45 Amazing Butterfly Locs Ideas for a Natural Hair Queen

Have you ever wondered what butterfly locs are or why they are such an effective protective style? Prepare to discover these trendy, adaptable locks and get answers to all of your pressing questions right here.

Are you prepared to accept butterfly locs with confidence? Prepare to be inspired by a magnificent collection of creative hairstyles!

1. Thick Shoulder-Length Locs

These luxurious shoulder-length butterfly locs, expertly crafted by Houston locs specialist Tiera, flow like a cascading waterfall. They provide ample volume, rich texture, and a effortlessly chic protective style all rolled into one stunning package!

Source: @perfectlocs

2. Lower Back Butterfly Locs with Loose Curls

Philly’s celebrity loc stylist, Stephanie Crisler of So Extra Faux Locs, has fashioned these elegant butterfly locs, gracefully draping down the lower back, intertwined with soft, carefree curls. To rock this look, ensure your natural hair is at least 4 inches long!

Source: @steph_theextras

3. Tri-Color Waist-Length Locs

Seeking a head-turning butterfly locs hairstyle? Look no further than these breathtaking locks showcasing a captivating black-to-blonde ombre effect. Prepare to steal the spotlight with this chic and dynamic style!

Source: @trapness

4. Soft and Fluffy Blonde Locs

Delight in these fabulous butterfly locs, offering a weightless feel akin to clouds. With their dreamy texture and sun-kissed hue, you’ll effortlessly exude comfort and chic style.

Source: @hair_by_annakiejoseph

5. Classy Shoulder-Length Butterfly Locs

Embody sophistication and professionalism with these shoulder-length butterfly locs. Their impeccable structure and manageable length make them an ideal choice for the workplace, delivering a polished appearance that’s both stylish and business-ready.

Source: @locdbyazja

6. Extra Long Gypsy Locs

Bahamas-based locs specialist Chayda J has masterfully blended human and synthetic hair elements in this fabulous hairstyle. Synthetic locs combined with luxurious human hair curls create an exquisite fusion of style and texture.

Source: @chaydaj.beauty

7. Medium Butterfly Locs with Creative Parting

Prepare to be captivated by these armpit-length butterfly locs, featuring imaginative parting for a unique and stylish expression of personality.

Source: @locsbyashh

8. Braided Base Crochet Butterfly Locs

Clients opting for butterfly locs with a braided base crochet technique seek an efficient and cost-effective protective style. Achieve this fantastic look with minimal time and investment!

Source: @hair_by_arie

9. Butterfly Locs Bob with Hair Jewelry

Elevate your bob hairstyle with charming hair jewelry for a stylish and bohemian touch. These accessories add flair and personality to your butterfly locs.

Source: @dadouhair

10. Butterfly Locs with Wavy Ends

Infuse whimsy and movement into your butterfly locs with wavy ends, evoking a relaxed, beachy vibe that exudes effortless chicness.

Source: @steph_theextras

11. Fierce Scarlet Butterfly Locs

Set your style ablaze with scarlet pre-fluffed locs, radiating boldness and vibrancy for a look that commands attention with confidence.

Source: @trapness

12. Bronde Collarbone-Length Butterfly Locs

Enhance your melanin-rich complexion with bronde butterfly locs, where the blend of brown and blonde hues creates a striking contrast, accentuating your natural beauty.

Source: @aesbeautyyy

13. Copper Butterfly Locs Into Space Buns

Add flair to your locs by twisting strands into cute space buns, offering a playful and stylish alternative to the traditional look.

Source: @styledbypk

14. Black Medium Locs with Hair Pieces

Elevate your black butterfly locs with hair pieces such as rings, beads, or cuffs, injecting a fresh and trendy twist into your style.

Source: @dolamohair

15. Butterfly Locs Into Jumbo Ponytail

Explore diverse looks with extra-long butterfly locs, like a massive ponytail adorned with a vibrant headscarf, for a fun and stylish transformation.

Source: @styledby.tm

16. Espresso Brown Locs with Caramel Highlights

Transform your butterfly locs with stunning highlights, blending rich espresso brown with delectable caramel tones for a truly indulgent aesthetic.

Source: @chelsealaurynhair

17. Black Butterfly Locks with Blonde Accents

Opt for vibrant blonde extensions to create a striking contrast with your black butterfly locs, instantly illuminating your complexion with radiance.

Source: @dadouhair

18. Y2K Texture Butterfly Locs

Embrace a fun and nostalgic vibe with these textured locs by faux locs specialist Winnie, offering a unique twist on a classic style.

Source: @winniehands_

19. Pineapple Pony with Blonde Accents

Effortlessly chic and practical, these butterfly locs, enhanced with blonde highlights, shine in a stylish short ponytail.

