20 Beehive Hairdos Sure to Turn Heads

Everything in the worlds of beauty and fashion eventually becomes the same, if there’s one thing you can count on. This is unquestionably true for vintage-inspired hairstyles that have a contemporary twist. They are frequently observed on red carpets and runways where your favorite celebrities walk. This post is dedicated to the timeless, vintage look of the puffy beehive hairstyle. Large-scale beehives are renowned for leaving a lasting impression on anyone who dons them.

Try this hairstyle and add some spice to your hair if you’re feeling adventurous and nostalgic at the same time. Because they are a little more contemporary than historical beehives, modern beehives are perfect for experimenting with without worrying about looking out of date or like you’re dressing up. For those of you who are willing to try this timeless hairstyle, we have a ton of ideas ready. Enjoy a little fun and explore the beehive with these hairstyles for different hair types!

1. Smooth Beehive with Side Bow

The 1960s are instantly brought to mind when you think of beehives because of their extreme fashion. A feminine silver bow positioned low in the back and off to one side, along with a sculpted side bang, accentuate this very smoothed-out version of the iconic beehive inspired by the 1960s.


2. Crimped and Twisted Beehive

This look unquestionably demonstrates that beehive hair doesn’t have to be uninteresting or monochromatic. Actually, this modern interpretation of the hairdo offers just enough novel twist to appeal to younger ladies while still looking interesting and fresh to older ones.


3. Lavender Beehive Bun with Flowers

“Immensely pretty” is arguably the best way to describe this floral interpretation of the traditional beehive. This beehive, with its candy pink hue, soft chunky bangs, and twisted chignon at the nape of the neck, is ideal for a romantic night out. Of course, the vibrant flowers arranged to resemble a festive crown are the final touch.

Source: @diablorose

4. Pin Curl Beehive

It’s not particularly unusual to take two different hairstyles and combine them, but when the results are particularly retro, the combination is worth noticing. This pin curl beehive does precisely that; up until you get to the back, where multiple pin curls have been positioned, it maintains its recognizable shape. Short, thick bangs that are tightly curled complete the look.

Source: @diablorose

5. Half Up, Half Down Beehive

A good substitute for a beehive hairstyle if you’re not sure you want to commit to it completely is the half-up, half-down style. In essence, the back of the hair is left down and full of soft curls, while the top half is shaped like a simple beehive. A beautiful finishing touch is added by deep, side-swept bangs.


6. Low Ponytail Beehive

Wearing a modern-day beehive in the form of a ponytail is arguably the most understated way to do it. A low ponytail beehive is so stylish and timeless that it’s ideal for both casual get-togethers and the workplace. It looks effortless thanks to the side-swept bangs and the ponytail’s slightly curled ends. The look also makes a fantastic foundation for a lavish hairpiece.


7. Swirl Beehive

Part of the fun you have when expressing your vision through your hair is creating variations of the same basic hairstyle. This swirl beehive is a prime example; it deceives the eye in addition to playing with shape. The basic beehive is formed, but the ends are shaped like an open swirl rather than being tucked in.


8. Braided Partial Beehive

This is the look for you if you want to embrace your inner rock star while rocking a beehive hairstyle. The base of the upper half of the hair, which has been styled into a beehive, is formed by the tightly braided sides that are twisted together to create this edgy look. Simply straightening the lower half keeps the attention on the bouffant.


9. Messy Beehive with Side-Swept Face Framing

It doesn’t get much more contemporary than this if you want to bring the beehive into the modern day. With a side-swept bang and a messy appearance, this beehive style also has just enough edge to be editorial and fashion-forward. A headband embellished with beads adds a festive and feminine touch.


10. Extreme Green Beehive

This beehive is definitely not for the timid, but if you have the courage and daring nature to pull it off, go ahead and give it a shot. This hairstyle is as far from subtle as they come; everything about it is extreme, from the color and style to the accessories. Large pin curls and a broad bang encircle the tall beehive, and bits of black netting are arranged as an additional accent.


11. Low Chignon Beehive

How can one pull off a hairstyle that is simultaneously modern and retro? This breathtaking beehive hair—which is almost too good to be true—holds the key to the solution. A low chignon is formed at the nape of the neck and the beehive is perfectly smoothed. This look is so elegant that it’s perfect for a wedding ceremony.


12. Half Up Beehive for Wavy Hair

This idea is very similar to the half up/half down style seen in the pictures above, with the exception that soft, flowing waves are added for texture. The high beehive at the top and the straight bangs that highlight the eyes contrast with the long waves in the back.

Source: @diablorose

13. Braided Bun Beehive

Combining braids and buns sounds like a winning combination, but things get even more intriguing when you add a beehive. A series of braids that begin along the sides and wrap around the bun base create a low bun that is counterbalanced. The style is finished with soft side bangs and a perfectly formed beehive.

Source: @bysophiak

14. Wispy Red Beehive

Dreamy and ethereal, wispy hair is ideal for bringing a little whimsical element to your everyday look. This is the result of this softly waved beehive hairstyle, which isn’t overly styled or sculpted but is finished in a way that gives it a wind-swept appearance because of the softly escaping hair strands around the nape, crown, and sides.


15. Honey Blonde Beehive with a Headband

The most striking features of this side-swept interpretation of the beehive are the varying blonde highlights and the bejeweled hair accessory. The larger section of hair is styled like a beehive, with the loose curls falling gently from beneath the beehive and the bangs pinned to the side.


16. Partial Beehive with a Side Braid

The sides of this beehive-style version are braided and come together in the middle to form an untidy knot. The beehive is positioned at the very top and is fairly small with little volume. The gorgeous pearl blonde hair color and the gentle, wavy texture are to die for.


17. Beehive for Short Hair

Don’t assume that you can’t pull off a beehive hairstyle just because you have short hair. Actually, nothing could be more untrue—all you really need is a lot of hairspray and taunting. In this image, the lower portion of the bob-length hair is straightened to highlight the blunt cut, while the top of the hair is shaped like a beehive.


18. Beehive with Flipped Ends

Consider this beehive style to be a more elegant take on the previous one. Both styles have short, bob-length hair that has been shaped into a beehive; however, this one has flipped ends and a side bang that is wispy.


19. Tall French Twist Beehive

This beehive, which is as retro as it gets, is undoubtedly not modern; in fact, most of them looked like this in the 1960s. This implies that pulling this off in the modern era without appearing like you’re from a theme party is more difficult, but if you have the guts, go for it.


20. Curly Beehive

This thick beehive hair is centered on a massive curly crown. Because of the way the back is styled, the golden blonde curls continue to be the main attraction.

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