30 Hair Colors for Curly Hair to Bring Out the Beauty of Your Curls

The way your curls look and feel can be greatly influenced by the color of your hair. When choosing a new hue for your curls, it’s crucial to take into account elements like your skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color and structure.

For your inspiration, we’ve compiled the top 30 dyed curly hair color choices in one post. Look through our selection and select the colors and applications that best suit your personal style!

1. Honey Blonde Highlights on Curly Hair

If you want to give your hair some depth and dimension without going too light or too dark, this hue can be a nice option. The shade of honey blonde enhances darker skin tones exquisitely and defines the curl pattern.

Source: @slickback_buttahtoast

2. Medium Curly Hair with Copper Tones

Regardless of length, bright hues like orange, copper, and red may be really attractive on curly hair. It’s a good idea to speak with a professional stylist to determine the ideal hue for your skin tone if you want to try this coloring technique but are unsure about which one to choose.

Source: @mo_safi_

3. Two-Tone Naturally Curly Hair

A hair color that goes well with various skin tones is medium brown. Without being overly dramatic or flamboyant, this warm, natural-looking tint can give your hair a sun-kissed radiance. For a more dimensional effect, simply highlight a few locks with a lighter golden brown shade here and there.

Source: @espacowicks

4. Blonde Curly Shag with Dark Roots

Gorgeous blonde highlights that will really bring out the best in your curls are a great option if you want to try something different without being too dramatic or bold. A contrast and dimension that is universally pleasing is produced by lowlights and shadow roots.

Source: @rachelwstylist

5. Chocolate Curly Hair

If you’re wanting to enhance your natural color or want a slight adjustment, brown tones are a great option. If you want to give your thick, curly hair more texture and effortless style, team your colored hair with a short, scruffy haircut.

Source: @jayne_edosalon

6. Red Highlights on Naturally Wavy Hair

The texture of long, curly hair can be emphasized in a multifaceted way by combining red and auburn tones with various brown tints. Furthermore, the color might feel rich and cozy with a chocolatey background.

Source: @praisedahair

7. Buttery Blonde Beachy Waves

Blonde highlights mixed with light brown hair is a very adaptable combination that goes well with many different complexion tones and hairstyles. Therefore, don’t be scared to wear a flash of color to go with your naturally wavy hair.

Source: @jhonyveiga

8. Caramel Blonde Highlights on Brown Curls

Brown tones with caramel blonde highlights produce a sun-kissed, organic look that accentuates the pattern of the curls and goes well with the texture of curly hair. Apply a well-liked highlighting method to live out this concept.

Source: @suecurlysuee

9. Bold Black Pixie with Highlighted Curls

Additionally, short hairstyles allow for experimentation. Choose a long pixie cut, and use contrasting highlights to draw attention to your curls. In addition to framing the face and bringing out its inherent radiance, the soft caramel tone will make the curls seem more lightweight and form a stunning contrast with the black base.

Source: @ton.rosa

10. Silver Gray Curls

After seeing this photo, you may reconsider your belief that the silver-gray shade is the greatest option for ladies with dark skin tones. This curly hair color is stunning and really attractive!

Source: @korluhairartist

11. Golden Brown Highlights on Long Curly Hair

A soft, natural look can be achieved by gradually going from deeper to lighter tones; this is ideal for people who like to add some color to their hair without too much upkeep. Choose delicate ombre effects to give your curly hairstyle more depth and appeal.

Source: @sliceyfingers

12. Layered Curly Lavender Hair

Making a statement with your curly hair can be achieved by adding purple highlights. While lighter hues like dusty lilac and lavender can produce a more whimsical and fun look, deeper purples like plum and eggplant can give your hair richness and depth.

Source: @eujayrodrigues

13. Chocolate Brown Curly Hair Color

Your curly hair might benefit from rich brown tones that accentuate its inherent texture and provide depth. In addition, a dark hue doesn’t damage your hair and produces a low-maintenance look that may look fantastic with little care.

Source: @slickback_buttahtoast

14. Shaggy Curls with Light Hair Highlights

There are many different hues of blonde hair to pick from, and blonde hair can undoubtedly suit a wide range of complexion tones. Golden blonde is the ideal hue when you want to give warmth to the complexion, while platinum blonde hair colors are popular among people who seek a striking and edgy look.

