50 Inspiring Examples of Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are a feminine and elegant technique for ethnic women to style their hair. Some Goddess coifs might survive for weeks, while others barely a day. Check out all of the fantastic variants on this trendy hairdo inspired by ancient heroes.

These resemble gigantic cornrows. They are braided near to the scalp, either using natural hair or extensions. The designs of hairstyles vary. Some examples are a crown braid updo, a Mohawk braid, a low braided bun, or a half up hairstyle with a headband braid. More ideas with images can be found below.

1. Curved Feed-In Goddess Braids

One of the most stunning aspects of ethnic goddess braid hair is the artwork that goes into each style. When it comes to a goddess-inspired look, splitting your hair in a shapely design adds a new dimension to the style. This one curves into a “u” form.


2. Big Side Goddess Braid

This goddess-inspired look necessitates a thick braid that thins out as it approaches the bottom of the hair. If you have highlights in your hair, it will look very nice. Are you just learning how to do these braids? This is a great place to begin.


3. Long Goddess Braids

The flat edges of baby-fine hair make a stunning accent for an asymmetrical braided hairdo. The angled braids wrap around the head to one side and front, framing the face. Wrapping one or two of the heaviest braids with gold or copper wire adds a beautiful touch that emphasizes the length.

Source: @erica_letstalkhair

4. Purple Goddess Braids to the Side

Whoever created Goddess braids hairstyles could never have anticipated such a creative variant. Laid edges highlight the spiraling iridescent braids that resemble a magnificent Goddess crown. The circular pattern wraps around the scalp, culminating in lustrous, deep purple braids long enough to drape over your shoulder like a scarf!

Source: @erica_letstalkhair

5. Black and Wine Goddess Braids in a Ponytail

If you want a hot method to wear your hair in a ponytail, curving cornrows that feed into a wrapped ponytail are the answer. The red-wine extensions braided into black hair, as well as the mini-parting braids with golden cuffs, giving this style a polished look.

Source: @shellyafrikhair

6. Big Goddess Braids in a Bun

This goddess style wraps into a tall bun for the utmost in beauty and femininity, making it suitable for both casual days and formal evenings. Pair it with some statement accessories, like massive earrings, or go for something more tiny and delicate for a traditional dancer look.

Source: @mzpritea

7. Goddess Braids with Cornrows

These perfectly aligned cornrows, a new twist on an old favorite, run from the forehead to the nape of the neck, where they spring off into uber-shiny freely-hanging braids. It’s a lovely design pattern with tiny parting braids that assist keep the whole head appearing neat and elegant.

Source: @phenomenal_braider

8. Black`n`Caramel Goddess Braids in a Ponytail

The specked caramel braids that swirl to the side combine with small braid partings to create one of our favorite goddess braid designs. Gold braid cuffs look great with the color of the braided hair. A wrap-around ponytail that sits on top of the head is a great technique to add height.

Source: @shellyafrikhair

9. Feed-In Goddess Braids with Color

Who says you can’t braid your hair in two opposing directions? These angular scalp braids spiral around the crown of your head in an eye-catching pattern accented by vibrant red and subtle blue highlights. It’s a great choice if you want a Goddess braid style that can be done quickly.

Source: @studio91naturalhairsalon

10. Goddess Braids with Kanekalon Hair

These curly onyx braids, made from kanekalon hair, are contemporary and stylish. Skinny separation braids separate larger cornrows, which are then gathered and fed into a wrap-around “I Dream of Jeannie” ponytail straight out of the 1960s. You’ll get more than three wishes from these spectacular Goddess plaits!

Source: @erica_letstalkhair

11. Goddess Braids Mohawk Updo

For thick hair, consider this slicked-back, sectioned French Mohawk braid that ends in a coiled low bun. If your natural hair is too short, you can use a weave or extensions instead.


12. Two Goddess Braids with Cuffs and Wire

Express the carefree and frolicking little girl inside you with two braids styled like pigtails separated in the center. Long, chestnut-colored Dutch braids are embellished with hair cuffs and crisscrossed gold strings for a basic and clean hairstyle that looks wonderful wherever you go.

Source: @braidsby_kdc

13. Two-Toned Goddess Braids with a Bun

Perfectly partitioned braids swept up into a sophisticated twisted top knot are an excellent option. Gorgeous angled designs around the crown portion, as well as brilliant copper hair weaved into the extensions, add to the overall versatility of this design, which may be worn at work or play.

Source: @hairbyyaya

14. Long Side Goddess Braids with Weave

With a weave, you can change your hairstyle as much as you like. You can change the length of your hair, experiment with color, and create braided styles. The caramel-colored Goddess braid extensions are super-long and thick, tapering thinner as they reach the waist. These look fantastic!

Source: @braidsbykiana

15. Pink Red Feed-In Goddess Braids

If you’re tired of hairstyles with only 2-4 braids, try this hot pink look with at least 8 thick and thin braids directed upwards into a flouncy ponytail. Consider an unusual color, such as this stylish two-tone pastel pink.

