30 Easy-To-Style Volumizing Haircuts for Thin Hair

Especially if your hair is long, fine hair can occasionally feel unduly thin and flat. However, this problem may be readily resolved with the correct haircut, which can give your hair a fuller, more voluptuous shape.

Browse our collection of 30 stylish haircuts for thin hair that will add volume, perfect for both straight and wavy hair textures.

1. Voluminous Face-Framing Lob

This lob with honey blonde balayage, inspired by the 1990s, will completely change your fine hair. On the other hand, stay away from too whitening your hair’s roots because it could make it seem thinner.

Source: @eastonhair

2. Short Beachy Waves with Blunt Ends

This haircut by Marcos Vianna is really chic and contemporary, making it one of the most adaptable but attractive choices for people with thin hair. Nothing gives your hairdo more shine and volume than adding highlights and beachy locks at sunset.

Source: @marcosviannahair

3. Golden Caramel Layers

Stylists advise gently layering long, thin hair to add body and movement without making it look flat. Moreover, Rute Patrocínio Nascimento chooses vivid caramel and chocolate hues to produce a stunning three-dimensional appearance.

Source: @ruteboazhair

4. Shoulder-Length Tousled Shag

You may achieve the volume you’ve always wanted in your hair with a softly layered, collarbone-grazing haircut! To bring attention to your feisty side, tousle the layers for more texture and disarray.

Source: @hairtayloredtoyou

5. Rounded Bob with Highlights

If you want to make thicker ends look better, Sheridan Holyoak from AVE Salon’s classic stacked bob is a great option. Request slightly graduated layering from your stylist to provide movement and eliminate bulk.

Source: @shmoakin_hair

6. Side-Swept Bob with Subtle Layers

With its stylish side-parted bob, this year’s most sought-after short hairdo is definitely this one. You may add a touch of airiness to the overall look and accentuate the natural volume at the top with this haircut.

Source: @zurcohair

7. Fiery Shag with Short Textured Fringe

One of the best ways to enhance your hair texture is to try out shoulder-length hairstyles with shaggy textures. Vibrant hair colors, such as this red copper shade designed by Nunzio Saviano Salon colorist Abby Amparan, can liven up this style.

Source: @abbystylist

8. Blonde Textured Bixie with Bangs

This bixie cut adds movement and texture by combining aspects of the pixie and bob haircuts. Hiro Ochi used face-framing blonde highlights to provide additional dimension, so it’s ideal for people with thinner hair.

Source: @hirohair

9. Middle Part Layered Bob

One of our favorite looks to achieve for fine hair is this one, which instantly gives thin locks volume. Joe Profita from The Platform Group suggests “cutting it with a scissor and hand styling it with a diffuser” for a textured, appealing look.

Source: @joeprofita

10. Wavy Shag and Feathered Bangs

Even though they might look scary, fine hair might benefit from a fringe that reaches the eyebrows. With its feathery layers and wavy texture, this hairstyle creates the illusion of more volume and body.

Source: @modestspotcarrillo

11. Dimensional Long Choppy Bob

In addition to layers that give thin hair body, we suggest the similarly volumizing open-air balayage technique. This combo will enable you to create a gorgeous, easily growable hairstyle with minimal upkeep.

Source: @esther_hairtamer

12. Long Layered Hair with Highlights

Are you trying to keep your hair long but not too long? To get this adorable, voluminous appearance and to balance the contour of your face, ask for choppy bangs and face-framing balayage.

Source: @nothingobvious

13. Face-Framing Layers for Fine Hair

The easiest and simplest way to give your thin hair more volume and dimension is to layer it. For busy women, this cut takes minimal styling while still providing your mane the desired fullness.

Source: @prymebeautyhair

14. Elegant Lob for Thin Strands

Any face shape and hair type can look good with this precise layered haircut. For a lovely appearance, we suggest curling your bangs and ends away from your face when arranging your hair.

