40 Pretty Bun Hairstyles with All Types of Buns

Some hairstyles are just always in trend, work well on all hair types, and are timeless in nature. Bun hairstyles fell into this category because of its versatile styling options and consistently stunning feminine appearance.

A collection featuring a variety of bun styles for any kind of hair type, length, and occasion has been assembled by us. Which of these gorgeous bun hairstyles are you going to wear tonight?

What Types of Bun Hairstyles Are There?

Buns can be dressed up or down, edgy, conservative, modern, classic, or vintage-inspired; it all depends on your own style and attire. These kinds of hair buns are used to produce the most popular bun hairstyles:

  • Low buns: These can be sleek or sloppy and are positioned near the nape of the head. To dress up the low bun hairstyle, bouffants, twists, braids that end in a bun, or tasteful accessories are frequently worn.
  • Top knots: The concept behind untidy, cornrow, or high knotted buns is to position the bun atop the head to capture the most attention. High bun updos can be quite dramatic and effectively lengthen the face.
  • Side buns: Although they are easily seen from the front, side buns have the elegance of low buns without the need for a formal introduction. These buns are highly recommended as they are both flirtatious and versatile.
  • Braided buns: To create this look, braid your hair and then twist it into a bun. It can be as easy as twisting a ponytail that has been braided or as difficult as using the side fishtail braid to create a seashell.
  • Chignon buns: Inspired by the French twist, these hairstyles still exude beauty and sophistication. Ideal for a formal gathering!

Bantu knots, space buns, pigtail buns, and half-up buns are equally fashionable. Whether you’re heading to a festival or just want to celebrate youth and joy in the middle of the everyday grind, these bun hairstyles offer a humorous twist to your hairstyle.

Bun Hairstyles Ideas and Inspiration

Your styling options are virtually limitless, whether you choose a sleek high bun, a loose bun for wavy hair, or whatever in between. Take a look at the gorgeous ideas in the pictures below if you enjoy wearing your hair in a bun and need some style inspiration.

1. French Fishtail into a Lace Fishtail Bun

Although braids and bun hairstyles mix well together, no one has ever combined a fishtail with a bun quite like this. Although the braid is a part of the bun, it does not wrap around it! Truly incredible!

Source: @aurorabraids

2. Low Bun with a Side Part and Accessories

This modern cut looks great with a natural cowlick and has a razor-sharp side part. A twisted bun is a great way to style long, thick hair, and fashionable accessories can help you achieve the perfect balance of elegance and simplicity.

Source: @martinajagr

3. Textured Low Bun Hairstyle

This textured bun hairstyle has an elegant yet carefree appearance. Take note of how the do’s subtle features are highlighted by the dimensional hair color!

Source: @kimannesley.hair

4. A Perfect Dreadlock Bun

Bun hairstyles are made even more striking by unique hues and textures. These deep, burgundy dreadlocks are arranged into a very tidy bun with a side-falling bang portion. A few gleaming beads might be added as an accent.

Source: @kersti.pitre

5. Front-Braided Messy Bun Hairstyle

Playing around with braids is a wonderful way to experiment with different updos. Try a headband braid with a waterfall twist, then gather the remaining hair into an untidy bun. This sloppy bun updo will seem even more stunning with a tiny bouffant.

Source: @missysueblog

6. Basket Weave Braid and a Bun

You can experiment with a basket weave braid to add some variety to your bun-inspired updos by using more strands than a standard French braid, which produces a chunkier and more intricate-looking plait. You may also create a cute and slightly different design by using a Dutch braid in place of the basket weave.

Source: @abigaillrrose

7. Fishtail Braided Bun

Low bun hairstyles might be greatly inspired by this intriguing fishtail braid look. The braid appears to have stray hairs, which is a wonderful feature. The fact that styling product use isn’t obvious is also an advantage.

Source: @haselnussblond

8. Loose Side Bun for Wavy Hair

When your hairstyle’s texture takes the show, its design can—and should—be rather straightforward. To put it mildly, this romantic curled bun is sensitive and charming. The most crucial component of making the hairstyle are the perfect curls, regardless of whether you use a curling iron to add texture or have naturally curly or wavy hair. When you have a ton of loose waves all over your head, just pull them all to one side to create a bun and secure it loosely with a few pins.

Source: @modernsalon

9. Upside-Down French Braid into a High Bun

Braids are a common feature of bun hairstyles, so it might be challenging to select a braided design that sticks out. But this one is unquestionably more contemporary. For a final look, tie the upside-down braid into a bun with a braided base.

