40 Exquisite Box Braids Hairstyles That Look Really Hot

Box braids hairstyles provide a wonderful opportunity to lengthen your hair, add color to it, and wear flexible hairstyles that look stunning but are really simple to execute. This is also a protective hairstyle for natural hair that requires minimal upkeep.

Box braids can be fashioned in a variety of cool ways! Whether you’re trying a box braids style for the first time, want it braided differently, or are looking for a lovely individual braids updo design, this guide will provide you with many beautiful possibilities.

If you are thinking about getting box braids, you need to be aware of all the different kinds and how to maintain them. First, decide on the length and diameter of your braids. However, there are additional questions to be answered. Will you be turning all of your individual braids or cornrows into braids? Will you try some beads or triangle box braids? Will you weave in any color, and which hue will best fit your complexion?

All of these styles look amazing, so don’t be afraid to experiment with new looks from time to time. After you’ve braided your hair, try out several styles for box braids, such as statement-making buns, high ponytails, twists, and braids on braids.

The photographs below show how stunning all varieties of box braid hairstyles are!

1. Stunning Box Braids Updo

We can’t take our gaze away from this high bun with some curls and braids hanging loose. It perfectly frames the face and softens the dramatic high bun style.

Source: @pearlthestylist_

2. Chocolate to Honey Brown Box Braids

Forget about natural hair color for a moment and include color to brighten up your look while maintaining the health of your hair. Lowlights and highlights in golden blonde and brown are braided into separate strands for a pop of personality.

Source: @ateliebadu

3. Creative Box Braids with Beads

Beautiful box braid hairstyles do not rely on length. Do you want something exquisite? Choose an all-one-length bob and have the stylist pull the strands for extra volume. It’s a unique and surprising way to wear braids that adds a touch of city flair. Putting the beads in just says, “Yes, I intended to look this fabulous.”

Source: @ulibiabeautyempire

4. Platinum Blonde Box Braids

Experimenting with color with long braids is really simple. There’s no need to worry about dye and bleach; if you’ve always wanted to try strong colors like platinum blonde, now is the moment.

Source: @narahairbraiding

5. Big Box Braids

Big braids are fascinating and retro-inspired, but keep in mind that enormous plaits can be heavy and tug around the edges. If you wish to wear a high bun or updo, this size is not appropriate. It’s preferable to keep them long and loose.

Source: @pearlthestylist_

6. Box Braids into Bantu Knots

When styling medium box braids, you can be an artist, so don’t limit yourself. You spent hours getting those things, so now you can maximize their styling potential. To begin, what about traditional Bantu knots with box braids? Yes, go for it.

Source: @reioftheson

7. Box Braids Ponytail and Bangs

Medium box braids can be styled in a variety of ways to create distinctive and entertaining box braid hairstyles. A half-up bun and a high ponytail are wonderful options for a more youthful hairdo than a ballerina bun or long layers. To add a fun twist, style side bangs with many front box braids, which will quickly help you rock the 90s hair trend.

Source: @laquinas_tokaijah_beauty

8. Block Braids Half Down Style

The smaller braids may be molded into a variety of box braid updos and half-up hairstyles, making it an ideal choice for people who enjoy experimenting. The tidy blocks add to the professional look, and the dark blue tone makes the hair appear mysterious.

Source: @rosesbraids1

9. Triangle Box Braids

Triangle braids are a wonderful way to elevate your box braid game. It’s like attempting both a braided hairstyle and a hair design at the same time, and the results may be very gorgeous.

Source: @braidbarldn

10. Black, Blonde and Brown Box Braids

Small box braids never get old. You can run your fingers through them and enjoy the playful feel of the thinner strands. To create interest, pair black strands with brown and golden tones. Let your hairdresser masterfully weave them in.

Source: @voila_braids

11. Fishtail Braid on Box Braids

Feeling like a Greek goddess today? Of course you are. Pull those lustrous, well-cared-for tresses back and divide them into two sections to make a single thick fishtail braid. The French or fishtail braid removes hair from your face without adding weight to the top of your head.

Source: @bluehairguru

12. Small Box Braids into a Huge Bun

Swirl braids into an extremely high bun for a look that says, “Yes, I am going somewhere.” You can tuck the parts beneath to keep the look sleek. The healthier and more nourished your natural hair is before you get box braids, the better it will look once they are in.

Source: @pearlthestylist_

13. Medium Box Braids

We’re totally crazy about these braids enhanced with cool brown hue, which flatters deep complexion and provides a chic and personal touch to your hair. It’s simply another opportunity to showcase your flair and be innovative.

Source: @ghana.braids

14. Burgundy Braids

Individual braids are an ideal design for any lady, regardless of age, because there are numerous ways to personalize them. From colored to curly box braids, you can’t go wrong with this protective hairstyle.

Source: @lionessd_beauty

15. Brown Braids with E-Girl Framing Streaks

Have you ever pondered how to arrange natural hair to fit the e-girl hairstyle? With box braids, you may simply weave a different color into two face-framing braids. These long box braids look amazing in a deep dark brown color!

Source: @belmirobelezaafro

16. One Side Box Braids

This one-side box braids design with a creative braided heart and delicately styled baby hairs deserves all braid prizes! Style a “braided braid” or a low bun on one side for the ultimate keeling-me-softly look.

Source: @d.ninelleparis

17. Purple Box Braids

The purple braiding hair transforms these medium-sized long box braids into something lovely! A side twit or a high ponytail – what ‘do will you choose to show off your beauty?

Source: @thay_nago

18. Middle Part Bob Braids

If you have relaxed or straightened hair, a bob hairstyle can be simply recreated with your preferred braided appearance. The protective design will also make it easier to rock the middle-part bob trend.