Source: @natsuki_ally

15. Platinum Choppy Haircut

Regardless of length, shaggy layers can give thin, straight hair a textured and fuller appearance. Try teasing the hair around your crown, like Brian Aguilar did above, to accentuate fullness even more.

Source: @brianaguilarhair

16. Wolf Cut for Wavy Thin Hair

This haircut is incredibly adaptable and personalizable. Because of the perfect layering technique, it may lighten extremely voluminous hair while simultaneously giving thinner strands more volume.

Source: @salonefirriolo

17. Curtain Bangs and Choppy Layers

Yuki’s layered, textured bob with curtain bangs accentuates your hair’s movement and volume while also enhancing your overall look. To give your fair skin more brightness, go for a deep copper color.

Source: @yukistylist

18. Trendy Octopus Cut with Balayage

This delicious cappuccino hairstyle, which is charming and enticing, will give your fine hair an amazing appearance! The layers give lengthy strands movement, volume, and an easygoing, stylish vibe. They are highlighted with highlights of golden caramel.

Source: @teagancousins.hair

19. Light Layers and Long Curtain Bangs

Layers added from the middle to the ends provide an increase in capacity without sacrificing total length. By using this technique, you can keep your long hair looking thicker and fuller.

Source: @londonhaircut

20. Neck-Length Bob with Swept Bangs

This classic bob was emphasized by White Opal Hair Co’s Ally Barone with long, carefree curtain bangs and trimmy ends that were texturized with symmetry. The end effect is a delicate facial framing that will continue to look lovely as it ages.

Source: @hairbyallybarone

21. Medium Locks with Soft Flip Layers

Mid-length layers that frame the face are fashionable and simple to style. When combined with a chic blonde balayage, they provide the impression of fuller hair without adding too much weight to the ends.

Source: @jordanhairstyles

22. Sexy Layered Hairstyle

Adding a side part and delicate layers to a short or medium-length hairstyle is the finest method to accentuate its inherent volume. To get a textured and alluring look, style this cut by teasing your hair at the roots.

Source: @anastasiiia_korzhova

23. Flippy Shag for Square Face Shape

A great way to give the appearance of thicker and fuller hair is with wispy layers. Because they soften the sharp features, they go well with any face shape, but especially with square and rectangular faces.

Source: @the.shag.daddy

24. Textured Blunt Bob with Side Part

A platinum crème brûlée hairdo from Vanilla Salon has the power to instantly win people over. A fashionable and dynamic appearance with lots of texture and volume is enhanced by choppy layers.

Source: @vanillasalonsp

25. Long Brown Layered Hair Style

For women who would like keep their hair longer, getting a layered cut gives you the chance to get the volume you need. Moreover, apply sea salt sprays or texturizing products to add extra texture to your hair.

Source: @zurcohair

26. Wavy Wolf Cut with Bardot Fringe

Here, Andy Leáo produced something quite inspirational. The stylist gave these delicate strands volume and brought attention to his client’s lovely features by blending straight, lengthened bangs with medium wavy layers.

Source: @andy.leaooficial

27. Inverted Sleek Bob

It’s a shame that some thin-haired ladies shy away from short hairstyles when a well-chosen short haircut can turn heads! Consider this angled straight bob styled by Beto Faria. For fine hair, the sleek yet dimensional style created by soft highlights and smooth layers is ideal.

Source: @beto_fariaa

28. Short Beachy Waves and Bangs

Right now, a hairstyle that falls just over the collarbone is fashionable. To highlight the inherent volume in your hair, we advise sticking to modest layering and subtly wavy styling.

Source: @jordanhairstyles

29. Textured Swept Curly Bob

Without using heat styling, wavy hairstyles provide a simple way to quickly add volume while reducing the risk of hair damage. Creating a deep side part is another way to add dimension to your hair.

Source: @beautiful_by_natalie

30. Flipped Wispy Layers Style

Flippy layers and face-framing bangs, like the ones you see here, can give your hairstyle movement. You can play with your style because this haircut will look great on every kind and color of hair.

Source: @teryn.tucker.hair
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