30 Spectacular Butterfly Haircut Ideas

One of the greatest hairstyles to try this year is the butterfly cut. It’s a contemporary interpretation of the iconic shag haircut from the 1970s, with layers and feathered ends for a flowy, soft look. The name comes from the way the layers are cut, which resembles butterfly wings.

The butterfly cut is a popular choice among celebrities and fashionistas because it is adaptable and looks good on a variety of hair textures and lengths. Savor this assortment of exquisite butterfly haircuts, and select the one that best suits your appearance!

What Is a Butterfly Haircut?

Short and long layers are combined in a butterfly cut to give your hair body, movement, and dimension. In addition to framing your face and highlighting your features, the short, wispy layers also help to contour a round face shape. They fall around the chin. In contrast, the longer layers fall below the shoulders to preserve the illusion of a long hairstyle. The name comes from the appearance, which from the back can resemble a butterfly’s wings.

A long butterfly haircut provides the volume of a short haircut without requiring you to give up any length because of the variation in the layers. Rather than adding bulk or breaking off ends, the haircut gives you a full, bouncy look that keeps its shape.

1. Golden Blonde Butterfly Cut

Elevate straight hair with a butterfly cut, introducing subtle layering for an effortless, tousled look. Blonde balayage adds sophistication, enhancing texture and dimension for a chic style statement.


2. Trendy Butterfly Cut on Long Hair

Achieve a trendy and chic look with layers all over the head, adding volume and texture to long hair effortlessly. Embrace modernity with a hairstyle that exudes effortless charm and sophistication.


3. Lovely Butterfly Haircut for Thick Hair

Frame the face and accentuate facial features with a layered hairstyle featuring curtain bangs. Apply texture spray to lift hair, showcasing layers for added movement and style.


4. Cute Layered Hairstyle with Big Waves

Create volume and thickness with voluminous waves and layers of varying lengths. Enhance body and lift with a volumizing mousse or spray for a stunning, textured look.


5. Butterfly Haircut with Wispy Layers

Transform your look with wispy layers and bangs, adding softness and femininity. Wispy bangs balance facial features and create a delicate appearance while lending a thinner look to the face.


6. Curtain Bangs and Face-Framing Layers

Anchor layers with curtain bangs in a shoulder-length butterfly haircut, defining the face and adding dimension. Shorter layers around the face provide definition for a polished look.


7. Butterfly Haircut for Natural Brown Locks

Add shape and movement to long brown hair with layers, distributing weight evenly for a voluminous look. Prevent hair from appearing heavy and flat with strategically placed layers.


8. Charming Caramel Style

Enhance movement and texture with soft layers and flicks, complemented by a playful curtain fringe. Embrace sophistication with a hairstyle that exudes elegance and charm.


9. Classy Shoulder-Length Layered Haircut

Elevate medium hair with a butterfly haircut featuring blonde highlights and waves. Highlight natural beauty with a combination that emphasizes texture and complements your appearance.


10. Mid-Length Butterfly Cut for Oval Face

Achieve a feathered haircut with shorter layers for volume and dimension. Add auburn or copper babylights for a dimensional look, enhancing the unique butterfly cut.


11. Butterfly Cut on Short Hair

Infuse volume and texture into fine hair with short layers, creating movement and dimension. Tousle hair gently for separated curls and added movement.


12. Long Butterfly Cut with Face-Framing Layers

Introduce texture to straight hair with flips at the ends and layers for dimension. Create movement and volume for a chic and modern look.


13. Long Layered Cut for Thin Hair

Opt for longer layers to add texture and thickness to thin hair. Achieve a textured and voluminous look without compromising on density.


14. Elegant Butterfly Haircut for Blondes

Enhance blonde locks with layers for added texture and dimension. Experiment with styling products to accentuate layers and make them stand out.


15. Stunning Butterfly Haircut for Brunettes

Customize the butterfly haircut to suit different face shapes and hair types. Add flicks and curtain fringe for softness, creating movement and volume with long layers.


