40 Quick and Easy Short Hair Buns to Try

It can feel like those with shorter hair have fewer styling options than those who are fortunate enough to have longer, healthier hair. Numerous ponytails, braids, and buns are specifically created with long haired girls in mind. But what if you want to pull off one of those stylish looks but have short hair? The images below contain the solution, though.

Depending on the length of your hair, it could be more difficult in some situations, but even with short hair, there are adorable and fashionable ways to pull a bun together. Buns for short hair can be anything from sophisticated and classic to edgy and trendy, depending on the look you’re going for.

Wearing a bun is a terrific alternative to wearing a ponytail, which is one of its best features. You don’t need to worry about running out of hair when wearing a short-length bun as opposed to a ponytail. Now take a seat back and browse some of the top short bun hairstyles on the internet!

1. Wispy Bun-Like Updo

This delicate hair bun adds a subtle yet exquisite touch of romanticism and is quite attractive. The wisps of hair that are escaping on each side provide a touch of sexiness and drama. Skilled hands can complete this low updo in a matter of minutes.


2. Curly Bun with Hair Flowers

The transformation of a haircut with the appropriate hair item is quite amazing. Short hairstyles frequently require a little extra to make them pop, and a simple white flower accent is the ideal match for a bun.

Source: @foxanddoll

3. Small Low Bun with a Bouffant

This little bun for short hair is adorable, sophisticated, and delightful. This is as tidy as it gets, with a puffy crown and a twisted bun that is tucked in.


4. Swirl Bun

One approach to differentiate yourself from the crowd is to use creativity in the way you style your short hair buns. Maybe you could give this swirl design a try; its intricate details are sure to spark debate.


5. Fancy Twisted Updo

If you’re not into braids or traditional buns, you may try twisting your hair into an updo that resembles a bun. To give your updo body, short hair needs to be done freely. At the same time, each lock needs to be expertly pinned in place for the entire look to stay in place. Of course, a professional should handle that.


6. Gathered Loose Bun

Hair buns are frequently connected to straight, sleek, and high on the head ballerina updos. But modern buns are looser and more romantic—like this one here. The best part is that they also work on short hair!


7. Short Updo

Although some hair types are more suited for the bun shape, length is no longer a factor in creating a stunning updo. Gathering hair straight back and rolling it into a bun with hair pins is all that’s required for this quick and easy style.


8. Ice Princess Bun

Let everything go with this easy bun look modeled after that well-known Disney heroine. Even if you have far shorter hair than Elsa, it’s still possible to copy her style.


9. Volumized Short Hair Bun

Hair appears longer than it actually is when the underlayer is teased and a few loosely curled tendrils are left in place. Try this style on for size if you adore the look of a hair bun but aren’t sure how to pull it off.


10. Short Showcase of Color

Having short hair has many advantages, one of which is that coloring appointments become considerably more economical. You can, however, still flaunt your stunning, imaginative color with a side bun and braid combination that will definitely turn heads.


11. Bun with Bangs

This updo is the ideal compromise because bangs are the key component of many short hairstyles that prevent the face from seeming overly rigid. For this look, omit the comb and instead gather the hair up with your hands, tying it with an elastic band to create the adorable, carefree chaotic look that is displayed.

Source: @daphnenarcy

12. Formal Short Hair Bun

You should be able to pull off this style if your hair reaches your shoulders, but it won’t look good on very short hair. Bun hair isn’t limited to the gym or a hot summer day; this elegant take on the traditional chignon is ideal for a formal evening.


13. Short Hair Bun Accessorizing

Hair embellishments can add a little of glamor to an otherwise casual low bun, even for those with extremely straight hair. The best part is that you’re holding flyaways in place as you accessorize.


14. Wedding Day Bun

Hairstyles with buns are adorable and suitable for any event, even your most memorable day. Before your wedding, try this style in the salon for a test run if you want your short hair to look longer and more feminine.


15. Short Swoops and Curls

This gorgeous, wavy short hair bun is enhanced by a teased under layer and some well-applied style product. Gather hair into a ponytail that is mid-height, then curl the parts with a small to medium barrel iron to make the bun itself. You’re done; fasten with hair pins.

Source: @maxwellmathson

16. Rainbow Bun

With a few strong color stripes, you can turn your short hair into a fanciful ponytail inspired by the 90s throwback and Bronies trend that is all over the Internet.


17. Quick Short Hair Bun

When it comes to this style, precision is not something to worry about. Hair still looks fantastic as it leaves the house, and easy buns are a nice addition to a hectic morning routine.

Source: @georgesmattarofficial

18. Queen of the Bun

This look, which rules over all other short hair buns, will make you appear both royal and contemporary at the same time. A splash of color can provide even more creativity and an Alice-inspired aesthetic.


19. The Lowest Short Hair Bun Ever

The smallest buns are meant for hair that is the shortest. With its understated simplicity and resilience in the face of flyaway strands, this bun wins the prize for cutest buns.


