35 Most Alluring Hairstyles for Frizzy Hair

We know the trick to controlling frizz in hair! You don’t think we’re real? Just have a look at these 35 incredible looks. Then, set up a date to do something new today with your hairstylist, your closest friend, or yourself! You won’t believe how simple and comfortable these looks are!

Hairstyles such as half-ups, ponies, braids, and updos can greatly alleviate the issue of having a poor hair day. Pick the hairstyles from our evaluation that you feel most at ease with, and don’t forget to add a little styling product to give your anti-frizz looks better in terms of texture and hold.

1. Messy Chignon Bun

Pinning hair strands in a loose bun at the nape of the neck will give you a modern take on the traditional low bun. This look is perfect for traveling into town or working in the garden because it harks back to the simple, carefree days of the prairie!


2. Half Updo with Braided Crown

It can be trickier than you might think to find the perfect haircuts and hairstyles for curly, frizzy hair, especially if you want to flaunt your braids and curls without the frizz. Fortunately, though, there are other methods to make this work! The head is crowned over the flowing curls by the meeting point of the two unkempt, textured braids in the back center.


3. Braided Faux Hawk

21st-century French braiding has expanded to unprecedented heights. This is a fantastic style for medium-length hair that highlights high and low lights and adds visual intricacy to a firm plait that finishes at the earlobe. To complete the appearance and be ready for your special evening, wear a ponytail!


4. Fishtail/French Braid Combo

Managing long hair on a daily basis might present challenges. Here’s a fishtail version where your face is framed by two braids. This is a fantastic method to control those stray hairs while sporting a look that’s smart and casual, practical and enjoyable!


5. Braided Messy Bun

You’ll need a brightly colored hair item (and maybe some patience) for this adorable, one-of-a-kind updo. We adore how this looks, plus it’s meant to let the fly-aways be free! A disheveled braid culminates in an untidy knot that is secured with your hair piece and twisted. Even though it could require some labor, it’s really worth it!

Source: @sarahpotempa

6. Diagonally Braided Updo with Bun

You ought to be an expert now that we’ve exposed you to so many different frizzy hairstyles! We believe this is a great appearance for a more formal event, like a benefit dinner or gala. A textured bun forms the base of a wide French braid with only four to five plaits. There’s a hint of natural tint showing through, giving the whole thing more dimension.


7. Voluminous Ponytail

It can be challenging to style your hair into a voluminous ponytail if it is thin. To give the appearance of a thicker bunch, this hairstyle uses some teasing and wraps a strand of hair from the underside around the ponytail. After then, the ends are teased for one more lift. Put on “anything under the sun” to add some excitement to your appearance!


8. Double Braided Headband

When choosing hairstyles for frizzy hair, it can be easy to assume that braids are unmanageable due to their unruly texture. Here’s a fantastic example of a double surface fishtail braid, though, that lets your waves fall naturally over your shoulders and neck while keeping all those strands together up top.

Source: @sarahpotempa

9. Lucy Goosey Freefall Waves

If you have long, thick, curly hair, you’re constantly searching for methods to reduce frizz. However, we would like you to attempt flaunting it. You may maintain your natural texture and flaunt your envy-inducing length by pushing anything that gets in your face to one side!


10. Single Knot Half and Half

Selecting the ideal shampoo is akin to trying on those edgy heels that give you the impression of floating. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity encounter between hair and product. Since every person’s hair type is unique, don’t give up if you have to! A twisted bun and a few little braids tucked in create an intriguing half-up, half-down appearance that you’ll want to wear again and again!


11. Perfect Undone Pony

Do you wish to have a lovely yet carefree look? This one is the ideal fusion of “I am a confident and cool woman” and “I just crawled out of bed.” Make sure to add some lovely finishing touches, such as flowery clips.

Source: @hair_by_pustovalova

12. Side Fishtail Braid

Braiding unkempt hair is one of the simplest methods to tame it. One of the greatest hairstyles for frizzy hair is the side fishtail braid, which suits ladies with long, high-porosity hair that turns frizzy easily.

Source: @alliedoeshair

13. Messy Half Up Twist

A chaotic half-up twist is a terrific option for an effortlessly stylish style. The twist that creates a subtle yet exquisite appearance and adds texture is the main feature. Make sure to use a drop of serum to finish off your curly hair to tame it.

Source: @headstudio

14. Side Braid Half Updo

Something about these wavy hairstyles makes us think of Baby from the popular film Dirty Dancing. Why? They possess a sensual touch in addition to being elegant and timeless. Styled into a stunning side braid, naturally thick tresses look instantly put together and beautiful.

Source: @sunkissedandmadeup

15. Creative Half Updo for Long Hair

Long hair tends to bring out the finest in frizzy hair since it counteracts the thickness. Because the cut has been kept basic to accentuate the hair’s natural wave, this is a classic example of a haircut for frizzy, wavy hair.

Source: @hair_by_zolotaya

16. Pretty Loose Braid

Although frizzy hair frequently gives the impression of being thick, which is not necessarily a bad thing, consider pushing it back for half-up hairstyles and easy updos to look more put together. A braided hairstyle such as this one can help control frizz if you are prone to it.

