20 Face-Framing Layered Choppy Cuts for Shoulder Length Hair

Look no further if you’re thinking about changing the length of your shoulder-length hair. A choppy layered cut is one of the most flattering and versatile medium-length hairstyles available. Face-framing layers soften your features and create a feminine, carefree look. They work well with any type and texture of hair. 

Although attempting a new style can be daunting, this one is simple to wear and, more importantly, simple to style. Browse through all the variations of face-framing, layered, choppy shoulder-length hairstyles that we have compiled for you by scrolling down.

1. Mullet Cut with Wispy Face-Framing Layers

Embrace a distinctive 70s rebellion vibe with shaggy layers in a mullet cut, ideal for naturally curly or wavy hair. Add a touch of color around the hairline to define the face-framing locks, enhancing the overall look with texture and dimension.


2. Layered Medium Length Hair with Curtain Bangs

Elevate shoulder-length hair with soft layers to add volume and dimension, preventing it from appearing frumpy or dull. Opt for curtain bangs to frame the face elegantly, enhancing the hairstyle with a touch of sophistication.


3. Layered Hairstyle with Wispy Bangs

Create a wavy lob look with light feathered layers and wispy bangs, perfect for fine hair to add body and definition. Achieve loose beachy waves with a quick run-through of a flat iron, effortlessly blending elegance with casual charm.


4. Textured Shoulder Length Bob with Face Framing

Transform a classic bob with choppy layers around the front, providing definition and texture to thick hair. Embrace the versatility of layered hairstyles to achieve a modern, textured look with effortless style.


5. Choppy Layered Haircut with Bangs

Discover a modern mid-length haircut for wavy hair with a heavily layered short mullet cut and chunky face-framing pieces. Utilize natural texture to enhance the hairstyle, adding a trendy flair to your overall look.


6. Curly Layered Bob with Bangs

Achieve a flattering modern shape with chunky layers in a curly layered bob, essential for a good curly cut. Shift volume from the ends to the roots with layered styling, creating a stylish and dynamic hairstyle.


7. Honey Blonde with Shoulder Length Layers

Enhance your hairstyle with layers to add volume and delicate face framing, achieving a soft flick with a large round brush and a hairdryer. Elevate your look with honey blonde tones for a sleek and sophisticated finish.


8. Bleach Blonde Graduated Bob

Embrace seamless layers and eyebrow-grazing bangs in an icy blonde color for a striking and bold look. Ideal for thicker hair and strong facial bone structure, this hairstyle exudes confidence and style effortlessly.


9. Fiery Red Medium Length Haircut with Face Framing

Achieve volume and delicate face framing with long layers, creating a sleek straight hair look with a smoothing serum and blow dryer. Elevate your style with fiery red tones for a bold and vibrant finish.


10. Chunky Highlights and Choppy Layers

Embrace the ‘90s trend with a modern twist in a choppy layered mid-length cut with thick ribbon highlights. Achieve a soft and blended look with noticeable highlights, perfect for adding dimension and style.


11. Shoulder Length Shag Cut with Blunt Bangs

Highlight texture with neon green accents in a heavily layered haircut with blunt bangs, offering effortless chic and low-maintenance style. Explore shoulder-length layered hairstyles for a trendy and versatile look.


12. Deep Mahogany Wolf Cut with Curly Fringe

Opt for a textured shoulder-length haircut with face framing layers in a beautiful chocolatey brown color, blending trendiness with class. Experience the versatility of layered hairstyles for a modern and sophisticated appearance.


13. Cute Little Shag with a Pop of Purple

Create a modern shag cut with wispy bangs and short choppy layers, accentuating the look with a pop of purple for added flair. Elevate your style with a bold color accent, perfect for making a statement.


14. Medium Layered Hair with a Peekaboo Color Fringe

Add excitement to medium-length layered haircuts with chunky layers and bright red color accents for a statement look. Explore unique color choices for a full-on style transformation with personality.


15. Medium Layered Shoulder Length Cut

Enhance your hairstyle with soft feathered layers and curtain bangs, perfect for oval face shapes and delicate features. Ideal for all hair types, this hairstyle offers versatility and elegance effortlessly.


16. Shoulder Length Mullet with Highlights

Instantly add volume and texture to thin hair with a mullet cut featuring blonde highlights for dimension. Achieve volume by applying volumizing mousse and blow-drying, creating a sassy and stylish look.


17. Curly Medium Length Shag with Bright Red Highlights

Opt for medium layered hairstyles to complement naturally curly or permed hair, achieving volume and texture effortlessly. Create a stylish look with red highlights, adding vibrancy and personality to your hairstyle.


18. Short Choppy Layered Haircut

Embrace relaxed, tousled hair texture with a short choppy haircut featuring dark roots and ginger highlights. Achieve a unique look with a combination of colors, adding depth and style to your hairstyle.


19. Face Framing Choppy Shoulder Length Hair

Explore the versatility of shoulder-length layered hairstyles with choppy layers, suitable for all hair textures. Achieve a smooth finish with a flat iron over comb technique, perfect for a polished and sophisticated appearance.


20. Shoulder Length Layered Hair with Swooping Fringe

Create movement and contrast with a well-cut swooping fringe and blunt bob cut, enhancing your hairstyle with elegance and style. Achieve a beautiful look with a combination of sleek lines and soft layers, perfect for any occasion.

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