30 Snazzy Short Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair

Working with thick, wavy hair can be a dream come true, and stars like Maggie Gyllenhaal and Halle Berry have demonstrated how amazing short, wavy hairstyles can be. Thus, we’re serving up 30 chic, celebrity-endorsed short hairstyles that are ideal for people who are endowed with thick, wavy hair.

1. Razor Cut Short Wavy Style

The entire haircut was done with a razor on damp hair by easy style expert Jayne Matthews. To recreate this sensual appearance, smear on enough of root spray and a dab of hair balm at the tips.

Source: @jayne_edosalon

2. Center-Parted Wavy Bob

Choose a traditional bob with a center part if you love a look that combines sophistication and casual ease. Allow those waves to fall naturally while finishing with a dash of texturizing spray for everyday chic. When it’s time to shine for big events, try using a curling iron to create glam waves or pin it up for a sophisticated updo.

Source: @eastonhair

3. Messy Textured Pixie

You’re going to adore this tousled, textured pixie if you like Halle Berry’s cute pixie cut. It’s very manageable and exudes charm. Simple enough, schedule a haircut every four to six weeks to keep your hair looking fresh.

Source: @akira__sato

4. Voluminous Lob with Curly Bangs

We have a long bob with bangs to cater to all volume enthusiasts. Use a volumizing mousse while your hair is still damp and adhere to your preferred wavy hair tournique to maintain volume in your hairdo. A light mist of dry shampoo helps keep the lift and carefree bounce intact throughout the day.

Source: @thebangsbabe

5. Gender Fluid Long Wavy Pixie

This endearing long pixie was created by hair instructor Aaron Scott Lacy, who gave it the evocative moniker “The Quadripoint Pixie.” This adaptable haircut draws attention to the four unique corners of the hairline and provides a welcoming, gender-neutral appearance.

Source: @aaronscottlacy

6. Jaw-Length Bob with Well-Defined Curls

Hairstylist and curl expert Ethan King of Ron King Salon created this jaw-length wavy bob that flatters the jawline and acts as a framing for the face. This lovely feature gets the attention it deserves thanks to the gentle but distinct waves!

Source: @slickback_buttahtoast

7. Short Pixie for Thick Wavy Hair

Evan Joseph, a stylist and educator, cut his client’s hair short in its natural form while it was still dry. By seeing the actual curl pattern, the stylist can make sure that the cut accentuates the natural shape of the curls and prevents any unpleasant shocks from shrinking when wet.

Source: @evanjosephcurls

8. Graphic Short Wavy Bob

This chin-length bob is striking, striking, and incredibly charismatic! Sal Salcedo, a hair stylist in Los Angeles, used a blunt baseline to create this striking appearance. It produces a crisp, clear edge that accentuates the structural look of thick 2C hair, giving your style a bold, fashionable look!

Source: @salsalhair

9. Short Shaggy Bob

For your thick, wavy mane, this vibrant shaggy bob is the coolest, casual crop. Michelle Harrison, a precise stylist and educator from Suki’s salon in Vancouver, Canada, cut whimsical textural layers that give the look a carefree, tousled vibe.

Source: @michelle.k.harrison

10. Airy Rounded Bob

The breezy charm of beach waves is present in this style. It strikes the ideal balance between refinement and laid-back vibes with a soft side part. Rich waves that perfectly frame your face give you an attractive appearance that works for any setting.

Source: @curly_girly_salon_space_curls

11. Retro French Bob with Modern Twist

Presenting the classic French bob with a touch of contemporary enchantment! It’s a stylish blend of modern design elements with classic charm. Your thick, wavy hair looks its finest in this style, which features classic waves and a sophisticated cut that’s just as in style now as it was then.

Source: @ricardomaiabsb

12. Longer Bob for Wavy Hair

It can be challenging to choose the ideal bob length for wavy hair because it tends to shrink when dry. While type 3 hair, which includes 3a, 3b, and 3c, can significantly scrunch up due to the tightness of the curls, type 2c may see some shrinking. Find out from your hairdresser which styling methods are best for the type of curls you have.

Source: @slickback_buttahtoast

13. Curly Shoulder-Length Shag

Ask your stylist to take off the bulk if you want to draw attention to those perfect curls, like this Vancouver, Canada, stylist from Stone Fox Hair did. The natural curls of this scruffy style emerge when there is no additional weight.

Source: @stonefoxhair

14. Crisp Wavy Bob for Thick Hair

Stylists take into account your curl pattern, the form of the cut, and the layers to make curls pop in a bob cut. Margo Jane, a cutting specialist from Meraki Hair Lounge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, enhanced the curls’ inherent bounce by customizing the length and layering.

