28 Layered Pixie Cuts Full of Style and Allure

The uncomplicated styling of a layered pixie haircut is one of its key advantages. You can look put together but yet have a low-maintenance, wash-and-go style with a well-cut.

To help you get inspired if you want to try this haircut, we’ve put together a thorough tutorial with 28 different versions. We provide a variety of options for you to consider, whether your preference is for a more androgynous, edgy design or a delicate, feminine appearance. Examine them to choose which style best suits your characteristics and appearance.

1. Catchy Blonde Layered Pixie Cut

Experience the epitome of style and sophistication with this captivating blonde pixie. The delicate baby blonde shade combined with the gentle pixie shape offers an elegant and feminine allure, suitable for various face shapes. It’s an excellent choice for those intrigued by the allure of layered pixie cuts.

Source: @hirohair

2. Reddish Layered Pixie with Undercut

Thick hair finds its match with the undercut pixie haircut, ensuring manageability and ease of maintenance. By removing the hair beneath longer layers, a bold and edgy shape is effortlessly created, framing the head with a statement style.

Source: @jeanclaudeelmoughayar

3. Textured Layered Pixie with Bangs

Elegance meets texture in this timeless layered pixie cut, especially when styled to one side and enhanced with a matte texturizing product. The result? Depth and separation throughout the hair, ideal for those embracing sophistication with a touch of texture.

Source: @rodrigocintra

4. Long Pixie Style with Layers and Highlights

Effortlessly stylish yet low-maintenance, the layered pixie cut is perfect for those seeking a chic hairdo. Simply blow dry and finish with a gentle hairspray for a look that withstands the day’s demands with grace.

Source: @lcs.hairdesign

5. Curly Pixie Cut with Baby Bangs

Softening harsh lines is effortless with this lovely layered pixie, featuring feathered effects along the neckline and natural texture throughout the hairstyle. The result? A stunningly beautiful and gracefully textured look.

Source: @lcs.hairdesign

6. Edgy Pixie Hairstyle with Teasylights

Channel the spirit of the ’80s with this statement pixie haircut, boasting contrasting lengths and rebellious fringe cascading over one side. Despite its edgy appearance, this cut remains surprisingly low-maintenance, complementing a range of hair types.

Source: @elaynabrookehair

7. Vibrant Copper Layered Hair

Set the stage ablaze with a fiery copper hue paired with a classic pixie cut. On-trend and bold, this autumnal color choice adds warmth and personality to your layered pixie, ensuring you stand out in style.

Source: @nicolasbeautystudio

8. Thick Brown Pixie with Wispy Layers

Movement takes center stage in this layered pixie haircut, exuding dreamy and whimsical vibes. With hair that appears almost weightless, the style captures both length and fluidity, catering to thick and fine hair types alike.

Source: @joeltorresstyle

9. Lovely Pixie Crop for Brunettes

Chic, cute, and classic converge in this effortlessly stylish layered pixie haircut. Embrace simplicity with a touch of timeless elegance, perfect for those seeking a sophisticated yet understated look.

Source: @brianaguilarhair

10. Cool Pixie Hairstyle with Disconnected Layers

What sets this pixie cut apart is its dual-level structure, featuring neat, sharp sections alongside longer, disconnected layers. The result? A cool and understated edge that pairs effortlessly with textured styling.

Source: @anhcotran

11. Cropped Pixie Mullet

Embrace boldness with a layered pixie cut featuring longer hair around the ears and textured, boxy bangs. Incorporating layers adds a touch of edginess to this eye-catching hairstyle.

Source: @katiepdxhair

12. Chic Pixie Bob with Edgy Layers

Transport yourself to the ’70s with this chic pixie cut, boasting micro bangs and iconic face-framing layers. Versatile and timeless, it suits both straight and wavy hair textures with ease.

Source: @diegomarcsant

13. Long Pixie Haircut with Eye-Catching Bangs

Make a statement with this impactful hairstyle, featuring short sides and a longer top for a striking contrast. With attention drawn to its texture and layers, this pixie cut demands admiration.

Source: @alejcabanillas

14. Short Voluminous Haircut

Even with a pixie cut, voluminous locks are within reach with the right styling techniques. Achieve impressive volume with a blow dryer and secure the result with hairspray for long-lasting fullness.

Source: @romeufelipe

15. Cute Layered Hair for Heart-Shaped Face

Add texture and movement to your hair with this inspired style, featuring thick feathered bangs and a nape undercut for a unique and edgy appearance.

Source: @rcgimenes

16. Charming Pixie Cut with Bangs

Make a modern statement with this updated pixie haircut, accentuating natural hair texture with layers and blonde-tipped fringe for a captivating look.

Source: @jpattonsalon

17. Gorgeous Blonde Pixie Hair

Radiate coolness with a blonde pixie cut featuring side bangs for a sharp and trendy finish, perfect for those with long or oval face shapes.

Source: @pamela_cabelos

18. Comb Over Pixie with Taper Fade

Blend vintage charm with modern flair in this stylish layered pixie cut. The contrast between longer top layers and a tapered fade adds sass and charm to your style.

Source: @monalisabeautylounge

19. Boyish Pixie Cut with Choppy Micro Bangs

Make a statement with this short pixie cut featuring feathered layers for added femininity. Tousle your hair with texture spray for a sassy, tousled finish.

Source: @tamaraporto__

20. Sassy Layered Style

Elevate your look with this layered pixie style, designed to highlight your eyes and cheekbones. Effortless to manage and style, it exudes both class and sass.

Source: @coiffeurstory

21. Stylish Pixie Mullet for Wavy Hair

Accentuate your facial features with a feminine pixie mullet cut, enhancing your natural beauty with luminous appeal.

Source: @bruno_ilan_

22. Brown Blonde Pixie with Messy Layers

Infuse your style with coolness and sophistication with this chic layered pixie cut, boasting warm blonde tones and dark brown roots for added dimension.

Source: @firriolo_andrea

23. Layered Pixie Style for Thick Hair

Embrace messiness with this shaggy pixie cut, featuring shaggy bangs and texture throughout for an effortlessly stylish look.

Source: @cokocut

24. Curtain Bangs and Soft Blonde Layers

Opt for classic elegance with this timeless layered pixie cut, complete with soft layers and versatile bangs for a chic and feminine finish.

Source: @mikaelabalzerhair

25. Shaggy Pixie with Layers and Bangs

Experience modern edge with this sharp, layered pixie cut, featuring textured bangs for an edgy and contemporary vibe.

Source: @livlouiseartistry

26. Platinum Blonde Pixie with Deep Parting

Achieve volume and dimension with this voluminous pixie cut, incorporating short and long layers for a full-bodied style.

Source: @pamela_cabelos

27. Disconnected Short Haircut

Playful yet stylish, this cute pixie cut boasts a fuller crown and tapered sides for a perfect shape, flattering round faces and chubby cheeks.

Source: @daniel.hairstylist

28. Copper Layered Style for Thick Hair

Make a bold statement with this textured layered pixie cut, featuring choppy layers and a deep copper hue for a head-turning look.

Source: @rcgimenes
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