40 Prettiest Dutch Braid Hairstyles to Style

Braided hairstyles never go out of style, despite the fact that hair trends shift somewhat with each season. Dutch or “backwards” French braided hairstyles offer a modern and eye-catching interpretation of the fashion.

Dutch braiding has an inside-out appearance and may even seem detached at first glance. You will get proficient at weaving quickly, so don’t be alarmed. Subsequently, it will present you with an extensive array of novel prospects in unconventional braided hairstyles.

The Dutch method will give you an extremely embossed braid, which is just what you desire. Though it may appear quite complex, this is simply the traditional three-strand braid. Its weaving technique is nearly identical to that of the French braid; however, you must bring the side strands beneath the center one rather than above it. Because of this, the braid looks like it’s mounted on top of the hair rather than blended into it.

In addition to looking unique and fashionable in and of itself, the Dutch inside-out braid is a fantastic foundation for more ornate and extravagant hairstyles. Most likely, you’ve seen an amazing romantic Dutch flower braided hairstyle where the braid pieces fall to the back of your head like petals. Dutch braided hairstyles go nicely with dressy, laid-back, or festive looks!

An inside-out braid is flattering on both adult women and tiny girls, regardless of age. You may easily alter the look by adding highlights, asymmetry, changing the style, or maintaining a polished appearance. Try these 40 of the most motivating instances.

1. Two Dutch Braids

Is there anything superior to a Dutch braid? A pair of Dutch braids! Double Dutch braids can be used to get a really feminine and romantic style. In case you have highlights in your hair, this haircut looks really amazing.

Source: @nia_hairstyles_

2. Dutch Braid Bun

A Dutch braid bun is the ideal hairstyle for a romantic occasion because it is delicate and unique. It makes sense that it is among the most popular options for a prom or wedding. Wear it with a dress with a high neckline and bold jewelry to look and feel like a queen.

Source: @absolutely.ineke.hairstyling

3. Asymmetrical Rolled Updo for a Halter Dress

Add some glitter to your Dutch braid by braiding it diagonally and sprinkling it with tiny flowers. This hairstyle appears carefree and amorous, despite being a little untidy and having a few bang strands loose. An excellent choice for the bride or bridesmaid.

Source: @absolutely.ineke.hairstyling

4. Dutch Braids Hairstyle for Short Hair

For this bombshell look, mix loose waves with Dutch braids. For an even more striking impact, let the remaining hair fall into delicate waves with a hint of texture and weave two Dutch braids on top.

Source: @hairbykayti

5. Fishtail Dutch Braid

This elegant hairstyle mixes a low, loose ponytail with a fishtail Dutch side braid. This woman looks quite lovely because to her loose face-framing strands. A quick tip to make the style seem perfect is to hide the elastic with a small part of hair.

Source: @sabrinadijkman

6. Braided Buns

Twist your Dutch braids into two buns; braids effortlessly add complexity and beauty to straightforward buns. They’re really cute and they look great. Not bad for a sweltering summer’s day, is it?

Source: @selfbraidwoman

7. Braided Hairstyle for a Special Occasion

This Dutch braid hairstyle is really elegant and seductive, making it worthy of a special occasion. At the nape, gorgeous Dutch braids are placed into a full bun. Untied threads contribute to the ideal atmosphere. Notice how gorgeous this look is on highlighted hair.

Source: @updos.by.jocelyn

8. Diagonal Dutch Braiding

Go no farther if you’re searching for a Dutch braid look to draw attention to your golden hair. Take inspiration from this chic diagonal braid updo. Remember to leave a few loose threads to add to the romantic atmosphere.

Source: @annette_updo_artist

9. Dutch Braid Crown

It’s difficult to look away from this elegant look! To get a boho appearance, you need loose waves and crown braids. This sophisticated and ladylike Butch braid hairdo is ideal for a birthday girl.

Source: @sabrinadijkman

10. Braided Hairstyle for Long Hair

Decorate one side of your head with a Dutch braid to showcase your priceless long locks. This cut is a really attractive option for those with fair hair. A Dutch braid will look the best, but you can use any braiding style for it. For a more dramatic look, don’t forget to texture the remaining portion of your hair.

