Senegalese Twists – 50 Ways to Turn Heads Quickly

Senegalese twists, sometimes called rope twists, are a protective design that is both practical and visually appealing. When your hair needs a break or rest, especially after severe treatments/chemicals or heat damage, choose twist styles because they are versatile and elegant. Twists can be worn up or down, braided or knotted; whether at work or out on the town, this style is a must-have for every lady’s hair.

How can I do Senegalese twists? Styling can be done either at home or in a salon. Natural hair is hydrated and pre-prepared. Strands of Kanekalon or Marley hair are connected one by one to each part while twisting.

What type of hair is used? All styles feature either Marley or Kanekalon hair. Both may be obtained at most beauty supply stores.

What types of styles can you create after you have the twists? There are numerous innovative and exciting styles, such as updos, free-flowing twists, and half-up styles. Check out the suggestions below.

1. Twisted Half-Up Do

This half-up style highlights the face and provides a distinct flair. It is another simple style designed for a busy woman or someone who prefers low-maintenance but lovely hair.

Source: @luscioushairbraiding

2. High Bun, Shaved Sides

This style, with medium Senegalese twists and golden magnificence, calls to be seen. This look, which features a high top knot and stylishly shaved sides, is ideal for an edgy woman. Do you notice a few burgundy bits placed at random? You can definitely add some spice to your base color.


3. Mohawk Braid

The Mohawk, which was once a symbol of rebellion, is today regarded a mainstay in the collection of African American female hairstyles. The twisted braid lends a playful aspect to the style, while the shaved sides make the Mohawk even more prominent. As a result, you have an edgy yet feminine look.


4. Swept Up Twists

This stunning style will keep your long locks off your face and is far more unique than other solutions that achieve the same purpose. To try it, pull all of your hair to one side, producing a swoop, and then clip it in the back.


5. Thick Donut Bun

Here’s a basic and lovely updo for a woman who prefers to keep her twists out of her way, or for a woman looking for an uncomplicated style with panache. The thick bun can be worn on the crown of the head and works best with medium to big Senegalese twists.


6. The Hi-Bun Bow

A high bun that loosely falls into a pretty bow is an excellent addition to any busy gal’s hairstyle repertoire. It’s ideal for medium to large twists and those looking for an avant-garde hairdo without the bother.


7. Easy Side Part Twists Look

How should you style your hair? Throw it to the side and bring a long-haired, don’t-care attitude, duh! The deep side will always be associated with Senegalese twists. Consider this your new everyday appearance, and experiment with other looks for big occasions or evenings out.


8. Long Auburn Ropes

If you want to change your hair color but are concerned about the condition of your hair, colored twists can be an excellent answer. Choose tones that complement your skin tone and eye color.


9. Big Twists with Highlights

Yes, girl! Thick rope twists are among the most fashionable things imaginable. These were done so perfectly—it’s incredible! A few bright highlights can be added to massive Senegalese twists for a unique look. Instead of brilliant blonde, try caramel or sand as a hue that looks good on black hair.


10. Senegalese Knot Updo

In terms of dressy style possibilities, this is one of the nicest we’ve seen! The distinctive sculptural updo will look fantastic with an exquisite gown (or even jeans and heels). Rope twists are ideal for producing large statement buns.

Source: @luscioushairbraiding

11. Gorgeous Micro Twists

Hairstyles using micro braids can be completely fuss-free. One of the finest ways to wear rope twists is to leave them down (particularly if you’ve just bought them so your scalp can acclimate). If you want to test a new style shortly after they’ve been installed, go with an easy low half-up pony.


12. Back Braided Bun

The extra-long twists add to the attractiveness of the bun. This time, the bun is relaxed and gently braided or wrapped over itself. This takes no time to construct, and the effects are astounding. Why not employ this style on a first date?


13. Senegalese Twists Mohawk

If you want something genuinely unique, how about a mohawk with Senegalese twists? Definitely a YOLO moment here! With this style, you can let all of your hair fall to one side or draw it back into a bun. A high ponytail is also an excellent choice.


14. High Half Ponytail Twists

These Senegalese braids are extremely cool. To replicate her look, ask your braider for huge twists and choose something with color. You may make accent twists in any color you choose, but a cool-toned blonde is a great choice if you want to look modern and urban.


15. Senegalese Sock Bun

Rope twists make the most gorgeous buns easily. The hair is easy to shape, the styles hold well, and the twists themselves provide visual intrigue to the sock bun. Don’t put your hair in a ponytail before twisting a bun to achieve this loose style. Instead, accomplish everything in one step with a single ponytail holder.


16. Honey Brown Twists

Small to medium-sized twists are an excellent choice for a more subtle design. If you want to attempt a new hue but don’t want to go too crazy, a warm, mellow brown like this one is a good choice. The hue has a reddish undertone and will brighten your complexion while remaining natural.