16. Blonde Layered Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

Complement butterfly haircuts with warm blonde shades, consulting your colorist for the perfect hue. Enhance texture and dimension with layered styling, perfect for wavy hair.


17. Sandy Brown Butterfly Haircut

Add texture and movement with butterfly layers, avoiding a heavily layered appearance. Opt for a soft light brown ombre to enhance the beauty of long, thick locks.


18. Chestnut Brown Butterfly Layers

Create a seamless cascade of layers for a blended, layered haircut in deep chocolate brown hues. Use styling tools and products for a bouncy finish that showcases texture.


19. Buttery Blonde Layered Hairstyle

Introduce texture with feathering and flips at the ends, enhanced by blonde balayage highlights. Create dimension and movement for a soft and layered look.


20. Butterfly Cut in Cappuccino Tones

Combine butterfly layers with ashy brown balayage for a voluminous and chic appearance. Frame the face elegantly with front pieces, achieving a sophisticated and dimensional style.


21. Low-Maintenance Butterfly Style

Add a personalized twist to the classic butterfly cut with a deep side part and long swept bangs. Achieve a beautiful framing effect, covering a high forehead for a versatile and chic look.


22. Icy Butterfly Cut with Dark Roots

Reduce bulk in thick hair while lightening dark locks with platinum balayage highlights. Contrast white blonde hues with darker tones for an airy appearance that accentuates texture.


23. Medium-Length Butterfly Layers

Enhance dimension and structure with face-framing layers for medium-length hair. Create an effect of elongated curtain bangs by curling short top layers away from the face, highlighting features.


24. Bouncy Butterfly Hairstyle

Achieve abundant texture around the face with feathered layers and flipped-out styling. Make brown hair stand out with a mesmerizing layered look that exudes volume and movement.


25. Chic Layered Cut for Brunette Hair

Transform thick hair with skillfully cut layers that enhance texture and movement. Achieve a lightweight feel with layers, adding dimension and sophistication to brunette locks.


26. Side Swept Wispy Butterfly Haircut

Incorporate varying lengths for face-framing layers that create a dynamic and textured look. Tease hair with subtle caramel highlights for added interest and dimension.


27. Bright Copper Butterfly Cut Hair

Opt for a ginger hair color to add warmth and brightness to your overall look. Create a bold style statement with butterfly layers, complemented by ginger hues for an eye-catching appearance.


28. Shoulder-Length Cut with Voluminous Layers

Capture a mesmerizing layered look perfect for the summer season. Use texturizing spray and blow-dry each layer separately to enhance volume and texture, creating a stunning butterfly hairstyle.


29. Butterfly Cut Hair with Shaggy Bangs

Embrace the ’70s era with textured hair featuring floaty layers for movement and allure. Boost volume and thickness with shaggy layers, adding a playful touch to any length and thickness of hair.


30. Black Hair with Lighter Face-Framing Layers

Enhance mid-length hair with curtain bangs and layers for added dimension and structure. Consider the money piece technique to add a pop of color and dimension to the front section of your hair, enhancing overall appeal.


How to Style a Butterfly Haircut?

You can style your butterfly cut like a pro at home with the help of Lorna Valente’s many helpful tips and tricks! There are two main paths that you can take:

  • After drying your hair to about 80%, start sectioning and smoothing it with a round brush. After the hair is divided into sections, use a large roller on each section and leave it in until it cools. It will prolong the bounce of hair.
  • If you are not very confident with blow drying your hair, start by blast drying it and use a round brush to smooth it out in the last few minutes. Once dry, create those loose, bouncy movements with your favorite hot tool.

Heat protection should always be applied before using any hot tools or blow drying your hair. Lorna suggests using a lightweight mousse if you have thick hair; her favorite is the Percy and Reed volumizing mousse. A mouse may weigh down thin hair, so if you have thin hair, use a light cream instead. Applying a shine serum and session spray will complete the appearance.

You can change the butterfly haircut to fit various face shapes and hair types. One of the reasons the butterfly haircut has gained popularity in recent years is its versatility. Save the top butterfly haircut ideas to your Pinterest board for style inspiration!

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