40 Lovely Low Bun Hairstyles for Your Inspiration

Because low bun updos appear more polished than long, loose strands, they are an excellent choice for formal events. A stylish and adaptable bun at the nape of your neck will enhance your beauty. Whether you are the ultimate beauty bombshell, a time-pressed student, or a visitor at a wedding, we have compiled a list of 40 ways to style this trend.

Add unique braided accents to your bun, experiment with different twists or romantic pin curls, embrace disarray, add a few tiny flowers, adjust the volume and textures of your bun, and more.

1. Low Bun with Two Side Braids

Try getting a bun that fits your personality if everything about you is larger than life. This style needs something to break up the middle because the front and back are so voluminous. The double side braid is perfect since it gives the style a much-needed sharpness.

Source: @kykhair

2. Blonde Bridal Low Bun

It might be challenging to pull off a voluptuous low bun on short, fine, or thin hair. Curl your hair and style your bouffant to create more visible volume. A tiny, frizzy bun can also look quite adorable and dynamic!


3. Bouffant Low Bun

A low updo can make thin hair appear incredibly lifeless and flat. Make your hair look fuller by curving it loosely before pinning it into this simple chignon. Volume will be increased throughout the crown using a bouffant.


4. Low Bun with Long Bangs

Women with full cheekbones may find that pulled-back hairstyles draw attention to their features’ roundness, which is not a desirable feature. You may narrow your face and add a little drama to your appearance with a long side bang. A delicate bouffant will counterbalance the bulk of a large back bun.


5. Double Braid Low Bun

The nicest thing about low buns is that they provide you room to add braided accents to the top of your look. Your hair may appear flat and lifeless on top due to the pulling it back. A double braid adds dimension to the ensemble and a lovely bohemian feel.


6. Simple Bun with Side Braid

A low bun is quite easy to make. But when paired with a braid, it gives the whole look a hint of tenderness and romance, which is just what most women want for in a hairdo. Give this straightforward updo a sloppy finish to upgrade it into a stylish appearance you can wear anywhere.

Source: @emmachenartistry

7. Elegant Low Bun

This picture demonstrates how even the most basic knots can be really lovely. Make sure your hair is loose for a more laid-back vibe, and use your fingers to pluck off a few strands for a more messy look. And add some stunning accessories to complete the outfit if you want to make a big impression.

Source: @tonyastylist

8. Old-Hollywood Hairstyle

Elegant and romantic, but with a unique twist. The sophisticated braid and bun updo perfectly combines contemporary glitz with vintage Hollywood charm.

Source: @elstilespb

9. Tousled Locks in a Bun

Cute and easy to style are the best words to sum up this low bun updo. The disheveled blonde locks exude a carefree vibe, while the bun’s crisscross design updates it with a contemporary touch. You’re going to adore it, and it’s a terrific alternative to take you from day to night.

Source: @kykhair

10. Deconstructed Bun

One of the most common hairstyles for women with wavy locks is a curly bun because it accentuates the texture of wavy and curly hair. It’s also ideal for someone looking for something stylish but unpolished.

Source: @elstilespb

11. Feminine Back Bun

One of the best images to demonstrate the beauty of a rear bun is this one. You can wear it to work or a cocktail party because it’s easy to wear and works well in a range of situations.

Source: @sunkissedandmadeup

12. Side Braid with Low Twist Bun

The braid and twist option is a great alternative if you want to experiment with low bun hairstyles. The subtle highlights used throughout give the look even more complexity and glitz.

Source: @weddinghaircompany

13. Unstructured Low Bun

Traditional updos look fantastic in a variety of styles. However, it’s always advisable to go with something simple if you’re just experimenting with them. The beauty of the knot lies in its unstructured character, so don’t worry about using hairspray to tame your flyaway hair; instead, let it fall as naturally as possible.

Source: @theprettyparlour

14. Knotted Side Buns

The addition of two side buns gives the image of being both very trendy and youthful. As you normally would, plait your hair, but instead of finishing it in a ponytail, divide it into two parts and create two adorable low pigtail buns.

Source: @missysueblog

15. Thick Hair in a Braided Bun

This is a great option for long hair if you are blessed with a lot of thick locks. To create the illusion of an even fuller head of hair, gather your tresses into a loose plaited low bun.

Source: @alliedoeshair

16. Sleek Braided Bun

Although the polished braided nape bun looks like it was done by a pro, the good news is that it is really very simple to achieve. All you have to do is pull your hair back into a low ponytail and tie a knot.

Source: @hairbyjaxx

17. Classic Twisted Chignon

The chignon bun is the best updo choice available for a woman with classic tastes. The fact that the style often suits women of various ages and face shapes is another advantage of it.

Source: @annette_updo_artist

18. Bun with a Split Braid

Although the majority of these photos are rather simple, if you would rather something with more depth, there are plenty of lessons available online. You may get step-by-step instructions on how to create a complex low bun, such as this gorgeous layered braid into bun updo, by watching these informative videos.

Source: @prettyhairstyleess

19. Middle-Parted Hairstyle

This is one of the most intricate aspects of an updo, and there are others that are more difficult. Make sure to produce two extremely even pieces because the central half of the rope twist bun is what draws the eye. Additionally, as braids tend to hide split ends, it’s a terrific style if you want to hide any hair damage.

Source: @hair_by_pelerossi

20. Intricate Braided Updo

A variation on the traditional bun is to add embellishment, such as fishtails or several french braids. Choose this if you’re attending a wedding; it’s perfect for formal occasions!

