20 Currently Popular Short Natural Haircuts for Black Women

Kinky hair has advantages and disadvantages. It may be quite challenging to maintain despite being thick, full of texture, and radiating sass. Sometimes, cutting it short is simply easier! This allows you to maintain the femininity of your distinctive hair while also making it manageable and workable. Following a thorough examination of numerous images, we have selected our top picks for short, natural hairstyles on black women.

1. “Teeny Weeny Afro” for Natural Locks

The “Teeny Weeny Afro,” or “TWA,” is a scaled-down variation of the standard afro. This is a much more manageable haircut if you don’t mind being really short.

Source: @sweetstyles_naturals

2. Fade for Natural Coiled Hair

Making the decision to get a “big chop” may be the greatest one for the condition of your hair. Cutting off damaged locks is one option to think about if you grow out of the relaxer or even if you just want a fresh start. If you decide to do this, make sure your hair is kept oiled and hydrated to encourage strong growth.

Source: @styledbyreece

3. White Gold Waves with Etched Side Design

Short afro-textured hair types often sport 360-degree waves. This wave-like, shaved-in pattern combined with a ripple-like effect is sure to draw attention. Wear your hair in a silk bonnet overnight to preserve its natural oils and moisture content and to keep your distinctive style.

Source: @adrianfanus

4. Tapered Buzzed Curls with Hard Part

The growing popularity of minimalist style has led to a rise in demand for unisex cuts. A fade on a woman used to be considered excessively edgy, but that is no longer the case.

Source: @adrianfanus

5. Buzzed Haircut with Semi-Circle Parting

In general, hair is easier to work with when it is shorter. But getting your hair cut so short isn’t always simple. Think about incorporating intriguing elements within your cut, such as a “hard part,” to ease the transition. An otherwise simple short haircut gains attention from this stylish addition.

Source: @lexxbrown

6. Springy Short Cut for Kinky Hair

Ethnic hair can be difficult to maintain, but styling is made much simpler when moisture is retained and heat is kept to a minimum. The nighttime bantu knot is one protective style that can be used. Use a leave-in conditioner to hydrate hair after showering, and then seal it with an oil-based product, such as shea butter. After that, twist the hair after dividing it into six equal portions. In the morning, the twist will have defined, bouncy curls if it is wrapped around itself to form a “knot.”

Source: @sweetstyles_naturals

7. Curly Orangey Pouf with Razored Side Fade

Voluminous hair is one of the most desired characteristics in naturally curly haircuts. If you’re fortunate enough to have type three or type four hair, you can use your favorite colors to highlight and shape the loads of natural volume in your hair.

Source: @haircolorkilla

8. Golden Blonde Mohawk for Curly Hair

Naturally curly, short hairstyles shouldn’t be plain or conventional; instead, they can make a bold statement! A vivid hue like neon, pastel, golden, or platinum may really make your cut pop.

Source: @haircolorkilla

9. Coral Pink Voluminous Pixie

A tapered “wash ‘n go” style can be your best option if you’re seeking for trendy short natural haircuts that are simple to handle. All you need to keep curls nourished and moisture-locked in is a small amount of leave-in conditioner.

Source: @janelasealysmith

10. Tapered Shaved Side Haircut with Tight Ringlets

All curly girls desire healthy, vibrant curls that are full of bounce and spring. You can feel feminine and rock them in any length. Add a shaved portion, such as the temple, for an extra stylish touch. These add refinement and personalization to the style.

Source: @contactevie

11. Shorter Cut for Type “3C” Natural Hair

Having a sophisticated haircut that facilitates the change from relaxed to natural is crucial if you’ve made the decision to get rid of your relaxed ends with a “big chop.” Your shorter appearance may succeed or fail depending on whether you choose to include an artistic design into your naturally curly hair.

Source: @stepthebarber

12. Short Fauxhawk with Burgundy Balayage

Natural short hairstyles come in a variety of styles. To show off your creative side and keep your hair from seeming too “poofy,” try this edgy fauxhawk on people with thick hair.

Source: @kbbsalon

13. Natural Undercut with Shaved Lines

A shaven head symbolizes toughness and strength. A pink-hued cosmetics palette and some delicate, understated diamond earrings balance out this style and add a touch of tenderness.

Source: @dreamcutsbarberlounge

14. Short Coily Bob with Magenta Highlights

You have some length to work with in this chin-length layered cut with bangs, but it’s still quite short. Make sure to highlight your curls. Try experimenting with afro puffs and twist-out hairstyles to feel and look different depending on the situation or your mood.

Source: @vincenzostylist

15. Platinum Blonde Wavy Tapered Pixie

One of the many lovely short naturally curly haircuts is this gorgeous pixie. Dimension is encouraged by the platinum’s contrast with the black undercut. The head’s crown is made taller by the tapering form.

Source: @janelasealysmith

16. Gradient Buzz Cut for Natural Locks

Ethnic hair is renowned for its remarkable ability to maintain its structure. This is why, when going shorter, the gradation of length matters. Here’s a great example of a modern take on the creative short naturally curly hairstyle.

Source: @exclusively_tasha

17. Midnight Black Kinky Short Crop

Every kind of natural hair may look great with a taper cut. In addition to providing clean lines and height when needed, this style is a great self-styling choice for busy women who lead active lives.

Source: @curlsgonewildsalon

18. Well-Blended Rounded Undercut

A subtle undercut that accentuates the curve and gives it a modern, chic, and feminine appearance. Even with the addition of an edgy aspect, such as a shaved line, the overall appearance is still more delicate than with a standard undercut.

Source: @curlpowersalon

19. Layered Side-Parted Style with Highlights

If you want to change up your appearance but still like the length of an afro, consider short natural hairstyles for black women of different lengths. Shorter back and side lengths give layered crops a practical length and form while showcasing your color and texture.

Source: @jamilapowell

20. Twist Out Curls with Undercut

Styling hair that is dense and coarsely textured can be difficult and time-consuming. An easy style that can be completed in no more than fifteen minutes is a twist-out. Co-wash in the shower first, then use a moisturizing or protein-rich conditioner afterward. Next, use shea or cocoa butter to secure the strands and start twisting. Lightly apply product to your hands while getting ready to twist. To improve hydration and reduce frizz, cover your head with a bonnet or a scarf made of silk or satin. You’ll wake up to gorgeously textured ringlets in the morning!

Source: @deecarrington
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