercut as well! For women who think a full head of dreadlocks is a little too much, this hairstyle is ideal. Aside from its practicality, the somewhat dreaded look is also incredibly cool.

Source: @alexianna_styles

13. Tamed Dreadlocks

This is a dreadlock hairstyle that is suggested for dreads that require some revitalization. You can achieve the ideal balance by styling the top half of your locs into cornrows, which will give you a tidy front and a wild back!

Source: @thedreadladi

14. Dreadlocks Side-Braid and Undercut

If your hair is thick, you should think about going for a half-dreaded style to avoid getting overwhelmed by dreadlocks. With only the top portion in locks, this style features a strong undercut. You can add a feminine edge to this punk look by adding a side plait.

Source: @justapeach__

15. Navy Blue Spiral Dreads

The spiral dreadlocks are here to prove that you can still have gorgeous curls and waves if you have dreadlocks. Although perm rods are used in this particular style, braids, pip cleaner curlers, or a curling wand can also be used. Remember that dreadlocks are incredibly versatile!

Source: @loopsalon

16. Half Up Dreadlock Braid

This is what every indecisive white girl fears most. When your dreadlocks are not extensions, they will have a life of their own, evolving over time to give you opportunities to try out various new hairstyles and look different every time.

Source: @seienstyle_dreadstuff

17. Dreads with Braids

The various textures and unkempt vibe of this hairstyle are key components. Thick dreadlocks, some of which have been twisted or plaited, comprise the hair. There’s a reason the chunky knitted scarf is there too: I adore the way it looks!

Source: @modlocks

18. Boho Dread Updo

Chunky dreadlocks are ideal for creative hairstyles and updos. Twist the dreadlocks backward, starting at the front of your hair. The more disheveled the hair, the more bohemian and stylish it appears!

Source: @christy_does_hair

19. Blue Highlight in Dread Half Updo

A few vibrant streaks can add a striking contrast to certain dreadlock hairstyles. In addition to being adorably messy, funky, and laid back, this chunky side bun also has a gorgeous rose-like appearance. Wow!

Source: @barbboisedreads

20. Twisted Dreadlock Bob

These perfectly bob-shaped, carefully twisted locks can be any color you choose. To incorporate a hint of glitz and glamor, simply place a few bright metal clasps along the lengths.

Source: @alexianna_styles

21. Side-Swept Dreadlocks with Colorful Wraps

The lengthy dreadlocks have been swept to one side, and shells, beads, and wraps have been used as accessories. In addition to showcasing the wearer’s natural hair color, the dreads themselves are a riot of color, making them ideal for ladies who like bold hairstyles without sacrificing the health of their hair.

Source: @rollies2thesky

22. Bright Pink Synthetic Dreadlocks

If you have short hair but wish to show off long locks, consider using extensions to create dreadlock styles. In this instance, synthetic pink hair has been rolled into false locs and braided into the roots of the real hair. Furthermore, we believe that the more diverse the shades, the better!

Source: @afrostylshop

23. Half Dreaded Bun

The perfect combination of textures for badass styles, this look is a blend of messy undone strands and dreads. The simplest idea is a big, loose bun, which looks, to put it mildly, fresh and stylish.

Source: @mermaid_mel_

24. Dreadlocks With Undercut

Make a mohawk of dreads with the hair in the middle of your head. The dreadlocks are accentuated and given the illusion of length by being closely cropped on the sides and back. You can decide to dreadlock or wear your bangs loose.

Source: @rollies2thesky

25. Wavy Twisted Dreadlocks

Dreadlock hairstyles can also feature a subtle ombre effect. The length, color, and texture of these tightly twisted locks are all perfect. How long or colorful you want to go is up to you because this technique uses hair extensions!

Source: @taletteb

26. Fleur De Lis Dreadlock Bun

These thin dreads come in a variety of shades that combine to make a visually striking pile of loops. These slender locks are given height, depth, and texture by the playful loops. This dreadlock style for black girls can draw attention to oneself and dress up any ensemble!

Source: @msmarsha.a

27. Brown Half Dreaded Hair

Dreads of white girls can take many forms. If you’ve never used locks before, you could try half dreads. In this instance, unruly hair is pulled into a chunky, messy bun for a half-updo. “Hey, I’m different and pretty!” is interpreted elegantly.We find it pleasing, don’t you?

Source: @seienstyle_dreadstuff

28. Pastel Dreadlocks with Straight Bangs

Adore muted hues? Your hair becomes a true work of art with this temporary set of locks, giving your dreads some life and flair. Tailor your color scheme to go with any ensemble. There will be a positive outlook with these adorable locks!

Source: @kawaicat_salon

29. Free and Easy Long Textured Locks

For women, getting rid of dreadlocks or growing out hair covered in them can be difficult at times. However, as we can see, a mature, blended style can also look good and even become a focal point of your look.

Source: @totallybug

30. Medium Ombre Locs

Do you really want to spend time styling your long dreadlocks? Try a medium-length shot. We really want to recreate this look right now after seeing this gorgeous example of defined layers and bright ombre!

Source: @hugosalon
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