Source: @braidsandstyles12

10. Cornrow Braids into a Bun

Sure, you can jazz up your bun with a few braids, but nothing beats cornrows that join together to create a thick, towering knot. A cornrow bun is a fashion staple!

Source: @jdivastyles

11. Fishtailed Seashell Bun

This specific bun creation has an added humorous element because to its side posture. The texture of the hair and the wispy flyaways give it a naturally adorable and vibrant appeal. However, the fishtail braid is meticulously folded into a flawless seashell bun.

Source: @lena_nymeria

12. Side Bun with Fishtail and Dutch Braids

The versatility of bun hairstyles stems from the fact that you can arrange your bun in multiple ways. This bun has a loose form on one side and is encircled by a fishtail and a Dutch braid that cross over one another. The end product is a large, elaborate-looking bun that is guaranteed to draw attention.

Source: @aurorabraids

13. Cute Short Hair Bun

It is not necessary to have long hair in order to style it updo. To achieve a delicate short hair bun at the nape of your head, use your trusty boby pins.

Source: @martinajagr

14. Scarf Bun

Are you looking for chic hair scarves to wear? It’s a great idea to braid it into your braid and then twist it into a bun to add some color and volume to your hairstyle.

Source: @palade.simona

15. Messy Side Bun with a Braid

A big, loose braid and beading demonstrate their durability and ability to liven up a plain low side bun. Even though there are no flyaways, the updo itself is really straightforward, carefree-looking, and sloppy thanks to a bun that is thoughtfully positioned off to one side.

Source: @hair.bynsc

16. Half Up Half Down Seashell Bun

Here’s a method to wear a bun while showcasing your naturally curly or thick hair, if you’re endowed with such qualities. This lovely look demonstrates why the half up, half down hairstyle is the best of both worlds. The remaining hair is perfectly curled into ringlets, and the half-up bun is shaped like a seashell. The hair appears luxurious and voluminous.

Source: @braided_to_infinity

17. Two Buns in One

Having two buns instead of one is a novel twist on the traditional hairdo, which is sometimes derided as “boring” due to its widespread popularity among females. Additionally, a double bun seems fuller, particularly when its base is wrapped.

Source: @missysueblog

18. Messy Top Bun and Face-Framing Pieces

When styling a sloppy bun, it is definitely a good idea to omit face-framing elements. Do you want to discover another trick that keeps the hairdo looking so amazing? The luxyhair bun collection makes it easy to obtain a huge, attractive bun with less effort. In addition, if you prefer not to wear extensions, check out our tutorial on how to do a messy bun on thin hair.

Source: @fancyfaceinc

19. Goddess Braids into a Large Bun

It looks elegant and unnoticeable when thick cornrows are braided closely together, but a large bun really makes a statement. Though you will have to wear the weight of the bun on your head every day, you can wear this protective hairdo for a few weeks. If your strength isn’t that great, you might be better off going with box braids, which come in a variety of styles.

Source: @closetoperfectionstyles

20. Low Braided Bun

Two distinct braid styles are used to create this updo: a fishtail braid wrapped in a bun for the lower part of the hair and a vertical French braid for the upper section. The way this disheveled bun gently lays at the nape of the neck ties the entire ensemble together.

Source: @hairstylesbygabby

21. Pinned Mini Buns

The only thing that elevates an updo from a single bun to a Mohawk-inspired row of buns. Because this hairstyle combines multiple small buns into one, bun hairstyles don’t usually get any sweeter than this. Perfect for shorter or medium-length hair, these little knots are playful, contemporary, and slightly edgy.

Source: @braidsandstyles12

22. Polished Chocolate Brown Chignon Bun

The simplest bun styles can sometimes be the most elegant. This is a gorgeous formal bun that is suitable for the workplace, thanks to its smooth base and deep chocolate brown hair color.

Source: @nicoledrege

23. Bulky Bun with Twists

Hairstyles with a sleek bun work best when the bun is large and perched atop the head. This gorgeous bun with black braids resembles a crown. It has flawlessly clean edges and twists with different thicknesses.

Source: @nyasia_styles

24. Intricate Braid and Looped Pony

This sophisticated updo has detailed elements and a disheveled touch that elevates it above simple bun hairstyles. But if you want to replicate it, all you have to do is narrow down the styling process to the parts that, even as a novice, you can manage. These include a looped ponytail and a large dutch braid with a fishtail on top.