Source: @vb_retta

16. Big Goddess Braids Updo

Two goddess braids are preferable than one, and four or five braids are great if you want to draw your hair up into a large braided bun. You can use a shine enhancer or similar product to keep things sleek and in place.


17. Four Goddess Box Braids

Geometry is at its best! If you have fine-textured natural hair and want to try out Goddess plaits, use an angular pattern with perfectly split portions and part lines. These “home-made” braids are eye-catching, and the bronze hair cuffs on each tress add to their appeal.

Source: @val_can_braid

18. Two Reverse Goddess French Braids

These two thick Goddess braids at the rear that open up into wavy long pigtails are a particularly tempting choice because they combine youthful vigor and timeless elegance. Jet black loopy extensions are neat and easy to maintain, making them ideal for women with short to medium-length, thick natural hair.

Source: @sleek_stylz

19. Three Goddess Braids with Partings

White-blonde hair extensions were weaved into three Goddess braids that go diagonally over the top of the head. The main braids are divided by two thin parting strands. The racing splitting braids are a lovely addition that elevates this haircut.

Source: @shellyafrikhair

20. Feed-In Goddess Braids Updo

The majestic and dignified goddess updo with a high braided bun is a timeless trend. Thicker cornrows and interspersed small parting braids rise straight up from the hairline, meeting on the crown and finishing with a tall sophisticated bun.

Source: @braidsbykeee

21. 4 Thick Goddess Braids with Scalp Plaits

The truth is that almost anyone can pull off elaborate hairstyles. Using petite goddess braids with chunkier plaits results in an urban look suited for a queen. Look at these flaring rows; they are simply lovely.

Source: @steph_odia

22. Geometric Goddess Braids Design

Feed in braids provide an opportunity to combine two hairstyles into one. To personalize the tried-and-true pigtails, weave an angled braided design between them and feed it into the main braids.

Source: @val_can_braid

23. Curly Goddess Braids Updo Hairstyle

For a fancier look, try an updo with curls. This hairstyle can be worn with weave or natural hair, depending on your preferences. Each braid builds up to the main event, which is a burst of curls on top of the head that is meticulously groomed.

Source: @thehairqueen

24. 6 Feed-In Goddess Braids with Cornrows

If you enjoy huge braids, you’ll love these dark-maroon branching braids with gold hair cuffs and braid string. Two goddess braids on each side and in the middle grow out from the imaginary center parting, creating a one-of-a-kind hairdo that you’ll enjoy wearing for a long.

Source: @qthebraider

25. Four Goddess Braids Mohawk

Four goddess braids can create a stunning Mohawk. Make them thick to contrast with the skinny cornrows on the sides. The result is an athletic mohawk look with a bit tomboyish aspect.

Source: @shaylastyles_

26. High Goddess Braid Bun

Simple straight braiding is relatively simple to do, especially if you’re working with stretched-out natural hair. Perfectly symmetrical goddess braids in a bun make it an even better choice! It’s an excellent pick if you want a traditional, timeless look that can be worn anywhere, at any time. Also a nice mommy/daughter option!

Source: @outbarsalon

27. Different Sized Goddess Braids in a Bun

This style is distinguished by a succession of varying-sized braids that all originate from a single spot. They sweep and curve around the head, culminating in a lovely top-knot bun.

Source: @donebyjenn

28. Large Goddess Braids

One of the best methods to achieve a stunning, spontaneous style is to vary the thickness of your braids. African goddess braids provide up a whole new world of possibilities for hair, from thin to fat.


29. Big Goddess Braid with a Flower Bun

Bring your hair forward to highlight your stunning neck and some amazing color. This will also highlight your accessories and the clothes you choose to wear with this style. Finish off this style with a bun instead of bangs; it’s charming, sassy, and completely modern.


30. Goddess Braids with Curls

Curly goddess braid styles look gorgeous with thinner and thicker braids and a curly back part. Your salon stylist will expertly replicate this look for you, but you may also attempt it at home. Simply begin with a medium-thick braid along the hairline, followed by a little braid across the center of the head, and finished with a thicker, looser braid closer to the crown. Gather the remaining hair and create curls, fastening with bobby pins as you go.


31. Large Twist-Up Goddess Braids Bun

When it comes to updo hairstyles, you may feel compelled to go all out or go home. A massive, dramatic bun can be difficult to pull off, but when it does, it looks fantastic.

Source: @art_of_beautification

32. Long Thick Goddess Braids

These braids are a more feminine version of typical cornrows, as they are long, elegant, and girly to the extreme. The braids are thicker, and this style requires either extremely lengthy locks or a high-quality weave. This is an excellent alternative if you want a style that is both wearing and versatile – put the braids into a ponytail or low bun for a change.


