40 Amazing Hairstyles for Little Girls on Any Occasion

Little girls are simply very young women, and beauty matters cannot be foreign to them, despite their fragile age. Little princesses display a strong interest in their mothers’ dressers and makeup organizers from an early age, attempting to replicate all they see. Younger ladies’ hairstyles allow for a lot of creativity. 

Cute buns, vivacious pigtails, playful braids, and natural-looking loose styles can be quite extravagant or fairly versatile. Girls strive to stand out at school or in other children’s groups by switching between fashionable ‘dos and hair accessories. This time, we’ve gathered 40 gorgeous children’s haircuts for the youngest fashionistas.

Basically, those that do not create inconvenience and appear pleasant. Choose the ideal haircut for your tiny daughter. Fine hair looks great in a chin-length bob. Typically, it does not require any special styling and can be ornamented with twists or short French braids to keep the hair out of the eyes. 

If your kid has lovely thick hair or exquisite curls, allow her to grow them longer so she can wear richer and more sophisticated updos and downdos. Beautiful long braids and sumptuous ponytails are the envy of the neighborhood.

Many mothers loathe too tight and braided children’s hairstyles. They do not want their daughters to seem like dolls with pretentious hairstyles and heavy make-up, which they have occasionally seen on the Internet. They understand that long hair at school cannot be sloppy, and they want their kids to look nice. 

A clever ponytail, double braids, a basic high bun, or headband braiding all look good and take little time to complete. Curly hairstyles are ideal for special events for young girls. The majority of them are excited to wear a trendy grown-up style like Hollywood curls or finger waves.

To lighten the look, add a generally female hair item to an adult ‘do, such as a beautiful bow or a charming headband.

Small accents may make plain girlie haircuts stand out. A single thin braid or a handful of twists can transform a simple haircut for medium or long hair into a fashionable hairstyle. The following cases provide the best proof of these words.

1. Fancy Hairstyle with Braids

Little girl hairstyles with decorative braids look adorable! Three braids are made at the hairline and joined together to create a mid-height ponytail to the side.


2. Dutch Braids into Voluminous Buns

Braids have always been fashionable in tiny girl hairstyles. These buns are a fun way to change up braided hairstyles for young girls. Part your girl’s hair down the middle. Starting at the nape of the neck, Dutch braid each portion and work your way up her head. Twist the braid ends together to form buns.


3. Multi-Strand French and Bun

A three-strand braid is fine, but if you want your child’s hair to stand out, aim for a longer braid. Make a multi-strand braid that runs diagonally across your girl’s head. Finish with a loosely braided bun.


4. Triple Lace Braid with Rosette

Hair accessories are an important aspect of hairstyles, particularly those for tiny girls. Create this look by braiding three lace braids diagonally across your child’s head. Bring the braid ends together to form a flat rosette. Pin a hair clip in the center.


5. Half Updo with Ribbon Braids for Girls

Cute small girl hairstyles nearly often include some interesting accessories, such as hair flowers, glittering clips, or colorful ribbons. Weave a ribbon into your girl’s braids to instantly transform a normal hairstyle into a festive one.


6. Heart Braids and Ponytail

French braids in the shape of a heart are something any little girl would like to wear. This hairstyle’s success stems from its exact parting and tight braiding. Secure with an eye-catching bow.


7. Fancy Pigtails With Ribbons

This braided hairstyle is ideal for a princess. The layered pull-through braid beneath the regular three-strand braid gives depth to this lovely asymmetrical look. Coordinate her hair accessories with her outfit for maximum appeal.


8. Diagonal Pull-Through Braids for Girls

Funky small girl hairstyles are popular, particularly for special events. If you want to create a hairdo that truly stands out, try pulling through braids. Remember that when it comes to attractive small girl hairstyles, a pretty bow is the greatest finishing touch.


9. Decorated Four-Strand Braid Flower

A ribbon braid looks great when it hangs naturally, but it may also be used to create a stunning updo. Twirl the braid into a flower form, loosening it as you coil it around. For a more natural look, add flower clips to the style.

