20 Fabulous Ways to Style Bantu Knots

Afro-textured hair looks great in box braids, twists, weaves, sew-ins, and other protective styles. On the other hand, a growing number of women these days choose to flaunt their hair in quick and simple protective hairstyles. The response? Discover more below!

Your natural hair may grow out of these adorable knots without any difficulty, so you can get by without using any extensions. Here are 20 ideas for personalizing this rather guarded look.

1. Neat Bantu Updo

Any female looks good in a simple, well-groomed updo with lovingly tied knots. This hairstyle is ideal for showcasing your flawless baby hair in a natural way.


2. Ornamental Bantu

If you want a more dimensional effect, you can add braided or twisted designs in between your bantu knots if you feel like they’re too basic. Take your creativity to its limit and make as many patterns as you can!


3. Fit for Fitness

In contrast to popular protective hairstyles like crochet styles, weaves, and lengthy box braids, the knots won’t prevent you from working out hard. During any sweaty routine, they remain tight and snug.


4. Goddess of Protection

Any hairstyle that has embellishments offers something special—your something special. Among other connotations, cowrie shells are believed to symbolize riches and wealth. This might be a really great way to personalize your updo because they are also quite adorable and mimic the shape of your knots.


5. Nubian Queen

Afro hairstyles are incredibly intriguing and distinctive. Your kinks will take on a whole new dimension of mystery thanks to the bantu knot. What a creative and adorable way to wear a necklace that hangs from your side knots, rests on your forehead, and runs along the hairline! Add an attention-grabbing hair accessory!


6. Knotted Half Updo

A give-in while you’re running late for work? Whatever the motivation behind this hairstyle, don’t hesitate to be your fierce self. You can only get positive outcomes by embracing your inner lioness. Take note that circular earrings work well with bantu knots.

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7. Golden Triangles

As they dye their hair, one thing that worries people is what their natural hair will look like as it grows out and reveals the roots. Have you seen this beauty, folks in that boat? Be advised that bleaching causes dry hair. When working with dyed hair, exercise extreme gentleness.


8. Buttery Blonde Bantu

It’s not just natural hair that can pull off the small buns look with bantu knots. This hairstyle is meant for women who have smooth, easy-to-manage hair. The method is exactly the same as it is for kinkier textured locks, and the results are as amazing.


9. Night Out Style

Knotting and twisting your curls is a rather versatile way to style them. The strong piercings and knots in this example give off an edgy vibe, but the same updo would look great on a romantic female wearing a floral outfit.


10. Braided Bantu Buns

Are you sick of curly hair? Braid them to submission. Another method to put your own spin on the trendy hairdo is to start your bantu bun with a braid. Take a large clump of hair and plait it from the roots to the tips. Now take that braid and make your knot with texture!


11. Balls of Fury

Try bantu knots for a protective style that will keep you looking good for much longer than a few days! Additionally, they can also be completed with extensions. The fun part of this is that you can have so much fun experimenting with different colors!


12. Locked up Knots

Every hair type can successfully wear Bantu buns. Moreover, they have an entirely amazing appearance when worn with textured hair! Thus, start knotting if you or your best friend have locks.


13. Bantu Mixer

There isn’t a lot of variety in hairstyles for short natural curls. If you don’t have enough hair to create a respectable afro puff, opt for adorable little knots instead. For some variation, add a twist along the hairline.


14. Stylish and Classy

When your curls are growing out, a great hairstyle for natural hair is a bantu knot. When undone, transitioning hair that is neither too long nor too short can look unprofessional; nevertheless, knotted hair can look elegant.


15. Blue Bantu

Typically, the Bantu appearance exudes an exotic vibe rather than an edgy or punk one. Add colored hair extensions and tie the knot as usual to get this style. An immediate splash of color gives the updo an extra 100 style points.


16. Curly Crown

Additionally, bantu knots can be used to accent intricate hairstyles. The knots, which resemble rosebuds, are the cherry on top of this lovely style of flat twists with a curled bun.


17. Natural Goddess

You can enjoy a bantu knot out for several days. Don’t give up if you see that the definition is waning; this is the ideal moment to design the afro of your desires.


18. Salt and Pepper Knot Out

The knot out of a bantu twist has perfectly curled tips, unlike the twist out. If you have longer curls, separate your hair in the middle to achieve a perfectly voluminous look with the ideal balance of shape and texture.

Source: @embracenaturalbeauty_

19. Fluffy Roots and Defined Ends

The short natural haircut has a polished appearance and distinct ends. Naturally occurring roots and tightly curled tips provide a sophisticated two-textured look. Considering how brief it is, it is undoubtedly successful.


20. Pretty Black and Red Curls

Are you able to tie bantu knots on hair that is transitioning? Just be especially aware that treated tresses are weaker and more prone to breaking. Otherwise, it’s exactly the same as with natural hair. Keeping that in mind, wrap and unwrap the twist gently.

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