Twist Out on Natural Hair Tutorial with 10 Impressive Hairstyle Ideas

Naturals are accustomed to the adaptability and diversity that come with their textures. Whether you recently had a significant chop, are transitioning, or are completely natural, twists are a common protective style that can give your hair a uniform appearance.

Wearing kinky twists can take various forms. Furthermore, when untangled, it can produce a lovely, lively halo of curls that each have their own distinct individuality. This is the information and motivation you require to begin going.

How to Do a Twist Out on Natural Hair

The only thing that determines whether you aim for a great twist out or one of the twist hairstyles in the first place is that a twist out is a hairstyle that you obtain after you unravel your twists. Despite the fact that having the best of both worlds is also a fantastic notion.

The following describes a twist out step-by-step:

  • Step 1: Start with clean, well-conditioned hair. Twists can be started on damp or dry hair. You will achieve greater definition but less elongation if you start with moist hair. The converse occurs when you twist dry hair; more elongation and less definition.
  • Step 2: Before beginning any twist set, all hair needs to be thoroughly detangled. To avoid or handle knots:
    • Get regular haircuts to get rid of split ends. Keep in mind that depending on your texture, broken ends may seem differently. Curly and coily hair varieties frequently have a single strand knot, which is the start of a split end.
    • Since water is the purest type of hydration, keep your hair hydrated by giving it regular exposure to it, as well as frequent washing and conditioning.
    • Use the appropriate products that have been approved by curly girls: heat protectants, sulfate-free shampoos, and products without drying alcohols (yes, not all alcohols are harmful).
  • Step 3: Use your preferred products and rewet as needed. Part your hair, then begin to twist. Using the corner of the comb, snag the hair from the roots and twist it around your finger down the length of the hair until it’s finished, to produce a single strand twist, also known as finger coils. Take a section of hair and divide it into two sections for two-strand twists. Start by securely holding both parts at the top and begin winding them one over the other to produce a rope. As you progress down the length of the hair, keep twisting. To finish, add a perm rod or finger coil the ends to keep them from unraveling.
  • Step 4: Let it dry completely before untangling! This is crucial since frizz can be caused by even the smallest amount of moisture. If needed, add a few drops of oil for extra shine.
  • Step 5: Depending on the final volume you want, unravel coils by twisting them in the opposite way and retwist using smaller pieces.

You can also maintain an organic look by using a hair pick to fluff hair at the roots rather than neatly dividing it, as shown in the example below:

Products for Twist Out

The items you decide to create are equally as crucial to maintaining the longevity of your design, even though many of us might be more concerned with mastering the technique. The correct products can improve shine, shorten drying times, and maintain the desired soft, flexible hold.

The most crucial thing to remember when selecting your go-to products is to preserve the moisture content of your hair, so avoid using anything that can cause it to become too dry. To attain the ideal twist-out set, use any one of these five products:

  • Twist and define creams help preserve the moisture balance of twists while helping to keep them well defined as they dry. It might be advisable to try Tgin Twist & Define Cream for Natural Hair.
  • In contrast to standard hair gel, styling/wrapping foams allow hair to set without flakes, are flexible enough to survive “take down” without losing their hold, and dry the fastest if you’re impatient. In this case, the Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam makes sense.
  • Botanical gels: less abrasive than conventional gels, yet still providing that wonderful grip you want without flaking or drying out. My favorite is Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic.
  • Personalized hair oil: Provides hydration and luster before or after style. I continue to use the Prose version.
  • Leave-in conditioner: it balances pH levels to prevent tangling while softening hair. Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother is my top pick among these products.

Fabulous Twist Out Looks and How to Create Them

Encouraged to attempt it? Explore the most stylish ideas and advice, then try out different twists on your natural hair.

1. Twist Out with Natural Volume and Frizz

To achieve this look, use a hair pick to raise roots and keep separating twists for the right amount of frizz. This look is ideal for people who are less concerned with definition and want a more natural voluminous style.

Source: @dr.karinab

2. Two-Strand Twist Shoulder Length Hairstyle

You can style your rope twists while they dry, just like you would before. To create this style, take a tiny portion of the hairline, twist it, and pin it to create a large, twisted side bang. Once the hair has completely dried, you can choose to untie the twists or leave the style in place for a few days.

Source: @ravishing_tresses

3. Flat Jumbo Twist Pigtails with Embellishments

Compared to singular strand twists, flat twists are a quicker protective style to achieve. Nevertheless, you can give your curls definition and stretch by untwisting flat twists. Split your hair in the middle and create a single, flat twist on either side of your head to achieve this style. Days before untwisting, tie off the ends with little elastic bands and adorn with gold rings for a lovely appearance.

Source: @honoryourfaith

4. Two-Strand Chunky Twists on Long Hair

If your hair is naturally long, you can achieve this style with a few glossy, hefty flat twists. What’s even better than donning these twists? Your hair will look amazing in a voluminous twist-out style that you may sport for the following three to five days once these massive twists are undone!

Source: @brandirell

5. Twist-Out Bob with Gold Cuffs

Make sure to gently remove twists without splitting the ends too much to cause frizz if you want a gorgeous, high definition twist out on bob length hair. Part your hair in half, then divide it into two halves. Tie rubber bands to form flat twists with a single strand, then embellish with gold cuffs.

Source: @brandy_love

6. Flat Twists Half-up Style

This look is ideal for making a strong visual statement. To create two hefty flat twists, separate your hair on both sides and secure with an elastic or bobby pin. Lift the roots in the front center portion to add height with a hair pick, then secure with a pin. To get the desired volume, raise the roots at the back of your hair using a hair pick.

Source: @abbiecurls

7. Twist Out on Short Natural Hair

The TWA haircut can be wonderfully enhanced with twist outs and a splash of color. For short hair, the process of generating twist outs is essentially the same. Still, starting with damp hair yields the best results. Before unraveling, generously apply a generous amount of twisting cream or style mousse to each part and let it completely dry.

Source: @krewkutz

8. Twist Out on Color-Treated Hair

This twist out’s ideal color and organic highlights provide a cozy, summertime vibe. Use a comb or hair pick to create natural volume and lift at the roots of your hair to get this style by parting it on the side.

Source: @ravishing_tresses

9. Flat Twist into Pigtails

Keeping your hair out of your face while rocking volume is made easy with this playful look. Make two flat twists on either side of the head after dividing the hair in the middle. For fluff and pigtails, fasten with a scrunchie or hair band.

Source: @shanicecox

10. Soft Natural Twist Out with Volume

On medium-length hair, this flawless twist out strikes the ideal mix between volume and definition. Carefully untie the twists to get this look, then apply a few drops of personalized hair oil for a hint of natural shine.

Source: @theessenceof_
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