30 Showstopping Braided Buns for Black Hair

Box braids, cornrows, and twist braids are always top choices for black women’s hairstyles. Buns are a popular way to wear these protective looks since they can be made to seem tight and exquisite or loose and sloppy, and anything in between, and they work well for almost any occasion. 

Prepare to draw attention with your naturally braided hair by perusing the assortment of braided bun hairstyles.

1. Cornrow Bun with Loose Curls

These exquisite heart-shaped accents on these feed-in braids make them truly beautiful. The huge bun completes the romantic and feminine touch, while the loose waves give even more appeal. For a special occasion, this lovely braided bun hairdo is ideal.

Source: @pearlthestylist_

2. Mini Box Braids Bun

Although wearing box braids in a braided bun is common, the crisscross design in the rear is a stylish new option for box braids that you may not have considered.

Source: @auroragiltbraidsdxb

3. Cornrow Braids with Back Details

The ideal hairstyle to showcase these exquisite cornrows at the nape of the head is a bun. Beads are an excellent way to accessorize, and they’re one of the finest ways to let the geometric patterns in cornrows shine.

Source: @debrahhair

4. Large Box Braids in Half Updo

This look is simple to pull off on braids that are twisted, box braided, or loose. This style looks especially great on these long, thick black hair braids, but it would also look great on microbraids or even thicker braids than the ones shown.

Source: @victoriabraidsandweaves

5. Curly Double Bun with Bangs

Little knotless box braids with curls at the ends of each braid are the focal point of this style. The rich black hair adds a healthy sheen to the bun and makes it shine so brightly. Include this in your collection of black hairstyles with braided buns.

Source: @des.dabratt_

6. Elegant Braided Bun

There is nothing but elegance in this style. This hairdo is perfect for a formal occasion, but professional black women who enjoy wearing braids can also wear it to work every day.

Source: @curlysueek

7. Accessorized Box Braid Bun

To expand your collection of braided bun options, consider this gorgeous new hairdo. The adorable, multicolored decorations used to embellish the little box braids give the dark hair some color. When you want to amaze everyone with your braids, the big braided bun is the ideal choice. It’s a showstopper.

Source: @pearlthestylist_

8. Trendy Braids

These incredibly fashionable cornrows have a variety of aspects, such as inventive parting, box braids, and forms. Keeping the hair in a tidy bun at the nape of the neck lets the gorgeous braids take center stage without detracting from the artistic details.

Source: @infinity_beautylounge

9. Mini Cornrows and a Bun

This type of cornrow hairdo is an excellent option for a creative bun. For black hair, it’s a terrific protective style that lays the groundwork for an amazing braided updo.

Source: @rhu.lani

10. Black and Red Feed In Cornrows

As you look, this easy braided hairdo becomes much more stylish. There is more to this haircut than meets the eye because of the way the cornrows’ black hair turns crimson at first. These cornrow braids can be worn loose, but for a more put together appearance, a braided bun is ideal.

Source: @thetouchofnature_

11. Curly Top Knot Bun

Top knot buns are usually striking because of how high they sit on the head. Addicts of the high bun should try this simple protective style, which you can achieve with your own hair or, if you like a bigger bun, with the help of extensions.

Source: @heatfreehair

12. Hearts and Triangle Cornrow Bun Hairstyle

It’s as simple as 1, 2, and 3 to change a cornrow style into a bun hairstyle. Simply wrap, fasten, and go to have an effortlessly stylish haircut.

Source: @thetouchofnature_

13. Chunky Side Braids

The way your hair is parted is crucial to this look. It doesn’t take another aspect to leave a lasting impression because of the style’s beauty and inventiveness.

Source: @gazagirl00

14. Golden Brown Box Braids into a Large Bun

The color of the box braids, which exactly matches the model’s skin tone, and the size and height of the bun created by these hefty braids combine to create an exquisite bun. It’s a fantastic technique to showcase a braid in the shape of a heart. If desired, the feature braid can be adorned with beads.

Source: @tresses_africaine

15. Cornrow Updo with Hair Cuffs

This is a cute and easy cornrow updo into a braided bun. The braided bun gains some flair from the hair cuffs and rings.

Source: @braidbya97

16. Gorgeous Cornrows into a Braided Bun

One of the many stunning braided hairstyles that can be achieved by combining thick and thin cornrow braids is the one seen below. Simplifying things is usually a smart move.

Source: @infinity_beautyloung

17. Purple and Black Box Braids in Braided Bun

The outcome is a big statement-making bun that is flawlessly created from these enormous braids in black and purple. If box braids are your favorite style, then definitely give them a try, especially in purple or your favorite hue.

Source: @____k.smith

18. Simple Cornrow Bun Updo

This is a straightforward cornrow bun updo in which a small cornrow follows each larger one. This keeps the hairdo from being boringly basic. This is a tried-and-true method for braiding black hair.

Source: @narahairbraiding

19. Stylish Cornrow Bun

This look makes a statement with its parting and accessories. When paired with a bun, it causes you to pause and appreciate this playful look.

Source: @iamladygrip

20. Beautiful Cornrow Bun

It might be easy to be creative. All that’s needed to create a jaw-dropping appearance are the components and the feed in braids.

Source: @pearlthestylist_

21. Flat Twists into Bun

This look is elegant yet understated. Every flat twist has a distinct direction and ends in a twisted bun at the rear of the head.

Source: @braidsforyoubyme

22. Bold Red Bun

For everyone who adores red hair, this one is for you. There are so many striking aspects in this haircut. The vivid red of the bun that crowns the hair draws attention to the modest yet artistic parting.

Source: @braidsjunkie

23. Traditional Braided Bun Updo

The fact that you can dress up or down this more traditional braided hairdo to suit your tastes makes it fantastic.

Source: @debrahhair

24. Brown Braided Bun

The modern trend in braided bun designs is either a high or low bun, but it’s still rather lovely to have a bun that’s precisely in the middle of your head. If you want to create a fascinating hairstyle without using complicated shapes and designs, you may still achieve it using alternate cornrow sizes.

Source: @braidsjunkie

25. Double Low Buns

For more drama, this style has two braids that crisscross on either side of the head, with a heart in the middle. You can truly notice the exquisite braids thanks to the two braided buns at the rear of the head.

Source: @narahairbraiding

26. Braided Triple Bun

A basic braided cornrows hairstyle can benefit greatly from the height and drama that this bun’s three separate levels provide. It’s an excellent hairstyle to wear from work to play.

Source: @hair_by_classybraid

27. Two Curly Low Braided Buns

Keeping your braids true to your natural hair color and using your buns as an additional flash of color is a great way to tie your ensemble together. To keep your hair feeling new at all times, switch up the color and/or texture of your bun hairstyles whenever the mood strikes.

Source: @xotic_braids

28. Low Braided Bun

Hairstyles with braids, like this one, are very fashionable. With these stylish feed-in braids tied back into a tidy low bun, you can stay on top of the trends. Use colored braiding hair to create a unique style, or embellish each braid with shells and beads.

Source: @crownedbyheaven

29. Large Green Braided Bun with Heart Design

This one is a statement bun, even in the midst of the big ones. This look is quite bold and daring, from the green box braids and the heart-shaped braid that is featured to the size and height of the bun. This is a braid that fans of big buns and colorful box braids should definitely try.

Source: @victoriabraidsandweaves

30. Tribal High Bun

No matter how complex or basic a haircut is, buns go nicely with them. The addition of the bun and adorable accessories elevates this tribal hairstyle to a distinctive look befitting a stunning bride. It looks great.

Source: @tresses_africaine
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