20 Feathered Pixie Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

Everyone is aware that maintaining short hairstyles like pixies takes work, requiring more frequent washings and salon visits. It does, however, also enable you to create a distinctive form and highlight your greatest features appropriately. Hair cut into delicate, wispy feathery layers is one technique to achieve it. To view the top 20 modern feathered pixie haircut ideas, scroll down.

1. Fiery Feathered Pixie Hairstyle

This textured pixie haircut boasts a stylishly grown-out look. It’s ideal for thick hair, as the layers and feathering prevent it from appearing bulky or weighed down.

Source: @hair_salon_by_hadis

2. ’90s Inspired Layered Pixie Cut

Channel your inner ‘90s vibe with this classic pixie. It features feathered layers, a longer back section, and textured fringe at the temples. This edgy cut is perfect for those who love the era’s unique aesthetic or want to add volume to fine hair.

Source: @hirohair

3. Disconnected Pixie with Long Feathered Bangs

This stunning pixie offers an instant lifting effect, with short, close-cut sides contrasting with long, feathered bangs on top. The textured bangs beautifully frame the cheekbones and draw attention to the eyes.

Source: @nicolasbeautystudio

4. Blonde Feathered Pixie with an Undercut

This blonde pixie is both cute and edgy. The soft, airy texture and the contrasting short undercut create a bold, eye-catching combination.

Source: @kadirdonmezofficiial

5. Spiky Pixie Cut with Skin Tight Sides

While a great haircut is important, styling plays a big role in achieving this look. Use texturizing powder and dry wax to create the spiky texture.

Source: @hairpin_me_down85

6. Disconnected Mullet Hairstyle

Growing out a short cut can be a lengthy and frustrating process. The 70s-inspired mullet haircut offers a stylish solution for that in-between stage. This hairstyle allows you to keep some length while the shorter layers on top add volume and texture.

Source: @anhcotran

7. Feathered Pixie Crop with Curtain Bangs

This edgy style combines a short, wispy top with clean, short sides. Hair pomade helps achieve the perfect tousled texture.

Source: @lcs.hairdesign

8. Soft and Feathery Pixie Cut

Short hair can be incredibly feminine, as shown by this soft, razor-cut pixie. The short, textured fringe and long, wispy temples flatter the wearer’s features.

Source: @exotismos

9. Punk Style Pixie Cut

For a messy, undone look, use plenty of mousse and a round brush for styling. If you’re short on time, simply flip your head upside down and blast dry your hair for maximum volume with minimal effort.

Source: @bailey_aesthetics

10. Feathered Pixie Hairstyle in a Bold Hue

This stunning mustard-colored pixie is a real showstopper. This warm hue flatters most skin tones and works well with any hair type or texture.

Source: @myguiltycrown

11. Deep Blue Pixie Haircut for Straight Hair

Straight hair can be tricky to style, but not with short cuts like this pixie. The secret lies in removing excess weight by adding shorter, layered sections, making the hairstyle lightweight and feathery.

Source: @katiemalonehair

12. Textured Pixie Bob with a Sweeping Fringe

If you’re unsure how to describe this look to your hairstylist, ask for a combination of a bob and a pixie. The short, stacked back and softly razored front create a classy and modern style.

Source: @bailey_aesthetics

13. Semi Mohawk Haircut

Short haircuts offer great versatility. This tapered pixie can be customized to suit your style, lifestyle, and mood, highlighting your best features.

Source: @hairpin_me_down85

14. Rich Red Spiky Pixie Haircut

The right haircut can transform your face and boost your confidence. Achieve this salon-quality finish with volumizing spray and texturizing paste.

Source: @headrushdesigns

15. Feathered Curls on a Pixie

Asymmetrical pixies offer a seductive and sensual look. Maintain some length to showcase your curls, while keeping the sides short and neat. Finish with gel or curl-enhancing serum.

Source: @jeanclaudeelmoughayar

16. Choppy Pixie with an Undercut

Pixie crops are a great canvas for vivid colors, like this bright emerald green feathered pixie. Ask your hairstylist to shave the sides and use a razor on the top for maximum contrast and texture.

Source: @tombhair

17. Androgynous Pixie Cut

Embrace your inner tomboy with this effortless, choppy cut. Use matte styling paste to create that undone, piecey finish.

Source: @giboazhair

18. Feathered Pixie Bob Style

This soft, feminine, and super cute pixie bob with bangs is ideal for those seeking a trendy yet simple style. Use a large barrel brush to style the bangs and rough-dry the rest of the hair for a natural look.

Source: @leslydoeshair

19. Chic and Tousled Disconnected Pixie Cut

This combination of long, layered fringe and short, disconnected sides is a modern classic that flatters most hair types and face shapes. The bright blonde highlights and deep red base add depth and texture.

Source: @myguiltycrown

20. Long Asymmetrical Pixie

A long, feathered fringe is a fantastic way to accentuate your cheekbones and jawline. Apply volumizing mousse on wet hair and use a vent brush to lift the roots and achieve volume at the crown.

Source: @hair_by_pedro
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