Braided Ponytail Ideas: 40 Gorgeous Ponytails with Braids

Ponytails with braids go well with everything. You can wear them to formal events like your friend’s wedding or to more casual get-togethers like your neighbor’s barbecue on the weekends. For every occasion, there are tails and braids to fit! Make sure to browse through our 40 ponytails with braids and select the ideal one for any upcoming events you have planned.

Simple ponytails, whether high or low, are getting a little old for us. This simple hairstyle can be upgraded and made unique with braids. You can incorporate thin regular braids or a side French braid, fishtail, Dutch braid, 4-strand braid, or both into your ponytail. Check out the tutorials and examples!

1. Large and Loose Braid with a High Pony

One way to be big and in control is like this! Upgrade your high ponytail with a jumbo French style instead of a braided bang. This size gives the front of the style a lattice weave effect, giving it a cool, sculptural look that will draw attention to it.


2. Fierce Faux Mohawk

Braided hairstyles allow you to create looks you might not have thought to wear otherwise, like this fun and quirky Mohawk. Insider tip: To achieve the height and volume seen here, tease your roots in front.

Source: @theconfessionsofahairstylist

3. Messy Pony with Lace Braid

This is the look for you if you want a pony that exudes style and surprises at every turn. A full messy ponytail can counterbalance a lace braid on its own, giving your hairstyle an edgy yet bohemian vibe. To make this light blonde look truly pop, try styling it with an all-black ensemble.

Source: @amberfillerup

4. Bubbly Blonde Pony

A simple way to update a ponytail braid for a funky look when time is of the essence is to add a couple of clear elastics for a bubble effect. Balance it with a romantic-looking side decoration to avoid making it appear like a copy from the Valentino runway. This look is especially lovely on slightly curled hair.

Source: @missysueblog

5. Wavy Side Fishtail

Highlights are essential for thick curly hair because they give your curls dimension and prevent them from appearing heavy or one-dimensional. They also give the impression of sun-kissed beach hair rather than disheveled and untidy strands, lending a touch of refinement to messy styles.

Source: @salonleah

6. Side Braided Ponytail

Two braids on either side of your head and a tiny bouffant in the middle combine to create a sleek ponytail in this amazing style. Recall that a bun can be worn in place of a ponytail during hotter months or when your hair refuses to cooperate.

Source: Lilith Moon

7. Messy Side Braided Ponytail

Events like concerts, festivals, and shows are ideal for this carefree look. Please give it a try for your upcoming crazy, exciting event! Use a curling wand to add waves to your hair and then backcomb for volume if you’re going for an undone look.

Source: Wild Heart Collective

8. Punky Ponytail

This is a good place to start if you want your hairstyle to have a little more pizazz. Replace your dull, low braided ponytail with this more voguish and bouncy style. To conceal the elastic, move your side braid to the center and weave your hair around it.

Source:  Bobby Glam

9. Long Messy Pony with Braid

High humidity is ideal for this disheveled braided ponytail. Is the heat causing your hair to frizz? Who gives a damn! All it will do is let you pull off an even more stylish, hands-off look. Before styling your hair, give your locks a quick spritz of sea salt to preserve their natural volume and texture.

Source: Free People Blog

10. Perfectly Undone Half Braid Ponytail

Unlike the others, this ponytail with a braid only reaches halfway through her hair. Ladies with long hair should try this one; it lets you show off your length and thinning hair while incorporating a trendy braided look.

Source: Kokay

11. Loose 3D Dutch Braid

This kind of look encourages a ton of volume everywhere. For a very worn-in look, let your ponytail hang loose and be wavy at the ends. To make this style easier to pull off, tease your hair before starting the braiding process.

Source: @heatherchapmanhair

12. Messy Volumized Fishtail

The messiest ponytail haircuts are the most stylish! Although it appears difficult, once you get the hang of it, a fishtail braid is actually one of the simpler braids. For a fun look, leave a few pieces that frame your face in place.

