30 Eye-Catching Ways to Style Curly and Wavy Ponytails

Ponytails, which were once only worn to the gym, have had a contemporary makeover and can now truly turn heads! You can wear your curly ponytail from day to night with additional braids and twists. This is a great look for girls with long hair that falls past the shoulders. Check out our adorable selection of understated yet fashionable ponies.

Your ponytail will cease to appear like the same old hairstyle that everyone wears for comfort and start to look stylish when you add intriguing details, experiment with height and textures. These are some original ways to style your ponytail.

1. Ponytail with a Braided Element

A curly hair ponytail combined with a stylized braid is the ideal look if you love the fishtail but want to give your hair a little more freedom. The disheveled waves and the texture of the fishtail combine to create a look that exudes natural beauty without being fussy.

Source: @salonleah

2. Low Messy Ponytail

Are you invited to your friends’ impromptu brunch? You could make this your go-to look because it’s so simple! Pull hair back into a low ponytail, allowing strands to cascade down the sides. You can now go ahead with this free style by tugging sections at the top to create a small bump.


3. Poofy Ponytail with Bump

Adding a bump to your curly ponytail is a great idea if you’re going for a formal look. This gorgeous poofy style is made just the right amount formal with a wrap around and side bangs. This casual look is ideal for any event, including weddings and social gatherings.


4. Double Braided Wrap Around Ponytail

For a lovely look, consider double braiding instead of the traditional French braid. The top of the ponytail is adorned with four twisted braids. The stunning cascades of curls in the finished product are ideal for formal occasions as well. A weave ponytail can be used to achieve a gorgeous appearance similar to this style!


5. Formal Side Pony for Brunettes

This side ponytail is ideal if you’re looking for ideas for a special occasion (like prom or a wedding)! A lovely cascade of curls flows from the gorgeous mane, which is loosely pulled to the side. This hairdo exudes sophistication and sex. Fake hair can give the ponytail more volume and fullness if you lack the necessary length or volume to look more glamorous.


6. Bouffant Ponytail for Long Hair

Are you wondering how to make a stylish yet practical hairstyle? To remove any tangles, give your hair a quick brush down. Tease the crown section’s roots to create a fluffy bouffant. Use a hair wrap to create a basic ponytail. A few pieces should be left to frame your face. Curl the strands at the end to create organic waves.

Source: @_hairbygabrielle

7. Huge Hair Wrap and Long Curls

Curly ponytails seem to be quite simple to do, don’t they? For a wavy hairstyle, turn on a curling wand. Idea: use extensions or a high ponytail trick to make it extra long and voluminous. Allow it to be carefree, unkempt, and a little opulent.

Source: @oksana_sergeeva_stilist

8. High and Tousled Hairstyle

Are you carefree right now? Here’s what to do: locate a tie, then use your fingers rather than a brush to gather all of your hair into a casual high ponytail. Reback the pony from the base up, leaving the ends undisturbed. Use hairspray with a light hold.

Source: @theprettyparlour

9. Classy Pinned Hair

A wrap or holder is not necessary for this pony. It is flat because bobby pins are all that hold it in place. Owing to the flowing curls and exquisitely arranged strands, this might be your appropriate formal solution.

Source: @kykhair

10. Asymmetrical Curly Ponytail

Wish to add more sophistication to a casual pony? Turn it to one side, add some loose waves, and wear a braid with your curly ponytail. An elastic always looks less stylish than a hair wrap.

Source: @studioalessandranunes

11. Voluminous Pony for Wavy Hair

Naturally curly hair has a low sheen and is porous. A straightforward high ponytail can combine glossy straightened hair at the roots with curls from the mid shaft to the ends. Use mousse for natural definition in the end.

Source: @michel_layoun

12. Updo with Side Braids

Do you like cute ponytails with braids? If so, you’ll adore this creative hairstyle. Temple-length braids flow smoothly down the sides, allowing you to style a small or large bouffant to add edge to your everyday ponytail.

Source: @headstudio

13. Blonde Ponytail with Beach Waves

Curly ponytail hairstyles look great on the catwalk as well as in the gym. It’s advantageous if you have highlights and a root fade because they look amazing when your hair is pulled back.

Source: @hair_by_lexieshay

14. French Braid with Ponytail

Don’t hesitate to take a different approach. Whatever the situation, braids look great, but try making yours a little spicier by loosening and curving it. Also, if your hair is long, style it into an upside-down ponytail.

