35 Short Weave Hairstyles You Can Easily Copy

Hairstyles with short weaves are charming, sassy, and a lot of fun. When you’re ready for something different, there are lots of alternatives available, from vivid hues to seductive layers. You can select a hairstyle from the image below that will pleasantly surprise not only you but also everyone around, depending on how natural and discrete or funky and vibrant you want your hair to seem.

Every weave has a unique combination of lengths and color choices. This makes it a fantastic option for a black woman who wants something that expresses her individual story without causing her everyday life a great deal of trouble or money.

1. Bold Bright Blue

All of the following can be incorporated into a short weave hairstyle: varying lengths, blunt and layered cuts, side patterns, and a striking flash of brilliant blue color on the top layer of hair.


2. Honey Rain Down

The best technique to bring life back into boring hair is to include honey-colored tones into an A-line weave. Choose a center or side section and wear your inverted bob straight or curly so you can switch up the look whenever you choose. For a more adaptable style, incorporate a small wave that is oriented toward the rear of the head.


3. Silvered Sideswept Style

Lighten your hair to create a beautiful appearance that illuminates and softens the face. If you want a girly look that is also easy to maintain, go for a straight, sideswept style.


4. Rainbow Statement

The rainbow-colored hair adds even more drama to its long, layered style. Choose a striking color that reflects your own style, such as a royal blue or purple. Choose a longer, more creative hairdo instead of the short, curly weave hairstyles.


5. Straight to the Point

This is a true classic when it comes to short weave hairstyles. This weave, which is straight, thick, and face-framing, depends on jagged layers and a self-assured, lovely smile.


6. Side Swept Bob

It’s not necessarily necessary for weaves to have striking colors and angles. This variant uses a faint mahogany tone to liven things up while maintaining a simple length and delicate texture of hair. A thinner weave will provide a much-needed reprieve from heavy, long locks for both your scalp and your sanity.


7. Pixie Cut Sew In

Girls on the go prefer short, quick weave designs; if your schedule is hectic, a quick and easy weave improvement is ideal for your hair.


8. Curly Top

Maintain a cute and curly look with this style that features two-toned color and chunky waves all over the head, making you the talk of the town for every woman you pass.


9. Alternating Hues

Being able to add a lot of various colors to a weave without worrying about damaging your hair or growing tired of the colors you’ve chosen is one of its entertaining qualities. This look uses color alternating to create a really eye-catching short sew in.

Source: @keena360

10. Simple Black Weave

Do you prefer rigid, basic styles devoid of superfluous details? Continue with the classics. Long, asymmetrical bangs paired with a raven-black pixie cut will be your show-stopper and testament to excellent choice.


11. Cinnamon Short Weave

Not simply the warm color scheme and flame-like curls make this hairdo hot. The coif demonstrates the sexiness of short hair weave looks. All you need to do is maximize the amount of clipped strands you have.

Source: @hairbylatise

12. Platinum Blonde Bob

Black ladies who want to experiment with bright colors but don’t want to deal with wigs or bleaching easily damaged strands will find that weave hairstyles are ideal. Ask your stylist not to cut off any of your natural hair during your next sew-in so you may showcase a new color without having to dye your hair.

Source: @stylebycre

13. Cherry Red Ringlets

Stunning ringlets accentuate this cherry red hairdo’s charming look to perfection. Before going to bed each night, wrap the lengthier sections of your hair around medium-sized foam flexi rods to retain the spirals day after day. You’ll have effortless curls that are prepared for action when you remove the rollers first thing in the morning.

Source: @keena360

14. Short Layered Cut

Do you like wearing your hair short and with a simple color? Add layers of feathers to the top to give it life. This will add a hint of dimension, which is necessary for a contemporary coif.

Source: @stylebycre

15. Short Weave with Highlights

Layers and highlights are a great technique to add dimension and prevent boring hair. When paired with jet black hair, platinum blonde tips look exceptionally amazing. Short weave hairstyles that don’t rely on waist-length tresses for a wow effect benefit from the high contrast.

Source: @hairbydonetta

16. Asymmetrical Red Bob

Deep crimson tones look stunning on dark skin tones. The color is anything but natural, yet together, they make a palette that is both subtle and striking. Straight hair that is both classy and sleek can help you flaunt your color choice.

Source: @kiastylez

17. Electric Curly Weave

There are many hues of red, and the more vibrant you go, the more playful your look will be. If you want to draw attention to your hair, a vibrant crimson is the way to go. Huge curls will only draw attention to the exquisite drama of the coif.

