30 Ways to Sport Wavy Hair with Bangs in a Stunning Way

Bangs on curly hair appear adorable and young. Hairstylists can create the ideal haircut for your hair type, personality, and way of life with the use of contemporary tools and techniques.

You have so many options when it comes to styling your naturally wavy hair! For instance, you can go for a long or short cut, straight or side-swept, blunt or textured bangs! To learn about the newest styles and trends, continue reading. 

Which bangs will look best with your wavy hairstyle? Consider the form of your face first. Bangs must balance it out and enhance it. Check out our comprehensive guide on the many kinds of fringes for more information.

The good news is that wavy hairstyles of various shapes and lengths look great with bangs. This implies that there is unquestionably a perfect fringe for your hairstyle. Verify if having bangs on your wavy hair is a wonderful choice, and see more inspiration below!

1. Shaggy Short Wavy Bob Haircut with Bangs

This shaggy, wavy bob and the full fringe bangs combo have us completely smitten. This hairdo perfectly frames your features with its abundance of movement and structure.

Source: @salsalhair

2. Short Wavy Hair with Straight Wispy Fringe

Wispy bangs will go well with your sassy curly pixie cut and give it an extra edge. The front portion of your hair only needs to be straightened if it is naturally curly; the remainder of your hair can air dry.

Source: @joandaytonhair

3. Long Wavy Hair with Bangs Style

Are you itching for a change but would rather keep your hair the same color and length? Try having feathery, soft bangs that have a thin separation that just barely shows through.

Source: @yourmanegirlcolleen

4. Long Hair and Naturally Wavy Bangs

If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, bangs can make a major statement and greatly improve your appearance. However, you will need to do some basic styling, including using a mousse or serum to enhance your curls and scrunching your hair before letting it air dry.

Source: @nataliarok

5. Long Wavy Hair with Curtain Bangs

These long, flicked-out bangs, reminiscent of the 1970s, are arguably one of the most fashionable and contemporary looks. Use a medium-sized round brush to blow-dry your fringe backwards to achieve this appearance. Allow it to break apart in the center, then secure the strands in place with some hairspray.

Source: @brentdanielbasore

6. Shag Hairstyle with Messy Wavy Bangs

If it doesn’t have curling bangs, is it even a shag? This style is a curly girl’s dream, perfectly integrated with the rest of the hair and full of disheveled texture.

Source: @emilyyourhairstylist

7. Medium Length Wavy Hair and Choppy Bangs

Bangs that are fashioned like an A or an arch frame the face beautifully and exude femininity and youth. They are incredibly adaptable and look great as curtain bangs or as a full fringe.

Source: @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

8. Wavy Hair with Short Blunt Bangs

Full bangs are edgy and draw all eyes to your cheekbones, making them ideal for thick hair. Even though maintaining this look takes some work, particularly if you have naturally wavy hair, it is well worth the effort.

Source: @hairbynadja

9. Naturally Wavy Hair with Bangs

We’re happy to inform you that the myth that curly hair prevents you from having bangs is no longer true—in fact, you should definitely have them. Rock your natural waves with a contemporary shag with bangs.

Source: @kultura_moscow

10. Long Wavy Pixie with a Deep Side Part

Use a curling iron to produce those delicate curls on all of your hair, including the bangs that are swept to one side, to achieve this style. Apply a texturizing spray to finish it off to give your pixie cut some pop.

Source: @bleachedandblown

11. Shag Haircut with Curly Bangs

The shag cut is the one to attempt if you want to wear your curly hair with bangs. Regardless of whether your hair is naturally curly or has a perm, this style fits the bill.

Source: @denovosalon_

12. Long Choppy Layers and Wispy Bangs

When combined, long, wavy hair with bangs looks fantastic. The finishing touches are what make a style flawless. Take a look at the side sections that blend the bangs into the rest of the hair.

Source: @nothingobvious

13. Shaggy Bob with Soft Blunt Bangs

Full straight bangs paired with a textured, wavy bob are a major stunner, especially on oval faces with strong bone structure. To achieve this appearance, ask your stylist for a razor cut.