Source: @hair_by_zolotaya

15. Ponytail Ideas for Brunettes

Are you still considering a long hairstyle? Tips to get a fuller pony: divide the tail into two halves. Cut off the upper portion. Make sure the bottom part of the ponytail is puffed by tying it about 2 inches down from the base. It ought to resemble a “bubble.” To cover it, unclip the top section. The result was a pony with more fluff.

Source: @theprettyparlour

16. Night-Time Curls

That’s the hairstyle of your dreams, isn’t it? Who would have thought a ponytail with curly hair could look so chic? Don’t get the curls too tight; instead, leave them loose. For thick waves, experiment with different curling barrels. Amazingly, the bouffant is also shaped like a wave that breaks into smaller ripples!

Source: @juliagavr

17. Dutch-Inspired Pony

When styling these simple waves, don’t be overly exact. Go wild and leave them untidy to add to the carefree atmosphere. In fact, a ponytail without a holder looks really nice. What do you think of what we perceive as a new trend?

Source: @sunkissedandmadeup

18. Afro Style Ponytail

If you have enough length for it to hang down or use extensions, black hair looks stunning on curly ponies. It would be unfortunate to harm such exquisite beauty, so do not tie those divine curls too tightly! An excellent option is a soft ribbon.

Source: @curlfactor

19. Chic Ponytail with Added Volume

Is something special about to happen? Consult your stylist about the ponytail for curly hair. A surprisingly elegant look that you would love to wear on your special day can be created with highlighted layers that are twisted and curled at different angles.

Source: @art4studio

20. Romantic Twisted Hairdo

This attractive style isn’t your usual ponytail, but it has a clear ancestor. If you prefer tighter, more polished curls to loose, beachy waves, you can definitely go that route for your long hair. It’s not hard to twist and pin those curls, but if you want it to be flawless, you might need assistance.

Source: @bonika_muah

21. Ponytail for Layered Hair

Because they believe it will be harder to pull their hair back into a ponytail, some girls dislike having layered hair. It’s true that if your hair is layered, you’ll have a lot of loose hairs when wearing a low or high ponytail, but you can still pull off this sultry look naturally.

Source: @tatiana.wladi

22. Side Braid for Curly Ponytail

You can style a naturally curly hair ponytail or a curled ponytail with a side braid. It gives your outfit a playful asymmetrical twist that you can accessorize with an asymmetrical necklace or other piece. Ponytails with low curls are ideal for any occasion!

Source: @oksana_sergeeva_stilist

23. Sleek Ponytail with Waves

The highlights of this gorgeous ponytail for curly hair are its high gloss finish, braided wrap, and ribbon curls. You’ll undoubtedly be successful with your look if you pay close attention to the texture mix and have solid hair color.

Source: @hairstylist_ani

24. Highlighted Afro Curls

Although your natural curls are gorgeous and free-flowing, a ponytail is the quickest and cutest updo for an urgent updo. Elevate the pony to a forward position.

Source: @curlpop_n_hair

25. Mohawk Braid into Pony

Is your ponytail curly or half Mohawk? Blended hairstyles are quite popular right now. Consider unconventional pairings like long hair and an undercut, a hair tattoo and a braid, hair glitter and sleek strands, etc. after all other options have been exhausted.

Source: @celebrittany_hairstyles

26. Low Twisted Flip-In Ponytail

This look is perfect for you if your hair is wavy or if you’re not sure what to do with second-day hair. Simple tutorial: a low, loose ponytail is pulled back. To create a twist, pull the ponytail through after separating the hair just above the ponytail holder. And voilà! It’s a stylish, carefree look that you can wear all day.


27. Messy Low Ponytail

It’s all the rage to add a vintage flair, and this messy look is easy to throw together quickly for an on-the-go look. This hairstyle, which blends a low ponytail with face-framing waves, is ideal for curly hair because it’s easy to wear.


28. Fauxhawk Ponytail

Hey there, hip gals! This bold ponytail paired with a faux mohawk proves that fun isn’t just reserved for blondes. A ponytail with a high, untidy twist is finished with a wrap around to conceal the base of the tail. This unique twist on the traditional ponytail combination will undoubtedly give your appearance more edge.


29. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

On an indecisive day, the half-up, half-down look serves a dual purpose. The front provides height, and the loose, curly hair gives a feminine touch ideal for carefree, laid-back looks. With this sophisticated look, little work goes a long way!


30. Stunning Pony for Natural Hair

Want to make a lasting impression? Without a doubt, this hairstyle will accomplish that! This natural hairstyle looks great on long afro hair. This half pony will look adorable for a night out on the town and keep your curls in check if you have a weave.

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