50 Breezy Crown Braid Hairstyles for Summer

It’s a fact that wearing your hair up in the summer is essential, particularly if you wish to take advantage of the heat. Braided crowns are the solution. Even if the beautiful weather is making you sweat—or should we say shine—this amazing haircut will help you stay cool!

The ideal headband for you is a crown braid. It gives your updo a striking texture that is visible from all angles. You can choose between a bulky, untidy fishtail and a nice, tight braid. Headband braids look amazing with both half-up and updo hairstyles.

1. High Braided Crown

This crown braid is higher up on your head than the typical one, which wraps around about above your hairline. It resembles a cross between a crown braid and an intricate bun. It is made in the same manner as any other crown braid, with the exception of the closer braiding.

Source: Hair Romance

2. Gorgeous Fishtail Crown

For those who want to try new things, here’s a fresh take on the trend. Try this half-up, half-down braid that wraps around your head’s crown if you’re tired of the traditional braid. This is quite stylish for a festival!

Source: Confessions of a Hairstylist

3. Crown Braid and Side Braid

This chic and modern style may be achieved by envisioning a crown braid with the end left unpined! You can wear this stylish style almost anyplace. When your hair is hot, it will hold it back and give you gorgeous waves for your second day of hair!

Source: Bobby Glam

4. Princess Crown Braid Hairstyle

You want everyone to know that you are a queen. This haircut is ideal because of this. You’ll look the part with your hair looking like a real crown when you do this version of the crown braid! Your relatives and acquaintances will soon recognize your innate nobility.

Source: Alexsis Mae

5. Maiden Updo with a Delicate Headband Braid

Try this style if you’re a fan of crown braids but are in the mood for something a little different! You will resemble a seductive milkmaid. In order to counteract the severity of the updo, the fringe softens the facial features and lends the ideal amount of nonchalance to the ensemble.

Source: Freckled Fox

6. Crown Braid for Mid-Length Hair

This braided crown half-up style is ideal for any laid-back gathering! Wear this to a wild concert that goes until the wee hours of the morning, or out on the town with your buddies on a Saturday night. It will hold up and keep your hair in place either way. Hint: long bobs look really good with this one.

Source: Treasures And Travels

7. Quadruple Crown Braid Hairstyle

To achieve the beauty you see here, this braided crown makes use of a few tiny braids. Simply separate your hair into four halves. Divide the front primarily to the left, and the back into two parts. To create the ideal braided crown, braid the parts and then fold them over one another!

Source: Blushing Basics

8. Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

This style will be easier to achieve the longer your hair is. Make a middle parting in your hair and create a fishtail braid on each side. Raising the braids, encircle your head, and secure with a pin. And that’s it! It’s nearly too simple to put off.

Source: Home Heart Craft

9. Loose French Braid Hairdo

There are occasions when hair jewelry is also necessary. The crown braid in this cute style is given a little extra flair by some stylish bobby pins. The same look may be achieved by tucking flowers into your braid, using clips, or even wearing a headband.

Source:  Birchbox

10. Dutch Fishtail Crown Braid

Although this braid requires a little more work than the traditional fishtail crown braid, the end result is a stunning and genuine look that makes the extra effort worthwhile. It’s similar to a standard crown braid, except instead of French braiding, you fishtail the braid around your head. Changing only one small element transforms the entire appearance into something fresh and captivating!

Source:  Missy Sue

11. Lace Braids with Flowers

What about a crown that incorporates flowers in addition as braids? Seems too wonderful to be true? Try this elegant look on for yourself, and you’ll look like a magnificent summer nymph. Investing in a flower headband that you can braid into your hair is the best way to pull it off.

Source: Missy Sue

12. Two-Toned Hairstyle

This is the genuine article! This method entails French braiding the hair all the way down to the hairline if you’d rather learn how to braid around the top of your head than try one of the helpful shortcuts. To finish the crown, just pin the braid’s remaining end so it encircles your head.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

13. Faux Braided Crown

Don’t worry if the construction of this hairdo makes you look like Pippi Longstocking! It will only last for a short while. When executed correctly, the four small braids you’ll form around your head will fold over to form an impeccable updo perfect for summertime hangouts with your friends.

Source: Hair Romance

14. Headband Braid and Dip Dye

This half-up style begins similarly to a standard headband braid, but you won’t wear it all the way through. Starting from the side parting of your hair, you French braid along your hairline until you reach above your ear. After that, braid it down and secure it with pins. As easy as that!

Source: Special Koko

15. Boho Braid Headband

This bohemian interpretation of the crown braid is not suitable for anyone with delicate sensibilities or unsteady hands. This style requires someone with patience to braid your hair in a complete circle due to its intricate instructions. If braiding isn’t your thing, consider one of the simpler fake crowns.

Source: Little Miss Momma

16. Messy Hairstyle with Braids

Second-day hairstyles are characterized by a pleasant and playful messiness. Crown braids ought to be the same. You can achieve all the poise of an updo with the effortless ease of a second-day style with this look. It’s basically two haphazard braids that are strategically pinned.