Source: @hairbyelena

17. Choppy Bangs and Intense Curls

Choppy bangs and dramatic curls are a head-turner, yet they’re not for the timid. Take advantage of your poofy hair by sporting this intriguing, voluminous hairdo. To maintain the daring look, finish it off with chic pink accessories and makeup.

Source: @catladydoeshair

18. Stunning Wrapped Ponytail

You don’t need to go much farther for styling ideas for frizzy hair! Taking the high ponytail to the next level is a great way to channel Ariana Grande’s beauty. The silky tresses at the front of the pony, combined with its edgy and fashion-forward style, provide a gentler overall appearance on the face.

Source: @studioalessandranunes

19. Tucked Bun with a Twist

Although we’ve always loved the tucked-in look, this one puts a chic and contemporary spin on the traditional “do.” Additionally, updos effortlessly manage your unmanageable hair by sweeping them up to produce a style that is both incredibly beautiful and adaptable.

Source: @theprettyparlour

20. Modern Perm

Do you desire a style that exudes a carefree, casual-cool attitude for your curly, frizzed-out hair? Without a doubt, this is it. A perm isn’t the standard option in 2024, but there’s a good reason it’s still worthwhile: it brings out your hair’s inherent texture rather than attempting to fight it, and that’s exceptional. Additionally, you can choose the ideal combination of curl size and tightness for yourself, so you don’t have to go for that retro ’80s look.

Source: @johnnyramirez1

21. Knotted Updo with Flyaways

An updo is a foolproof hairstyle for curly, frizzy hair! Despite its seeming complexity, the triple knot method is actually quite simple to execute. Dry your hair roughly without brushing it. Separate it into three parts, tie each into a ponytail, then twist and knot it to form little buns.

Source: @theprettyparlour

22. Edgy Side Braids

Braids are a wise choice for a look that is genuinely unique. Nothing highlights your personality more than an intriguing braid to produce a look that is both texturally stunning and unique.

Source: @goldplaited_

23. Side-Parted Ringlets

It’s all about definition in this situation! These hairs already stand out due to their intense curliness, but this hairstyle’s layered cut and deep side parting give it a stylish silhouette. The final outcome? a look that will definitely draw notice.

Source: @curlswithapromise

24. Romantic Low Bun

This is one of the best hairstyles for wavy frizzy hair because of the elegant and feminine blend of soft curls and gorgeous highlights. It’s also a terrific option for a night out.

Source: @styles_by_reneemarie

25. High Curly Pigtails

The successful resurgence of a 1990s fashion is the pigtail bun. The youthful and carefree style with a nod to the 1990s is ideal for the woman who want to be the center of attention.

Source: @detrashalee

26. Loose Bun with Curled Fringe

Do you want a quick and simple look? We have everything covered. The delicate curls at the front frame the face to give an elegant yet feminine impression, even if the bun updo is quite basic.

Source: @ellasbridalhair

27. High Top Frizzy Bun

Which haircut should I get for my frizzy hair? The ideal choice is a straightforward long cut with few layers. However, a high bun is the best option if you wish to tame your locks and lack length. It will have a unique texture that is crisp and feathery.

Source: @goldplaited_

28. Side Parted Bob with Attitude

Generally speaking, length works best for fly-away hair, but as the curly bob demonstrates, that’s obviously not always the case. When worn with long side-swept bangs that emphasize and frame the face, short hair looks exceptionally chic.

Source: @damiasalon

29. Curly Frizzy Shag with Bangs

A fuss-free hairstyle option is a layered haircut with bangs. Simply rub some texturizing product into your damp hair to enjoy a trendy shag that is naturally untidy.

Source: @shearioussalonatl

30. Romantic Side Bun

For wavy hair, a medium-to-long haircut allows you to wear your curls in updoes or in free-flowing styles. The side bun is arguably the most romantic hairstyle for unmanageable hair, and its soft, gentle waves make it ideal for formal events like black tie or weddings. This is just one of many looks that demonstrate how much you should value your hair’s inherent texture.

Source: @catherinestroh

31. Crimped and Curled Combo

This is always your go-to for a simple look that doesn’t require any clips, pins, or other accessories! All you need is your preferred heat protectant product, a curling iron, and a straightener with a crimping attachment. Next, use your imagination and pull out haphazard sections of hair until your entire hair is styled.


32. Double Crown Greek Goddess

You have to give this natural Athenian updo a try at least once. The top parts are tamed by braids, yet loose strands are curled and flow freely. You will definitely feel like a goddess when you pair this adorable updo with a longer, silky dress!


33. Half and Half: Torus Braids

For those of us hippies out there, this is a great appearance. Flower Children had an almost magical quality, and this appearance evokes the same sentiment. The two braids formed a Torus shape as they tucked into one another after twisting around each other from just over the ears. Wear with floor-length or flowered clothing.


34. Three Tiered Braided Updo

Multiple sections are placed on top of one another to create this unusual style, which is a stack of braids pinned to the back of your head. This is our favorite hairstyle for frizzy hair out of all of them!


35. Messy Updo for Frizzy Hair

This kind of updo requires a lot of pins, some artistic positioning, and a smoothing product to control the unruly frizz in dry hair. You can keep your hair up and create a look of your own by adding a few strategically placed loose ends!

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