15 Trendy Pixie Mullet Styles To Try!

A pixie mullet—what in the world is that? Yes, you’ve heard of the shag, the mullet, and the “wolf cut” that’s hot on TikTok, but what is the newest hairstyle that salon patrons all over the world are clamoring for?

In short, it’s a mullet in the back and a pixie at the front. Consider a shag as a spectrum: mullet, which is edgy, bold, and disconnected (think Joan Jett), would be on one extreme, and a pixie shag, which is soft, connected, and delicate (think Bridget Bardot), would be somewhere in the middle.

For the greatest pixie mullet haircut ideas and styling advice, keep scrolling!

1. Pixie Mullet for Thick Hair

The classic pixie mullet combines a short, layered cut with a longer section in the back. This adds edge and texture to the pixie cut, making it a great choice for thick hair.

Source: @jpattonsalon

2. Pixie Mullet for Fine Straight Hair

The pixie mullet’s structure works well with various textures, including fine straight hair. This cut adds volume and definition, enhancing the overall style.

Source: @cuts.by.rasa

3. Pixie Mullet with Curtain Bangs

Pixie mullets can be styled with different bangs, from baby bangs to textured curtain bangs swept to the side. This style offers versatility and can work with any desired parting.

Source: @saltybangs

4. Razored Ginger Pixie Mullet

A razored pixie mullet with textured length at the back creates a stylish, effortless look. This short cut highlights your cheekbones, so consider if you want to accentuate this feature.

Source: @maxcidenthair

5. Curly Pixie Mullet

The best way to communicate with your stylist is to bring pictures! Look for examples of pixie mullets with similar textures to your curls. This ensures you and your stylist are on the same page for your dream cut.

Source: @messy_tresses

6. Edgy Pixie Mullet with Disconnected Undercut

The pixie mullet allows for personalization. You can go bold and punky with buzzed sides or keep it delicate with textured sides. The level of disconnection is completely up to you and your desired look.

Source: @samkanehair

7. Pixie Mullet Hair Transformation

The pixie mullet’s versatility makes it adaptable to various textures and styles. With minimal effort, it can complement any personal style.

Source: @keithkristofer

8. Copper Pixie Mullet with Baby Bangs

Bangs, or fringe, are a key element of the pixie mullet. They add shape and dimension, with options like baby bangs or curtain bangs depending on your preference.

Source: @messy_tresses

9. Soft Pixie Bob with Curtain Bangs

Maybe you prefer the side-shortened look of a pixie mullet without the longer back section. Be clear with your stylist – discuss where you want your bangs to fall and the desired length on the sides and back.

Source: @messy_tresses

10. Shaggy Blonde Pixie Mullet

A tip for stylists – avoid cutting against natural cowlicks! This can result in unwanted “antennae.” Start bangs a bit longer; you can always trim them shorter later.

Source: @jayne_edosalon

11. Neat Androgynous Pixie Mullet

This cut showcases impressive texture with a neat, polished finish. Shaved sideburns add an edgy vibe and highlight the face and piercings.

Source: @maxcidenthair

12. Pixie Mullet with Underlayer Color

The pixie mullet is a modern take on the classic pixie. It’s edgy yet graceful, and can be further customized with hair color. This contrasting block color exemplifies how to add personality through color.

Source: @ernestomeneses

13. Pixie Mullet with Chunky Highlights

Consult your stylist for product recommendations based on your hair cut and texture. Texture spray and dry shampoo are popular choices to achieve the volume and piecey-ness often seen in pixie mullets.

Source: @jpattonsalon

14. Short Straight Hair Mullet with Piecey Bangs

A quick refresh can revive your pixie mullet. Use a misting bottle to dampen hair, add texture spray, and style your fringe into your desired position. Air dry or use a diffuser for further shaping.

Source: @jayne_edosalon

15. Curly Pixie Mullet Shag

Struggling to recreate your salon style? Products are often the key! Use a stylist-recommended shampoo (or co-wash) and a texture spray to create volume and define your curls. Products for curly hair may differ from those for straight hair.

Source: @messy_tresses
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