20 Trendy Ways to Wear Braids with Shaved Sides

Shaved sides braids are a great way to counterbalance the femininity of braids and give them a punk vibe. Is this precisely what you’ve been trying to find? Then see the most creative ways to pair the contemporary side shave with different kinds of plaits.

You can show your stylist these twenty images, which feature a variety of braid styles such as box braids, French plaits, twist braids, braided mohawks, and more!

1. Dutch Braided Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

Braids are typically seen in pairs or multiples, but single braids can look just as chic and even more contemporary. By drawing attention to the center of the head, shaved sides draw attention to the braid.

Source: @applebutterboutique

2. Faded Sides and Poetic Justice Braids in a Bun

Styles with braids make a statement on their own. Try creating an oversized updo with your braided hairstyles to give them some flair. Shaved sides can make your topknot hairstyles stand out if you decide to use them.

Source: @talentedmrcj

3. Jumbo Braids with Half-Shaved Sides

It’s difficult to commit to box braids and shaved sides! Make sure it’s really the style you want before making the purchase. If not, you’ll have trouble growing out the buzzed edges. Tiny portions above the ears make a fantastic substitute for the entire buzz. This provides you with a small undercut detail that you can choose to conceal if it’s not right for you.

Source: @tasha_stylez

4. Braided Mohawk with Shaved Design

When experimenting with shaved sides and braids on top, think about braiding only the front section of your hair, leaving the back and ends untied for a stylish yet casual look. Highlighting the punk influence of the shaved side of your hair can be accomplished by dying it a striking color like neon green or yellow.

Source: @mandaharsche

5. Long Top Short Sides with Fade

A great feminine touch to a masculine haircut like a slicked back undercut is braiding short hair. Shorter hair can make a french braid difficult to execute, so to help your tresses, apply wax or pomade to your fingers.

Source: @ikerpeloss

6. Cuffed Twist Braids with Side Shaved Wave

Small accents like strings and braid cuffs enhance the feminine appeal that these plaits exude. Shaved sides can counteract this by giving off a more masculine vibe. The end effect is a bold look that is still approachable.

Source: @hairbeenatural

7. French Braid Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Men’s cuts for women have become a major trend. A delicate style that can soften the manly vibe without sacrificing the integrity of the haircut is a Mohawk braid with shaved sides.

Source: @mslameylynn

8. Senegalese Twist Braids with Color

A mohawk-like look can be achieved by shaving the sides of your head without buzzing the back. Braids that shave the back and sides of the head frequently remove more hair from the head than most women would like. For those who want the funky vibe of shaved sides without losing too much of their priceless locks, buzzing just the sides is a great option.

Source: @jdivastyles

9. Micro Braids with Shaved Sides

Compared to larger braids, thin braids are easier to style because they can be worked more freely. There are three main hairstyle options for micro braids with shaved sides: an updo, a slicked back mohawk, and a ponytail. To avoid using a hair band, try twisting your hair instead of slicking it back.

Source: @rocio_trenzas

10. Goddess Braids with Microbraid Detailing

Goddess braids are a bit thicker than cornrows, but they are still very similar. Every braid has a different width at the edges and can vary in size. One adorable and unique way to try this trendy hairstyle is with the girly goddess braids with shaved sides.

Source: @erica_letstalkhair

11. Knotted Braids with Shaved Sides and Back

Although microbraids are intolerant of heat and are slightly thicker than regular hair strands, they function essentially in the same way. The plaits can be worn down or swept to one side, or they can be styled into a ponytail, regular top bun, or french knot.

Source: @braidsbytasha

12. One Shaved Side with Parted Crochet Braids

For some people, having their sides shaved removes too much hair. Choose to have your hair shaved on one side only instead. Fortunately, if you’re talkative, a skilled stylist can adjust your look to suit your preferences.

Source: @tqueenhairsalon

13. Thick Boxer Braids with Weaved In Highlights

Braids that accentuate the middle part of the head, such as thick boxer braids or mohawk braids with shaved sides, should be chunky, very long, or both.

Source: @touchedbytb_

14. Braids in a Ponytail and Carved Sides

Request a shaved design from your hairstylist to add some flair to your buzzcut. Waves, swirls, and hard lines are popular choices.

Source: @machine_hands

15. Giant Updo for Box Braids with Shaved Sides

For people who would rather not take the chance of damaging their natural hair, braids with extensions are a good option. To extend hair, stylists frequently use synthetic plaits. This implies that you are able to grow your hair past your hips and even past your shoulders!

Source: @ronesiabarrshair

16. 2 Dutch Braids with Shaved Sides for Straight Hair

Almost everyone featured Kim Kardashian’s take on goddess braids in their lookbooks when she first debuted them. Kim had consistent hair that reached her hips and covered her entire head. All hair types, including straight and fine hair, can pull off this look.

Source: @cherrybomb_hair

17. African Banana Braids in a High Pony

A braided ponytail is one modern twist on the classic ponytail. A wrap-around braided ponytail, cornrows, and an undercut all work together to create a stunning appearance that can be further enhanced with highlights and braid cuffs.

Source: @shellyafrikhair

18. Medium Box Braids with Shaved Sides

Box braids with shaved sides are braided towards the nape of the neck to achieve the same effect as slicked back hair, which is often achieved with gel or wax. The drawback is that braids are worn for a while, so it’s important to choose a look you’ll feel comfortable with. Untouched hair can simply be washed or brushed out to change directions.

Source: @crowned_nubian18

19. Mohawk Updo with Buzzed Sides

Shaved sides work well with a ladylike braided updo. A “hard part,” or shaved line that marks the transition from long hair to buzzcut, is one element that highlights the fauxhawk look.

Source: @hairbylumberjack

20. Individual Yarn Braids with Sides Shaved

An excellent option for a protective style are yarn braids. Both the bright wrap string and shaving the sides of your head add interest to the entire ensemble.

Source: @jannahbraids
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