Source: @margostyles.mpls

15. Curly Shag with Full Bangs

“A full bang and a carved-out shape that will last up to 8 months with minimal maintenance was our goal,” says Victoria, an expert in haircuts from Long Island and New York City. This look elegantly frames the face and exudes natural volume.

Source: @victoria.hairart

16. Textured Bob for Thick Waves

Texturing is really beneficial for thick, curly hair! It accentuates natural waves, gives movement, and lightens the bulk. Hairstylist Serina from the Vancouver BRUSH salon used texturing to create a chic, casual look that was low maintenance.

Source: @curlygirlserina

17. Elegant Short Bob for Gray Hair

According to the stylists at Cohea Studio in Brussels, Belgium, “a bob on curly hair brings movement and lightness to the face.” You get a great blend of a modern, fresh style and a delicate touch with this elegant haircut.

Source: @coheastudio

18. Soft Feminine Pixie Cut

This style features shorter sides and back hair, with longer top strands that are blow-dried for more bounce and form. Brazilian stylist Rodrigo Cintra added a delicate, feminine touch to this adorable look.

Source: @rodrigocintra

19. Extra Poofy Style for 3A Hair Type

Use layers and a shaping cut that accentuates your natural pattern to define your 3a curls. Apply products that enhance curls, distribute the hair, and scrunch it as it dries. To keep the curl definition at night, you can also attempt the “pineapple” method.

Source: @jesseniaspallet

20. Wavy Pixie Mullet

Mari Reed from Philly The Parlour salon, who loves curls and shags, has a sassy and fun pixie mullet. It’s all about the contrast, with the sides being shorter and the top slightly longer. That mood is stylish, edgy, and cheeky thanks to those waves!

Source: @messy_tresses

21. Tapered Wavy Pixie

The stylish pixie has been trimmed for a more wearable look. Bulk can be reduced without sacrificing style by thinned and trimmed hair toward the neck and sides. This tames those waves and gives you a well-balanced look that makes styling and maintaining your pixie cut easy.

Source: @fernanducruz

22. Layered Cut with Bangs

Diêgo Màrcsant, a Brazilian hairstylist, purposefully took weight out of the hair to accentuate the waves’ inherent bounce and keep it from becoming a bulky mass. You can maintain the volume, shape, and carefree charm that wavy hair is known for by layering!

Source: @diegomarcsant

23. Grown-Out Pixie Mullet

This Orlando, Florida, client of hairdresser Michelle from Alchemy Hair Salon was letting her previous pixie mullet grow out. If your hair journeys together, keep your style consistent by getting frequent cuts to equalize out the lengths. To keep it stylish, embrace headbands, scarves, or other hair accessories.

Source: @motherofcurls

24. Short Thick Hair Bob

Are you prepared to cut your long, wavy hair into a short bob? Consider your lifestyle, hair type, and face shape. With the advent of heat, stylists from Peluqueria Granollers, a Spanish hair salon, assisted their client in achieving this lighter, more casual cut.

Source: @novaperruquers

25. Asymmetric Side-Swept Bob

With a little extra length on one side, the asymmetry in this bob cut balances the volume and prevents the waves from becoming out of control. This results in a polished, harmonious appearance that is both easy and stylish.

Source: @curlycutsbyolga

26. Funky Mullet Crop

The contrasting lengths of this mullet, which is a specialty of Hayley Abner, owner of Buzzkill Studio in Newport, Kentucky, give it a funky vibe. It is pliable in the back and short in the front and sides. It’s a daring, cutting-edge look that exudes individuality!

Source: @scissrwitch

27. Rounded Stacked Bob

Adding layers can produce a stacking effect that improves the waves’ form and motion. It gives the traditional bob a modern twist, making it ideal for anyone who enjoy texture and complexity.

Source: @we_professional

28. Chin-Length Bob for Lush Curls

Layering requires more care when dealing with larger spirals, such as 2c or 3a type hair. Speak with a stylist who specializes in curly hair to select products that are appropriate for your curl pattern. This guarantees that your bends take on the proper form and look their finest.

Source: @cankaplanhair

29. Textured Pixie Bob with Micro Bangs

This pixie bob cut by Brazilian Retrô Hair salon expert Sergio Augusto gives you a lot more styling possibilities because it has some length and weight. A very fashionable face frame is produced by longer side layers and jagged micro bangs.

Source: @se_augusto

30. Classic Bob for Thick Waves

This smooth, uniform cut ends slightly above the shoulders. It emphasizes smooth lines and keeps a classic design, adding movement and subtle layering to go well with the organic waves.

Source: @sukissalonsvictoria
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