30 Smashing Braided Ponytails for Black Women

What could be more stylish than fusing the two most popular black women’s hairstyles, ponytails and braids, into one look? The greatest braided ponytail hairstyles are listed below to inspire you to try out various methods and designs and produce genuinely eye-catching looks. We assure you that every one of these looks has the power to make you seem amazing!

1. High Braided Ponytail

Delicate upright cornrows elevate the beauty of Ghana braids to new heights. The braider completed the style with curly ends and a high ponytail to elevate it to a new level. We really adore how the braids encircle the ponytail foundation.

Source: @thomees.beauty.world

2. Low Braided Ponytail with Stitch Braids

With their heart-shaped designs braided on the scalp, these African ponytail braids won our hearts. The stitch braids look great with a low ponytail that allows for plenty of creative flexibility. Try two face-framing braids and perfectly style your baby’s hair for a distinctive look.

Source: @neyhairs_

3. Mohawk Braid Ponytail

This chic hairstyle successfully blends femininity, edginess, and sophistication into one amazing appearance. You may create a more defined Mohawk shape by using bobby pins to bind the sides of your hair closer to the scalp, which will make the Mohawk twist stand out even more.

Source: @justbraidsinfo

4. Feed in Braids into a Side Ponytail

Who says you can’t wear a variety of braided ponytail hairstyles without long locks? Braiding hair allows you to experiment with different shades and get the ideal thickness and length. To replicate these lovely feed-in braids and freehand cornrow designs, get in touch with an expert braider.

Source: @braids_by_antoinette

5. Pigtail Braids with a Twist

Whoever stated that pigtails are only for little girls has obviously never witnessed the wonders that Kendall from Miami accomplished when she wore her high twin tails in double braids! In addition to their considerable thickness, these ponytail braids are lovely because of their curling ends, which add even more playfulness to the hairdo.

Source: @braidssbyj

6. 3d Braid Ponytail

There’s no better way to look sophisticated than with a high ponytail. Atlantan Tashana Miles upped the ante on ponytails by combining a large three-dimensional braid with her silky, straight hair. Ideal for extravagant occasions as well as any other occasion!

Source: @tasha_worldofstyles

7. African Ponytail Braids with Beads

Bead-braided bangs are a great way to draw attention and counterbalance a high forehead. It subtly amplifies the allure of a braided hairdo, enabling symmetrical hair decorations and embellishments.

Source: @thomees.beauty.world

8. Soft Locs Ponytail Style

Soft locs offer minimum maintenance and adaptability, the best of both worlds. They offer more style versatility and a softer feel. This haircut is ideal for people who want to renew their natural hair while yet maintaining a protective style.

Source: @neyhairs_

9. Spring Twist Ponytail

Curly hair extensions are used in passion twists, a fantastic protective hairstyle that creates a bouncy look. Lightweight spring twists should be at the top of your list whether you’re searching for a ponytail volume boost or an alternative to box braids.

Source: @talenihairstudio

10. Cornrows into Ponytail

The stylish cornrow look is combined with the adorable Bantu knot feature on the ends in this haircut by Guadeloupe braider. The way the cornrows progressively become thicker braids is appealing to us. However, keep in mind that a shorter ponytail would make the style too bulky to wear every day.

Source: @braids_by_bc

11. Fishtail Braid Ponytail

Paying close attention to details and being precise are the keys to creating an amazing fishtail motif. It’s important to take your time making even parts, make sure your braids are tight, and fasten the ponytail firmly with an elastic. Gently relax the braid with your fingertips for a more carefree and voluminous look.

Source: @melaninhairstyles

12. Butterfly Box Braids Ponytail

We are all familiar with the difficulty of pulling off a stylish haircut that is appropriate for the summer heat. Fantastic and multipurpose box braids are our go-to style for the sunny season! They provide your hair with countless styling options in addition to shielding it from the intense heat.

Source: @gbemzybeauty_

13. Lemonade Braids High Ponytail

With expertly created lemonade braids, the experts from Boss Braid Experience, Texas, got things started. They added a little sass by giving them a block of caramel tone. The overall style is expertly enhanced by these dark blonde braids in the back and front.

