30 Most Beautiful Small Box Braid Hairstyles

You put a lot of stress on your natural hair when you brush and combing it every day. Box braids can be a great protective hairstyle to wear if you want to cut down on your styling time and take a vacation from brushing your hair every day for roughly two months. Don’t want to give up styling’s adaptability? These ideas for tiny box braids will show you that it’s not necessary!

Little box braids provide a wonderful texture and movement that can serve as a foundation for a variety of updos and downdos, including ponytails, braids atop braids, high messy buns, low buns, twisted styles, and elaborate side ‘does. Despite the fact that creating mini braids requires more time, micro braids feel lighter since less hair is used in each braid. You can also avoid headaches from excessive breaking by asking your stylist not to braid them too tightly.

Braided hairstyles for African American women are always in style because they look so good on black hair. Celebrities who prefer to flaunt box braids with flair include Beyoncé, Eva Marcille, Keri Hilson, Solange, Brandy Norwood, Tae Heckard, Christina Milian, Kandi Burruss, Angela Simmons, and Eva Marciller. Their striking appearances frequently serve as an inspiration to us. Your hair is always in order when you use box braids; you can easily keep an eye on its growth and try out easy, dramatic hairstyles like the ones below.

1. Tiered Bun on Knotless Box Braids

One of the most adaptable braided looks you may try is a knotless box braid. It opens you a world of styling possibilities, like this stylish yet playful high-tiered bun. One of the simplest and most popular braid styles is a bun, but don’t sleep on them. This stacked bun demonstrates the many innovative ways you may use buns.

Source: @beautyspaceke

2. Thigh Length Box Braids

Give your lengthy braids a break! Long box braids, when done correctly, are an excellent protective style that may help you keep the length of your hair and still have extra for swishing. You will stand out from the crowd if you wear your braids thigh length, as most people wear them waist length or shorter.

Source: @carrietanner_comicstyles

3. Triangle Parted Box Braids

Making your parts triangles is a simple technique to add flair to your braids instead of utilizing the rectangular or square “box” parts that give rise to the name of the box braid hairstyle. Triangle pieces are a terrific way to obtain that fresher, more modern look that you might be going for sometimes.

Source: @ppowerblack

4. Pink and Black Braided Ponytail

The following time, use a few of your braids to create a cuff if you prefer wearing your braids in a ponytail. This is a modern twist on the classic ponytail hairstyle that will make you look like a hairstylista. In addition, the pink ends contrast beautifully with the dark braid.

Source: @zumbahairbeauty

5. Black and Red Feed-In Cornrows

Hair is artwork. Hair serves as a means of expression. Incorporate trendy forms and designs into your next feed-in cornrow hairdo to showcase the distinctive features of your personality. For more drama, add a hint of your favorite hue, and you’ll have a winning combo.

Source: @beautyspaceke

6. Lemonade Braids

Try these lemonade braids to channel your inner Beyoncé. If you want to see and feel what shaved sides might be like, this straightforward style is ideal.

Source: @beautyspaceke

7. Ombre Knotless Box Braids

We are totally loving the “sun-kissed vacation” vibe that these ombre knotless braids are giving us. When you want to add color, ombre is usually a terrific option because it already does the job for you; all you have to do is install your braiding hair and get started. No mixing or blending is necessary.

Source: @bethdefinesbeauty

8. Goddess Box Braids

This hairstyle looks so natural and easy because to the seamless mixing of curls and knotless box braids. Smaller box braids contribute to the overall softness of the style, which is delicate and feminine.

Source: @tresses_africaine

9. Side-Swept Bangs and High Ponytail

You don’t need to go any farther for styling ideas for your tiny box braids. Bangs and a ponytail are always something to think about. Adding trinkets like these adorable bobby pins can help you own this look.

Source: @tinny_hairdresser

10. Small Ash Blonde Braids

It should be obvious by now how much we adore buns. If you don’t want to wear your box braids down, this is one of the simplest styles to do. The tiny ash blonde box braids add a striking contrast to the black hair’s natural hue and enhance the statement of the bun. Amazing.

Source: @fancy_claws

11. Copper Braids and Beads

Adding beaded accents to your box braids is a simple and fast method to make them look more stylish. You’ll have a head-turning hairstyle that will have you glowing in the spotlight when you combine the vivid copper of the braids.

Source: @brabodastrancas

12. Feed-In Cornrows with Wooden Beads

Adorn your hair with wooden decorations like beads to embrace your inner earth goddess. It’s a fantastic way to add some flair to basic outfits with accessories.