17. Pretty Senegalese Pony

Rope twists produce the most beautiful ponytail. Fullness is a great feature in almost any style, but it is especially desirable with ponytails. Place your ponytail high on the back of your head to achieve a flattering height. Leaving the ends of the hair unbraided results in a softer (and less straggly) look.


18. Curled Senegalese Twists

Lucky girl! These kinky rope twists are the most stunning we have ever seen. The advantage of using short twists is that you will not wind up with long string pieces. Instead, the top and bottom thicknesses are more similar. To make the charming back headband, simply knot a few twists at the temples together.


19. Side Swept Senegalese Look

Here’s a regal styling alternative that keeps your hair out of your face in a way that is considerably more unique than a ponytail. To try it, part your hair down the center. Take the hair from one side and cross it over and back. Then take the other section and cross it over again. The weight of the long twists holds everything in place.


20. Senegalese Twists Formal Updo

A medium Senegalese twist is the most convenient for making updos. Small twists can be slick and provide little support, whereas huge twists are extremely difficult to maneuver into complicated patterns. So, if you have an upcoming event, consider a medium width rope twist.


21. Bold Bright Braids

One of the best things about protective hairstyles is that you can change your color without causing damage to your natural hair! Red colors look especially good on darker skin tones, and you’re only bound to the color you choose for the duration of your strands’ installation.

Source: @the_braid_lounge

22. Two Tone Twists with Top Knot

Top knots remain one of our favorite hairstyles, and these Senegalese twists with a flawless half up bun are no exception. Regardless of how you style your extensions, using highlights to break up long dark twists adds style points to the overall effect.

Source: @shaylastyles_

23. Jumbo Senegalese with Side Parting

If you want to test unique twists, start with a big Senegalese. Massive spirals take less time to complete and let you to experiment with difficult-to-maintain hair colors. Once your hair has settled, experiment with the parting to get your ideal look. If you enjoy wearing eyeliner and want to highlight your cheekbones, synchronize your side part with the outer corner of your eye.

Source: @dayelasoul

24. Micro Braids with Undone Ends

It may take a long time, but you’ll be pleased you waited once your micro braids are finished. Divided into extra-small parts, you’ll need a lot of patience to place each tiny braid carefully. A worthwhile investment if you desire an attractive, feminine, and maintainable haircut.

Source: @romehair

25. Practical Coils with Curled Ends

You won’t know how flexible Senegalese twists are until you try them. Pull the top section up into a half ponytail for a fast everyday look — or to highlight a stunning pair of earrings!

Source: @grip_and_twist

26. Trendy Short Senegalese

Short hair is popular right now, so it’s no wonder that ultra-cool short Senegalese styles have been showing up everywhere. Bob-length cuts with blunt edges are clean and precise, and they look great with metal cuffs.

Source: @saythelees

27. Medium Senegalese Twists with Cuffs

The medium senegalese twist is sleek and timeless, which is why so many people return to it. Straighter hair, such as Kanekalon, will help you get a really smooth, professional finish if you want to have that ‘just-outta-the-salon’ look every day.

Source: @alexianna_styles

28. Long Curly Hairstyle

Are you bored with your straight Senegalese twist style? Enhance it with curls! Flexi rods are ideal for generating waves without causing damage to your extensions. Wrap your twists around the poles, secure a silk scarf around your head for protection, and get a peaceful night’s sleep. Remove the rods in the morning to see gorgeous, bouncy curls!

Source: @hair_be_poppin

29. Stylish Senegalese Updo

Can we take a moment to enjoy this stunning updo? We love the huge bun that rests high on the head, which is both elegant and avant garde. It’s simple to do simply pulling your twists up, twisting, and fixing with huge bobby pins. Simple yet beautiful!

Source: @tupo1

30. Smooth Braids with Side Parting

Did you know that once installed, rope braids can endure for up to 8 weeks? Spraying the lengths with an oil-based moisturizer on a regular basis will keep it looking good for the long term. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is extremely good at nourishing your scalp.

Source: @vanaturalhair

31. Half Up Half Down Braids

Medium long Senegalese twists are perfect for growing out and protecting afro-textured hair. Far from being limited, you’ll have plenty of styling options. You’ll never get bored with top knots, ponytails, twisted or braided hairstyles.

Source: @grip_and_twist

32. Bright Two-Tone Rope Braids

Two-tone tresses? Yes, please! A waist-length blonde hairstyle is really lovely, with vibrant blue colors adding a pop of individuality. It’s ideal for those who want to experience extra-long locks without a time-consuming morning regimen. Say goodbye to brushing and blow drying!

Source: @darlingsalon

33. Half Ponytail with Beads

Work it, girl! A extremely high half-up, half-down ‘do makes longer hair much more manageable. Wrap a few rope strands around the base of your pony to hide the hairband, and don’t be afraid to add tiny beads or cuffs for a touch of sparkle!