Source: @bossbraidexperience

14. Cornrows into Two Ponytail Braids

With this hairdo, you’ll look and feel like a star. These two braided ponytails with twisted cornrows are adorable and fierce at the same time. If you want to create braided buns out of pigtails, you may also wrap all of the braids around the base.

Source: @_sweethairstyles_

15. Medium and Small Braids

The ideal balance of thick and thin braids results in a completely original style that exudes personality. For a glamorous touch, arrange those gorgeous African ponytail braids into an updo that is precisely centered at the top of your head.

Source: @neyhairs_

16. Fishbone African Ponytail Braids

This gorgeous look is the epitome of modern elegance combined with African flair. Taleni Ekandjo created a gorgeous fishbone pattern by skillfully weaving big, gorgeous gigantic braids. Wear this look twisted into a bun or worn as a genuine ponytail.

Source: @talenihairstudio

17. Goddess Ponytail Braids

Are you looking for something more than just your typical cornrows for your hairstyle? Goddess braids are more substantial and juicy than cornrows—they’re like a whole other level! For a sophisticated yet strong style, pull them back into a braided ponytail.

Source: @krownhairstyles

18. Braided Frontal Ponytail

This hairstyle, which combines a basic braiding method with a hint of glam, is stunning. We like how easy it is to achieve a flawless style with this frontal lace wig without having to spend hours braiding.

Source: @laidbylavish

19. Braids into a Long Curly Ponytail

This hairstyle is your best option if you’re longing for some major volume in your black hair! It looks well on both natural and weaved hair and is the ideal blend of gorgeous cornrow braids and extra flair.

Source: @signedbyliah

20. Shoulder Length Braided Ponytail

In addition to showcasing the inherent texture and adaptability of black hair, braided hairstyles offer one of the most protective looks that supports healthy growth. The thickness at the ends of the braid is what distinguishes this style.

Source: @thomees.beauty.world

21. Single Ponytail Braid

Do you want the ideal mix of polished and carefree? Choose some properly spaced scalp braids in the front to tame those bothersome flyaways without seeming unduly polished.

Source: @_sweethairstyles_

22. Freestyle Braids and Low Pony

Freestyle braiding not only grabs attention like nothing else, but it also glams things up in a really stylish way. The finest aspect? There are tons of ways to rock this look.

Source: @savsstyles

23. African Ponytail Braids with Loose Curls

For black women, feed-in African ponytail braids are a must-try! Think about mixing in some loose waves. They do a fantastic job of embracing the diversity of black hair and softening the gigantic braid size.

Source: @blaqhairmagic

24. Pearl Decked Ponytail Braid

Weave a strand of sparkling pearls into your braided hairstyle to add festivity and sparkle to your ensemble. Your braid will glow and catch the light thanks to those pearls, giving you an alluring appearance.

Source: @braids.sc

25. Stitch Braids into a Coily Ponytail

A curly weave that resembles real hair texture is the ideal finishing touch for your amazing braided ponytail style! The length, which resembles a long bob from the rear, also adds interest.

Source: @hairbyjmonet

26. Mermaid Braid

When it comes to braiding ponytails, the weave game is crucial! Do you want to upgrade your African ponytail braids? Combining your sleek hair texture with your braided hair will provide even more drama and flair.

Source: @kianashaircraft

27. Double Braid Pony

For a distinctive style, turn a ponytail that is positioned lower on the crown into two braids with ease! For more visual appeal, think about creating a side part as you smooth your hair back.

Source: @laidbylay___

28. Straight Back Cornrow Braids Ponytail

Slim, straight back cornrows let your pony steal the show rather than drawing attention to themselves. In addition, straight back cornrow braids draw attention to your best features and completely open up your face.

Source: @glam_by_katu

29. Ponytail with Braids on the Temple

This style highlights your temple area and produces a dramatic contrast by combining the elegance of a long, high ponytail with scalp braids. The braids at the temples give you a unique and sassy look, elevating your hair game to an impressive level.

Source: @kianashaircraft

30. Goddess Updo with Golden Strings

Hair jewelry is your secret weapon for making a goddess updo look even more amazing! Think about using elaborate gold or silver cuffs and strings for those gorgeous African ponytail braids. They’ll bring some glitz and refinement.

Source: @melaninbeauty.bar
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