Source: @studiodapreta_trancas

19. Chunky Box Braids with Curly Ends

The styling and what you combine it with are the most important aspects of a basic look. Curled ends and immaculate makeup bring the braids to the next level. Flirty lashes and radiant skin will transform you from refined to sassy.

Source: @yasbeautynl

20. Medium Length Box Braids

Want to go close to the bob look but yet have enough length to pull braids into a sassy updo? Allow the length to reach below your shoulders. Incorporating color or golden hair accessories into your box braids is a great way to upgrade the basic protective design. It produces a fashionable but practical hairstyle for any occasion.

Source: @_toridoesmyhair

21. Large Waist-Length Box Braids

Long box braids are inspired by Janet Jackson’s look in the popular 1990s film Poetic Justice. Given the decade’s boom in fashion and beauty, it’s no wonder that one of the most iconic box braid styles is making a comeback. Style thicker braids into small ones and add highlights for a twist.

Source: @criouloshair

22. Long Box Braids

These long box braids with bright colored elastics are adorable and reminiscent of bubble braids. The best part is that you can effortlessly change up your hairstyle.

Source: @neyhairs_

23. Two Box Braids in the Front

Cornrows are a wonderful hairstyle for black ladies, but why not add a few loose box braids? A wonderful example of how you don’t need different colors to catch people’s attention!

Source: @laviniatrancista

24. Chunky Blue Highlights

While most women choose longer hairstyles for an old-school look, a braided bob gets a lot of respect as well. A greater braid size and bright blue hue will instantly transform the classic look from stylish to insanely cool.

Source: @max_braidss

25. Bright Side Part Box Braid Hairstyle

If you frequently wear a swoop, you’ll like deep part long box braid hairstyles. It frames the face and slims round faces while reducing asymmetry. Ask your hairdresser to braid a half-inch cornrow away from the parting to ensure it stays in place at all times. Isn’t this red box braids style beautiful?

Source: @vivianbeautyandstyle

26. Long Thin Box Braids

These little braids, while not really mini, are adorable. With that lovely layered length, we’re all for a side part that lets magnificent hair fall on one side while highlighting beautiful cheekbones on the other.

Source: @modernsalon

27. With Gold String

The trick to dressing up a plain style is to add accessories. Beads and golden strings can be strategically placed throughout your hair to add a stunning touch of sparkle.

Source: @queenmercyhair

28. Neon Yellow Box Braids

If you want to have some fun with your style, consider bright colors and sloppy buns with box braids. Ideal for an easygoing girl who enjoys connecting with her inner child and expressing her emotions.

Source: @braids_by_nancy

29. Box Braids Mohawk

The advantage of braided hair length is that it can be styled into a variety of updos, including an edgy braided mohawk look. Are you ready to rock it for a little longer? Choose cornrows for the sides and box braids for the top, styling them to the back or front.

Source: @studiodias_

30. White Box Braids

Larger braids may appear scarce if taken to both sides, so why not braid some cornrows and bring them to just one side? The white tone in these braids is another appealing feature to add to your Pinterest hair inspiration board.

Source: @karmsyndia

31. Head Wrap Box Braid Hairstyle

A scarf is a great way to spruce up your box braid hairstyles no matter what season it is. Wrapping your scarf around your head like a turban is one stylish option, as is playing with a scarf like a headband. Check out these headwrap tutorials, how-tos, and inspiration.

Source: @wrappedbysarah

32. Box Braids with Shaved Design

Hairstyles with shaved sides and razored designs aren’t just for hipsters and punk rockers; just have a look at this lovely photo! By introducing an undercut into box braid hairstyles, you can elevate classic designs such as a bun and high ponytail to new heights.

Source: @erica_m_kennedy

33. Large Twisted Box Braids Bun

The possibilities for box braid styles are truly infinite. This twisted bun makes full use of the lovely volume created by larger braids. When you master this degree of sculptural styling, you will undoubtedly exude royalty.

Source: @beautybylexy_

34. Simple Braided Style with Thin Braids

Simply divide your strands into two halves and create a thick braid on one side that rims your face. This is a fantastic hairdo that you can create in only minutes!

Source: @modernsalon

35. Pastel Pink Box Braids

Colorful box braid hairstyles aren’t just for music festivals. Oh no. Choose your favorite color and wear it out on the streets!

Source: @belmirobelezaafro

36. Medium Long Box Braids

It’s nice to know how to accomplish unique styles with boxed braids, but it’s even better to wake up and not have to do anything to your hair (other than a little water-based moisture spray). Adding gold beads is a no-brainer.

Source: @bella_hairpage

37. Ombre-ed Black and Red Box Braids

Box braid hairstyles can integrate a variety of other trends, including ombre. Next to black hair, red or fuchsia is a clear favorite. Single braids are weaved with brilliant strands for a standout look that updates great 90s duds. Get it, girl.

Source: @modernsalon

38. Rainbow Colored Braids

Are you in the mood for some rainbow colours? Box braids allow you to get all of them at once while also safely experimenting with split hair colors. With a rainbow in your hair, the sky’s the limit.

Source: @setefios

39. Braided Bun with Small Box Braids

A tight braided bun hanging high on your crown is a simple box braid hairstyle that you can achieve in minutes. It is performed with a high ponytail, braided, and wrapped around.

Source: @modernsalon

40. Dark Side Part Box Braids

With lengthy braids like these, all you have to do is whip the hair to one side for a sultry look. If you’re wondering how to style box braids, one option is to not style them at all. When done correctly, they act like a cocoon, allowing hair to grow while relieving you of the need for constant maintenance.

Source: @ironyofashi
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