35 Easy and Pretty Top Knot Hairstyles

There are some haircuts that are so timeless and attractive that they work well for a variety of settings in addition to being timeless. The top knot is one of these hairstyles, and it’s more in style than it has ever been. Here are the knots that are the easiest, fastest, and most inventive.

This updo allows you to show your unique style in a multitude of ways because it is really attractive and versatile. If you’re looking for some hair inspiration, take a look at these looks to see how you can be creative with this trendy yet stylish updo.

1. Elegant Chignon Bun

This is the top-knotted look you’ve always wanted, females with long hair. With a sensual side bang that adds mystique and a teased, high crown, it is exquisitely messy. The bun simultaneously looks perfectly sleek and haphazardly unkempt. This makes this outfit perfect for both professional and informal settings.


2. High Bun with Tease

For individuals who like long hair, this top knot bun is a terrific option. The sides have escaping wisps that add to the look’s softness, while the front and neck areas are aggressively teased. If your hair is thin, this styling tip is a good method to add thickness.


3. Top Knot for Dreadlocks

A top knot bun can also be created with box braids and dreadlocks. These deep burgundy faux locs are shaped into a very tidy knot featuring a part that resembles a bang and falls to one side. This color complements the golden accent items beautifully.

Source: @kersti.pitre

4. Turquoise Blue Top Knot

The varieties of colorful top knots are endless, and this one in a vibrant turquoise blue is a notable example of the genre. It has an air of stylelessness and is a little loose, giving it an air of messiness.


5. Colorful Back-Braided Top Knot

A vibrant, top-knotted style like this is ideal if you want to stand out, draw attention, and convey your unique sense of style. The back, which is exquisitely braided from the nape of the neck to the crown, serves as the main attraction. After the inverted braid is completed, the top of the head is styled into an untidy bun. These days, pastel shades of pink, blue, and green are very popular.


6. Top Knot Bun for Shorter Hair

Is it really possible that medium hair was used to create this top knot? She doesn’t hesitate to try new hairstyles on her shoulder-length curls. Of course, we shorter-haired girls should take a cue from her and read her blog.


7. Red Top Knot with Nape Undercut

Honestly, it doesn’t get any more confrontational or edgy than this. Choosing a top-knotted style like this is definitely not for the timid, especially with the bold, brilliant red hair color and unique motifs etched into the nape of the neck. It’s a good choice for short-to-medium-length hair, though, if you just like the knot’s design and nothing more.


8. Full High Bun

This specific kind of the top-knotted updo is the epitome of classic style. If you have long hair, you just can’t ignore it because of how noticeable it is due to its full volume and cute (but imperfect) shape. When style, leave a few delicate, inconspicuous wisps at the nape of the neck and down the sides.

Source: @jenniekaybeauty

9. Braided-Front Top Knot

Part of the pleasure of creating an updo is coming up with original methods to add braids into your top-knotted style. Here, three straightforward plaits are braided into cornrows that lead to the crown, and the style is finished with a creative knot.


10. Fancy Blonde Knotted Bun

An updo like this one is ideal for people with long or thick hair since it highlights the length and thickness of your strands. The bun is pinned and tucked to give it a voluminous but not heavy appearance. You may also tease the crown for a little height to add intrigue to the overall design.


11. Messy Top Knot Bun

A superb updo should be both attractive and simple to achieve. The untidy knot fulfills both. An adorable updo with a personalized touch can be achieved by combining wispy strands and loose braids into a high knot.

Source: @salonleah

12. Elegant Swept-Up Bun

Would you like to try a hot top knot for a night on the town? A high bun that is lightly swept provides the sophistication of an updo while incorporating some fun. Curl, tease, and pin up certain sections of your hair.

Source: @tonyastylist

13. Upside Down Braid with a Bun

A straightforward braid and bun are ten times more stylish with this adorable updo. Turn your head over and begin braiding your hair from the base to the top. Next, gather the top section of your hair and tie it into a bun that meets the braid’s end.

Source: @nicoledrege

14. Casual High Knot Bun

Buns come in a wide variety of finishes. Let the style have a few imperfections to make it informal. Occasionally experiencing bumps and flyaways is OK. Take out a couple of pieces, and don’t worry if others join you later in the day.

Source: @emmachenartistry

15. Loopy Pigtails

After first appearing in the late 1990s, pigtail buns are returning. With two unkempt looping knots that resemble a single bun, this version of the duo top knot takes a softer touch.

Source: @missysueblog

16. Half-Up Half-Down Knot

A novel twist on the classic top knot is the half-up, bangs-style. If you have really long or thick hair that you want to wear loose but with a playful detail, a half-up half-down is a terrific alternative. Try wearing a sparkling cuff and a half-up bun with bangs.

Source: @femmeakoi

17. Messy Top Bun

The development of the messy bun was a godsend for ladies who needed a stylish yet fast hairstyle before leaving the house. Perfect for hair of any length and thickness, wavy or straight, this style gained quick popularity and is now available in a variety of styles. Make this your go-to look so you can enjoy an additional day without feeling guilty about not washing.