Source: @hairby_chrissy

13. Two Braids in One

Fun braids added to ponytail styles instantly make them look sophisticated. It’s surprising how elegant a double dutch braid that becomes a fishtail can look. Additionally, having berry-colored hair gives your entire appearance a very humorous touch.

Source: @theconfessionsofahairstylist

14. Polished Upbraid

In a ponytail, an unexpected pair of tightly angled braids looks great. An upbraid, so named because of its opposite visual effect, is a neat braiding idea to try. A smooth pony combined with a velour scrunchie is also a fierce look.

Source: @game_of_braids

15. Rockstar Fishtail

For the ultimate ponytail braid, add braids to either side to create a faux-hawk-like look. To achieve this sultry look, braid each side of your hair using the fishtail technique, then pull everything into an unkempt ponytail. Better yet, make it messier. It won’t hurt to sport a bouffant of sorts.

Source: @sarahpotempa

16. Hidden Braid

Who says you can’t have fun with a classic French braid? Prepare yourself for a major revelation. Just a tiny portion of your head should be braided down the middle. In addition, wearing your hair back in a ponytail gives this easy-to-maintain look a fantastic finish.

Source: @hair_by_pelerossi

17. Wavy and Braided

Preparing your hair with texture beforehand creates a whimsical ponytail look. As you braid, embrace a few wild flyaways around your crown. Ladies with bangs will also look fantastic in this style.

Source: @christinagunnell

18. Braided Along the Way

Loose, relaxed boho braids are the foundation of adorable ponytail hairstyles like this one. This hairstyle works well for a variety of events, from weddings to beaches. This kind of carefree style is kept together throughout the day with the help of hidden bobby pins.

Source: @annette_updo_artist

19. Braid-into-Pony

A high ponytail requires a surprising twist at the crown. This kind of braided pony goes really well with face framing fringe. This could be the perfect hairstyle for you if you’re searching for something simple yet stylish!

Source: @studioalessandranunes

20. Wispy Fishtail

Stunning details go into a statement ponytail updo. Adding dozens of tiny strands to an ordinary style to create a fishtail braid is an easy way to liven it up. As you pull and arrange your hair into a ponytail, slick it back with a comb to keep it looking polished in the front.

Source: @circlesofhair

21. A Layered Array of Braids

You can totally pull off cute ponytails by using a sectioned layering technique. Who knew that three braiding techniques—dutch, french, and twisted—could be combined into one simple style? Working on your hair updo one section at a time is the key to perfecting this look.

Source: @hairdidby_caroline

22. Macrame Braid

Discover how to enjoy wearing your ponytail! The macrame braid’s attractively knotted appearance is its best feature. Keeping it loose at the nape of the neck creates a playful yet edgy look.

Source: @hairbyjaxx

23. Undone Fishtail Mohawk

Achieving a flawless fishtail braid requires completely undoing the braid from the outside. Make sure to pull gently at each loop, allowing a few loose pieces to hang on the sides. This kind of braid works best on second-day hair.

Source: @thetarahair

24. Three Braids to One Ponytail

This concept can be used to transform a braided ponytail into a chic updo. Start with three sections of hair; separately, Dutch braid the sides and French braid the front. When you reach the top of your head, pull the braids and the remaining hair into a sleek ponytail.

Source: @hair_by_pelerossi

25. Beachy Braids

A side Dutch braid should be done with ease. For the most natural look, mist your hair with sea salt spray and allow it to air dry. To get that carefree, beachy vibe, tie a loose plait and pull on the sections once it’s done.

Source: @taylor_lamb_hair

26. Cornrows with Ponytail

Focus on braiding tiny rows from the hairline towards the crown for a more under control approach to the braiding game. For a more varied final look and a range of textures, braid only the front half of your hair and leave the back unbraided.