33. Massive Halo Goddess Braid

Thick African goddess braids wrapped around as a halo will crown your head, frame your face, and look absolutely stunning. Add some hair accessories, such as jewels or beads, to dress it up even more.


34. Inverted Goddess Braids Updo Style

Going out for an evening on the town? Here’s an updo hairstyle that few women can resist. Incorporating extensions of a shining hue that is similar to your natural color but stands out is a simple method to give your updo a spectacular look. You can also support it with your makeup colors.

Source: @creationsbyshay

35. Two Large Goddess Braids in a High Bun

Want something a little different? Why not attempt an updo with a curving part, voluminous braids, and a tightly twisted braided knot? Ideal for thick, natural hair. The extensions mix together seamlessly.

Source: @luscioushairbraiding

36. Three Goddess Braids with Smaller Plaits

Small goddess braids work well with larger ones. This hairdo looks both simple and classy. You can wear the braids freely hanging or twist and pin them into a low bun to seem more put together.

Source: @jlowedabraider

37. Big Goddess Braids and a Low Bun

Instead of braiding hair straight down or across, slant your braids for a more attractive appearance. 3-4 thick braids will amply cover the head, and longer lengths will result in a large coiled bundle at the back, with thinner braid ends that add texture variety to the style. This is a fun and creative updo for any occasion.

Source: @kersti.pitre

38. Goddess Braids Style with Low Pigtails

Big diagonal braids always appear more intriguing than those that run straight backwards. You can end two braids with little buns at the nape of your neck, which looks really stunning. The golden clips wrapped around the braids add a touch of glamor and glitz, while the sleekness of each braid is perfect.

Source: @marlyshairbraiding

39. “S”-Shaped Goddess Braids Hairstyle

You may have just discovered a way to create a gigantic braid that is both attractive and trendy. What makes this seem so fantastic is that it just requires one huge braid. The thick snake braid is both sensual and feminine. Finishing with a bun is right on point.

Source: @hairdesignz_bytiffany

40. Two Goddess Braids on Natural Hair

Goddess braided styles can be quick and easy, we assure you. Have a peek. This hairdo, while similar to double French braids, is yet stunningly unique. Simply put, this is simple to make, you can wear it without spending a fortune at the salon, and it will last a long time. If your hair is on the shorter side, consider adding a weave.


41. Greek Goddess Crown Braid

This may be your favorite gallery image out of all the ones you’ve seen. Double goddess braids will always be an elegant nighttime look. Remember to mix in some smaller twists or braids to add some variety.

Source: @samanthapollack

42. One Goddess Braid into a Bun

Here’s a photo of a sectioned style held together with a single circle braid. It’s basically a braided bun with a large piece of hair above that has already been braided and twisted around the bun’s base. It’s a sturdy style that will last all day and night.


43. Cute Goddess Braids with a Mohawk

To get the beauty of a goddess look, your hairstyles do not need to incorporate enormous long braids. Instead, keep your hair smooth, short, and simple with this wonderfully coiffed look. Even a sideburn curl is included to keep the entire head looking beautiful.


44. Faux Fishtail Goddess Braid

This goddess-worthy style is inspired by the classic Fishtail braid while remaining stunningly sensual. Braiding from the inside out adds height, while ending with a ponytail makes it easy to manage.


45. Four Jumbo Goddess Braids with a Bun

If you want a braided look with very long hair, adding some sharp underbraids and putting it all up in a bun may be the way to go. This clean updo hairdo will turn heads.

Source: @tiffanyyyy_j

46. Big Goddess Braid and Multiple Small Plaits

This space-age twist on goddess plaits is unusual and fashion-forward, with extremely small braids underneath and an angled French braid that wraps around one side of the head and down the other. This style will make a bigger statement if your hair is thicker and longer.

Source: @hair_scientist

47. Cute Corset Goddess Braids Style

You may have seen a significant increase in popularity for the corset braid trend. There’s a good reason for this: it’s a diversified style that will truly set you apart. Using contrasting bands to crisscross over the mini goddess braids is an easy way to highlight them.

Source: @phivestarhair

48. Beautiful Goddess Braids in a Top Bun

Braids that move back and forth, up and down, are elegant and trendy. If your hair is a weave, you may benefit from an extra shining mane that will just glitter with attractiveness when bundled atop the head.


49. 5 Goddess Braids with Low Buns

This technique requires a lot of time and patience; each braid is coiled on its own course, contributing to the spectacular asymmetrical wrap along the neckline. Use plenty of holding product on this one.


50. Goddess Braids with Purple Extensions

One significant advantage of dark hair is its ability to keep very brilliant accent colors in goddess hairstyles. Try a vibrant purple, a gorgeous caramel blonde, or both. Incorporating bits of color into braids allows you to create your own distinctive appearance. Permanent color will be the most durable and brilliant, although modern hair chalks and temporary colors are equally effective.

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