Source: Makeupwearables

17. Loopy Braid with Clips

If you are a bridesmaid, you may dress like this for the wedding. It is distinctive enough to let the blushing bride stand out from the throng without drawing undue attention to herself. Both the delicately curled ends and the flower-themed accessories are lovely touches. Elevate your look!

Source:  Lilith Moon

18. Chunky Swedish Headband Braid

The key to keeping cute hair in excessively humid weather is to wear updos. By using sprays and other treatments that aim to keep moisture out of your hair, you are fighting Mother Nature. The wetness is actually what your hair needs and loves! Give in and secure it.

Source:  Stylishlyme

19. Six Braid Hairstyle

There just can’t be one braid! A four-braid look is appropriate, but six braids will provide the appearance of fuller hair in an updo for women with thin hair. It is obvious what to do at home. The crown is made up of six braids—three on each side—that are coiled and secured around your head.

Source: Pearls And Scissors

20. Updo with Messy Headband Braid

This style pins up the top portion of the hair and pulls it back to create volume. This is one of the few crown braid designs on this list where the braids don’t require a lot of attention because they are quite modest. This style is ideal for work because it’s a little more understated.

Source: Lana Red Studio

21. Fishtail Crown Braid

Crown braids provide a charming, romantic appearance, especially when you add a fishtail or other more complicated braid design. This braid, which is much simpler than it seems, should be fastened with a hairpin at the back so that the remainder of your mane can hang loosely.

Source: @missysueblog

22. Greek Goddess Style

A crown braid can be as basic as several braids of varying thickness wrapped around the back of the head; it doesn’t have to follow any set design or convention. Tighten at the nape of the neck and under the other ear, and let a few loose tendrils soften the overall effect.

Source: @hairandmakeupbysteph

23. Chunky Braid Wreath

This chunky braid is the ideal crown to try on yourself. It begins at the very top of the head and braids down, up, and across to the other side of the top. To keep this one in place, you’ll need a lot of hair pins, perseverance, and a powerful spray.

Source: @nicoledrege

24. Flower Embellishments

Incorporate some flowers into your crown for a really romantic look. Wear them with a braid of your choice, such as a long side fishtail. Lacy braids and lace garments go well with little, delicate flowers in soft tones.

Source: @braidsbyjordan

25. Half Up Braid for Ombre Hair

Style a hefty braid into a half-up look to showcase your imaginative color choices. The darker, more organic roots of ombre hair gradually transition into a brighter, lighter tint. Crown braids paired with sophisticated colored wavy strands usually appear joyful and feminine.

Source: @emmachenartistry

26. Braided Crown Updo

Put your hair in a braid and use a thick, Heidi-inspired crown to pin it up and off your neck entirely. While half-up hair looks great, many people prefer a full updo that is completely fastened by a braid on warmer days. So, reserve this easy concept for the spring and summer.

Source: @hair_by_pelerossi

27. Tendril Crown

Let plenty of tendrils fall out from behind the braid for an untidy version of the crown plait updo. You’ll notice a softening in your final style if you do this on just one side of the head.

Source: @chitabeseau

28. Crown of Greenery

Wearing a braid that completely encircles the head is fanciful and enjoyable. A braided crown looks great with either a French or Dutch braid, but a fishtail braid will also work. For a fancier event, add some baby’s breath or fresh leaves to the braid and fan it out to make it chunkier and lacier.

Source: @prettyhairstyleess

29. Turban Updo

Your hair can look adorable and trendy, like a turban crown, if you finger comb and braid it into chunky French plaits. For a more put together look, weave some into the braid or leave some flowing freely beneath layers.

Source: @sunkissedandmadeup

30. Ponytail Crown

Although there is a lot going on here, the three basic components of this elegant hairstyle are a coiled ponytail, a bouffant, and a braid. The secret is to execute each one correctly. Wrap around your head and fasten with a hairpin. Create a tiny bouffant by backcombing the hair behind the braid and arranging it into a ponytail that rests directly atop the head. To hide the elastic, if desired, wrap a medium-sized chunk of hair around the ponytail.

Source: @braidstudio

31. Straight Hair with Braided Crown

While a crown braid is lovely in any style, it is especially striking on very long, straight hair. Once your hair has been straightened, experiment with various styles.

Source: @alliedoeshair

32. Simple Braided Style

It’s quite simple to style a casual crown braid updo with long hair. For a low braid, pull your strands back and create a basic three-strand plait. If you want a wispy, romantic style, wrap around the head and attach with hair pins without using any kind of setting spray.

Source: @sunkissedandmadeup

33. Beach Wave Braid

You may easily achieve a half-up crown by arranging a braid around your head in the proper style and thickness. Braid wet hair and let it air dry if your hair is naturally wavy. To the loose sections of hair, apply a curl-boosting gel while the hair is still slightly damp.