Source: @braided_to_infinity

25. Curly Loose Bun

For black hair, subtle highlights are a great technique to give your locks dimension. This looks especially lovely in curly updos like this one. It would be perfect for an outdoor party or a formal event like a wedding. Often, flowers in the hair make the most exquisite hairpiece.

Source: @modernsalon

26. Alluring Bantu Knots Hairstyle

To create a bantu knot hairstyle, part your hair gently, then twist each segment into a bun. Enjoy the hairstyle and use some edge control for a sleeker appearance. You’ll be able to enjoy lovely, uniform curls after twisting the buns out.

Source: @theglowment

27. Medium-Sized Braided Bun

This traditional braided ponytail hairstyle, which you can accomplish in a few minutes, is a great way to wear your braided bun. Naturally, long hair works best because longer hair means a larger bun.

Source: @hairbunlover

28. Blonde Bun with Side Braid

Even if this is your first time doing an updo on your own, you can still pull off this adorable bun hairstyle that is very casual and simple to accomplish. Wispy side bangs accent the single side braid that highlights this bun.

Source: @murdocktalks

29. Afro Puffs

Your hair has never looked cuter as it does in these two buns. Naturally curly hairstyles are whimsical and attractive, offering a modern take on the more conventional bun or pineapple style. The vivid red highlights provide the ideal pop of color to finish off this contemporary updo.

Source: @modelesque_nic

30. Coiled Side Bun

It’s feminine, attractive, and petite without being huge or overly theatrical. This twisted low side bun looks decent even on very fine hair. Loosely twist the sections and secure them in loops that resemble flower petals.

Source: @cwhairlondoncwhairlondon

31. Two Sculpted Buns

These two buns take a lot of hair, so you can use hair extensions or use a pick to puff up your hair. Every bun is expertly molded and smoothed to produce a faultless appearance that will turn heads.

Source: @modernsalon

32. Festival Hairstyle with Space Buns

Two adorable space buns and long beach waves make for the perfect summertime haircut. Make an impression by wearing the style with highlights in your sun-kissed hair.

Source: @raisingraymond

33. Four-Strand Braid and Messy Bun

If you want to make a wide braided headband, a four-strand braid works best. Complete it with a ramshackle bun and an additional, thinner four-strand plait to achieve a laid-back look appropriate for a formal occasion.

Source: @anniesforgetmeknots

34. Sleek Bun with a Mini Hair Bow

Add a stylish touch, like a hair ribbon, and a twist around the base of your sock bun to make it better. It adds an unexpected yet edgy touch that livens things up. It’s positioned directly underneath the twisted base and slightly off to the side.

Source: @mybraidposts

35. Red Hair Bow Bun

Your eyes are drawn to the fire engine red hair color, but what really sets your jaws apart is the large, exquisite hair bow. These days, cute bun hairstyles are evolving.

Source: @bodmonzaid

36. Sleek Bun with Full Bangs

Bangs go well with buns, but they don’t often look this polished and put together. Not a hair is out of place in the thick bangs, which are clipped just above the eyebrows. The bun is shaped just below the crown and is given a romantic and feminine touch with a single pearl hair piece.

Source: @dionnesmithhair

37. Half Up Bun with a Front Braid

Once more, the half-up, half-down style is back, and this time it has a very thick central braid. The ideal approach to draw attention to a charming half bun that rests directly on the crown—the point where the locks fall—is with a loosely braided plait.

Source: @abigaillrrose

38. Big Ballerina Bun

This well-rounded look demonstrates how hair extensions and hair accessories may be utilized to get the ideal bun. To achieve the sculpted roundness, you could use many hair extensions or just a bun-maker hair accessory, which you would place on a ponytail and then create a bun around.

Source: @cjartistrygirls

39. Sleek Rainbow-Shaped Bun

The main focus of the look is the dramatic black hair against the red lips and matching clothing, but the enormous rainbow bun’s pattern is equally eye-catching. Its shape is almost like a half-crescent, perfectly smoothed with not a wisp or a mess of hair left out.

Source: @sibels_hair_design

40. Sleek Topknot Power Bun

Want to control the curls in your hair? Style your hair in this bold and assertive topknot that is perfect for bringing attention to your beautiful neck and facial features. This hairstyle’s exceptional sleekness makes it an incredibly secure and stylishly compact option.

Source: @preciiousiizekor
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