Source: @hair.and.nina

11. Braided Updo

Braiding your hair into tight Dutch cornrows and placing it into a braided bun at the nape will effortlessly give you a gorgeous, sophisticated look. This look works well for both formal events and the workplace because your jewelry and clothing may set the tone. Not to mention, if you’re looking for a protective hairdo, this Dutch braid hairstyle can be your finest option.

Source: @emmy_signature

12. Messy Crown to Steal the Looks

A bridesmaid would never want to choose anything more than this elegant Dutch braid crown with free strands framing the face. It’s exquisite and romantic, but it’s also modest enough to keep you from overshadowing the bride.

Source: @hairspray_studio

13. Dutch Braid Pigtails

Take a look at these stylish Dutch braid pigtails if you wish to wear your braids more casually. A casual and effortless finish can be achieved by leaving the ends undone, which makes loose braids appear much more voluminous.

Source: @poppy_hairstyles

14. Half-Updo with Double Dutch Braids

When you wish to showcase your hair length and keep your face open, this adorable half-updo with Dutch braids is a win-win. To get that amazing effect, the ends of the braids are expertly positioned on top, and the remaining hair is fashioned into gentle waves.

Source: @jessicadomoney

15. Fancy Braids on Auburn Hair

You’ll always be the center of attention when you wear intricate braided hairstyles like this one! The side tresses are expertly done into Dutch braids, while the center strand is braided into a French braid. We adore how the model’s auburn hair tone is beautifully complemented by this hairdo.

Source: @myhairstyle_xo

16. Dutch Braided Pixie

A Dutch braid can give some versatility to your short hairstyle without requiring much work if you have a pixie cut. Who told you there weren’t many short hairdo options?

Source: @serahdoeshairahh

17. Dutch Braiding for a Princess

With this gorgeous half-up, half-down braided hairdo, you’ll feel like a princess and exude romance. Make a double Dutch braid for this style, one on each side of your head, arrange them around your head like a headband, and allow the loose hair to fall freely down your back.

Source: @absolutely.ineke.hairstyling

18. Dutch Braided Hairstyle for Your Special Day

We’re obsessed with this gorgeously subtle hairdo! A flower-adorned crown braid is a lovely choice for a bride or bridesmaids. Take note of how the woman’s sandy blonde hair hue is complemented by the exquisitely pale blue blossoms.

Source: @alexandralee1016

19. Office-Approved Dutch Braids

If you want to add some flair to your regular office look, try this half-updo. This double Dutch braid looks appropriately formal and contributes to that adorable, romantic vibe without a hair out of place.

Source: @benczematee

20. Dutch Braid on Short Hair

Short hair does not preclude the possibility of wearing hairstyles like dutch braids. Just take a look at this stunning woman who sports Dutch braids and a striking purple pixie cut.

Source: @alex_haircraft

21. Classic Updo with a Side Dutch Braid

This sophisticated hairdo is easier to achieve than it appears: two Dutch side braids that interlock are twisted into a bun. This style is wonderfully given a queenly sense by the face-framing wisps and the increased volume in the center.

Source: @clairehartleystylist

22. Romantic Braids

Hairstyles with dutch braids are consistently incredibly romantic and feminine. On hair with highlights, loose double Dutch braids behind the head look fantastic.

Source: @beautymarkedbysarah

23. Dutch Braids for Long Natural Hair

If you can have four Dutch braids, why settle for just two? Consider this design: two side braids, one thinner than the other, balance out two thicker braids. Perfect for a summer day that is scorching hot!

Source: @cachell_courtney

24. Double Dutch

The hand’s turn is what distinguishes each braid style from the others, if you’re wondering. A Dutch braid is woven with an underhanded technique that gives the appearance of two pieces of hair fused together, as opposed to the typical French braid, which is created by weaving three sections of hair on top of each other.

Source: @annalyncook

25. Highlighted Crown

It’s not impossible to wear a Dutch braid if you have thin hair. You may add texture to your hairstyle without detracting from your little bit of volume by weaving one into a loose style.