20. Bold Colored Bun

With this distinctive style, be inspired by the vivid greens of the rainforest. A striking color job is the solution if you’re looking for bun ideas that deviate from the norm.


21. Bun with Braids

Incorporate some braids into the look if your hair is still short enough to handle the drama of uncooperative strands. Add this quick bun after two tight, silky mini French braids. This may be the style pioneer when it comes to adorable buns.


22. Short and Wise

Age is no longer a determining factor in hair color choices thanks to the current popularity of granny hair. Go for the full-on granny look with a contemporary twist if you want a bun that appears both chic and sensible. If you want to soften the trend, add some lengthy bangs.


23. Sheared Nape and Bun

Have your underlayer of hair shaved to add some creativity. When the long hair is put into a bun, you can opt for an undercut with some carved lines that look stunning on the nape of the neck. Try this daring option if you know how to style a short hair bun and want something a little more striking.


24. Braid and Bun

What do you get when you mix some incredibly vivid color with a braid and a bun? An unconventional yet incredibly feminine sloppy bun for short hair. The best part is that no matter how flawless your braid and bun are, they’ll be so enthralled with the color of your hair. This fun look works well for both professional and informal settings.


25. Romantic Braid Bun Crown

If you enjoy the usefulness of buns but find them to be too monotonous, consider dressing them up with a traditionally romantic braid crown. You can choose to opt for a tighter, more pulled-together crown or let wisps of strands drift freely. This style can be a little too demanding for shorter cuts, but it looks best on shoulder-length or shorter hair.

Source: @daphnenarcy

26. Messy Bun with a Side Braid

Furthermore, there’s merit to the impact a well-placed braid or two can have on an everyday haircut. Bun hairstyles are often subtle, but if you want to give them a little pop, you might want to try pulling off the carefree side braid shown in this picture.


27. Voluminous Bun with Teased Bang

As seen by this adorable and feisty hairdo, a little teasing goes a long way. Although there are numerous ways to style buns for short hair, this look’s skillfully teased bangs are very impressive.


28. Iridescent Half Bun

When a girl really can’t decide between wearing a half-bun or a full bun, what is she to do? She, of course, tries out a chic half-and-half look. Next time you visit the salon, try unicorn tresses—this half bun is the ideal balance of color and texture!


29. Tight Casual Bun

Making ensuring a short hair bun stays put together is one of the toughest hurdles because there is less hair to deal with. Because the chopsticks attachment is inserted into the middle of the bun, it looks elegant and secure.


30. Sleek Side Bun

Yes, the most common bun hairstyles are those that end at the nape of the neck, but even for short hair, the side bun looks just as good. Because it’s polished, this one is perfect for the workplace.

Source: @salonxvi

31. Triple Bun Updo

Is there anything superior to a bun? Many buns to fit short hair! Three little buns are positioned at a slight angle in the back of the hair in this artistic style, which teases the hair at the crown.


32. Low Bun with Face Framing Locks

This is a haircut that you should definitely look at if you’re looking for something formal and sophisticated. What more could a graduate, bridesmaid, or someone getting married want? A little lift in the crown area, a tidy low bun, and loose strands that beautifully frame the face?


33. Messy Twisted Bun

The sloppy appearance is the way to go if you want to give your bun hairdo a little edge. The hair is teased at the crown and occasionally pushed out to protrude recklessly. The ends of the hair are twisted and secured at the nape of the neck.


34. Side Twist and Bun

A side twist goes well with a sweet ballerina bun. To get this style, all you need is a perfectly made bun and a loosely twisted side. Give it a little tug.


35. Loose French Knot

This stylish messy bun for short hair is what happens when polished and untidy come together. The messy part of the knot is the long hair strands that are slipping out the sides with elegance, even though the knot itself is neat and carefully made.


36. Double Flower and Sleek Chignon

It’s nice to put one flower in your hair, but it’s even better to wear two at once. This adorable short hair chignon seems almost too good to be true.


37. Interlocking Braids, Compact Bun and Undercut

Hairstyles with braids are a sophisticated method to transform your locks from plain to amazing. This short hairstyle bun’s interwoven braids give the overall edgy appearance depth and texture.


38. Turquoise Buns for Shorter Hair

A hair color frequently goes a long way, particularly in striking hues like neon turquoise. Minnie Mouse buns appear quite effortless in this instance, and the striking blue-green hair color draws attention to them.


39. Simple DIY Bun

A lovely and simple way to wear your short hair up in an updo is with this sleek, tight, effortless bun. This look’s hair ornament, which is positioned directly in the center of the bun, is sure to draw attention.


40. Bun Updo with Braided Back

A few accents make this slightly sloppy, everyday bun for short hair looking stylish. This is a simple and original idea for a laid-back updo with a playful twist: a braided back with a top knot wrapped in a bandana.

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