24 Blonde Pixie Cut Ideas You’ll Want To Try

A blonde pixie has every right to be regarded as classic, even if pixie cuts are known for being timeless. Numerous high-profile celebrities, including Miley Cyrus, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron, and Katy Perry, adopted the blonde pixie cut for their striking makeovers that garnered them a lot of media attention. Discover your ideal fit by browsing our fascinating selection if you’re feeling like joining the blonde pixie club.

Blonde pixie cuts are extremely flexible in addition to being remarkably low-maintenance. You can play around with different bang lengths and styles, go sleek or piecey, or use highlights or an undercut as accents. Furthermore, a blonde pixie cut is a fantastic method to show off your individuality; you may choose styles that will appeal to both restless girls and romantic women. Look for the evidence underneath!

1. Choppy Layers

Craving volume for your straight locks? A choppy pixie with longer layers up top is your answer! These layers work wonders, adding significant body and texture to fine, straight hair.

Source: @nicolasbeautystudio

2. Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are known for their ease of care, but some styles require virtually no effort. If styling isn’t your forte, consider this short, dark blonde pixie. Air drying is often all it takes to keep the short layers in place, allowing you to embrace effortless chic.

Source: @torrie.hart.hair

3. Long Pixie with Deep Side Part

Want a short haircut but prefer a gradual transition? A long pixie is your perfect match. This style boasts exceptional volume and dynamism thanks to the deep side part. Dark roots add depth and dimension, further enhancing the overall look.

Source: @celiofariaoficial

4. Choppy Blonde Pixie with Bangs

Pixie haircuts are incredibly versatile and flatter all hair types. Thick hair, in particular, benefits greatly from a short pixie. This style helps manage excess thickness, resulting in lighter, more voluminous tresses.

Source: @vitosatalino_official

5. Icy Blonde Pixie

This stunning pixie showcases how beautifully the cut complements fine hair. The messy top creates volume, giving the illusion of thicker hair. The icy blonde color, lighter than the woman’s skin tone, makes this a truly eye-catching style. Remember, if you choose icy or platinum blonde, purple shampoo will be your best friend in maintaining the color’s vibrancy.

Source: @jhonyveiga

6. Short Pixie Cut for a Regular Face Shape

If you have a balanced face shape, you’re in luck! All short pixie cuts, even very short ones like this, will flatter your features. The combination of the cut and the blonde shade beautifully draws attention to your face, allowing you to create a cute or bold look depending on your mood.

Source: @shorthairforlife

7. Blonde Pixie with Buzzed Sides

Pixie hairstyles offer a wide range of personalities. Want to channel boldness and confidence? Consider this daring option with undercut sides. It’s a statement hairstyle that guarantees you’ll turn heads.

Source: @kadirdonmezofficiial

8. Spiky Blonde Pixie

Looking for a way to add extra texture and edge to your pixie? This spiky blonde pixie is a fantastic choice! The piecey top adds visual interest and works particularly well with blonde hair. However, keep in mind that a spiky pixie might require a few extra minutes of styling in the morning.

Source: @joelhiatt_hair

9. Super Short Pixie Cut

There’s no denying the boldness of a super short pixie cut. It’s a surefire way to draw attention to your features, and pairing it with blonde hair further amplifies its impact. Steal this idea if you love making a statement.

Source: @thastylist18

10. Classic Pixie with Curtain Bangs

This blonde pixie with curtain bangs beautifully frames the face, highlighting the wearer’s features and drawing attention to her freckles. Additionally, this haircut is incredibly low-maintenance, requiring just occasional trims to maintain its shape.

Source: @sarajonotsergio

11. Long Asymmetrical Pixie

A long pixie is the perfect compromise between a cropped cut and longer hair. This platinum blonde pixie exudes femininity thanks to the side-swept bangs. Styling is a breeze – use a round brush and blow dryer to keep that awesome asymmetry in place.

