40 High Ponytail Ideas for Every Woman

Because it is so simple to achieve and versatile, a high ponytail is very popular. When worn sleek and straight, it looks great with a gown for an elegant occasion, and its untidy, wavy version is a great option for a playful, carefree casual look. Whatever your taste or preferred hairstyle, you can always go with this easy hairstyle. See 40 motivational photos in the gallery below by continuing to read!

There are no two hairstyles that are nearly identical on our list of the best high pony looks. Each one is unique. You can create a unique take on the classic pony by experimenting with texture and adding twists, braids, or hair accessories.

1. Straight High Ponytail with a Twist

Just add a French braid on one side to give the traditional straight look a more bohemian twist. Depending on the type of events you have planned, adjust the braid’s size; for more casual settings, go larger; for more formal ones, go smaller.


2. Red Carpet Worthy Hairstyle

This is the look for you if you’re looking for a high ponytail hairstyle that’s appropriate for a special occasion. A curvaceous look with a tiny frontal bouffant adds a lot of volume and looks great in pictures taken from any viewpoint.


3. Reverse French Braid Ponytail

Underneath your high ponytail, conceal a French braid to add a little mystery. It will peek out every time you move, but not too much. A respectable hairstyle with a hint of spiciness for a traditional woman.


4. Ponytail and Lacy Braid

As previously mentioned, a messy side braid is a great way to liven up your appearance in a laid-back atmosphere. This interpretation creates a very distinctive color combination by blending blonde and brown tones. Since Khloe Kardashian has worn a similar dye job on several occasions, her fans will undoubtedly want to try this.


5. Big and Bouncy Half Ponytail Style

For women with layered hair, a half-ponytail is a good option because it lets the longer hair flow freely while keeping the shorter pieces out of your face. Springy curls give the style a polished touch that would be appropriate for a wedding or prom.

Source: @georgesmattarofficial

6. Retro Ponytail Style

Why not add a retro vibe to a high ponytail to make it even more elegant than it already is? You can quickly evoke the 1960s by tying a small bouffant around the base of the ponytail and a side section of hair around it. For a very adorable ponytail updo that can be worn to any event, whether formal or casual, let a few strands fall down.

Source: @missysueblog

7. Wavy Ponytail

There is no need for a high ponytail to be sleek and smooth. Rather, feel free to experiment with its texture. After pulling the hair back, curling it creates a disheveled yet endearing look that works for any formal occasion.

Source: @circlesofhair

8. Ponytail with Dutch Braid

If you’re fortunate enough to have very long hair, you might want to try a messy ponytail with a bouffant and Dutch braid. Backcomb the section of the crown, then braid one or both sides. With this style, a ponytail that sits at the crown or slightly below would work just fine instead of one that is extremely high. Backcomb your long pony and use some texturizing product. Messy has become stylish.

Source: @braids_in_action

9. Ponytail for Fine Hair

Achieving the ideal pony isn’t that difficult. This specific updo requires minutes to finish; here’s how to add extra glitz to a high ponytail. After brushing it back, raise the hair to the desired ponytail height. Tie an elastic around your ponytail. Split your ponytail into two sections if you have thin hair to make the base thicker. Raise the upper part of your ponytail and secure it with a tiny claw hairpin clamp at the base. Cover with the hair’s upper section. Wrap your hair up and secure with a pin.

Source: @_hairbygabrielle

10. Trendy Style with French Plait

A tousled ponytail with a braid is one of the best looks for high ponytails. The most noticeable feature is the French braid at the crown of the head. When you pair that with your disheveled updo, you’ll have a winning look.

Source: @hairby_chrissy

11. Pony with Textured Braid

This is the perfect hairstyle for long hair; you can be so creative with it, you might as well take advantage of it. While a single French braid looks nice, consider attempting three plaits to create a braided Mohawk at the front of your style that can be pulled back into a ponytail. Oh, and feel free to experiment with curls; you don’t have to keep things extremely straight.


12. Tight and Sleek Tail

There are many different styles you can choose from, even if you just want to start with a few little braids off the hairline. The roots of your ponytail must be smooth and sleek if you want it to look flawless. Apply pomade or gel. Next, tie a very high ponytail.

Source: @circlesofhair

13. Messy Waves Style

This hairstyle will look great on you whether you’re going to a garden party or a wedding. It’s best to tease the hair to give it a naturally disheveled but styled look. It’s a high ponytail hairstyle that works well for almost any occasion.

Source: @sunkissedandmadeup

14. The Princess Tie

All you have to do to create a playful, urban-chic hairstyle is incorporate plaits into the ensemble. While cornrows worn with ponytails are usually braided vertically, from the hairline to the crown, you can flip yours to create an entirely different style. A sweet accent that livens up this otherwise boring pony are the cornrows running down the side of your head.

Source: @hair_by_pelerossi

15. Half Up Half Down

Want to maintain a stylish yet natural look? The half-down, half-up trend gained immense popularity in the 1990s, but it is now returning. Allow your curls to fall naturally by tying up half of your hair in a ponytail.

Source: @hair_by_pustovalova

16. High Voluminous Ponytail

This stunning high ponytail was inspired by the amazing Adele and is sure to turn heads. You must make sure to leave a few unkempt strands pulled out occasionally in order to perfect the fad. They beautifully envelop any face.

Source: @alliedoeshair

17. Natural Curly Pony with Bangs

Your shorter natural hair can also be elegantly styled into a lovely ponytail updo. A long pony is simple to achieve with a weave or just applying a drawstring ponytail. Combine with wavy bangs and think about adding subtle highlights.

Source: @modelesque_nic

18. Crimped Pony Look

You’re mistaken if you believe that crimped hair is no longer in style. Take a look at this braided updo and attempt to copy it! Straight crimped strands and French braids create a striking texture contrast.