Source: @neyhairs_

20. Dusty Fuchsia Butterfly Locs

Make a bold statement with dusty fuchsia butterfly locs, injecting vibrant color and personality into your style effortlessly.

Source: @kecibeauty

21. Thin Two-Toned Butterfly Locs

Opt for thin butterfly locks for a low-maintenance style compared to thicker counterparts. These locks require minimal product and drying time, offering a convenient yet stylish look.

Source: @locedbymiyah

22. Butterfly Locs with Face-Framing Highlights

Enhance slender, oblong faces with face-framing highlights that create a broader frame, beautifully harmonizing unique features.

Source: @locdnbyjoi

23. Bohemian Textured Butterfly Locs

Achieve a boho texture with butterfly locs by incorporating loose curls and random parting. Embrace a relaxed, carefree vibe with an artsy, eclectic touch.

Source: @winniehands_

24. Neon Red Butterfly Locs

Preserve the vibrancy of neon-colored butterfly locs with color-safe products and sun protection. Regular touch-ups ensure the striking hue stays fresh.

Source: @saijedidthat

25. Jumbo Butterfly Locs Bob

Elevate your style with voluminous locs adorned with eye-catching jewelry, creating a striking and confident look.

Source: @dadouhair

26. Red Brown Boho Locs

Embrace warm chestnut brown tones for a soft, gentle look, complemented by loose curls for added softness and allure.

Source: @steph_theextras

27. Messy Ombre Locks and Shaved Side Combo

Combine voluminous, fluffy butterfly locs with a stylish ombre effect for a bold look that complements shaved hairstyles.

Source: @trapness

28. Medium Crochet Butterfly Locs

Enjoy speed and versatility with crochet butterfly locs, easily customizable with various hair types and colors for a fabulous, personalized style.

Source: @africanhoustonhairstylist

29. Boho Locs with Highlights and Hair Jewelry

Embrace loose wavy hair, golden blonde highlights, and charming hair jewelry for a stunning, complete look.

Source: @chelsealaurynhair

30. Soft Shoulder-Length Butterfly Locs

Add casual elegance to medium butterfly locs with a soft, messy texture, exuding effortless charm and style.

Source: @neyhairs_

31. Messy Medium Butterfly Locs

Achieve charmingly messy texture with butterfly locs by varying the size of curly loops, resulting in uniquely stylish locks.

Source: @by_eugeny

32. Thick Chin-Length Butterfly Locs

Strike a balance with thick butterfly locs in a chin-length bob, enhancing features and maintaining sleekness for a chic look.

Source: @pronto.trancei

33. Luscious Butterfly Locs Bob

Maintain moisture in butterfly locs with a light, hydrating mist for happy, healthy, and hydrated hair.

Source: @chynaaland

34. Super Long Burgundy Butterfly Locs

Opt for medium-sized locs for extra-long butterfly locs in a bold burgundy hue, balancing length and vibrancy.

Source: @locsbybecca

35. Chunky Medium-Length Butterfly Locs

Hand-woven butterfly locs offer a personalized touch, showcasing a unique texture and style for a character-filled look.

Source: @chaydaj.beauty

36. Extra-Loopy Short Butterfly Locs

Add extra loops to butterfly locs for a cute and whimsical touch, creating a distinctive and charming look.

Source: @donebybethany

37. Thickset Locs with Scattered Highlights

Scatter highlights throughout butterfly locs for a natural style with effortless beauty.

Source: @kecibeauty

38. Fancy Space Buns Style

Rock chic butterfly loc styles like show-stopping space buns paired with flowing side strands for a fancy, versatile look.

Source: @dadouhair

39. Skunk Stripe Butterfly Locs

Achieve a stylish skunk stripe effect with strategically placed contrasting colors for a bold and trendy look.

Source: @trapness

40. Whimsical Short Butterfly Locs

Embrace various sizes of strands for a whimsically charming appearance with lively, textured locks.

Source: @hair_by_annakiejoseph

41. Thin Long Locs with Curly Tips

Opt for thin locs with curly tips for a playful and dynamic effect, adding movement and charm to your look.

Source: @perfectlocs

42. Butterfly Locs with Colorful Extensions

Blend colorful hair extensions seamlessly into butterfly locs for a harmonious and eye-catching appearance.

Source: @locdnwithbre

43. Mid-Back Slim Butterfly Locs

Enjoy thin, mid-back butterfly locs for a protective style that offers versatility and style.

Source: @locdbyazja

44. Distressed Multi-Hued Butterfly Locs

Create a bold and eclectic vibe with distressed locs in multiple hues, adding texture and color for a fashionable look.

Source: @trapness

45. Bob-Length Black Butterfly Locs

Embrace black butterfly locs for a protective style that shields and nurtures your natural hair while maintaining a chic and fashionable appearance.

Source: @by_eugeny
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