20 Inspiring Examples of Undercut Pixie for Thick Hair

It makes sense that over the past few decades, women of all ages have chosen pixie cuts in such large numbers. A young pixie is not only incredibly statement-making, but it also requires very little upkeep. Almost any hair type will look good with a pixie cut; it will give thinner hair more lift and thin out thick manes.

A pixie cut can be the best option for you if your hair is thick. An undercut pixie is a great option if you want to give your look a bit of edge. This cut is quite adaptable; hundreds of different looks can be created by combining different colors, lengths, and undercut sizes. In any case, take a look at these 20 amazing undercut pixie hairstyles for thick hair to get inspired.

1. Let’s Go Copper

This youthful and vibrant pixie haircut catches the eye with its voluminous bangs and striking copper color. Opting for a longer undercut creates a look reminiscent of a classic pixie, making it an ideal choice for those considering their first undercut without diving too boldly into the style.

Source: @jeanclaudeelmoughayar

2. Add Some Drama

For those desiring a hairstyle that effortlessly blends femininity with edge, the side-swept undercut pixie is a perfect choice. The sweeping side exudes a sense of elegance, while the undercut reveals a rebellious spirit. Subtle highlights scattered throughout the hair enhance the overall allure, adding a magical sparkle to the eyes.

Source: @courtneyparamour

3. Rock Like a Rock Star

Unleash your inner rock star with a piecey pixie featuring an undercut. This style not only liberates thick hair from excess weight but also achieves a bold statement look, perfect for those with a rock-and-roll soul.

Source: @vitosatalino_official

4. A Case for Blondes

Blonde pixies exude a hot and feminine allure, especially when paired with a bold undercut. The juxtaposition of a cutesy blonde top with shaved sides creates a mesmerizing combination. To maintain the heavily side-swept top, it’s essential to use the right products for impeccable styling.

Source: @senad_image

5. Striking Contrast

Opt for a pixie bob with a short undercut to tame thick tresses and make a striking statement. Incorporating shadow roots and blonde highlights adds depth to the look, ensuring all eyes are on you wherever you go.

Source: @diegomarcsant

6. Look at the Bold Side

Embrace your thick mane’s powerful personality with an ultra-short side undercut and long bangs. The shorter layers at the top not only reduce bulk but also add airy volume, resulting in a bold yet chic hairstyle.

Source: @shmoakin_hair

7. A Case for an Undercut Newbie

Curious about undercuts but hesitant to fully commit? Dip your toes into the trend with a longer undercut for a subtle yet noticeable change. This approach allows you to experiment with the daring style while maintaining versatility.

Source: @verosainzpeluqueria

8. Undercut Fade

Seeking a unique and fresh look? Consider an undercut fade with a hidden design beneath longer tresses. Whether you choose to reveal the daring fade or keep your pixie bob sleek and straight, this style is guaranteed to turn heads.

Source: @yuukiabe_doux

9. Spiky Attitude

For a daring yet elegant look, opt for sharp lines, a spiky top, and an elaborate fade undercut. With no bangs or layers, this low-maintenance pixie is perfect for those who crave a bold and edgy style.

Source: @alexpaixao.educ

10. Messy Perfection

Elevate your style with long messy layers and a bold undercut, creating a visually stunning contrast. Sliced layers effectively reduce thickness, while the undercut seamlessly blends into the front for an effortlessly undone look.

Source: @hairpin_me_down85

11. Hot & Cute

Infuse your blonde pixie with long side-swept bangs with a touch of allure by adding a nape undercut. This combination exudes both hotness and cuteness simultaneously, guaranteeing mesmerizing looks wherever you go.

Source: @dekappervannu_

12. Wear It Pompadour

Enhance your pixie with a touch of volume in the front, accentuating your facial features with flair. Incorporating a nape undercut ensures your stunning top stands out, creating an effortlessly chic hairstyle.

Source: @vitosatalino_official

13. True Elegance

Achieve a balance of ladylike charm and boldness with a perfectly styled pixie featuring see-through bangs and soft choppy layers. The ultra-short undercut adds an edgy twist, creating a sophisticated yet daring look.

Source: @ittaribeiro

14. Seamless Transition

Opt for a longer top with a disconnected undercut for an office-approved yet stylish look. Keeping the hues consistent maintains a subdued contrast, making this classic pixie a practical choice for those seeking low-maintenance elegance.

Source: @lydie.hairartist

15. Dreamy Pink

Inject a distinctive girly vibe into your undercut pixie by dyeing it pastel pink or lavender. Experiment with layers and shadow roots to add depth and volume, resulting in a dreamy and enchanting hairstyle.

Source: @courtneyparamour

16. A Daring Combo

Combine the femininity of a curly pixie with the boldness of an undercut for a truly attention-grabbing look. Curtain bangs complement the style, taming unruly curls and making a bold statement.

Source: @hairpin_me_down85

17. A Pinch of Platinum

Flatter thick hair and complement round or square face shapes with an edgy pixie featuring long side bangs and undercuts. Longer layers add volume on top, while the undercuts remove bulk from the sides, creating a flattering silhouette.

Source: @hair_by_pedro

18. An Option for a Lady

For a blend of low maintenance and age-appropriate style, opt for a neat undercut pixie with slightly longer length. This versatile style offers the best of both worlds, ensuring effortless elegance for women of all ages.

Source: @stylicious_hair_design

19. All Eyes on the Nape

Embrace your super thick hair with an intricately undercut nape, adding a touch of drama with a deep shade like dark chocolate brown. The unique structure of the undercut enhances the overall look, creating a standout hairstyle.

Source: @y_ctrl_

20. Join the Faux Hawk Tribe

Take your undercut pixie to the next level with a bold mullet-inspired style, reminiscent of a Mohawk. This edgy look complements any hair type, offering a daring and individualistic expression of style.

Source: @roshan_hairlove
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