25 Relaxed Pixie Short Black Hairstyles that Will Make You Wow

Searching for a bold, new look that’s minimal maintenance and stylish at the same time? There’s nowhere else to look! We’ll look at 25 easygoing black pixie-short hairstyles in this style-packed guide that will make you feel amazing and turn heads. For your loose black hair, we have the ideal solutions, from easy elegance to sassy sophistication.

1. Copper Red Pixie for Relaxed Hair

Elevate your traditional pixie cut with a dash of fearless uniqueness! With its lovely warmth, copper red gives your hair a dramatic twist in addition to a hint of sparkle. Seductively warm!

Source: @thastylist18

2. Short Pixie with Double Line Design

With a fun double curving line that traces a delicate arc from the back to the front and ends just below the bangs, hairdresser Sha-nae Allman created this sassy short pixie cut. Even more awesome is how the hair is skillfully faded to accentuate the rounded edges, giving the ensemble some very chic texture!

Source: @imagebyshanae

3. Titanium Blonde Pixie Cut

Experts at Razor Chic Salon used this icy-cool pixie on relaxed hair to capitalize on the recent titanium hair color trend. It elevates pixie haircuts to an entirely new level of coolness with its icy, silvery overtones. However, keep in mind that regular maintenance is necessary to keep your hair healthy and vibrant.

Source: @theofficialrazorchic

4. Classic One-Length Pixie with Waves

A timeless option for short hairstyles on black women is this one-length pixie cut! It looks really adorable with its loose, chocolate-colored hair and flowing curls. This look was almost meant for you if you’re searching for something short, fashionable, and effortless!

Source: @thastylist18

5. Grown-Out Pixie with Deep Side Part

When your pixie is growing out, a deep side part is your secret weapon. Your hair will seem sleek, stylish, and effortlessly cool because to its abundance of style additions and ability to camouflage problematic lengths in between!

Source: @beautyrhondashow

6. Pixie with Longer Top and Back Undercut

Your pixie’s back has a detached undercut that creates a dramatic contrast that accentuates the smoothness and vibrancy of your top locks. You may wish to shake off the long, thick bangs on this black pixie, but it may look incredibly sassy, so if you prefer longer locks falling over your eyes, go ahead and do it!

Source: @stylesby_tash_mel

7. Flirty Pixie with Long Flipped Bangs

Hairdresser and Esclava Salon owner Jacie’s pixie has a short back and sides, with a long top that is expertly done with lots of volume and a flirtatious, bouncy wave. It’s has just enough glamor for a special occasion, yet it still has that edge.

Source: @jackelcy79

8. Cute Platinum Blonde Pixie

Platinum blonde hair with those soft, wispy layers is ideal if you’re ready for a complete hair makeover. However, getting blonde frequently involves bleaching, so be cautious and treat your hair well. It will benefit much from abundant moisture and nourishment.

Source: @contactevie

9. Short Pixie with Volume on Top

Bold, self-assured people look great in a short pixie with volume on top. It’s amazing for people with little looks, but in all honesty, attitude is everything. No matter your style—edgy or elegant—this look has you covered!

Source: @paulahair

10. Short Bowl Cut for Black Relaxed Hair

Master stylist Aletha Helen Fortune, who works out of Miami, gave a timeless look a modern update. It’s a sleek and fitted hairstyle with well-trimmed sides and back, and a slightly rounded, bowl-like shape on top. An elegant, carefree look for the style-aware!

Source: @helensofierce

11. Asymmetric Pixie for Relaxed Hair

Asymmetric pixie cuts look great on women with heart, oval, or diamond-shaped faces. It’s a chic method to provide a dynamic and edgy vibe while balancing proportions. Therefore, if your facial shape is suitable, accept the asymmetry and look fierce!

Source: @jayslay17

12. Funky Micro Pixie Mullet

This ultra-short pixie mullet for laid-back black hair is a stylish blend of funky and short. It has a neat and put-together appearance despite being short on the sides and top and having a suggestion of a party in the rear.