Source: @christinagunnell

26. Cute Dutch Braids on Top

Check out this simple method for giving your bob a whole new look without using a curling iron or a ton of hair mousse. Make two diagonal Dutch braids on top to achieve this adorable style, then arrange the loose ends into a rose bun with a few pins.

Source: @littlebraidingstudio

27. Formal Braid Updo

Dressing for formal events can be intimidating, particularly when choosing an exquisite yet unpretentious look. A crown wrapped in a dutch braid elevates a basic ballerina bun. For a fun contrast of textures, go one step further and add a reverse braid underneath the bun.

Source: @braidsandstyles12

28. Intricate Everyday Updo

It may seem difficult to learn how to braid, but once you do, it’s as simple as riding a bike. The thick blonde braids look complicated, but you can easily recreate this spiral updo at home with a basic technique. The delicately twisted bun, which resembles rose petals, pairs nicely with the edgy braids. The contrast between the light hair and the black roots further accentuates this harsh and soft combo.

Source: @braidstudio

29. Multi-Texture Ponytail

Although there are many various sizes available for dutch braids, most girls choose the larger versions to better highlight the intricate features. Combine the two for a genuinely distinctive look rather than picking one or the other.

Source: @abigaillrrose

30. Pastel Pink Braided Mohawk

Shaved sides are a hallmark of true Mohawk styles, which might not suit everyone’s lifestyle. To emulate the edgy style, women can pinning their hair towards the middle can achieve a thrilling weekend look. Use a striking color to make it stand out even more.

Source: @modernsalon

31. Messy Bun with Braids

Side braids are a great way to give dimension to a low updo. The loosely knotted bun and fringe bangs complement the disheveled texture of the braids. Try combining braids with varying patterns to create a unique look.

Source: @serenitysalon_lr

32. Long Messy Braid

A lengthy braided style has a certain romantic quality—just think of Rapunzel! A dutch braid wrapped over the top helps to balance out the untidy coiled tail. The polished finish will look great against the remainder of the outfit’s edginess.

Source: @beauty.and.the.braid

33. Lovely Loops

One advantage of a dutch flower braid is that it can showcase color variations in addition to its amazing braided texture. This is particularly helpful if you have a two-toned color job, such as an ombre between blonde and brown.

Source: @alysssahare

34. Circular Dutch Braid on Top

Take this inspiration and turn your regular ponytail into a work of beauty. This is one of the Dutch braid hairstyles that is suitable for a business meeting, despite being unique and striking.

Source: @mymirrorszeged

35. Regal Ribbon Texture

You don’t have to stick to the basic dutch braid design just because you know how to make it; you may build on it to create a more complex and eye-catching ribbon-like look. Even though this is a very distinctive look, it is nonetheless appropriate for daily wear.

Source: @braidsandstyles12

36. Gone Fishing

A Dutch fishtail braid is typically chosen by girls to add flair to either high or low ponytails. However, they can also be utilized in loose, wavy patterns as a decorative element. Women with thicker strands will benefit from this the most.

Source: @mrsboyce18

37. Jumbo Side Braid

Why not use a giant Dutch braid to make your side style stand out, as side styles are very frequent and popular? The style’s cool pattern is showcased and the larger plait looks stylish.

Source: @heatherchapmanhair

38. Sweet and Stylish Side Braid

There’s no need to go deeper for young girls looking for a daily style. For individuals in high school or college who wish to attract the attention of a crush, the side braid is an easy way to add just the right amount of excitement to casual ensembles.

Source: @alex_haircraft

39. Never Too Much Braiding

There are a plethora of hairstyles you can try if you’re fortunate enough to have silky long hair. There’s little doubt that Dutch braids should have a special place on your list. This is a fantastic illustration of how to mix multiple braiding techniques to create a unique half-updo.

Source: @teresashairstyles

40. Side Inside-Out Braid and a Low Bun

There are several appealing aspects to this intricate-looking but easy-to-manage hairdo, such as the “backwards” French braid that ends in a low bun, the gorgeous blonde highlights that contrast with the light brown base, and the curly, sassy framing layers.

Source: @miky_hairstyle_
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