Source: @mo_safi_

15. Chocolate Brown Afro

Afro curls with a springy texture create a bold and striking hairdo that is sure to turn heads! Use caramel or auburn teasylights to accentuate the texture of your coily hair and showcase your distinct style and individuality.

Source: @jhonyveiga

16. Dirty Blonde Curly Hair

Trying something new with your hair is always thrilling, especially when the results are as gorgeous as this! When applied to tight curls, brown and dirty blonde tones go very well together and can make a statement.

Source: @praisedahair

17. Bright Red Color for Curly Hair

Reddish-orange hair color is a stunning and daring option for curly hair since it draws attention to you right away. To create a fun and striking style and make your hair glitter in the sun, choose for brighter hues like carrot or ruby red.

Source: @suecurlysuee

18. Cherry Red Bob for Wavy Hair

Your naturally curly hair can benefit greatly from a red hair color, which exudes a bright, young feel and adds a fun and lively touch. If you wish to stand out, this color option is ideal. Just remember to use the right products to hydrate your hair in order to preserve the color’s brilliance.

Source: @nevilleromanzammit

19. Subtle Highlights for Naturally Dark Hair

Your shoulder-length curly hair can look gorgeous and natural with the addition of modest highlights. Caramel’s warm, golden tones accentuate the inherent sheen and richness of dark brown hair, making it a stunning match.

Source: @beautiful_by_natalie

20. Blonde Highlights on Dark Curly Hair

For people who want something different from their typical brown or black hair but don’t want to go too bright, this is a perfect alternative. Enjoy your new fashionable hairdo and go for a more natural look by wearing blonde colors with shadow roots.

Source: @jhony_bayerl

21. Creamy Blonde Balayage on Voluminous Curls

For curly females, blonde brown can be a very intriguing and adaptable hair color. This captivating curly hairstyle’s texture can be enhanced with a gradient that looks natural thanks to the blend of brown and blonde tones.

Source: @mg_hair_transform

22. Mid-Length Spirals in Rich Mahogany Shade

Given that it takes little to no bleaching, mahogany is among the best curly hair color ideas for women with natural black hair. And on short, curly hair, notice how amazing it looks! The deep, amber hue accentuates the contours of your spirals, giving them a striking appearance.

Source: @seabrapaullo

23. Subtle Brown Balayage

Light brown highlights look best with deep brown hues like dark chocolate and espresso. An eye-catching, low-maintenance hairdo with lots of warmth and interest can be achieved by choosing a lighter shade that is just one or two shades higher than the foundation color. For people with fine, curly hair, it’s an excellent choice as well because dimensional strands usually appear thicker.

Source: @slickback_buttahtoast

24. Dark Curly Hair with Blonde Accent

An outstanding substitute for the traditional highlighting method is color blocking. We advise going with your jet-black hair or a contrasting blonde in dark brown. You won’t believe how much it alters your overall appearance!

Source: @sliceyfingers

25. Kinky Hair with Pintura Highlights

A tried-and-true method for creating stunning hair colors for curly hair is pintura highlights. Even though there isn’t much hair damage, you still need to apply hair care products to adequately nourish your curls for a healthy appearance.

Source: @suecurlysuee

26. Rainbow Highlights on Curly Hair

Vibrant chalk highlights can be the finishing touch that adds flair to your curly hair and elevates your appearance to a whole new level! You can be sure that this hairstyle will make you stand out from the other girls in the room because this color combination is so much fun.

Source: @nealmhair

27. Eye-Catching Curly Pink Hair

With wavy hair, the combination of pastel and hot pink hues creates an incredibly original and eye-catching hairdo. For people who wish to use fantastical colors to express themselves and grab attention, this is a great option.

Source: @malcolmcleavoncuts

28. Long Natural Curls with Honey Color Block

Your features will truly pop thanks to color blocking, which also highlights your amazing curly hairstyle! The impression you want to create will determine whether you choose for a stronger red tint to accentuate your sassy side or a warm blonde hue for a more subdued appearance.

Source: @beautiful_by_natalie

29. Light Brown Curls with Golden Blonde Highlights

Highlights of golden blonde curly hair form a lovely color combination that looks amazing on curly hair, perfectly balancing the light brown base. The ideal summertime hue for your curly hair.

Source: @sliceyfingers

30. Strawberry Blonde Curly Hair Color

With light to medium skin tones, strawberry blonde highlights offer warmth and shine to the complexion. For individuals who want to add some flair to their curls without risking an unduly light tint, this color option is perfect.

Source: @jhonyveiga
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