Source: @anhcotran

12. Blonde Pixie Bob

As the name suggests, a pixie bob combines the best of both worlds: a bob and a pixie. The result? A charming, feminine hairstyle with incredible versatility. Pixie bobs offer a wide range of styling options, allowing you to experiment and create different looks.

Source: @justindillaha_hair

13. Messy Pixie Haircut

A choppy blonde pixie is a lifesaver for busy women. It requires minimal maintenance and looks effortlessly stylish. To boost volume, ask your hairstylist for choppy layers on top.

Source: @blackbirdxrenee

14. Feathered Pixie Bob

If you have thick hair that needs taming, a feathered cut is a great option. Feathery layers help reduce thickness and weight, resulting in lighter, airier tresses with added volume. Additionally, these long layers allow hairstylists to tailor the cut to different face shapes. Here, long, side-swept bangs beautifully complement the model’s elongated face.

Source: @hirohair

15. Super Chic Pixie Cut

This tapered pixie cut is a showstopper. The bold color combination and incredible texture are guaranteed to turn heads. Blonde highlights create movement on red hair, while the long bangs add a touch of drama, making this a truly unique style.

Source: @myguiltycrown

16. Short Blonde Pixie for Fine Hair

For those who prioritize practicality, a short pixie with multiple layers might be the perfect match. While pixies flatter all hair types, they work wonders for fine hair, adding volume and creating an illusion of thickness.

Source: @tamaraleighdesigns

17. Pixie Mullet

The pixie mullet is another exciting take on the classic pixie. This style features longer layers at the back, offering a bold and eye-catching look without sacrificing the low-maintenance nature characteristic of short pixie haircuts. When paired with blonde hair, it becomes even more striking.

Source: @victoriawillcutyou

18. Long Blonde Pixie Quiff

The long blonde pixie offers a playground of styling possibilities, allowing you to transform your look in a snap. Channel a sleek retro vibe by combing it back. Create a center part and tuck your hair behind the ears for a chic look. Or, for maximum volume and fullness, go deep with a side parting like in this picture. Plus, the longer layers open doors to a variety of short hair hairstyles, from a playful headband braid to an elaborate, statement-making updo for a special occasion.

Source: @presleypoe

19. Ashy Undercut Pixie

This ash blonde pixie combines the best of both worlds: sleek, glossy layers on top and shaved sides. This bold style exudes confidence and a strong personality, while maintaining a touch of effortless femininity and class. The cool blonde shade complements the wearer’s complexion beautifully, adding a touch of elegance.

Source: @cameronkepford

20. Wavy Pixie with Side Undercut

The undisputed rebel on our list, this dirty blonde pixie with a faux hawk is a phenomenal way to rock short hair. The undercut is a fantastic solution for naturally thick and wavy hair that needs taming. The formula is simple: keep the sides buzzed and let your waves flourish on top!

Source: @kasdoeshair

21. Tousled Pixie Cut

This tousled pixie with its layered texture is a true head-turner. The combination of the haircut and the metallic silver hue is particularly popular with older women. It injects a youthful and stylish vibe without the need for constant touch-ups or hours spent battling gray hairs.

Source: @hairbyhanvancity

22. Hot Pixie Mullet

Undoubtedly, the blonde pixie mullet is the epitome of low-maintenance sex appeal. Just a few minutes a day are all you need to achieve a hot, edgy look that will make you stand out wherever you go. When styling your mullet, remember to maintain volume on the top and nape of the hair, while keeping the sides tighter.

Source: @jayne_edosalon

23. A-Line Pixie Bob

An A-line pixie bob is a fantastic way to showcase your beautiful blonde locks. This cut effortlessly creates volume and allows for versatility with different parting styles and hair accessories.

Source: @shmoakin_hair

24. 90’s Short Hair

Embrace the nostalgia with this stunning cut that channels a definite 90’s vibe. The blonde hair on top paired with black hair underneath creates a striking contrast, further accentuated by the nape undercut. This is a look for those who aren’t afraid to be the center of attention.

Source: @anhcotran
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