Source: @flettemamma

10. Tied Mini Ponytails

Tie each pair of little ponytails together and feed their ends into the next pair to create a charming crisscrossed design that you can finish with a braid or ponytail and decorate as your lady desires.

Source: @brownhairedbliss

11. Kids Cute Curly Hair Tuck

For formal events, like this one, children’s hairstyles for girls can be both elegant and simple. Gather your girl’s hair loosely at the back of her head and twist it up. Leave a couple strands out. If she has naturally straight hair, try curling the ends to add body. What is the best accessory for tiny girls’ hairstyles? Sprigs with flowers – baby’s breath – would be appropriate for a formal occasion.


12. Half-Loop Braids Hairstyle

Children’s hairstyles can become quite difficult, therefore they inspire us to learn new braided patterns. However, we can use our favorite form of braids instead of the half-loop braids utilized here.


13. Fishtail and Zigzag Braid

Add a zigzag braid to your fishtail. Before forming the fishtail, leave a segment of hair outside. Complete the fishtail, then make a simple thin braid from the portion you left out and loop it through the hairstyle for a stylish accent.


14. Little Girl Buns with Floral Clips

When it comes to updos, twist her hair rather than braid it. This is one of the most beautiful haircuts for tiny girls. To recreate the style, part her hair down the center to the nape of the neck. Flat twist each side from the front, adding more hair as you go. Coil the parts into buns and decorate with flowers.

Source: @flettemamma

15. Double Heart Pigtails with Bows

Kids enjoy fun hairstyles, particularly those that form recognized shapes. Because of the two hearts, this updo elevates ordinary pigtails. Part her hair and divide it into three square portions. Twist the hair from each portion into hearts. Gather the loose ends into pigtails and finish with bows.


16. Colorful Loop Faux Hawk

Faux hawks are the most enjoyable updo hairstyles. This one gets a colorful makeover with the addition of some vividly colored bobby pins. If your girl’s hair is thin, tease each piece with a comb to add thickness and volume.


17. Dutch Loop Braid Ponytail for a Kid

This is one of those litte girl hairstyles that works for both thick and thin hair. Dutch braid two pieces of hair beginning at her temples. When you reach to the back of her head, cross one braid over another. Continue braiding along the opposite side, bending it around to make a loop.

Source: @cutegirlshairstyles

18. Pull-Through Braid Mohawk Bun

When it comes to girls’ hairstyles, the placement of braids is equally significant as the type. This pull-through braid adds a creative touch to a mohawk haircut. Use vibrant hair elastics in a variety of colors to enhance the braid.


19. Simple Rope Twists into High Bun

Rope twists with colorful elastics create a look that every girl will like. Begin the twists on the side of her head rather than the front for a fresh spin on the style. Finally, gather the ends of her hair to form a sloppy bun with twists.

Source: @brownhairedbliss

20. Upside Down Braided Bun for Girls

Little girls’ hairstyles should be attractive from all angles, not just the front. If your girl’s hair is long, start an upside down braid at the nape of the neck and bind the ends to form a huge, teased bun.


21. Easy Braided Crown with a Bow

This hairdo is sweet and charming for both formal occasions and a day at school, and it’s dressed up even more with a delicate pastel bow. Such attractive hairstyles for tiny girls are best suited to long, thick hair, as adequate length and texture are required to work around the head and keep it stable.


22. Braided Pigtails

Fishtail braids are popular among both young and adolescent girls. This younger variation of the haircut includes combing the hair extremely smoothly before creating a lovely braid on each side. To complete the appearance, add satin ribbons or other hair embellishments. New to fish tail braids? It can take some time to get the hang of it, so schedule a few practice sessions.

Source: @brownhairedbliss

23. Sweet Twisted Fishtail Half Updo

Add braids to her half-up hairstyle to make it more intriguing. To achieve the style, part your girl’s hair down the middle and divide it into two portions. French braid each one until you get to the crown. Then, turn to a fishtail braid. Twist and secure the parts using an elastic.