Source: @yukistylist

14. Wavy Hair with Side Swept Wavy Bangs

For thick, curly, or wavy hair, a layered haircut with soft bangs works best. Apply some pomade or serum to your hair if it’s frizzy.

Source: @beautiful_by_natalie

15. Lob Haircut with Wavy Curtain Fringe Style

For people who have thick to medium-sized hair, the finest option is a wavy lob with fluffy bangs. To extend the life of the style and draw attention to the curl pattern, use some texturizing spray.

Source: @hirohair

16. Mullet Cut with Wavy Bangs

One of the trendiest ways to wear your wavy hair with bangs is definitely a mullet. For a dramatic accent, add a bleached strand in the front.

Source: @ruteboazhair

17. Long Thick Hair with Wispy Bangs

In order to prevent feeling heavy and flat, thick hair must be trimmed in the proper shape. We recommend that you experiment with a wavy fringe and shaggy layers to give your hair some body and movement.

Source: @ruteboazhair

18. Soft Waves and Blunt Bangs

The combo of pastel hues and long, straight bangs is your style if you want to amp up the drama. Three-weekly salon visits would be necessary to achieve eyebrow-grazing length, but they are well worth the effort.

Source: @john.n1115

19. Cute French Bob with Baby Bangs

This sassy little bob with an oval-shaped fringe has us smitten. This style is really easy to maintain if you have curly natural hair. All you have to do is let the rest of the hair air dry naturally while using a flat iron or round brush to straighten the bangs.

Source: @hairabee

20. Medium Wavy Hair with Bangs

A short, curly hairstyle with soft, feathery bangs exudes a trendy, feminine vibe. The secret to getting this disheveled, tousled look is to use a diffuser and a good amount of curl building serum.

Source: @stebunovhair

21. Super Textured Mullet with Wavy Fringe

One of our favorite wavy hairstyles is a shaggy mullet. The wavy bangs and choppy layers give us a very rebellious attitude.

Source: @jomcintyrehair

22. Layered Wavy Hair with Curtain Bangs

When hair reaches a particular length, it usually starts to lose its curl. You can keep it longer and bring back the curls at the same time by adding some layers.

Source: @brendaracelihair

23. Long Pixie with Soft Feminine Waves

A wavy bang on a short blonde hairdo creates an edgy yet stylish image. Use a flat iron to give your wavy hair some direction, and then apply a firm hold hairspray to complete the style.

Source: @locksbycassi

24. Wavy Hairstyle with Layered Bangs

This curly shag accentuates the texture of those natural corkscrew strands to perfection; it’s so voluminous and bouncy. To achieve this look, scrunch your curls with gel or serum and use a diffuser to dry them.

Source: @drethings

25. Sculptured Long Top Short Sides Pixie

A statement appearance is achieved with long, wavy bangs and short hair on the sides and back. Wear crimson lipstick to complete the look and make people swoon.

Source: @cherise_cheveux

26. Wavy Textured Haircut with Long See-Through Bangs

The ideal way to frame your face without making it appear heavy or overbearing is with subtle, see-through bangs. Lightweight and feathery, they complement wavy hair beautifully.

Source: @rachelringwood

27. Long Wavy Mullet with Deep Choppy Fringe

This style is all about the contrast, bold and edgy. The combination of straight, heavy bangs and long, wavy hair in the back created a look that turned heads everywhere.

Source: @hairabee

28. Very Short Wavy Hair with Side Bangs

This soft pixie crop is your best option if you’re seeking for a short hairstyle that goes well with bangs and wavy hair. It’s the ideal option for people with fine hair because it has the ideal amount of texture and face framing.

Source: @cutnj

29. Short Wavy Bob with Bangs and Highlights

This layered, shaggy bob with feathered bangs looks well on a variety of face shapes and hair types. To get as much volume as you can, blow dry it while wearing your head upside down.

Source: @timm.morrison

30. Stacked Bob with Fringe and Light Waves

This season’s biggest trend is a short, graduated bob with curtain bangs that is ultra-trendy and 80s. To give this haircut a contemporary twist, use a curling iron to add some gentle waves.

Source: @unknown.dimensions
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