Source: @hair_be_poppin

34. Low Slung Half Up Style

This low-maintenance Senegalese twist haircut is highly desirable. Twists that are thick at the roots and thinner towards the ends are more fascinating; they look great when pulled up into updos that highlight the varying thickness of the twists. For everyday wear, try a low-key half ponytail. Perfect for both work and play.

Source: @shaylastyles_

35. Bun with Undercut

Why not take the risk and try for an undercut? If you wish to be safe, consider a nape undercut. It can be easily concealed beneath lengthy tresses or revealed in all its beauty when hair is worn high. The all-around undercut is ideal for confident women. Ask your hairdresser to shave in a personalized design that is completely unique and complements your face features.

Source: @starlinerz

36. Extra Long Senegalese with Side Parting

If you’re busy right now, your hair routine is unlikely to be at the top of your priority list. The benefit of a protective hairstyle is that you may keep your long, swish-worthy tresses while protecting your natural locks from the wear and tear of daily maintenance.

Source: @twistbycass

37. Large Rope Braids with Head Scarf

There’s nothing like a fantastic accessory to elevate your Senegalese twist look. Head scarves and silk wraps are highly flattering on African American women. Tie yours into a quirky knot for extra style points.

Source: @kersti.pitre

38. Big Senegalese with Accent Color

A huge Senegalese with blue accents is ideal for a woman who doesn’t mind being noticed. If you want to try something new, blue colors look great on black hair and are especially attractive when applied along the split.

Source: @_beauty_maker

39. Crochet Senegalese Twists with Bun

If you don’t have much time to install braids, crochet hairstyles could be ideal for you! Pre-twisted extensions are threaded through corn rows to create a full, thick appearance. You may also add contrasting color streaks. Clever and quick!

Source: @kiairastyles

40. Colorful Ombre Plaits

Check out this really gorgeous ombre Senegalese twist. Consider it if you want personalized twists. Keep hair tones natural at the roots and have your stylist weave in a bright shade near the ends. It’s an excellent method to add a subtle yet visible accent to your design.

Source: @afrikhana_shop

41. Plaited Half Up Style

Making an updo with your twists is one of the easiest methods to keep them off your face. If your twists are multicolored, you must try this style, because such plaiting colors appear like a true masterpiece.


42. Intricate Pony

You don’t have to travel to the salon to make a basic and intriguing twist hairdo. Combine twists from the left and right sides of your head to create the easiest half updo. Then, knot the remaining twists into a voluminous ponytail. The benefit of having twists is that you don’t even need hair elastics. You could simply tie your twists. Cool!


43. Senegalese High Pony

The Senegalese twist is a must-try style for black hair. It’s a more personality-driven look than the box braid. Colored twists are almost always a smart idea, so if you’re thinking about going with a burgundy or red tone, keep in mind that it looks well with twists and most dark complexion tones. The shaved designs in the back really stand out!

Source: @braidsbyguvia

44. Blonde Half Up Twists

Medium-sized Senegalese twists offer the best of both worlds: they are faster to apply than little twists and gentler on your natural hair than larger twists. Putting your hair partly up is a simple method to style the twists, which you may dress up or down.

Source: @luscioushairbraiding

45. Tied Twist Updo

Senegalese twists provide an excellent foundation for a variety of updos. If you have an upcoming occasion and want to attempt something classy, ask your stylist or braider for a knotted updo similar to this one. To do it yourself, start with a ponytail and create a knot, hiding the ends inside.


46. Senegalese Twists with Crown

The crown is one of the many possible styles for Senegalese twists that you should be familiar with. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll find yourself using it repeatedly, even for everyday looks. Begin on one side of the head, twisting hair back and under, gradually pulling in new strands, and then tying together with the opposite side.


47. Twists with Brown Accents

Senegalese twist hairstyles are effective protective styles. While you allow your natural hair to grow, the twists will offer a lot of character to your everyday look. This version’s streaks are a warm brown color, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to experiment with a few accent pieces but not wanting to go blonde.


48. Senegalese Half up Top Knot

Who doesn’t enjoy a top knot? Half up top knots are really trendy right now because they remind us of our favorite 90s pop icons. Rope twists make the finest buns since there is so much hair to work with. This might be your new favorite look.


49. Senegalese Twists with Shaved Sides

Whatever your style is, stick to it. If you don’t mind standing out, go for it. This style has shaved sides and a combination of black and caramel-colored senegal twist braids. Overlaying one hue on top of another adds to the rocker edge.


50. Blue Braids for Days

This stunning indigo blue design, featuring an asymmetrical top knot and two simple braids, will draw attention. It’s ideal for a woman who isn’t scared to take risks. To get this texture, wear thin twists with Kanekalon hair.

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