20 Bold and Daring Takes on the Shaved Pixie Cut

We occasionally experience the urge to try something new. It’s possible that you’re considering changing your picture. Why not push things to the limit this time? Fear not—a plethora of bold, fascinating trends exist that you might want to give a shot at. Shaved pixie cuts are perfect for these warmer months since they can instantly update your look. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re prepared to make the move.

Pixie hair became and has remained a big trend for fashion-forward ladies since the early 2000s. However, the shaven look has only lately started to feature in this one’s design. There are various methods to make this work for you, whether you choose to have your side completely shaved or just a small indent here and there.

1. Modern Buzz-Cut

This buzz cut is a touch tamer than classic versions, letting you express your individuality without going overboard. Reminiscent of the punk era, it’s best suited for confident women who own their power. Consider a bold white shade for an extra dose of wow factor.

Source: @ladylee.looks

2. The Sleek Crop

Here’s a pixie cut designed for everyday life, perfect for the office or a post-work outing. One side is shaved close, while the other is slicked back for a polished and healthy look. It’s a versatile and undeniably cool option.

Source: @fernthebarber

3. Swept-Over Style

Popularized by celebrities like Ruby Rose and Miley Cyrus, this cut isn’t for the meek. It exudes strength and confidence, ideal for those who take charge of their lives.

Source: @johnny_spanakos

4. Textured Undercut

Embrace the trend of blonde, pastel, or two-toned hair with this eye-catching style. The juxtaposition between the sharp undercut and softer texture creates a dynamic balance. It’s daring yet undeniably stylish.

Source: @katiezimbalisalon

5. Powder Pink Pixie

Short, choppy pixies like this classic style offer a blank canvas for experimentation. Feeling bold? Why not add a pop of vibrant color? This look, with a shaved nape and creative detailing, is effortlessly cool. Play around with shaved sides to find your perfect variation. For a softer touch, consider a powder pink hue.

Source: @presleypoe

6. The Feathered Cut

For a more relaxed take on the pixie, opt for subtle feathering. Natural colors like browns, blondes, and even grays complement this style beautifully. Face shape matters here – this cut particularly flatters slim and petite features.

Source: @russellmayes

7. Chic Curled Mohawk

Glamour meets rock with this unique look. Soft curls and a metallic dye create a visually stunning effect. The hair is gently teased to one side while maintaining a sense of movement.

Source: @jacquelynmarieh

8. The Boyish Cut

This shaved-sides pixie epitomizes androgyny. The asexual trend, championed by celebrities like Cara Delevingne, has taken the world by storm. It’s no wonder so many are embracing simple, boyish styles like this one.

Source: @caitlinfordhair

9. Asymmetric Undercut

This ultra-modern undercut is both polished and carefree, channeling the spirit of a modern mod. Tiny details like indented patterns elevate this look from ordinary. Notice the stylish waved-back locks that complete the ensemble.

Source: @playwithscissors

10. Quirky Quiff

This versatile cut offers two ways to wear it: swept back in a sleek quiff or styled forward in a flattering fringe. The graduated shave adds a touch of femininity, making this a truly unique option.

Source: @dillahajhair

11. Short and Snappy Haircut

Adding texture to a shaved pixie is universally flattering, especially for those with a petite build. The naturally cascading strands paired with shaved sides create a striking and unforgettable statement.

Source: @naomihairdesign

12. Pixie with Paneled Color

Paneled color, reminiscent of the 90s, is having a major comeback in this fresh take on the trend. The shaved undercut with intricate detailing serves as a canvas for the vibrant top layer, transforming your hair into a work of art.

Source: @hugosalon

13. Subtle Moho Hairstyle

Pixie cuts offer endless versatility. This style incorporates a subtle mohawk flick for a touch of originality and boldness, while the feathered sides maintain a feminine balance.

Source: @cocoutureartistry

14. The Sassy Updo

This look combines two seemingly opposite elements: a shaved nape with artistic detailing and a sophisticated, tousled updo. The unexpected pairing creates a sassy twist on the classic cut.

Source: @artistry4gg

15. The Swept-Back Cut

Long, flowing hair isn’t the only way to achieve a glamorous swept-back style. Adding shaved sections and maintaining some length on top allows you to achieve this look with minimal effort.

Source: @naomihairdesign

16. Asian Shaved Pixie

This edgy take on the classic pixie is a guaranteed head-turner. It maintains some fullness while offering a radical cut that lets your inner free spirit shine. It’s perfect for both work and play.

Source: @headdress_hairsalon

17. Pastel Pink Pixie Undercut

Ready for a bold transformation? Vibrant hair color can completely change your look. This half-shaved pixie, featuring a shaved back and textured top, adds a punky edge with a touch of femininity.

Source: @hairbykristenh

18. Cascading Curls with Shaved Undercut

Adding texture to a pixie can be tricky, especially with shorter lengths. This style combats that challenge with tousled curls cascading heavily to one side. The result is elegantly charming and effortlessly cool.

Source: @playwithscissors

19. The Shaven Detail Haircut

Pixie cuts are a perfect canvas for creative hair art. This style incorporates a bold design shaved into the hair, creating a whimsical and eye-catching look.

Source: @b.k_bescene

20. Cropped Cut

This versatile cropped cut can be customized with either a single shaved side or a complete undercut. Blowing out the top layer adds a smooth, glossy finish for a polished yet effortless vibe. It’s a timeless pixie style that never goes out of fashion.

Source: @toniandguyperth
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