Source: @game_of_braids

27. Braids with Curls

Braids and curly hair have never looked better! Create a side ponytail by feeding the Dutch braid you started with across the top of your head. Once it’s in a ponytail, create a tiny, much tighter braid that gets lost somewhere among the curls to transform it into a fishtail or French braid ponytail.

Source: @alliedoeshair

28. Long Pony with a Side Braid

Trying out different sexy styles is the coolest thing you can do with hair that has been beautifully colored. Try wearing your hair in a casual ponytail with a one-side braid that extends the entire length of your hair.

Source: @jaywesleyolson

29. The Braided-Hawk

Here’s a great example of incorporating the braided trend into your hairstyle routine, just when you thought you couldn’t come up with anything new. Make a playful “braid-hawk” down the middle of your head in place of the fake hawk.

Source: @josievilay

30. Side Braided Sleek Pony

There’s no denying that messy braids can be extremely entertaining, but neat, tight braids also have their merits. A small braid incorporated into any ponytail instantly elevates it. A ponytail with braids can definitely be a chic hairdo.

Source: @celebrittany_hairstyles

31. Entwining Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

Not every ponytail with braids is the same. For instance, this updo is incredibly striking and one-of-a-kind, suitable for any formal setting. Wear it with a classic little black dress for an eye-catching look that will turn heads all night.

Source: Lilith Moon

32. Ladder Braid Side Ponytail

When you’re in the mood for something different, try out this additional creative braid. A challenge can be exciting at times! Consider your options before getting out of bed and pulling your hair into the same old, stale braid. This ladder braid is a novel spin on the ponytail braid craze and is incredibly simple to execute.

Source: Bebexo

33. Side Ponytail with Braid

Here’s something to wear to a family gathering or on a date if you want to look put together and sophisticated for a more refined appearance. With careful construction, this braid forms a sleek, low ponytail. On humid days, don’t be afraid to spritz your hair a little hair spray to prevent frizz.

Source: LuLu*s

34. Messy Dutch Braid Ponytail

If you’re wondering how to achieve the picture’s loose, unraveled look, it’s quite easy. Simply take a gentle grip of the tightly braided area and let it appear undone. You won’t regret it, I promise! These days, messy braids are extremely fashionable and bohemian.

Source: Marina McAvoy

35. Classy 2-In-1 Ponytail Braid

This variation of the trendy hairstyle features a braid that flows into the ponytail and ends with a braided tail. Twice as many braids, twice as much love! It’s fun to wear this adorable look on the beach. Those stunning locks won’t be disturbed from their style by the sun or the sand.

Source:  Missy Sue

36. Double Braided Hairstyle

Take a look at this! While a single braid has its merits, two braids are ideal! Simply loosely braid both of your hair strands on either side, then tie them together at the nape of your neck with a pretty bow to achieve this look at home. Note: there’s no need for a clear parting.

Source: Hair Romance

37. Chunky Ponytail Fishtail Braid

Wear this stunning look to look like a southern belle! Depending on how you style it, a fishtail look can be either elegant and sophisticated or fun and playful. With this ponytail braid, you’ll have a full, bouncy, and well-maintained braid that will have you ready for the ball.

Source: The Bride Link

38. Bow Braid Ponytail

The best thing about braids is that you can always learn a new technique; you never have to settle for an outdated look that you’ve worn out from repeated use. Consider this creative and entertaining bow braid! It’s a fantastic way to liven up an old, boring style.

Source: Hair Romance

39. Double Floating Braid

Adding two distinct braiding patterns to your ponytail can transform it from ordinary to amazing. Wrapped ponytails, French braids floating inside lace braids, and pale blonde waves all look amazing. Numerous components of this ensemble come together to create a carefree yet stylish appearance.


40. Brunette Macrame Braid

This French braid, which has a box weave running through the center, is anything but simple. A sophisticated silver accessory can elevate your appearance to seem more formal in situations where a hair tie would otherwise seem too casual.

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