Source: @catherinestroh

21. Fuss-Free Side Bun

Low bun hairstyles are quite appealing because, although requiring very little work, they look sophisticated and well-groomed. However, a side bun will give you additional dimension. The simplicity of the look, which only calls for a fast pull back and a few hair twists for the busy woman, is what makes it so beautiful.

Source: @goldplaited_

22. Twisted Bun

Look no further if you’ve been wondering how to style an updo that is both elegant and easy to achieve. The twisted parts give the hair a unique texture, even though it looks simple. This is great for women with coarse or curly hair.

Source: @kellgrace

23. Flirty Messy Bun

Choose a hairstyle that showcases your natural hair texture, such as a sloppy bun that is tousled, to embrace it. It’s feminine, flirtatious, and modern. Do you feel like taking it a step further? Add lovely flowers to your hair, like baby’s breath, to create a bohemian vibe.

Source: @inspobyelvirall

24. Classic Twisted Chignon

The bouffant bun is among the most elegant and timeless low bun styles for ladies of all ages. Bouffants are a terrific alternative because they are fuss-free and need little work to style. If you want to increase volume and root lift but didn’t have thick hair from birth, this is also a great option.

Source: @theprettyparlour

25. Tiny Low Bun with Side Plait

Short hair works great with updos as well. But adding intriguing components, such a side plait or a twist, is good because the style is rather simple with fewer locks.

Source: @sashabasha2

26. Simple Sock Bun

It’s advisable to keep things basic when choosing an updo for a formal event or a conservative environment. Hairstyles including large sock buns and a few face-framing layers are sophisticated and timeless without looking overly formal. A sock bun might help you get the ideal donut shape if you’re having problems.

Source: @jenniekaybeauty

27. Powder Pink Low Bun

On their special day, brides should be true to themselves. Although this may not be a traditional wedding style, it is undoubtedly one of the most memorable and intimate. The pepto pink color elevates the otherwise elegant and well-put together design into an edgier realm.


28. Champagne Blonde Low Bun

Making sure the color matches your skin tone is crucial when selecting a blonde shade for your low messy bun and other looks. This champagne blonde will look stunning on a very fair skin. It’s perfect for aspiring brides because it shimmers and shines without taking away from your beauty.


29. Elegant Ombre Low Bun

Updos benefit well with an ombre color job for a variety of reasons, this style being just one additional. The lighter hue toward the ends highlights the bun and highlights the fine details in the updo style.


30. Twisted Crown Low Bun

With the hairstyle displayed, you may literally twist the traditional braid crown. To make the textured pattern truly stand out, make sure the roots remain darker in the front. Keep the back bun simple since you want the front to steal the show.

Source: @annette_updo_artist

31. Side Braid Low Bun

A fishtail braid will give medium-length straight hair more body. The low side bun is actually a pinned fishtail braid, despite its initial appearance of being just a disorganized coil. Moreover, the plaited style showcases gorgeous brown and golden tones.

Source: @catherinestroh

32. Whimsical Wedding Low Bun

A simple hairstyle simply won’t do on your special day. Braids that are interlaced and a silvery hue will elevate the ensemble. A few delicate sprigs feel natural and easy instead of conventional bouquets.


33. Weekend Low Bun

The messier the texture, the more laidback and stylish the weekend low bun will look. It’s sophisticated and unusual without being overbearing or stuffy. Make sure to use flake-free hairspray on your style to prevent frizz or flyaways.


34. Infiniti Low Bun

Hairstyles containing secret messages could increase a person’s confidence even more. This particular style has been altered to resemble the infinity symbol, which represents eternity. It’s ideal for a formal get-together, romantic night, or wedding.


35. College-Worthy Low Bun

It can be very challenging to go to an early morning lesson after a late night of partying or studying for a test. There are moments when all you have time for is to get out of bed, brush your teeth, and head out. The secret to pulling off the ideal casual look is to finish your bun right before bed so that, when you wake up, it will have the ideal sloppy texture without requiring any extra work.

Source: @headstudio

36. Cute and Curly Low Bun

One advantage of curly hair is that it doesn’t require any more work to achieve a voluminous low bun hairstyle. In fact, to avoid frizz from overbrushing dried hair, it could be preferable to style your long hair while it’s still damp. You may frame the face without dominating it by using a side portion.


37. Radiant Red Low Bun

For formal events, it’s ideal to counterbalance a vibrant hair color like this with a neat style. Pull hair back into a high-shine side braid to minimize tendrils and disarray. To lock in your color and give it a bright appearance, have your hairdresser to apply a gloss treatment beforehand.


38. Vacation Low Bun

While you are enjoying a luxurious beach vacation, don’t stress too much about your cosmetic regimen. Your go-to hairstyles are low updos since they are effortlessly put together yet still allow for complete relaxation. To embrace the incredible wavy texture that the sea salt in the water gives, let your hair air dry.


39. Pin Curled Low Bun

Using individual flat coils, create an updo instead of a single huge bun. Not only is the final appearance eye-catching, but it also has a rose-bouquet kind of vibe. For weddings and other formal or important red carpet events, the romantic touch is ideal.


40. Sassy Side Low Bun

Thanks to the entwined curls, the combination of brown and blonde hues, and the slightly unkempt texture, this look is easily chic. This low bun hairdo is ideal for a woman who prefers to wear a leather jacket on top of her ball gown.

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