24. Braided Style

Lil girl hairdos are not limited to those with smooth, straight hair. Little black girls and those with thicker hair can benefit from a charming updo. This style is ideal for warm weather or a formal occasion; it may also be worn with a variety of hair lengths.


25. Basket Weave Hairdo

It looks much more difficult than it is, and this shoulder-length haircut will be a hit with your little girl. Allow lots of time for toddlers, as the most difficult aspect will be getting them to hold! Use a rainbow of hair elastics to create a vibrant, casual style that will stay all day.


26. Braided Updo with a Side Bun

This intricate-looking little girl hairdo is created by braiding six braids from the beneath hair and then matching them in twos. Brush the remaining hair to the side, then pull the braids up from the nape of the neck to the top right corner. Secure the remaining hair in a bun and add a stylish ornament.


27. Twisted Girly Fun

This style is suitable for both African American and Caucasian hair types and has thick twists and buns that look wonderful on any child. Add some ribbon or flowers to dress it up. You’ll need a lot of hair elastics and bobby pins to keep this one in place. A setting spray will help the style last all day.


28. Messy Buns and Braids

Braiding hair doesn’t have to be boring; try something attractive and trendy instead. Begin with a small French braid on either side of the head, then gather hair into a sloppy bun on both sides. Allow the rest of the hair to flow freely, and if you have time, curl it!


29. Sleek and Formal Double Buns

Many small girl hairstyles are timeless looks that today’s mothers remember wearing when they were younger. This double-bun design for children is an excellent example. It’s perfect for thin, straight hair. However, you can incorporate lengthier locks into this sleek and easy hairstyle. Wear it to school or at a wedding.

Source: @brownhairedbliss

30. Upside Down Braid Wraps

Forget the ponytail and go for something far more inventive. This style consists of two upside down French braids that are then twisted into braided buns. This style is not suitable for short hair, but it looks great on tiny girls with long hair.


31. Loose and Wavy Style

Sometimes youthful hair looks best when left mostly alone. If your child has medium-thick long hair, simply twist it into cascading curls and pin some front strands back with a few hairpins. Done!


32. Side Braids with a Color Pop

A touch edgy, a little punk, this haircut looks great in pink! When looking for unique hairstyles for tiny girls, try this simple and adorable design. Don’t want to dye your hair? Clip-in color strands and hair chalking look amazing on youthful fashionistas.


33. Quick and Simple Half Updo

This hairdo is charming and lots of diversity, which small children will like. Simply take hair out of your face, backcomb slightly around the hairline, and add some side braids. Hair can be crimped, curled, or left straight.


34. Braided Nest Style

This hairstyle, inspired by lovely little bird nests, is easily wrapped from three braids and fixed with hairpins – ideal for family photos or any other special occasion! You can add beads, flowers, or ribbons to the center of each braid.


35. Cute Curly Hairstyle with a Headband

Does your small baby girl have natural curls? Then, select kids hairstyles for girls like this one. Enhance curls with styling product and a fun hair accessory, such as a huge bow band. If your hair is naturally straight, add some curl with hot rollers or a large-barrel iron. They’ll feel so fancy!


36. Braided Snail Bun Updo

This braid, which trails from the top right side of the head and falls down into a twisted bun, looks great on both thick and fine hair. Add a flower to complete the effect.


37. Mini Pattern Braids

Go to the hair salon to acquire these gorgeous zig-zag braids that any African American girl will adore. This hairstyle takes some time and skill to master, but a professional can style hair that will endure for a month or longer.


38. Classic Child Updo

When it comes to tiny girl haircuts, it doesn’t get much sweeter than this delicate, vintage look. Use a soft hair accessory to hide any hairpins or elastics.


39. Creative Ribbon Style

This is another technique that appears far more complex and intricate than it is. Create two French braids along the hairline and connect them with a tiny satin ribbon. Tie it off at the bottom with the hair elastic used for the braids.


40. Unique Young Punk Braid

Thick-haired girls can rock this Mohawk-inspired inside-out braid. Try it the next time you have a big event to attend or want something unique for back-to-school hairstyles.

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