Source: @sweethearts_hair

19. Bouffant and Braid

Women’s high ponytails are fairly casual hairstyles, but they can be easily transformed into a formal updo with the addition of a side braid, a bouffant, and a few unruly curls. Spread out the braid to make it stand out more, and finish the ponytail with a hair wrap.

Source: @studioalessandranunes

20. Cascading Pony

Curly hair always looks amazing, especially if you’re not afraid to try new things. These kinds of curls might also hint at a high ponytail trick that elongates your ponytail. Consider this stylish ponytail, appropriate for any occasion—it can even be worn to a wedding.

Source: @tatiana.wladi

21. Box Braids Pony

Easy updos like a high wrapped pony can enhance the cuteness of box braids, making them even more adorable. Gather them up, coil, and fasten. A stylish, modern hairdo!

Source: @braidsbynuvo

22. Updo with Poof

This is an amazing hairstyle that features poof. This is one of those jaw-dropping high ponytail styles. The secret to its success is the perfect root volume, dimensional color, soft, bouncy curls, and high shine finish.

Source: @art4studio

23. Braided Side Ponytail

Are you looking to elevate your braids to a whole new level? Give them a stylish side ponytail. For a look like this, Ghana braids work best, but box braids or Senegalese twists can also be worn in a side ponytail.

Source: @mzpritea

24. Ponytail with Bump

A stylish hairstyle that any girl can appreciate is a ponytail with a bump. The secret is to backcomb the upper portion of your hair before putting it back in a ponytail. Create a pony with a texture as fierce as you are!

Source: @bnhair_

25. Super Sleek Ponytail

Are you wondering how to achieve a long-lasting high ponytail? You could try a ponytail that is compound. Although it appears to be one pony, it is actually two. Create a ponytail for the bottom section of the hair after dividing it into the top and bottom sections. After that, pull back the top hair to create the ponytail you just created. Using an elastic, fasten the top hair to the bottom ponytail. Put on a hair wrap.

Source: @getporschd

26. Bold and Blonde High Ponytail

Choose an elegant take on the classic ponytail for an evening out. You can achieve major volume with this curly twisted look without having to deal with hair that weighs you down or falls into your face.


27. Futuristic and Flirty Ponytail

A hair accessory will always elevate your appearance when everything else fails. You can tell that this hairstyle is sure to be popular because it has a sleek, blonde ponytail with a metal holder, a la Britney and Christina in the early 2000s.


28. Stylish Supersized Ponytail

This high ponytail hairstyle is ideal for a woman who is always glamorous and never takes a day off. This look is anything but simple or uninteresting; a long bouffant elevates the wearer to new levels.


29. High Ponytail with Side Bangs

This is just another star-inspired ensemble, but it features Ariana Grande, the pop princess in charge right now. The singer demonstrates how adaptable and appealing this look can be by wearing this wavy side bang with highlights on stage, the red carpet, and even out with friends.


30. High Bubble Ponytail

This year, a popular hairstyle is the double-banded ponytail. It enhances the basic look’s visual appeal without adding any additional preparation time. This easy, carefree look goes as well with athletic wear as it does with a chic weekend ensemble. An ideal ensemble to go from Saturday morning yoga to afternoon brunch.


31. High Ponytail with Long Golden Coils

A simple method to style long locks or change your updo from day to night is to wrap a small section of hair around a ponytail holder. A style that is put together but not overdone can be achieved with messy blonde curls and a bump in the front.


32. Brunette Ponytail with Braided Bangs

Compared to a typical high ponytail, a braided bang draws attention to your facial features and gives off an air of refinement. For formal dances, graduations, and other significant occasions in a young woman’s life, this loose, curly hairstyle is ideal.


33. Chic High Ponytail with a Twist

Wearing large curls or braids might not be appropriate for the conservative dress code if you work in a professional setting. This option for twisted blonde hair is a great way to update a classic look without going overboard for the workplace.


34. High Ponytail with Jumbo Cornrows

Sometimes, natural haired women want to switch up their hairstyle from co-washing and twist-outs to something lower maintenance. A braided ponytail is an easy-to-maintain style that can be pulled out when you need a break, lasting at least a week.


35. Long Braided Ponytail with Bouffant

Looking for an elegant yet imaginative updo for your upcoming event? You only need to look at this pinned bangs and loosely looped style. High society events are a great fit for the tough yet stylish high ponytail hairstyle.


36. Sassy Side Ponytail

Using a weave is another cute styling option for African-American women. Achieving the ideal voluminous high ponytail without using any heat at all requires matching the added hair to your own natural texture and base color.


37. Two-Tone High Ponytail with a Fauxhawk

If you’re not one to blend in or play it safe, consider going for a look that will definitely draw attention. You’ll reach new heights with this curly style that combines braids and a mohawk. Wear a denim vest with studs to up the style ante and channel your inner rock star.


38. Ponytail with Wild Wavy Ombre

Many black women want blonde hair, but they’re afraid it will look bad on them or be too difficult to maintain. With a blonde ombre, you can achieve the warmth and brightness of a lighter hair color without having to worry about the additional work involved.


39. Hot High Rebellious Ponytail

Although getting an undercut may seem like a big commitment, if you leave the top long enough, it doesn’t have to be. Wear it up to showcase the hard cut, or part it down the middle for a medium wavy hairstyle if you’re feeling a little more subdued.


40. Full and Fluffy Blonde Ponytail

It may be challenging for women with thick short hair to pull it up into a high style without worrying that the wispy parts will stick out awkwardly. You can achieve a ponytail effect without using long strands of hair by twisting the sides into an updo at the back of your head, as opposed to piling it up on the crown.

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