Source: @thehairhostess_

13. Half Cornrows, Half Knotless Braids

This look is all about the gold, in our opinion. You’ll be shining like this priceless metal, from the gold accents in your hair to the golden accessories. Unquestionably something that gold enthusiasts worldwide must try.

Source: @tresses_africaine

14. Long Knotless Braids

Even the slightest touches of brown may lend flair and drama to naturally black hair braids. Even while these long, butt-length knotless braids are striking on their own, the brown accents that play peek-a-boo enhance the effect. Everyone can wear long knotless braids, even with jumbo or huge box braids.

Source: @jadeandjala

15. Knotless Bohemian Braids in High Bun

This high bun with its face-framing curls is the ideal hairdo for a girly or feminine look on a date night or any other occasion. It’s a lovely, delicate hairdo to have on hand for your box braids in the goddess or bohemian styles.

Source: @pearlthestylist_

16. Half Up Half Down with Double Topknot

Put your braids in a playful twist on the classic half-up, half-down hairstyle. This look may be achieved with small box braids, which are also highly adaptable by altering the kind and shape of your bun. This is a great half-up style that you should absolutely attempt if you enjoy it.

Source: @danii_didit

17. Black Symmetrical Cornrows into Small Braids

Rather than just going from front to back, symmetrical cornrows are a great option. The yellow beads stand out even more because of the striking contrast they provide with the black hair.

Source: @babaestylessalon

18. Knotless Box Braid Bun

Combining the classic and timeless hairstyles of box braids and buns is a great idea. Box braids can be worn high, low, or dead center depending on your preference. Purchase these in ombre or traditional black, your favorite color. There are countless options, and this style looks well with gigantic knotless braids, medium-sized box braids, and small box braids alike.

Source: @davethestylist_

19. Blue Shoulder-Length Box Braids

We are in love with this style. The length, the curling ends, the richer, nearly purple highlights, and the brilliant blue combined. This is so beautiful to look at and just works in every way. Don’t worry if blue isn’t your hue; you may play about with the braids’ size, color, and length to create a completely personalized design.

Source: @pearlthestylist_

20. Mini Feed-In Cornrows

Slick and playful, these little cornrows come together to form a high ponytail. This design is truly enhanced by the golden ends, which create a striking contrast.

Source: @braidsby_veronica

21. High-Strung Box Braids Pony

Because tiny braids are so flexible and simple to work with, why not wear them in a high ponytail? For a polished, put-together appearance, place the ponytail at the top of your head and wrap it around the base.

Source: @modernsalon

22. Small Box Braids Bun on Top

Of all the small box braid hairstyles, this one may be the simplest and most elegant. Simply form a bun at the crown, then use bobby pins or an elastic band to hold the style in place. Color-infused hair makes the look even more stunning because it brings out every shade in your hair.

Source: @modernsalon

23. Braided and Bunned Box Braids

What’s superior than a sophisticated bun? An lovely bun with braids! Just put your hair up in a ponytail, divide it into sections, then braid it to achieve this look. After that, tie the pony in a bun. And it’s finished!

Source: @modernsalon

24. Small Box Braids in Boho Style

Your single braids will look great with a hippy flair. Using an elastic band, secure the sections at each side of the head that you have braided. After that, draw the braids behind your head and fasten them together. You’ll quickly become a bohemian diva.

Source: @modernsalon

25. Red Ombre Box Braids

Add a bit of red ombré to your long, lovely, little individual braids to show them off. This will give your look even more life and depth.

Source: @modernsalon

26. Wrapped and Ready Small Box Braids

Wrapping the base of your braided bun can give it a surprising twist. This adds a sophisticated touch and a natural addition to your updo. Styles for box braids have never looked better.

Source: @veggie_peggy_84

27. Face-Framing Braid

Your tiny braids can be made into a gorgeous headband. Just French braid your hair from the front until it reaches the rear of your head, right behind the ear. You may either pin it or use an elastic to secure it.

Source: @dr.danielle.renee

28. Half-Bunned Small Box Braids

Try the newest hairstyle and add your own unique touch to it. The little braids add a distinctive texture and structure to the stylish half-bun, which looks wonderful!

Source: @modernsalon

29. Bobbed Box Braids

Short, cropped hairstyles look fantastic with braided hair! Try wearing a plaited bob to see how it fits. You’ll always be the most stylish person in the room, and styling this is as simple as it gets!

Source: @modernsalon

30. Decorated Small Box Braids

Head scarves and other accessories look great with slim-plaited hairstyles. Consider wearing a printed scarf, and don’t be scared to use vibrant colors and patterns!

Source: @modernsalon
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