20 Hairstyles for Growing Out Bangs Gracefully

A change of pace is necessary to discover our signature styles. Unfortunately, not all of our hair experiments turn out well, and rash cutting can result in a painful and drawn-out phase of growing out your bangs.

There are 20 hairstyles for growing out bangs that will help you hide your fringe and take it out of your face for a bit, whether you want to give your bangs a break for a few days, regret cutting one, or simply can’t find the time for the much-needed trim.

What should be done about elongating bangs? First and foremost, remember that regular trims of your bangs are necessary. You will lose a little bit of length, but your hair will grow out faster.

It’s hard to predict how long your bangs will take to grow out because it all depends on where you start. It goes without saying that the hardest bangs to grow are short ones. Conversely, the current fashion trend of curtain bangs looks great from the beginning to the end and eventually becomes a face-framing feature.

In any case, you may want to avoid showing your face during the transitions. Actually, there are some incredible ways to style your bangs so nobody will ever know you have them! Until your hair reaches the awkward length, try these ideas to cover up your outgrown bangs that have lost their shape. For a change, feel free to try on a bang-free look using the hairstyles.

1. Dutch Braid

Conceal your bangs with cute Dutch braids starting at your hairline, offering a versatile solution for hiding unruly fringes. Whether tight or lush, these braids adapt to your mood and outfit, providing both style and practicality.


2. The Coco Braid

Imitate a headband and open your face with the ingenious Coco braid, a stylish solution for hiding blunt bangs. Embrace comfort and loveliness with this transformative hairstyle, perfect for those seeking beautiful and practical hairdos.


3. Middle Part and Natural Bouffant

Revitalize your styling routine by dividing your boring bangs into a middle part, creating a natural bouffant for a fresh look. Use a rattail comb to achieve this easy yet chic hairstyle, adding diversity to your everyday style effortlessly.


4. Ear Cuff

Transform your fringe into an accessory with the Ear Cuff braid, hiding your bangs stylishly above your ears. Utilize invisible bobby pins to secure these braids, adding a fashionable twist to your hairstyle with optional rings or pendants.


5. Pin-Up Style

Explore various hair accessories to complement your growing bangs with a lovely pin-up hairstyle. Embrace bright and catchy pieces like headbands and clips to elevate your look with vintage-inspired flair, perfect for any occasion.


6. Ninja Bun

Tame disobedient bangs with the versatile Ninja bun, keeping your hair together in a chic topknot. Enhance this hairstyle with artificial strands for a futuristic touch, suitable for both casual and evening occasions.


7. Braided Topknot

Hide your bangs with a cute braided half-up bun, achieving a bold forehead and a chic new look effortlessly. Embrace the versatility of braiding to create a stylish hairstyle that complements any outfit with ease.


8. Deep Side Parting

Opt for a deep side parting to seamlessly blend your fringe with the rest of your hair, creating a sexy and classy hairstyle perfect for parties. Use a round brush to style the bangs and set them to one side for a sophisticated look.


9. Two Little Buns

Enhance your style with two cute braided buns, effectively hiding your fringe while adding a touch of modernity. These small, almost childish buns offer a stylish solution for holding back your bangs with charm.


10. Bobby Pins

Utilize simple bobby pins to get rid of bangs temporarily, choosing accessories that hold tight without leaving traces. Explore the functionality of bobby pins to create various hairstyles with ease and versatility.


11. Curly Mohawk

Incorporate your bangs into a cute curly mohawk hairstyle, blending them with separate curly strands for a sexy and daring look. Use bobby pins or a banana clip to style this hairstyle according to your preferences.


12. Halo Braid

Achieve a romantic look with the Halo braid, a popular hairstyle among top hair stylists for styling growing bangs elegantly. Follow tutorials to recreate this braided halo at home for a casual or festive occasion.


13. Fancy Baby Hairs

Experiment with braids and tendrils to create a bold and flashy hairstyle perfect for parties and street fashion. Complete the look with messy braids or other appropriate elements for a cute and daring style.


14. Headbands

Hide your bangs effortlessly with headbands, choosing pieces that suit your style for everyday wear or special occasions. Embrace the versatility of headbands, suitable for any bang length or hair texture.


15. Bangs Up!

Elevate your short hair with a brave pompadour hairstyle, adding volume and style to your bangs for a fresh look. Experiment with firm-hold hairspray or styling mousse to create voluminous and stylish bangs.


16. Brushed Back Hair

Secure your bangs straight back with the right gel and spray, achieving a sleek and classy hairstyle perfect for any occasion. Explore the versatility of brushed back hair for a high-fashion look with functional benefits.


17. Puff

Create a glamorous puff hairstyle to lift your bangs, adding a touch of elegance to your look. Use simple clips or hair jewelry to enhance the style, suitable for daily wear while waiting for your fringe to grow out.


18. Head Wrap

Hide your bangs stylishly with various head wraps, choosing pieces that complement your outfit and showcase your creativity. Pair head wraps with your clothes properly for a cohesive and fashionable look.


19. Super High Pony

Solve the problem of growing out your bangs with a super high ponytail, enhanced with cute braids for added style. This hairstyle suits various hair lengths and can be customized with extensions for versatility.


20. Messy Twists

Create a romantic and messy hairstyle by twisting your bangs away from your forehead, blending them with side strands for a charming look. Curl the ends to complete the image, suitable for any occasion.

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