Source: @braids_in_action

34. Platinum Crown

Brush your hair using a deep side parting and use the strands that are picked up from the hair on either side of the parting to create a braid crown that is secured around the head. Roots beginning to spread out? Fear not—the unique spiral design of this crown style will elevate them to the status of artwork.

Source: @shelleygregoryhair

35. Pulled Back Crown

This gathered style gives curly hair a sophisticated touch by creating a towering stack of ringlets and tendrils that will captivate the attention of onlookers. A hair dream for any important occasion in your life!

Source: @signaturebrides.design

36. Layers of Braids

Brush hair straight back, backcomb top portion for a bouffant, then braid two plaits on each side for a sophisticated look that accentuates your length. To get the double half crown, wrap the braids around the back of your head, bringing the ends to the opposite side and pinning them in place.

Source: @laurenhendleyhair

37. Thick Loose Updo

See a professional if you’re not entirely sure how to execute a crown braid. Hiring someone has clear benefits: you can explore more complex, edgy styles, like as braids that stay in place and volumized updos.

Source: @ulyana.aster

38. Jeweled Crown

An elegant and fitting updo for a formal occasion is a thickly braided hairstyle. Once the coif is finished, embellish it with a jeweled clip or a string of glittering beads, allowing the ends to curve along the braid and work underneath.

Source: @hairandmakeupbysteph

39. Twisted Crown

Opt for a casual twisted crown if you find braids too challenging or if you simply dislike the way they kink your hair. This is ideal for any occasion and very simple to style.

Source: @signaturebrides.design

40. Crowns for Black Hair

A straightforward crown braid tutorial for black hair focuses on maintaining a traditional style while incorporating a contemporary element without fear. Make tight braids with your hair on both sides. Secure them at the top of the head by wrapping them in opposite directions. Braid the two extremely thin sections that are left out in front of the ears into tiny plaits on each side, and finish with some jewels or beads.

Source: @kersti.pitre

41. Messy Floral Crown Braid

Delicate rose buds used as hair decorations and a purposefully sloppy design make this stunning crown braid stand out from the others. To get the messy appearance, two crown plaits are first loosely braided, and then a few little individual strands are removed. To create a beautiful final touch, medium-sized flowers are scattered here and there.


42. Chunky Crown Braid with a Bouffant

Maybe you should attempt this highly teased variation of your braided crown if you want to add a little drama to it. The thick, braided crown in this instance is not completely around the head. Rather, the braids come together at the back to resemble a braided chignon. The tallest point of this style is the teased crown, which is precisely smoothed and the ideal height. A few tendrils that emerge from the sides to frame the face complete the look.


43. Two-Tone Crown Braid Updo

Choosing a distinctive hair color can sometimes be the most effective method to add personality to a braided hairstyle. Your hair is styled in braids around your head, creating a stunning crown. But this hairdo’s gorgeous two-tone color is what really stands out. To accomplish this look, you can wear your hair ombre or use an attached braid.


44. Half Up, Half Down Crown Braid

Maybe this simple braided look may give you ideas for days when you just can’t decide whether to wear your hair up or down. Though this style has a worn-down back part finished with loose curls, the stylish half crown braid remains the main attraction. The rear is where the hair braids come together, with one braid’s end swirled and fastened like a flower.


45. Thick, Brunette Crown Braid

This quick and simple braided look is a chic take on the traditional bun that works well on a range of hair types. This hairstyle has a tightly braided crown that starts at the side and wraps around the head, teasing lovely, thin flyaways along the way.


46. Lacy Partial Crown Braid

Look no further because this lovely half-updo is ideal for anyone who wants their braided hairdo to be picture-perfect. The rest of the hair is packed with loose, beach waves, while the partially braided crown flawlessly encircles the head. Numerous events, such as a casual weekend outing, girls’ night out, or date night, are perfect for this ensemble.


47. Double Messy Crown Braid

You wonder how to do these kinds of fashions on your own when you see them. Even while this style could take a little longer to master than others, it is still doable for the ordinary person. This style has two crown braids: a thinner, more tightly braided fishtail and a rather thick, wide French braid. Before you start braiding, divide up the lengthy sections that frame your face if you want to keep them on one side of your updo.


48. Funky Multi-Colored Crown Braid

These unique hair braids are ideal for those of you risk-taking, edgy girls out there. Let’s begin with the main attraction, a vibrant multicolored shade that tones the blonde hair like watercolors and includes pastel pink, green, and yellow. The braided crown itself is freely woven around the head, ending in a delightful explosion of wispy ends at the top.


49. Red Crown Braid with Face-Framing Tendrils

These stylish hair braids are best described as “neat,” “pretty,” and “polished.” The front tendrils, which caress the face on either side, give the ensemble a romantic touch as the wonderfully formed braided crown wraps around the head.


50. Pastel Pink Crown Braid

If you want to draw attention, the way to accomplish it is by donning a striking pink crown braid. Once you obtain the pink hair color, this hairstyle is relatively easy to achieve and looks hip, fun, and brave. It can work with any other color of hair, but for a quirky braided look, try a basic French braid that wraps all the way around your head in pastel hair.

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