20 Cute and Creative Ideas for Short Faux Locs

Try short faux locs if you want a chic look that keeps your hair safe. These extensions may be worn by any hair type and don’t demand a long-term commitment, unlike real locs. Although dreads are typically thought of in lengthy lengths, they also look stunning in shorter cuts. Learn more about this popular style by reading on.

You can create faux locs by using extensions to swaddle your own hair or by crocheting prepared strips to your own hair. They don’t need regular styling and are fantastic for experimenting with different lengths or hues.

1. Faux Locs Long Bob

Shoulder-length hair that is kinky or curly can be unmanageable. There is no need to worry with this design. By simplifying your appearance, locs stop triangle head and flyaways. Adding some colorful twine to one or more sections is a great way to personalize them.

Source: @naturalbabe10.11_pro

2. Micro Faux Locs

Short, tiny fake locs give off a dainty, feminine appearance. This variety is ideal for manes that are fine or low density. The small twines waggle and flow like straggling hair. The deep blue color is unique, eye-catching, and contemporary.

Source: @iamjaelroumain

3. Layered Faux Dreadlocks

Combine several lengths to create a layered shape for a loc style with some volume. As the ends stack, height will be created. By turning your mop to the side opposite your natural portion, you can increase lift even more. Add some accent pieces of golden wire to dress it up.

Source: @naturally_curla

4. Faux Undercut Locs

Cornrows make it simple to produce sections that fit closely and give the appearance of an undercut, or a long top with shaved sides. With accents in jewel tones, the effect is exceptionally striking and stylish. Use readymade attachments or a combination of twining and covering to do it.

Source: @niani_b

5. Side Parted Short Locs

The crochet method is an ideal way to quickly achieve the look of short faux locs hair. It entails using a crochet hook to secure pre-made dreadlocks to little portions of your natural hair.

Source: @lynnettessilhouettes

6. Wavy Mid-Length Locs

The textures of crochet hair locs range from straight and silky to tightly coiled and wavy. Soft waves are used in this style to create a lovely, carefree finish. You may get uniform strand size and total control over length, color, and shape by creating locs.

Source: @kiitana

7. Silvery Faux Dreadlocks

There’s no need to bleach or tone faux locs to achieve a striking color. Alternatively, you can just wrap your natural hair in your preferred shade of yarn or synthetic strips. The current grunge look is achieved by layering a bright color, like as silver or electric blue, over dark roots.

Source: @yeyebynature

8. Coiled Faux Locs

It’s not necessary for short fake locs haircuts to be straight. Curly synthetic hair pieces can be braided into the roots of your natural hair to create curly ends. Then, a few inches of loose synthetic ringlets are left at the tips of each piece, which is partially concealed.

Source: @misskenk

9. Thick Highlighted Locks

Because it’s crucial for their lifestyles, energetic females who want to express themselves without going crazy usually choose for a rebellion dreadlocks appearance with a conservative hue and controllable length.

Source: @naturalbabe10.11_pro

10. Side-Parted Chocolate Locs

By choosing to enclose some portions with marley hair, you can attain full coverage and take advantage of a smooth, shining, feminine look. A dark hue and a clean side part give off an understated feel.

Source: @beautybysheri

11. Faux Locs Buns

A range of easy and entertaining half updos are included in contemporary short faux locs designs. It’s simple to clip and pin the tidy coils. This is when the top is curled into two silly buns. Choose slender locs like these if you enjoy a range of hairstyles because they are easier to manage.


12. Blue and Green Faux Locs

Look no further if you’re looking for a stylish haircut with extensions that won’t damage your natural hair. Temporary dreadlocks can protect short natural hair while giving the appearance of more length. They’re also a great way to play around with color; just choose your favorite shade and wrap!

Source: @lachelletrends

13. A-Line Bob with Faux Locs

Your locs can be styled in a variety of ways, but if you want to get out of bed in the morning, aim for a stylish haircut. A slanted edge is created by gradually extending the length from rear to front. Bring pictures that motivate you to your hairdresser so you may get the look you actually want.

Source: @youngmedusas_

14. Thick Faux Locs Hairstyle

Chunky, short faux locs could be a good and flattering way to keep your mop in check if you have a lot of hair and prominent facial features. They also impart a daring, quirky vibe.

Source: @iam.nubian

15. Wavy Bob Dreadlocks

Even very short hair can have faux locs applied. If the length of your original strands is lacking, keep extensions in proportion so as not to overstress the roots. A lob that reaches the shoulders is a classy option.

Source: @naturalstylist_

16. Burgundy Highlighted Locs

By applying a contrasting shade to a small portion of your locs, you can create the illusion of highlighted hair. This technique works well for dispersing a thick mane’s optical density. A dramatic conclusion is provided with a deep side portion.

Source: @hair_be_poppin

17. Locs with Shaved Sides

A Mohawk shape is achieved by shaving the sides of the head and adding a short faux locs strip down the middle. Undershaves draw attention to cheekbones and flaunt bold jewelry, such as the featured chandelier earrings. A sporty touch is incorporated with the carved lines.

Source: @iamkingtee

18. Locs with Loose Ends

You do not have to go all the way down to add length via extensions. Rather, you can let the wavy ends of your short hair hang loose. Curly and kinky hair looks great together, especially when combined with a current hue.

Source: @shasadujour

19. Golden Locs

Take into consideration this fear variety if your aesthetic is laid back. Sleek mid-sized locs with a sun-kissed sheen thanks to a warm bronze color. Bohemian feelings are exuded by the warm tint, string wrap, and irregular ends. Lovely and ready for summer!

Source: @fauxlocsatlanta

20. One-Length Locs

Strong outline created with thick, short fake locs of the same length. If your hair is naturally low-density, you can still create an abundance vibe by covering with marley hair and braiding in extensions. The outcome is opulent.

Source: @melforddivashair
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