Source: @erinelizabethh

18. Sleek Braided Bun

This stunning braided updo, which appears like it belongs on a medieval princess, is not your usual top knot bun. Apply a smoothing serum first, then pull your hair up into a high ponytail. Tightly braid your ponytail and fasten it with an elastic. For fullness, use a bun builder or just wrap the braid over itself.

Source: @hair_by_pelerossi

19. Large High Formal Bun

Buns provide a lovely background for showcasing various hair ornaments. Make the most of this look and go crazy with the adorning if you have a gorgeous barrette that you want to wear for a little something extra. It’s the ideal method to transition in a couple of minutes from business casual to downtown elegant.

Source: @braids_in_action

20. Classy Bun for Shorter Hair

Getting a bun is simple if you practice a little. The most widely used technique makes use of a bun foundation, which is reasonably priced at beauty supply stores. Shorter hair can be styled like a bun by pulling the hair up into a ponytail, curling the ends, and pinning them. It’s definitely charming, but it will be softer and more carefree than a traditional wrapped bun knot.

Source: @hairbyjaxx

21. Everyday High Bun with Headband

There’s nothing more adorable and carefree than a top knot bun accessorized with a scarves or headband. Whether you’re going to the gym or spending the day with pals, this look is adorable. Prepare this like you would a ballerina bun, pinning it loosely so that a few stray hair strands show through.

Source: @kayleymelissa

22. Loose Top Bun

A loose high bun is ideal for an easy yet stylish look. Regretfully, achieving a “effortless” look can occasionally be more challenging than doing it in a more planned manner. A fantastic resource for learning a new style is YouTube. Find some tutorial videos to watch, and then simply keep practicing.

Source: @art4studio

23. Half Top Knot with Braids

For people with longer or thicker hair, there are several different top knot alternatives. It is not impossible, though, to find a distinctive top knot bun for thin, medium-length hair. Accept the texture of your hair as it is and see how imaginative you can get. To make your half top knot stand out, add angled strands to it.

Source: @game_of_braids

24. Headband Braid and Messy Bun

An apparently ordinary top knot is given a fresh lease of interest by the addition of braids. This specific appearance would be appropriate for a bridesmaid. Look for “Dutch braided top knot bun tutorial” online and dedicate some time to mastering this look. You’ll be glad that you did.

Source: @braidsbyjordan

25. Textured High Bun

A textured bun allows for some imperfection, whereas a ballerina bun has a sleek and clean finish. Also, it’s a fantastic choice if your hair is curly. After tying your hair up in a high ponytail and backcombing it, create four little, unkempt buns by twisting them. After using bobby pins to hold each part in place, apply a firm hold hairspray.

Source: @kellgrace

26. Voluminous Top Knot for Black Hair

Top knots suit all hair types and are incredibly adaptable. Buns are a highly practical hairstyle for African American women who want to accept their natural hair, but if you need more length or thickness, you may definitely utilize extensions.

Source: @kersti.pitre

27. Undercut Top Knot

You can express your inner artistic side and delight the eyes with an undercut with a shaved design. The greatest approach to display the trend is with high updos. Shorter hairstyles are frequently linked with undercuts. You can still wear a basic top knot bun with short hair at the nape of your neck if you have longer hair up top.

Source: @whatmiasaid

28. Two Space Buns for Short Hair

The double top knot has been fashionable again because to celebrities like Ariana Grande and Khloe Kardashian. This is a simple go-to style for people with shorter hair or finer hair. Divide in half and then draw back into two sleek halves. Create looped ponytails that can be worn as adorable little buns.

Source: @prephair

29. Loose Top Knot Bun with Cornrows

Tight braids work best for keeping your hair in place. Try a bun with cornrows if you want a look that will keep out of your way and endure for a few days. This is a more elegant take on the style with a sculpted bun, but those complex vertical braids also look great with a chaotic top knot.

Source: @sachikoreece

30. Voluminous Messy Bun

Simple pulled back styles might be the simplest for you to master while learning how to do a top knot bun. But after you’ve gotten the hang of it, there are tons of other things to do. Although they require more preparation, volumous styles produce stunning results.

Source: @tonyastylist

31. Sleek Top Knot

You need an updo in a business setting that is sophisticated, stylish, and durable for an entire workday. Picture-perfect in every way, this top-knotted updo has a sleek appearance and easy styling. The key to replicating this look is using a strong pomade to control flyaways and give the hair a sleek finish.


32. Quick and Messy Bun

The effortless styling appearance is the primary characteristic of a top knot. Even though this version lacks any ruffles or other details, it nevertheless feels exquisite and is ideal for casual wear.


33. Braided Half Up Bun Hairstyle

The braided front of this half-up, half-down hairstyle with a top knot looks adorable. And the look is further enhanced by those carefree waves. Simple, elegant, and flirty—what more could you ask for?


34. Braided Top Knot

You may add some thickness and a little spice to your top-knotted look by adding a texture. These slackly woven portions resemble a braided bun, yet this look is clearly distinct.


35. Top Knot with Peekaboo Bangs

Any hairstyle, including a top knot bun, can be made mysterious with a diagonal part and styled peekaboo bangs. This version is ultra-slim and perfectly tailored, exuding a combination of retro and modern vibes.

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