Source: @glamme_li

18. Black and Blue with Bangs

Brightly colored bangs will draw attention to your hairstyle. Because they are frequently easier to maintain than your own locks, extensions are fantastic. This type of quick weave hairstyle is simple to keep in place if you use a satin scarf or hat to keep your hair smooth in the morning and hydrate your scalp and ends every day. You won’t need to straighten your hair more than once a week if you follow that advice.

Source: @hairbyuno

19. Emerald Curls

These jewel-toned coils, which are truly a diamond, provide an unmistakable touch of elegance to the short cut. Not to mention that the long curls give you the appearance of being taller. Weave cuts are a great, carefree method to regularly switch up the texture and color of your hair for a never-staid look.

Source: @hairbydonetta

20. Hot Pink Weave with Undercut

Want to appear fierce and make a statement? For an outrageously bold cut, consider teaming vivid fuchsia hair with a side-shave tattoo. Finished with swooping bangs, it’s a daring take on how to liven up your typical bob.

Source: @kiastylez

21. Short Red Weave

If you want to embrace your inner diva, this red is a must-try and is one of Rihanna’s favorite colors. Even though the hue appears unreal, it has a genuine dimension thanks to subtle accents throughout.

Source: @hairbychantellen

22. Stacked Teal Weave with Root Fade

African American skin tones contrast strikingly with an electric teal tint. In actuality, bright colors all do. Select your preferred look and boldly try it out on shoulder-length weave hair for a stylish and playful look.

Source: @hairbylatise

23. Black and Asymmetrical Bob

If you’d rather not have to worry about your leave out blending in, going with a natural color is usually a wise decision. In this manner, you won’t have to worry about trying to match your roots’ growing out color to the extensions. In addition, the jet black hue is incredibly chic and elegant.

Source: @hairbygoose

24. Layered Bob with Bangs

This short crop is a tried-and-true go-to if you want something a little more understated but yet polished. Styles like the one above are excellent for quick weaves because they allow you to be ready for the day, whether you’re heading to brunch or work, as long as you wrap your strands in a scarf at night.

Source: @hairbyuno

25. Black Weave with Red Highlights

Cherry highlights are woven into this short, layered weave bob to give you a distinctive look. Creating a striking look without going overboard is simple when you combine bright hues with your natural tone.

Source: @hairartbydominique

26. Layered Weave with Bright Highlights

Rather than taking the safe route and using tonal and natural highlights, go for bright, colorful ones. Rainbow-inspired hues will draw attention to both your vibrant personality and gorgeous cut. Be courageous if you wish to stand out from the crowd.

Source: @atlhairbyholly

27. Cropped Weave with Curls

Sometimes solid, dark colors take away from the definition of your curls. To correct this, create dimension and accentuate the curls in the haircut by using blonde highlights on the ringlets. Additionally, the lighter tone will give the hairstyle the appearance of extra shine.

Source: @keena360

28. Layered Shoulder-Length Weave

This cropped shape effectively frames the face, with layers at the front and a brushed rear for a whimsical finish. Weave hairstyles can be striking and unique, but occasionally the more straightforward short weave looks can stand out even more.

Source: @latoyadouglas_m

29. Curly Short Weave

Use extensions to create a coif that is both charming and full if you are self-conscious about your thin tresses. To further highlight the volume, add some loose waves and curls. A natural chocolate brown color adds sophistication to the look.

Source: @texast71

30. Short Weave with Warm Highlights

Short fast weave styles are given a fashionable edge with piecey highlights. Thus, the vibrant accents guarantee that you will always look great in photos and in person when you’re rushing around and don’t feel like fiddling with your mane.

Source: @chunsayrenee

31. Straight and Curly Combination

Try a style like this that gives body and bounce with curls and longer straight sides to show that you can still appear feminine with short hair. If you want to soften the normally harsh look, go for long sideburns.

Source: @keena360

32. Diva Dye

Admittedly a little bit Jessica Rabbit, but nonetheless reminiscent of pop divas, this seductive cut in a vivid auburn color is a favorite among independent-minded ladies. Any female would want to have a deep side part with hair falling across one eye to lend an air of intrigue.


33. Short Pixie Weave

Sometimes, instead of lengthening the hair, weaves help to replace unmanageable locks. This quick fix requires little upkeep and keeps strands in check and straight.


34. Short Tousled Layers

Choose your best side and accentuate it with a deep side part and a thick weave with layers. This hair looks great with heavy accessories and makeup that is bolder than you usually use.


35. Concave Bob Haircut

When your own hair won’t cooperate and you want to produce variable lengths, weaves are wonderful. Select an inverse cut with front pieces that are sharply angled. To achieve thinner, straighter strands that accentuate the neck line, crop the lower portion.

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