Source: @livelifemichxoxo__

13. Short Hair with Brown and Caramel Highlights

The Phairmacy Salon in Raleigh, North Carolina, has a short natural hair specialist named Alexis Gwyn. She updated this easygoing pixie cut for fall by adding delicate caramel highlights and a chocolate brown hue that evokes the warmth of the season. The hue gives the look depth and a hint of fall charm, resulting in a warm and inviting atmosphere for the time of year.

Source: @thephairmacist

14. Short Relaxed Pixie with Sideburns

This chic short pixie cuts just the right amount of both style and comfort! It adds refinement to an already basic design with its face-framing elements and sophisticated sideburns.

Source: @livelifemichxoxo__

15. Choppy Pixie for Black Relaxed Hair

Black relaxed hair is expert at sporting a jagged texture. It boosts volume, exudes flair, and adds a fun edge. Thus, if you don’t mind a little texture, go ahead and rock that stylish style!

Source: @shear_elements

16. Side-Swept Black Pixie Hairstyle

The top of the hair is left longer and arranged to flow elegantly across the forehead in this style from Brenda Gee Salon, while the sides and back of the hair are short and sleek. This asymmetrical beauty softens the edges of the face and gives it a feminine touch.

Source: @brendageehair

17. Curly Pixie with Longer Bangs

Are you prepared to add some excitement to your short hairstyle? Add a little more movement and volume with whimsical mohawk curls. Allow the longer top of your hair to cascade into longer bangs, but keep it shorter on the sides and back.

Source: @imagebyshanae

18. Plump and Plushy Pixie

Style your hair from the crown to the front, lightly finger-combing the strands for added texture. This is a fantastic short hair option from Brooklyn-based OSHUN’S CROWN, with just a hint more length for some creative flare.

Source: @oshuns_crown_hg

19. Relaxed Stacked Pixie with Long Bangs

With lengthier locks at the crown, this easygoing pixie-short hair gives you a lot of styling options. Curl the layers, try a subtle wave, or wear your hair straight and sleek; any of them looks chic and seductive.

Source: @stylesby_tash_mel

20. Feathered Pixie with Honey-Blonde Balayage

This stylish pixie’s feathery layers enhance that golden glow like magic! They add dimension and movement, highlighting the color from all sides and giving the pixie a vibrant, energetic twist.

Source: @contactevie

21. Super Short Relaxed Haircut

This stylish short pixie has enough length to be classified as a pixie cut, yet it almost looks like a buzz cut. The Living Room Hair Lounge in Ferndale, Michigan, owner and master stylist Stephanie Anderson created this look that is the perfect balance of fashionable and functional for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Source: @thelivingroomhairlounge

22. Relaxed Stacked Pixie Bob

The sass of a pixie and the sophistication of a bob are combined in this mod pixie bob by hairdresser Joie Wallace. Short and layered for structure at the back, with a few soft layers on top to maintain a sleek appearance. If you’re growing out your short hair and want an in-between look, this is the perfect compromise.

Source: @joiewallacehair

23. Platinum Blonde Crop

This short platinum blonde crop is an absolute must-try if you want to explore your creative side and enjoy a hair adventure. It has lengthier layers on top that show off a ton of texture and is tapered in the back.

Source: @b_andrew_hair

24. Relaxed Feathered Pixie

How can one achieve a stylish feathered pixie cut for laid-back black hair? The delicate, fluttering layers add a hint of refinement and movement. This look exudes appeal and is ideal for individuals seeking a refined, fashionable appearance!

Source: @paulahair

25. Pixie with Longer Curls on Top

There are countless styling options with this gorgeous and adaptable pixie cut by Philadelphia, Pennsylvania hairdresser Ashley (also known as LuckyLex)! When it comes time for a night out, you can freshen it up with an edgy faux hawk or a stylish pompadour, or you can rock softly ruffled curls on top for informal get-togethers.

Source: @luckylex_hair
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